Saturday, 30 January 2010

Where's Noddy's Car?

Last Monday I went for a test drive.  This would be the first time that I had been behind the wheel of a car in just over two years.  This would be the first time since the night an ambulance crashed into my car at a roundabout.   Would I be calm?  Would I be calm at a roundabout?  Would the possible screaming siren of an emergency vehicle trigger a reaction of hysterical panic?  Heck, would I recall which side of the road to drive on?
I got into the car and took a deep breath.  The key went into the ignition and the car started up.  So far, so good.  Into gear and down the road, my nerves, my anxiety, began to flow away.  It had been more than a test drive.  This was a statement that I could challenge my fears and continue along in my own personal journey towards a better life.
I purchased the car.  Today, Friday, I drove back the few, familiar miles to my home.  I pulled up in front of my house, stopped the car, turned off the engine and tears streamed down my face.  Tears of relief.  Tears of joy.  Tears of accomplishment.  For today was such a wonderful day.  This recluse, this shy and lonely recluse; had made a major step towards regaining freedom.
Now I will go and see all those beautiful places that beckon me.  Places that are near, yet have seemed so far away.  I want to explore.  I want to smile with warm delight, as our little dog 'Penny' runs free through the hills and the dales of this 'green and pleasant land'.  The world outside is there for me.  This man who has battled his 'inner critic'; takes comfort in knowing that today was a day of personal triumph.
I sat in my car and dreamed about all the future adventures.  Suddenly, I became startled by low whispering voices.  Upon my steering wheel, were the 'beautiful fairy princess' and the 'garden gnome'.  'Where's 'Noddy's' car?  At first, we thought this might be Noddy's car', stated the beautiful fairy princess, in a voice so adorable and soothing.  'I'm very sorry.  I really have no idea where Noddy's car might be.  Besides, this car is not red and yellow.' I replied.  'However, when my driving confidence gets better; perhaps you 'wee folks' would do me the great honour of going on a journey to magical locations?   We can take the dog and my son has told me he would like to go bowling.'  I added.
They whispered softly to each other.  Then the beautiful fairy princess spoke.  'When the weather doth turn to spring and our hearts begin to sing;  we, good sir, would be pleased for such a gathering.'  Outside my car, I heard the toot of a horn.  I looked up at the steering wheel and noticed the wee folks were gone.  In the distance, down the road, I noted a red and yellow car.  Today was a magical day.


  1. Dear Gary,
    It's great that you are back on the road again after so long. I understand your feelings of trepidation as I think I would feel the same, having not driven myself since an accident 12 years ago. I know, that's a very long time.
    So, this is a great achievement and who knows, as your driving confidence gets better, you could even pop round to my house and we could watch "Coronation Street" together. I can sense your excitement!
    Wishing you safe and pleasant journeys,

  2. Dear Gary
    Your post brought tears to my eyes too. I am so moved that you have come through this. There are so many of us who can relate to your experience. I was mowed down in my car by a maniac who then stole the mans car who stopped to help me. It tested my faith in human nature then restored it again by the thought that people are out there who will help. I battled to make myself drive again, but so glad I did, as you say there are so many magical places to visit.
    Hope you have many wonderful journeys accompanied by those little wee folk.
    Best wishes

  3. Dear Gary,
    I really enjoyed the way you embraced your personal triumph, with the 'wee folk' persona. Their innocense, their positive nature offering encouragement, support.

    Cheers to your accomplishments, and the 'magical mystery tour' to come. I hold you in my thoughts and meditations.
    Love, Dixie xx

  4. I can't tell you how thrilled I was to read your post, but I think you can guess! Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful, wonderful....!

    Hugs and love x

  5. Hi, I forgot to say, do look for your name on my blog! hugs...x

  6. Well done, Gary - proud of you. It must have been a terrible experience for you when the ambuance crashed into your car - I'm glad you've been able to get behind the wheel again.

