Friday, 15 January 2010

A 'Wee Folks' Winter's Day.

Over the last few weeks, the winter had cast upon us the wonders and the beauty that beckoning flakes of snow can truly provide.  Our landscape has been adorned with a dazzling, glistening array of breathtaking splendour.  The sights, the sounds, the sheer magic of these 'picture postcard' times, has been firmly ingrained into my mind.  Pleasant times, pleasant memories.
The childlike joy of the beautiful fairy princess and the garden gnome has filled my heart with thoughts of a better way, a better time for all of us who embrace the magnificence that nature offers.  I watched them play, I heard them laugh.  'The wee folks', at peace with the world, at peace with themselves.

So there they were.  The wee folks.  Such kind and caring gentle creatures.  Soon they lay down in the snow. The 'snow fairy' made a 'snow angel'.  The beautiful fairy princess, the garden gnome and their friends, played until the dark shadows of impending night, signalled the end of another perfect day.
The snow has been melting.  The hearts of the beautiful fairy princess and the garden gnome have been melting in the warm love they have for each other.


  1. Hello Gary
    What a magical post to read this morning. That has set me up the day. It's really strange as in reply to the comments you left on on my post, I asked if the fairy princess and the gnome are friends, well your photograph shows they certainly are. A wonderful post, thank you for sharing it.
    Best wishes

  2. Greetings Diane,
    Well, this is most certainly magical timing. Unbeknownst to me, you had asked me on your 'guest posting', on Carole Anne Carr's site, about the fairy princess and the garden gnome.
    You have noted that they are friends. Actually, there seems to be a budding romance happening between the two of them:-)
    Thanks for your very nice comment. You do an excellent blog and I shall be reading and commenting on it.
    With respect and kind wishes, your way, Gary

  3. You did indeed witness a magical moment in time. Often the wee folk do no share their joy.

  4. Dear Gary,
    No more talk of delusions, hallucinations or being, frankly, deranged. The "wee people" have finally won me over with their Winter's Day message and frim anti-stigma stance.
    Indeed, if they weren't mede of plastic, perhaps they could join us at MAGMH and spread their gospel of luurrrvve.
    Yours with Very Best Wishes,
    P.S. Think I still may be drunk from last night. That must be it!

  5. Hi lifeshighway,
    I have been blessed with the 'wee folk' allowing me to witness their joy on numerous occasions:-)
    I do feel most privileged. I think there are a few 'bigger folks' who could learn from their wonderful, magical example.
    Thank you kindly for leaving a comment.
    Positive wishes, your way, Gary

  6. Dear David,
    A last. I knew the 'wee folks' would win you over.
    Their lives of peace and contentment, with no judgement made; is hopefully a thought provoking lesson for those who all too easily stigmatise others.
    I think they could make a notable contribution to MAGMH. Heck, if nothing else, they would be great for publicity:-)
    David, you are intoxicated with the 'luurrvve' they send your way.
    Magical wishes from the 'Fairy princess, 'the garden gnome', their friends and me, aka Gary....

  7. Looks like the wee folk have had a whale of a time - bless them! The snow is there for all to enjoy.

    Julie xx

  8. Hi Julie,
    The 'wee folks' took full advantage of having a great time in the snow.
    Now that the snow is melting...I wonder what they plan next:-)
    Magical wishes and happy writing, Julie.
    With respect, Gary x

  9. Now that the picturesque snowy landscapes are behind us ,it is perhaps time to reflect on the positive times and people in our lives.There are so many things that I have taken for granted,which i a m grateful for.In your colourful musings we can all see that you ,too have much to be thankful for.PEACE.Dave.s

  10. Hi david.s,
    Thank you for your kind and positive comment. It is most appreciated.
    That's the key. To be grateful, to embrace all that is good in our lives. It is so much better to absorb the natural and magical wonders all around us.
    Thanks for posting up that positive music focus blog. Here's to you continuing on, in renewed strength, to a happier, more peaceful life.
    In peace and empathy, Gary.

  11. Enchanting! A lovely way to look at life and the world.

  12. Greetings 'nothingprofound',
    Thank you for a most encouraging comment.
    Having checked out your excellent blog; I knew that you would be able to relate to this.
    Magical, inspirational wishes, your way, Gary :-)

  13. Hi Gary,

    Though there's been no snow in my part of the world, there is still great beauty to be found this winter. So thank you for the beautiful photo; I felt like grabbing a handful.(smile)

    Wow, your characters have such lovely manners and altruistic nature. It's so easy to fall in love with their message and constant joy. Delightful! xx

  14. Hi Dixie,
    I'm very pleased that you like the photographs.
    Those gentle, kind, 'wee folks' thank you for your nice comments. If they could, they would send over some snow..whoosh...:-)
    With delightful wishes, Gary x

  15. Ah bless. Another brilliant post, Gary and some lovley photos of the Wee Folk. Thanks for sharing.


  16. Hi Suzanne,
    Awe, thanks for that:-)
    The 'wee folks' send happy blessings your way. They hope you are keeping warm.
    Happy writing and magical wishes, your way, Gary x

  17. Love the wee ones. We share much in common including being Canucks!

  18. Hi Layla.
    How's it goin eh?:-)
    'The wee folks' send positive wishes over your way.
    Great blog you have, Layla. Makes me want to hug a maple tree.
    With kindness and respect, Gary.


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