Wednesday, 7 March 2007

'Molehills out of Mountains'

Greetings Friends-
In my pursuit of living a more positive life, I have had to confront my negative environment. Indeed I have attempted to make 'molehills' out of negative 'mountains.' It is a battle with my opposing forces.
I try to remain optimistic. Focusing on a belief, that if I allow myself to be positive, then my goals will be achieved. I like to think that if I perservere, my dreams will be realised.
In the background lurks my negative adversary. It is that 'chatter' in the back of my mind that questions all my ambitions. "Why bother? You are destined to fail. I will sow the seeds of doubt into your thinking process."
On too many occasions, I have let my negative-self question all my attempts. Leaving me with a sense of impending doom. It all relates to fear. Fear of failure, fear of success, fear of rejection. Fear of leaving my 'comfort zone.'
Ironically, my comfort zone has become very uncomfortable. That is a good thing. I knew I could not continue living the life of a recluse. So now I protest against my negative-self. I need to be involved in living again. I want to be able to share my life with others. I hope others will share their lives with me.
I will make molehills out of mountains.
I thank you for your time. Kind regards adanac67


  1. Hi adanac,
    Thank you for sharing your innermost thoughts and feelings. You really do speak from your heart, with such honesty and integrity. You show great courage,insight and awareness in doing so.
    May your courage give you strength, your insight deepen and your awareness continue to grow.Dx

  2. Being positive I think is the key. For me, worry is useless and draining, it rarely if ever allows me to come to a conclusion. Having the courage to face the future with all the uncertainty that it brings but with a hopeful positive expectation that it will be OK, is how I am trying to live my life. The opportunity to grow as a person by facing those fears - and daring to succeed as you say. Your posts refocus my mind - because I do become distracted and worries do set in - thanks adanac - it really helps.

  3. Hi A/K
    I love that image - molehills out of mountains. I'm also a mountain builder and it is pointlessly knackering work, much better left to plate tectonics - as Purkul (and you) say - keep on keeping on.

  4. I too am a person who makes mountains out of molehills,I wished I would let thiongs go past me more easy,but if I feel as though I am able to change it I will try,only for the better,trouble is if my molehill becomes a mountain,then its hard to climb.
    So I will be more carefull,and still not carefree in the future.


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