Tuesday, 8 March 2011

The Originals Of The Species.

I have had the great honour 'honor' (take that spell check), to have had another award to add to my already bulging trophy cabinet.  You can think up your own innuendoes at this point.  Kelly at PSYCHO CARNIVAL  has very kindly bestowed the The Psycho Carnival Award for Originality upon my shy and humble self, the 'the wee folks' and of course, the pawesome, the pawsitive, Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet star!
First of all, I shall talk a tiny bit about Kelly.  Don't let the name of his site, 'Psycho Carnival', fool you into thinking that all his posts have to do with psychotic clowns, sex-crazed plastic dolls or puerile jokes about bodily functions such as cheek-clapping farts and 'butt gravy'.  Oh no, there is so much more to Kelly's site.  For he does variety that relates to several genres.  My good pal Kelly also does serious, thought provoking stories that show a transparent, deeply caring, sensitive side.  In fact, he would be a most worthy recipient of his own award.

Now then, briefly about me.  Right, that's it.

Anyway, there seems to be some kinda' rules n' stuff to go with accepting this here award.  
First- Copy. paste and display the awards upon your blog, if you so desire.  Okay, at the bottom of this blog is all the stipulations

Second-  Second of all, I must pass on the award to some bloggers who I think are the very epitome of originality.
The Manic Chef   I have had the great delight in interacting with this new and very talented, original blogger. Please go over and say 'hi'.  If you don't, I shall  have a major temper tantrum, run down the street butt naked and scream obscenities to my startled neighbours.
Rantings of the Reckmonster   Okay, in fairness, half the time I have no idea what language Michelle, at this varied and original site, is writing in.  Luckily, I have managed to decipher her rantings, thanks to the 'urban dictionary'.  Seriously, she is witty, insightful and puts up some very thought provoking postings.  If you have not already done so, check her out.  Cause she's like totally awesome n' stuff eh!
The S.N.A.F.U. Report    Now this dude is very clever, very original and even does his own videos.  Please go check out 'The Wolf' at this site.  Besides he's Canadian and lives in Vancouver.  That's plenty reason to check him out.
Rot Du Jour    Sam, at her wonderful site, writes original postings.  Some sad, some very funny.  A most talented writer who has been missed from the blogging world.  I'm very pleased to see a recent posting from this delightful writer.

Third and Three Quarters-  Answer this important question:  Ketchup or Pygmies?
I know the answer that Kelly so kindly submitted on everyone's favourite 'notworking' site, 'Farcebook', or 'Fartbook', or 'Fakebook', so I must come up with, of course, an original answer.  Ketchup, obviously.  I mean, you try pouring Pygmies on the fries that came with your 'Happy Meal'.  That would be the same Happy Meal that didn't make you any happier and gives you this uncontrollable urge to sue the red-haired clown, with the big stupid grin, for misleading advertising.

Fourth- Write an original thought (or something that seems like a rare idea) or display a photo for everyone to stare at, in awe, that will cause the peeps to fall down upon their knees and smile with tears of profound realization. Or just say the first thing that comes to mind.

Wow and golly gosh.   I wonder who that awesome dude can be?   What?  That's Gary aka 'klahanie'!  And, before you ask, the blue dangly bit at the front of the hat, is a ribbon....

Fifth-  Give a link to the one who bestowed this award to you.  Okay, I did that right at the very beginning.  So, that's me, just about finished.  

Congratulations to those I have passed this soon to be, much loved, much cherished, much sought after and coveted award.
Once again, I wish to thank Kelly at Psycho Carnival.   Many thanks and in my appreciation to him, I've posted him a sealed jar of Penny's finest farts.  Consider yourself honoured that Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet star, would go to so much effort for you, just for you, Kelly.

Below are the rules n' stuff.

First- Copy, paste and display these rules and this award upon your blog, if you so desire.
Second- Give this award to anyone who exemplifies originality, in some way, in their blog.
Third and Three Quarters- Answer this most important question: Ketchup or Pygmies?
Fourth- Write an original thought (or something that seems like a rare idea) or display a photo for everyone to stare at, in awe, that will cause the peeps to fall down upon their knees and smile with tears of profound realization. Or just say the first thing that comes to mind.
Fifth- Give a link to the one who bestowed the award to you.  


