Wednesday, 24 February 2010

The Following Blog Is Sponsored By...

The following blog is sponsored by...Well, actually, there is no sponsor on this here blog.  Yet it got me thinking about brands and brand name changes etc.
I recently purchased a Chevrolet automobile.  Yes, you read correctly, here I am living in England and I bought a Chevrolet.  Now the Chevrolet I bought used to be called a 'Daewoo'.  I remember the commercial for Daewoo with the catchy slogan, 'that'll be the Daewoo'.  Now the acquisition of the South Korean manufactured Daewoo by Chevrolet, which is part of the General Motors family, was of course, major, bordering on earth shattering news, here in Britain.  The biggest news since we realised that Richard Branson had 'Virginised ' virtually ever conceivable product or convenience known to man.  
I noted the name of my stereo system.  It is a 'Daewoo'.  So, I am now wondering if I can call my stereo a Chevrolet?  And why not.  After all, my colour television is a 'Mitsubishi'.
So brand names get changed.  'Datsun' becomes 'Nissan'.  'Kentucky Fried Chicken' now gets called 'KFC'. Banks change their names, but we still hate them.  For example, 'National Westminster Bank' becomes 'NatWest' (some call it 'NatWorst').  Chocolate bars cause confusion.  'Marathon' bars get renamed 'Snickers' only to be renamed 'Marathon'.  Thank goodness they have not thought of changing 'Mars' bars to the name of the planet that is between 'Saturn' and Neptune'.
The other day I was in my local 'Morrisons' supermarket, (which was once a 'Safeway' supermarket until Morrisons bought out British Safeway), to buy a tin of  'Campbell's' cream of chicken condensed soup.  Well, it turns out that Campbell's is now called 'Bachelors', but nobody bothered to inform me.  And speaking of supermarkets..the next thing you know someone will tell me something like 'Asda' has been purchased by 'Wal-Mart'.  'What?  They have?'
You may be wondering why the 'wee folks' are in the photograph.   I discovered them in my kitchen checking out my groceries.  It's a shame I did not have a more fitting cereal for them to eat.  Something like 'Lucky Charms'.  You know, Lucky Charms, 'they're magically delicious!'
To end this blog in a somewhat commercial way that demonstrates how brand names have been incorporated into everyday language; I present the following.  I decided to 'Hoover' the carpets.  After 'hoovering', I had this urge to sneeze, so I grabbed some 'Kleenex' and wiped my nose.  I then proceeded to the kitchen and rewarded myself with a bowl of 'Jello'.  Now you may have reached this blog by 'Googling'.....
Oh yeah..before I go...'Cadbury's' chocolate has been purchased by 'Kraft'.  What a thought.  Chocolate flavoured Kraft macaroni dinners.....


  1. All this name changing makes me dizzy. It takes me months to remember a brand and then the guys change it! lol
    Glad they didn't rename Mars into something else. How about, "Maybe there's water in this Planet"?
    That's a big name for a chocolate bar... hehe

    Have a good day!:)

  2. I think nobody will want to buy the chocolate bar that is called by the name of that wonderful planet in between Neptune and Saturn! Unless his name is Ryhen Satch,of course.

    Amazing play of multiple brand names in a single post, Gary. The "wee folks" are cute. Why, I didn't know you have a thing for magical creatures. =)

    Hope you did not confuse your stereo with the new car. He He.

  3. You never know where you are with all this re-branding do yiu, Gary?! I hope the wee people found something suitable to eat.

    Julie xx

  4. Methinks brands have become more important because our sense of community has declined....people need something familiar to cling to to compensate for a feeling of alienation.

  5. Dear Gary,
    All this time, and I didn't know that "Snickers" had returned to being called "Marathon". As for the planet in between Neptune and Saturn, I think you may be talking out of Uranus again.
    Sincerely, though, Gary, a most interesting post. We appear to live in an age where alomost anything can become a "brand"- not just products, but movies and even people- just think of "brand" Beckham. What appears to be the endgame of advanced Capitalism (an age refered to by some as "the end of history") is indeed a wierd and wonderful place to be, somewhat like your addled, eclectic brain.
    Yours with Very Best Wishes,

  6. Hi Gary,
    Thanks for writing this. Now I understand why, the older brand names, are disappearing from store shelves in my community. Another step in the globalization of food.

    I always enjoy the way you 'tell' your stories of magic and truth.