    Julie xx

  7. Dear David,
    Thank you for your kind words of support. From what you have written; I can see that you relate to just how much of challenge this can be.
    Getting back behind the wheel was symbolic of me gaining back some of my somewhat shattered confidence.
    The thought of visiting you and watching 'Corrie' seems like a fantastic idea. David, you're so right, I can barely control my excitement over such a thought.
    Thanks David. With respect, Gary

  8. Dear Diane,
    My goodness, you have been through such a traumatic event. Yet, despite such a terrible event, you still managed to embrace the well meaning concern of the gentleman who came to your aid.
    You have left a most uplifting comment and I'm so pleased to know that you challenged yourself and got back behind the wheel.
    The 'wee folks' will be such great company. I'm really excited about getting out there and having some enchanting journeys.
    Thank you, Diane. Magical wishes, your way, Gary :-)

  9. Dear Dixie,
    I'm so pleased that you liked the way I embraced the magic of the 'wee folks' to provide me with a positive distraction from a day that truly challenged my resolve and determination.
    You are a very special lady and your ongoing support is a most welcome blessing.
    I think it is time to go off on a 'magical mystery tour'.
    Thanks Dixie. Much love, kindness and respect, your way, Gary x

  10. Dear Carole,
    Thank you so much for your wonderful comment. Your kindness means a great deal.
    Thank you also, for honouring me with that 'deserving recipient' acknowledgement on your blog. Must check out that 'Mr. Linky' list.
    Hugs to you, Gary x

  11. Hi Julie,
    Thanks for your supportive comment. It was rather surreal getting my car wiped out by an ambulance. It did make for an irony-laden blog.
    It have been a most liberating experience getting back behind the wheel.
    Thanks Julie and hopefully, you will be dazzling them at the ice skating rink:-)
    With respect and good wishes, Gary x

  12. I know how you must feel. Good luck in your road to recovery.
    Johnny Ray

  13. Hi Johnny Ray,
    Thank you for your kind words of support. 'Road to recovery', in almost the literal sense.
    With respect, Gary.

  14. I'm so pleased that you are finally back on the road and free to roam where you please after such a long period of enforced isolation. Give it time and you will feel as if you have never been away. Positive and warm wishes, Simon

  15. Hey Simon,
    Thanks for your encouragement. It was very nice having you visit me tonight. Hope you didn't mind me placing you in front of my computer and giving you subtle hints to leave a comment:-)
    It was really weird driving you up to the bus depot at night time. That was another challenge. The good thing was that I figured out where the light switch was.
    Cheers Simon. Kind wishes, Gary.

  16. Wow! A new car and a new journey begins. You seem to have conquered a fear from the past. If so, then I congratulate you for accomplishing a difficult task. Your mind has been illuminated once more to a certain degree. May you have safe trips, Gary!

  17. Hi Gary, I've sent you an invite to my new blog and now my grandson says he is setting up the blog for me...! So just delete the invite, I shall have to wait for him to create it, and then I'll send again!!

    Hugs and love, Carole x

  18. Hi Ryhen,
    Yes indeed. A new car and the start of a new journey. Keeping calm, maintaining a positive focus, has been a great aid in my challenging my driving phobia.
    My mind has been truly illuminated. I've been wondering why folks have been staring at the light bulb that hovers over my head:-)
    Thanks Ryhen. In peace and respect, Gary

  19. Hi Carole,
    Thank you kindly for that information.
    Hugs, your way, Gary x

  20. How lovely.

    Such a symbol of reaching back out for your freedom and independence.

    It will transform your life not just because of the physical ability to get about that it'll give you but the fact that you have proved to yourself in a very direct way that you can do something positive to move forward in your life.

    Even if you decided you didn't like driving again it wouldn't matter.

    The fact is you have shown that you can do it and have control over your life.

    Conquering a fear is such a wonderful thing.

    Heavens, you might meet Postman Pat too.

  21. Hi John,
    And what a lovely comment.
    It has most definitely been a positive, symbolic gesture. I knew the day would come when I was behind the wheel again. I had rehearsed that day in my mind, many a time. I maintained a positive focus and that was a tremendous help went I got out there, on the road, and back to some freedom.
    Thanks John. Your comment is most appreciated.
    I must go and see if I can find 'Postman Pat':-)
    With respect, Gary.


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