  1. Is that really you?!!?! Really?!?! Oh look at you!!!!

    I must stop staring.

    Sorry, I can't seem to form words to expand on my comment as this pic of you has completely thrown me.

    It must be the blue ribbon. :-) Take care

  2. Hi there Old Kitty,
    First of all, I hope you are feeling better and nasty 'Mr. Virus', has gone away :-)
    Yes, that's me. Not exactly Daniel Craig, but yes it's me, shy and humble me :-)
    Nice blue dangly bit eh!
    Y'all take care.

  3. My day is now complete, a naked man with hat and ribbon, what more does a girl want really?

  4. Howdy Sex'n'Fries,
    Ummmm....a naked man without a hat and ribbon? :-)

  5. "Thank you! Thank you!" says my modest self as I take a bow before my oh so appreciative audience. Of course, as I take the bow, my pants burst wide open at the butt crack as a gigantic fart bellows outward in a huge cloud of death and kills all in the theatre.

    Hey Gary, in all seriousness, I really appreciate what you said. You're a good friend. I thought that blue ribbon was your penis in a stage of continuing decay and it would be falling off at any moment. I was going to suggest using duct tape to keep it attached. Just trying to be a good friend, ya know? You have a good point about the pygmies, although you could eat the pygmies with your fries. I heard they taste like Chicken McNuggets.

    I will check out those award recipients I don't already visit regularly. And thank you kindly for the jar of Penny's finest farts. I'll be sure to store them in the freezer to ensure optimum freshness for my unsuspecting house guests. Take care, Gary. You're most welcome for the award.

  6. Wow Gary! Well done my friend. And thanks for the morning laugh (people are just getting up in the Far East).

    Congratulations to other recipients too!

    I like "notworking" (apparently spell check doesn't)

    Good to see you in person, though I imagine my first meeting with you would be when you are fully dressed - tweed jacket and all :))

  7. Hi Kelly,
    You're welcome! You're welcome! And thank you for your visually descriptive musings of demonstrating your fine talents in front of an enthusiastic, adoring audience, amazed and flabbergasted at your awesome ability to grace said audience with the finest of butt tunes that basically leave your frenzied fans in a foggy type fart. Kelly takes a bow and like wow n' stuff. A 'live' audience becomes a dead audience, as killer zombies rush the stage and eat the supporting cast and crew. Great stuff!
    Kelly, in some seriousness, you do one of the best blogs around. Original and varied. It's nice to read blogs that are not self-obsessed and self-promoting. Which, of course, yours, has never been :-)
    Now then, my good buddy, the blue ribbon is actually an award for my abilities to twist 'Mr. Dick' into various shapes, just like you do when you make those adorable balloon toys into a French poodle, or a really pissed off elephant. But thanks for your suggestions. Might resort to electricians tape and shock 'em all :-)
    Actually, I avoid eating Pygmies. However, I do like eating french fries with my fingers. Yes, I know, I really should eat them, separately :-)
    Please do check out the recipients. Of course, you already know one of them, eh!
    Penny is delighted that you have stored her finest home grown, free range farts, in the freezer. Your unsuspecting guests will have the best time of their lives. Especially when you tell them, the pungent aroma came from Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet star! :-)
    Thanks Kelly. I was, in all seriousness, now, flattered and thrilled that you bestowed what I consider a very thoughtful award upon me.
    Take good care man, and stay positive.
    With respect, Gary :-)

  8. Hi there Grandpa,
    Why thank you very much, kind sir. So you are 'just getting up in the Far East'...No Gary, no innuendoes...:-)
    Thank you for forwarding your congrats to those worthy recipients of this soon to be, much loved and adored award.
    My spell check goes crazy if I try to misspell and use incorrect 'American English' :-) 'Color'..whoops, sorry spell check!
    Actually, I'm 'wearing' more than I usually do in that photo. Yes, I'm kidding :-)
    My friend, may you have a peaceful, positive day, as the sun rises :-)
    In kindness, Gary.