    Dixie :)xx

  7. Greetings 'Mr. Stupid',
    Gotta' agree about all this name changing makes one dizzy. That's why, over here in Britain, I avoid eating a 'Twirl' chocolate bar.
    There is a brand of chocolates called 'Mars Planets'. I guess, with the ongoing plight of poor 'Pluto'; it is not included in the packet.
    That name suggestion you have mentioned would be quite the 'mouthful':-)
    You have a good day and I shall be making a visitation to your humorous blog, very soon.
    With respect, Gary

  8. Hello Shanaz,
    So you've been checking up on the Solar System? I think you might just be right. Such a re-branding to that name you are thinking; might just not go down too well:-)
    Thanks for thinking that this was an amazing play of multiple brand names. I reckon I must have been bored to have posted this one.
    The 'wee folks' are my friends. Although, I wish they would clean up the kitchen after they have helped themselves to my groceries lol.
    Must go now and start up stereo and tune in my car...
    All the best to you, Shanaz. Kind wishes, Gary (or 'brand name' change to 'Gare')..

  9. Hi Julie,
    Thank you for your comment. The 'wee folks' have been eating some bowls of 'Cheerios' and then they said 'cheerio' :-)
    Heading off to 'Morrisons'..that's if it is still called by that name.
    Kind wishes, your way, Gary.

  10. Hi Bob,
    Thank you for visiting. That is most appreciated.
    It would be good to have a sense of community being revitalised.
    I suppose there is a certain comfort in product familiarity to those who have a sense of alientation.
    Thanks Bob.
    With respect, Gary.

  11. Yeah, I know what ya mean. They do that in the U.S. all the time. Sometimes the name changing routine can be especially frustrating with like, what you mentioned, when banks change their names. That can really mess you up in different ways. All of these bigger or richer corporations are gobbling up the smaller ones and screwing around with product names to make them seem fresh and new again.

    Hey, I liked the wee folk. Do they eat your food when you're out of the house? Maybe you should set up some mouse traps. Snappo!

  12. Dear David,
    The 'Marathon' bar aka 'Snickers' aka Marathon was relaunched under that name back in 2008. However, for all I know, it may have changed, yet again. Yes David, I'm totally confused. You knew that already.
    Thank you for a most interesting slant on this 'crucial' brand change name discussion. Your input and your recognition of my addled, eclectic brain is most appreciated. So, much obliged to you, 'Brand David':-)
    All the very best and see you soon, Gary.

  13. Hi Dixie,
    Thank you very much for commenting. Always a pleasure to read your insightful replies.
    Globalisation and monopolies cannot be good for free enterprise and the folks trying to run a small business.
    Family-run shops seems to be a dying community service.
    Thanks Dixie.
    Peace and respect, Gary x

  14. Hi Kelly,
    Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment. It is most kind of you.
    Totally agree with what you have mentioned. These monopolies are screwing up any competition. It seems like, to heck with rivals we'll buy 'em out' Yet another 'hostile takeover', just waiting to happen.
    The 'wee folks' have been visiting my house over the last few months. I even caught them sneaking in through my letter box using a string ladder!! Not sure if I have the heart to catch them in a 'mouse trap'. But then again....:-)
    Thanks Kelly, I am a great admirer of your excellent blog and hope you get even more readers.
    With respect, Gary :-)

  15. "Gare," Please get the cleaning lady to do the kitchen some justice, as the "wee folks" have other plans at the moment. I've sent them to watch over our friend, Ryhen. He He He. Hope you don't mind. :D

  16. Ah 'Shanaz' the 'wee folks' will be visiting our friend? That's fine with me. Besides, they seem to do whatever they want. That will be good, for they are most peaceful and positive, 'wee folks'.
    I will be on kitchen duty. I'm a multi-tasking (yes, you read that right lol) single Dad.
    Thanks 'Shan', kind wishes, your way, 'Gazza' :-)

  17. You are so right about all of these brands and how they have become part of our culture. Don't forget that "Google" has now become an accepted verb. Great post!

  18. Hi askcherlock,
    How right you are!
    Guess I should 'google' 'hoover' and 'xerox' the information.
    Thank you for leaving a comment.
    With respect, Gary.

  19. I can so hear the Canadian still in you! Still Campbells here! Guess what the snickers was changed to here? "Believe" for the Olympics!

  20. Hi Lorac,
    'Hm, hm, good!'
    I 'believe' that is nothing to 'snicker' at:-) lol
    Thanks for leaving a comment eh. Much appreciated. Have a good day and have some 'Tim Horton's' donuts eh!
    Kind wishes, Gary:-)


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