Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Bungling, Bureaucratic Buffoonery.

I'm sitting here in my living room trying to cope with one ridiculous situation followed by another ridiculous situation.

For the past year, my vital link to the world beyond my computer screen has been sabotaged by a variety of issues that have challenged my right to a peaceful, positive environment.  I miss blogging and the interaction shared within the diverse blogging community.

I have loads of issues, mental and physical.  These issues have been dramatically compounded by the relentless incompetence of the bungling, bureaucratic buffoonery that has gone into sadistic overdrive, especially over the past twelve months.

Yes, in between hospital appointments, doctors appointments and bouts of severe depression, the UK government is now hassling me, yet again, about my claim for benefits.  Benefits, I might add, I wish I didn't need.  I didn't choose to become ill and now, just like all the other times I've been pursued, they are making me feel like a criminal.

Excuse me for swearing, but I've fucking had enough!  I feel terrible for not interacting with you.  I just wish I could focus on the blog and get the positive momentum back.

Please note that the comments section is switched off.  Thank you.

My friend, keep embracing the ideals of the all different, all equal blogging community.  A community that shares.  A community where we learn from each other as we strive to make this fragile, beleaguered planet, a better place for all of us.