Sunday, 18 March 2007

The Happy Medium

Ah, the happy medium. Or even, the happy extra large with fries. What is the happy medium? How do we find the right balance in our lives?
I get most dismayed, to put it mildly, when I encounter rude and inconsiderate people. I am under the impression that some people consider manners to be some form of weakness.
Many a time I have been subjected to 'acquaintances' who were not interested in me but how they could benefit from my hopefully good-natured temperament. I was that desperate for 'companionship' that I allowed people to take advantage.
I knew I could not let this contine to happen. I had to distance myself from an indifferent and dismissive negative environment. The irony in this was that by eliminating these people I became even lonelier. However, it was a positive type of lonely. I could now focus my attention on redefining my life.
The benefits of my new focus have begun to pay dividends. The rarest of 'creatures', a genuine visitor, darkened my doorstep. He did not ask for a favour, he did not want to borrow anything, he did not ask for money. What he offered was true friendship and sincere empathy. How refreshing to have a mutual respect conversation.
So I strive towards finding a happy medium. I must not be suspicious of genuine kindness. I must realise that not everybody has some sort of 'hidden agenda.' Their are people who share my ethos of sincerely caring for others. I am truly inspired by the kind and compassionate people who are entering my life. It fills me with hope. I am discovering the happy medium. It brings me that one step closer to a more positive life.
I thank you for your time. Kind regards adanac67.


  1. As soon as I opened your blog and realised you had a new post I couldn't help but smile, because I knew I would enjoy what I was about to read. It would brighten my day and so it did. What can I say Adanac67, your are a life affirming force. I don't mean for this to become a pressure for you as you say, it's all about getting a balance - but you are inspiring. Thank you for your contribution to this project.

  2. That balance of being open enough but not to the extent of repeatedly being taken advantage of. It's difficult to get right, but I find that most people are respectful and generous.

    If you value and respect yourself, other people will too.

  3. Hi Alec-
    I understand what you are saying. The beauty of all this is that I am now meeting people who are respectful and generous.
    I have distanced myself from people who did not respect or value me. I tried to display respect and sincerity to them but received nothing in return.
    That is why being on this website is a positive step forward in getting on with my life.
    I do value and respect myself. Now I am meeting good people who appreciate that.
    Thank you Emma and Alec for you comments. Total respect from adanac67

  4. You are absolutely right adanac, life is all about balance, which can prove quite challenging to achieve at times.
    I too have experienced similar encounters, for similar reasons. It would not happen now, because like you,I have managed to regain my self-respect and know that I deserve better (as we all do)
    This, together with the knowledge that if I had more awareness at the time I would not have allowed to have happened at all. (another lesson learned!)
    I truly thank you for writing this post, it has made me realise that I am not alone - we are all connected, and I congratulate you, on all you have achieved so far on this journey we call life.

  5. such friends are well worth the wait - thanks for a warm and thought-provoking post, and a very welcome new blog - hope to see you soon - Tone x

  6. I'm sneaking about in your archives. I don't tend to read back on friends blogs, I should, but I don't get round to it, however, I'm poking around here and enjoying it very much. I like your philosophy, it is much like my own :) x


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