Wednesday 6 May 2009


This blog marks an anniversary for me. It is not my ninety-ninth blog, nor is it my one hundred and first blog, it is the number in between.
And now for something completely random. I shall now do a blog that has absolutely nothing to do with the title, or for that matter, the photograph. So, if you decide not to bother reading any further; I would most certainly understand. Those of you who do continue to read this blog, well done, or perhaps you are that bored, you want to see what transpires. Here we go, I have no idea what is going to happen.
"A metrosexual is a man who is meticulous about his appearance. He is always in fashion and very well groomed. Some people mistake a metrosexual for a gay guy." (source: Well then, so much for my definition of 'metrosexual'. Silly me, thinking that metrosexual was someone with rather bizarre fantasies about rapid transit. (you can come up with your own definition of 'metropolitan'). And when it comes to 'gay', well gee whiz, I'm old enough to remember when gay meant happily carefree . I mean really, I'm sure that Fred Flintstone and all the other folks in Bedrock were having a 'gay old time'.
If you are still here, lets continue on with this random ridiculous writing. Do you reckon that 'beginner witches' 'fly off the handle'? Do you think that attempt at a joke has some 'broom' for improvement? Did you know that it Britain they have trucks that are called 'articulated lorries'? How about that, well-spoken trucks. Did you hear about the rumour that they are thinking of setting up a new motorcar rally? You've read about the fellow who brought back tobacco and potatoes to Britain from 'the new world'? So rumour has it, we will soon be able to watch: 'The Sir Walter Rally'. In ending this disjointed paragraph, let me tell you this. In all the time I have lived in England, never has an officer of the law walked up to me and said: 'Hello, hello, hello, what's all this then?'
If you want to compliment someone really quickly, than may I suggest, you 'express' your appreciation. Do misbehaving marsupials with minor misdemeanours go to 'Kangaroo Court'? Okay then, I'm going now. Heading off to 'Area 51' (no, not to visit my relatives). Actually, I got this urge to throw a frisbee in front of their closed-circuit camera. I can count... 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7. 'But what about 6?' you may ask. Well, if the truth be known, I afraid of that number and daren't ask anything about it. You recommend I read what? 'Everything you always wanted to know about '6' but were afraid to ask.'
If you are still here..I thank you. Yet again, I finished last in the naked run at a major sporting event....oh when am I gonna' end this losing 'streak'......


  1. Cheered me up! Thanks, Carole.

  2. You're 100th post
    a gnome as a host?
    A gay cabaret
    in Bedrock, you say?
    Metrosexual is cool
    do new witches drool?
    Sir Rally surreal?
    This comment's not real.

    Sorry. Loved the 100th!!

  3. well done gary,on your 100th posting[isnt a metrosexual someone with a fetish for small cars?] i have been to the walter rally, its had its chips? to be honest[sic]there are countless people who have benefitted from your wwit and wisdom.i count myself lucky to be among them,heres to another 100!!!peace, bigman.dave .s

  4. Dear Gary,
    Hello, hello, hello, what's going on here then? Your 100th blog. Quite an achievement, Gary. May you long continue to impress us with your wit and wisdom, and also the bad jokes, of course.
    Yours with All the Best,

  5. Dear Carole,
    I am most pleased to know that my somewhat zany blog cheered you up.
    Please keep smiling and may you continue with your writing pursuits.
    Kind wishes, Gary.

  6. Dear Dixie,
    What a clever poem that sums up very nicely, shall we say, my somewhat random blog.
    Oh no, oh no,
    How about Edgar Allan Poe?
    Do you know him?
    An Edgar Allan Poem.
    Thanks Dixie. Positive wishes, Gary.

  7. Hi Dave S.,
    Thanks for noting that is my blog between 99 and 101.
    It is very kind of you to state that my blogs are of some kind of benefit to other folks. I really like to think that this all part of positive interaction and being here for each other. Now that you have set up your own blog you can now become more involved in this interaction. That is very positive, Dave.
    Would be great to drive a Mini Metro at the Sir Walter Rally. Just be careful when driving, wouldn't want to get chips on the bodywork.
    Kind regards, Gary.

  8. Dear David, David, David,
    Yes it is quite an achievement for me. I never envisaged from that first day at 'mindbloggling' that I would have continued on to such a milestone. Or is that, now that we are in metric, kilometrestone ?
    Thanks for your very kind comment in regard to my alleged wit and wisdom. Bad jokes, me?
    Very best wishes to you, David. Kind regards, Gary.

  9. Congratulations on your 100th blog, Gary! That's quite an accomplishment, as is your amazing sense of humor that brings everyone great pleasure.(smile)

    You have a wonderful talent in making people smile...(and you know I love to smile!)

    Thank you for sharing that amazing talent with me today. I really needed the smile...

    Blessings to you,

  10. Dear Mattie,
    I'm so pleased to know that this blog made you smile. I always hope my attempts at some form of humour bring a bit of a chuckle to folks.
    Trying different writing styles is all part of my therapy as I challenge my mental health issues.
    When I get such warm, encouraging comments such as yours; it really brightens my day.
    I hope you are well, Mattie. I send you positive thoughts. You keep on smiling, for your smile is a wonderful tonic for all those who are blessed in knowing you.
    Kind wishes, Gary:-)

  11. I had a dream last night that I was eating a bowl of numbers. Some of them got stuck in my throat and began to multiply. I thought I was done for, but then I swallowed a subtraction sign and the problem went away.

    I’ve decided to give you a subtraction sign for all of those pesky problems that come up in your life. Here it is: -
    Use it wisely.

    Congratulations on your one and two noughts of postings!

  12. Dear Clarissa,
    What a very nice comment you have so kindly left me.
    I could attempt a play on words but that just wouldn't add up. So minus typing anything silly, your comment sums up a very lovely sentiment during these times of renewed hope and positivity. That really is a plus.
    Thanks for the subtraction sign, Clarissa. I shall indeed use it wisely. Warm wishes your way, Gary

  13. This made me laugh out loud! Not an easy task - well done!!!!!

  14. Greetings Nichola,
    Thank you very much for dropping by and leaving a comment. It is very much appreciated.
    To know that I have made you laugh out loud is most rewarding.
    Take very good care and please keep smiling. Warm wishes, Gary :-)


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