Saturday 13 September 2008

Heavy Mental.

There is an irony about having mental health issues that has taken quite the toll on me lately. I am involved with others who have their own mental health concerns. Sometimes their issues almost overwhelm me. So instead of being good for my own mental health, they can actually be detrimental. I thought that empathy, being such a powerful force, would help them and help me. Oh how wrong I can be. My positive outlook has been severely challenged.
Yet, despite this, I realise just how far I have come and how far I have to go. Not that long ago, I would have succumbed to such perplexing negativity. I would have thought: 'To hell with this, I'm going back under my duvet.' I know I've got my own life to live. I must not allow the issues of others to dominate my life. I must not absorb the anger and the hostility I have witnessed recently. For if I do, my anxiety and depression, will kick in, big style. I am determined to stay strong.
So I wish to end this rather short blog on a most positive note. Just when you think that negative forces wil destroy your positive intentions; look beyond and you will notice people who will support you through the trying times. I have found support through a very tough time. That has given me a renewed sense of purpose.
As I did this blog, I was listening to the new Metallica C.D. I guess you could call it 'heavy metal'. What I experienced lately might be called 'heavy mental'.


  1. Hi folks. I have had loads of problems with over the last two weeks. I was getting quite panicky over it. Most distracting trying to do a blog when you're not sure it will publish :-(

  2. Hi Klahanie. has been a touch 'flakey' recently - just keep saving as you write - at least you can have a fall-back if it won't publish - else copy and paste whatever you write into a word processor and save a copy yourself.

    Read your comments - and between the lines - understand where you're 'at' with things - people forget that it's good to offload your 'troubles' but the person you're loading onto also has their own needs.

    Remember - a sponge can only soak up so much water - it then needs a squeeze before it can take anymore.......

  3. Hi Leigh,

    Thanks for your comment. I've been maintaining my own 'happy medium' as best I can. It has been tough going but I had to draw a line under negative situations that had begun to adversely effect my own wellbeing. My 'sponge' has been squeezed. Thanks radioman.

  4. Hi Klahanie,
    I know a little bit about the issue you write about, and I know that I often use the term "it is their illness". What is the most difficult thing to do is not to take personally anothers behaviour; that you have faced it and gone past, continuing on your own journey, is a thing to feel good about. Try not to be tempted to react the way others are wanting you to do, it is your life, you have your own burdens, and rightly you are not compelled to carry someone elses.

    As ever your writing provokes much thought.

    Your friend

    small and snappy

  5. Hello klahanie. Don't know anything about you ecept first couple of posts. Glad you shared. Kind of made my day. dcrelief

  6. Klahanie, forgive me but this message is to 'small and snappy': well said and thank you. I needed to hear what you said too. dcrelief


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