  9. Hi Gary,
    I'm with Old Kitty, You've left me speechless and blushing! As for Ketchup vs pygmies, your logic is undeniable, but Pygmies could make you feel somehow taller than everyone else whereas ketchup could stain your shirt.

    Congratulations on your Pscyho Carnival Originality award. You and Kelly have both been amazing blog comrades(would that make us blogrades?). I feel extraordinarily lucky to have found you on this vast world wide web. You are most deserving of this creatively crafted award. Originality is definitely your bag.

    Stay well, and don't let that dangly ribbon get knotted up. It looks potentially dangerous(LOL)!

  10. hahahaha -- congratulations! --- hahaha. Oh my.

  11. Hot from the desk of Sir Tom Eagerly:
    Hello Gary, it's nice for you to have me back.
    With reference to the photograph, I always say that a gentleman should remove his hat when indoors.
    Cheers old boy, let the fun begin.

  12. ***blinks*** rubs eyes ***blinks*** You're not shy Gary, are you????

  13. congrats on your award and cute picture

  14. Hi THE SNEE aka Rebecca,
    What's this? I've left you speechless and blushing? You've never seen a hat like that, before? :-)
    And you bring up a good point about Pygmies making someone feel taller. Knowing my luck, I'd be having a 'Happy Meal' and the Harlem Globetrotters walk in and proceed to squeeze all the Ketchup packets over my finest fancy shirt.
    Thank you for the congratulations on the award. And many congratulations to you, also, for receiving such a prestigious and fart-inducing award from the ever modest and golly gosh, Kelly :-)
    Thanks, and I think us 'blogrades' have shown the true spirit of what I think the blogging community should be all about. Positive interaction amongst friends who are all different, all equal :-) Rebecca, I feel honoured to have had the great fortune to have met you and Kelly within this marvellous community.
    Originality is my 'bag'. Yikes, I thought the hat was covering my 'bag'! LOL
    That dangly ribbon can do magic tricks. Yet, I know knot when :-)
    Take care, Rebecca and happy writing on your superb, original and satirical site.
    In peace and positivity, your way, Gary :-)

  15. Hi Joylene,
    Thank you very much and I'm glad you like my hat! :-)

  16. Hi Chris,
    Thank you for the congratulations on my "Nice legs ;)"

  17. Hi there Her highness, Samantha Vérant,
    Oh, I'm very shy and after having a very, very quick glimpse of myself, I think I should be shyer :-)

  18. Hello Hot from the desk of Sir Tom Eagerly,
    Sir Tom, my modest friend, why would I want your 'back', when I have my own back at the back of my front. If you know what I mean :-)
    And Sir Tom, I did indeed remove the hat when I was indoors. Note the top of my head, Sir Tom.
    Seriously, my friend, glad to have you visit my shy and humble blog. I do hope that you are well.
    In kindness, Gary :-)

  19. Hi becca,
    Thank you kindly for the congratulations and the 'trophy' award picture is cute :-)
    Positive wishes, your way, Gary :-)

  20. Haha! Don't know what's more diverting - you stark naked with only a sombrero placed discretely over your .... or, the banter between you and Kelly. Hilarious!

    Oh, before I forget, greatly relieved, to hear that the ribbon dangling from your ... err ... hat .. is not ... well, you get the gist! :)

    Great post. As always! And congrats on yet another award, good sir :)

    PS. Nice tan :)

  21. Gidday Wendy,
    Yes, I've been known to have my photo taken at the drop of a hat. And my hat's off to Kelly for his banter, whoops!...hang on, my banter with Kelly is a right cock up, I mean laugh :-)
    Ummm...yep...that was indeed a ribbon. At least I think it's a ribbon. Can't recall it being that cold in Cancun :-)
    Thanks for saying this was a great post. Very kind of you. Thank you for the congrats on an award from Kelly that has brought tears to my eyes. Well, he did post me the trophy with a rather pungent aroma, wafting from the top :-)
    Nice tan, complete with the tan lines...
    Kind wishes and a packet of used tacos, your way, Gary :-)

