Saturday, 27 February 2010

The 'Wee Folks' Faithful Friend.

The 'wee folks' have had profound impact on my life.  I have witnessed wondrous little creatures who live in peace and harmony.  It is a world where the beauty of nature and the beauty of their hearts; is truly embraced.  No passing judgement based on the way you look.  No preying on the vulnerable.  For they are a community, a family that rejoices in all that is good.
We, the community, the family of mankind; has so much to learn.  Those that would mock the fragile spirit of a brother in pain; shame on them.  It is all too easy to label, to stereotype, to stigmatise people, we refuse to understand.  Ignorance breeds ignorance.  Those who would devalue the humanity of someone perceived as 'different'; must open their hearts and minds.  Healthy discussion and interaction can bring down the barriers  caused by misconceptions.  Creating a peaceful, positive environment will benefit us all.
I have noted that our Jack Russell dog, 'Penny', has bonded with the wee folks.  She has become very protective of them.  The world of the wee folks and the world of  loving dogs are intertwined.  For like the wee folks, our loving canine friends, pass no judgement and remain faithful to the very end.  The wee folks and our animal friends try to teach us lessons.  Let us be inspired by the wisdom that these lessons can bring.


  1. A beautiful thought.... there is such honesty in an animals affection... hugs x

  2. As a newcomer to your blog I am beginning to see a theme running through it. Obviously it is serious but you have the gift of inserting plenty of light-hearted stuff into it.
    I think your views coincide with those of the psychologist RD Laing who callenged the notion of a "them and us" mentality and asked how do we know that those we label mentally ill are not the sane ones, the rest of us being 'ill'?

  3. Gary, I just can't resist Penny's beautiful little face. And she does seem quite happy there with her 'wee folk' friends.(smile)

    The message you extend to all your readers is a very important one. To make this world a better place, we must put aside prejudicial and stereotypical thinking...we are all in this life together. Why not enjoy what everyone has to offer, rejoice in our differences, understand individual limitations as well as individual assets. Get along with our fellow man as equals...

    Great post,

  4. A beautiful post Gary, and so true. All animals, and of course the magical wee folk of this world set an example of how we should treat each other. Penny is adorable and the gnome looks very happy snuggled up to her.
    Wonderful picture
    Best wishes

  5. Bless her, she is a funny little thing and i love her (and you) to pieces.

    Oh what a wonderful world it would be if only mankind were just like animals and wee folk.

    Another evokative piece of writing. Thank you Gary. love. X

  6. Dear Gary,

    I'm glad that the wee folks finally reached home after the sudden trip they took to cheer Ryhen up. =) The Chile earthquake amused our friend so much, the wee ones just stood there looking at him, in utter disbelief. =D

    And yes, the world needs people who genuinely care, and are not easily succumbed to being judgmental of others. Your dog, Penny looks so adorable! But why aren't you in the photo with them?

    Thank you for sharing the picture with us. They looked really happy! :)

  7. Hi Carole,
    Thanks. The total affection and dedication that animals convey to us is most assuredly a lesson to be learned.
    Thank you for your comment. Always a pleasure.
    Hugs and respect, Gary x

  8. Hi bazza,
    Thank you for commenting.
    A most interesting aspect you have presented here. Although I do have mental health concerns; I have noticed a more open-minded and willing to try an understand attitude by many who do not have mental health concerns. This is most optimistic. I really believe that we are all in this together. All different, all equal.
    I do have a bit of an underlying theme. Yet, I do attempt a variety of writing styles. This has been most therapeutic and cathartic.
    You have brought up an intriguing angle on perceptions in regards to who is sane and who isn't. Thank you and I think you do an excellent blog.
    Kind wishes and respect, Gary.

  9. Hi Mattie,
    Penny is a very contented dog. Now she has some new friends. The 'wee folks' and Penny demonstrate some very important lessons for humanity.
    Your comment is so spot on. We need to embrace and rejoice in all the good that beats in the heart of mankind. Quite right, we are all equal.
    Thank you Mattie. You are wonderful inspiration.
    With respect and admiration, Gary :-)

  10. Hi Diane,
    Thank you for such a nice comment.
    I know you relate very much to the magic and the pure love extended to us by our animal friends and, of course, wonderful creatures such as the 'wee folks'.
    They do look adorable in the photograph:-)
    Say hello to the 'Feather Girls' for me. Thanks.
    With respect and magic, your way, Gary:-)

  11. Hi 'juliet',
    I'm so glad you commented on this posting.
    You know how much I love you guys. You have been a very important part of my life. Indeed, you have shown the beautiful, caring qualities that are such lovely attributes.
    It would be such a wonderful world if mankind could learn from the pure love of our animal friends and the kind and caring 'wee folk'.
    Penny sends her love and hopes to see you soon.
    Love and respect, your way, Gary x

  12. Dear Shanaz,
    Yes indeed, the 'wee folks' have returned safely from there little trek to see our mutual friend. The message they conveyed was of peace and hope.
    Caring, genuine, non-judgemental people would make our world a better place.
    I would have had to put the camera on a timer to have got into the picture. Maybe next time eh...
    Thank you for your kind response, Shanaz. It is an honour interacting with you.
    Peace and respect, Gary:-)

  13. Dear Gary,
    As bazza has said, one doesn't often know who is insane and who isn't. However, in your case, the answer to that qustion is easy- you are clearly a little crackers.
    However, who could not be heartened by the message of the "wee people" and the extremely cute picture of Penny who protects them. It would indeed take a hardened cynic not to feel a little pang of warmth.
    With Very Best Wishes,
    P.S. Apologies for the use of the word "crackers". May God and MAGMH forgive me.

  14. Dear Gary,

    Thank you for the thoughts, that visit my mind, inspiring a new reflection on my part.

    In peace,

  15. What you say is true and inspirational, my friend. We should all open our minds and hearts to those who we think are so different from us. Each member of the human race has feelings and a spirit that should not be subject to assumptions or persecution.

    We should accept one another's opinions and differences and concern ourselves more with helping each other.

    It's nice to see the wee folk and Penny getting along so well. Do they dance and sing together around the apple tree, at times? That would something to see. Take care, friend.

  16. Dear David,
    'A little crackers'? David, I take great pride in being a lot crackers.
    The 'wee folks' and the adorable Penny are shining examples to us all.
    I hope there is a message in my 'madness':-)
    Thanks again for yet another, shall I say, interesting comment, from your good if not bordering on delusional self.
    With respect and kindness, Gary.

  17. Dear Dixie,
    Long may your thoughts be inspirational and optimistic that the magic of a kinder, more peaceful planet; becomes a wondrous reality.
    With great respect, Gary x

  18. Hi Kelly,
    Thanks for that, buddy.
    Your wise words ring true and I greatly appreciate your comment. We are indeed, all different, all equal. It is time to embrace the pure goodness that beats in the hearts of all good people.
    The 'wee folks' and Penny will soon be dancing and singing around the apple tree.
    Peace man. With respect, Gary :-)


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