Friday, 9 March 2007

One Man and His Shovel

Greetings Friends-
My garden. One man and his shovel. The 'Lawn Ranger' rakes again.
Over the last few weeks I have ventured out into my garden. It was time for the annual preparation of getting the garden ready for the warmer months.
The big problem has been the removal of spreading roots from an overly enthusiastic tree. This meant removal and relocation of my forlorn looking specimens. It was time for these plants to breathe again. It was time for renewed freedom.
Upon the replanting of these specimens, I noted how much 'happier' they apppeared to be. It was almost as if they sensed a feeling of much-needed rejuvenation. Now they were checking out their new territory. This was their space and now it was time to grow.
I looked around at all my established plants. The ones that had not been invaded by unwanted roots. Each one, strategically located. Each one, having its pride of place. They seemed content, they had staked a claim in the 'great outdoors.' All the plants in the garden represent positive energy in my peaceful and reassuring 'sanctuary.'
I created my garden. It was lovingly crafted out of a plot of land that was chaotic squallor. It is my 'statement' to the world and to myself. In my garden I have a sense of my own spirituality. I feel in harmony with nature. Indeed it inspires me to embrace healthy thinking and healthy behaviour.
Undaunted, through all seasons, one man and his shovel created a place of inner and outer peace.
I thank you for your time. Warm regards adanac67.


  1. What a beautifu description of your garden. They can be really tranquil places. It sounds perfect. Thanks adanac. Hope the sun always shines there for you.

  2. Hi K
    I've just had a similar experience of emotional renewal through working with growing things - I can think of few things more satisfying - Tone

  3. oh and thanks for the very kind comment about my blog lay out.
    As to your other point - find a toad and tell it like it is... ;} Tone

  4. Hi adanac,
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts in such an inspiring way. I can totally relate to your love of nature, we can learn so much from both nature and animals.

    When we take the time to stop and observe, they have a great deal to teach us. (We just need to be open to learning) Dx

  5. Hi folks-
    I want to let you know how much I appreciate all your positive comments.
    I really enjoy these interactive 'conversations' that we have regarding our blogs. So thank you all very kindly.
    Kind regards adanac67 or (klahanie)


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