  22. Dear Gary,
    So, another award, eh. You thoroughly deserve it, Gary (can't think how many times I've said that now, so forgive me as I stifle a yawn).
    Anyway, I love the photo of that naked, handsome, trim dude. What? It's you? Oh, how time can be so cruel!
    Yours jokingly and with very best wishes and a fig leaf, your way,

  23. Hi Gary,
    Congratulations on receiving yet another well deserved award!
    I am sure I have a hat like that, or is it something else I have?! ;)
    Wishing you happiness,
    Follow me at HEDGELAND TALES

  24. Dear Gary, Well I must first comment on the photo, that was most illuminating....and revealing, great tan, and just one little critique, I think you should perk up your "pecs" a bit, nothing worse as having sagging nips as you age, if you know what I mean! ;-) But you have a great big white tooth smile, you look happy, or it could be that you were in excruciating pain trying to suppress a gasious 'flatulation' moment.
    Now for the "Award"......I am totally surprised at being granted such a prestigious award....I'm a bit lost for words, which is no small fete, believe me, I have the gift of gab! If you think I write 'long' entries, count yourself lucky I don't talk with you face to face! Seriously, I graciously and humbly accept this 'Psycho Carnival Award for Originality'. To know that I am being recognized as an "Original Psycho" and to be granted company by such renown "Psycho's" is an honour that will take time for me to fully accept, that you "REALLY....REALLY LIKE ME!
    I will carry out to my fullest ability the "rules n' stuff". 1)I shall PROUDLY display this awesome award by copying and pasting it to my blog. 2)I will also after much contemplation, humbly "pass on the award" to bloggers that I think are the epitome of originality.(This may take some time, I'm a newbie to the blogging community). 3 3/4) To answer the important question: "Ketchup or Pygmies?" This I shall answer now, my choice will be Pygmies. Why you may ask? When standing next to these 'special people' I will be a 'bigger man'....I know that is self-serving....but it's the truth......:-p. 4th) "Write an original thought (or something that seems like a rare idea) or display a photo for everyone to stare at, in awe, etc, etc." That will take some time also, I'm just so busy ya know with my celebrity.... and finally 5th) "Give a link to the one who bestowed this award to you." It will be an unspeakable honour to link this to my 'mentor' 'klahanie'
    or otherwise known as Gary, who has been so supportive and a great comforter to me during my stint at blogging, whom was my first 'follower' from the Zimbio website. To Gary, I extend an overflowing heart filled with gratitude for your generosity of heart and spirit in giving of yourself. And I must add "I love the way you write" a quote which I am borrowing from the movie 'The Way We Were' when spoken by the one and only Ms.....Streisand to Hubble. Now again I can't thank you Gary and Kelly for bestowing this on to the likes of me, I stand in awe of such wonderful 'blogging men'. Thank you from the depths of my heart.
    P.S. Gary, next time wear a thong when sunbathing, you will receive a much better tan line that will accentuate the line of your great looking legs and will give the appearance of a much fuller and rounder 'buttocks'. With much affection from a "bromancer' 'The Manic Chef'.
    P.S.S- A sincere 'Congradulations' to all the other recepients of this once in a life time Award!

  25. Dear David,
    Yes sir, another thoroughly deserved award, I state in the humblest of ways. You have indeed mentioned my other numerous awards and I thank you for all those occasions you so noted it. Dude, I have bestowed a few awards on your good self, which you might like to proudly display on your articulate and thoughtful site.
    Yes, it's me and if anything, since I started working out, I look better than ever! Hard to believe, I know.
    Cheers David and may you have fun riding through the glen.
    Best wishes, Gary :-)

  26. Hi John,
    Thanks for the congratulations on my receiving, yet another, well deserved award. Gosh, I'm so not worthy.
    Your hat, no doubt, is one of them there '10 Gallon Stetson hats' :-)
    Cheers John and here's wishing you a peaceful day.

  27. Hi The Manic Chef,
    Hey dude, thanks for liking my awesome tan. In regards to my 'pecs, I can assure you that I now have very nice breasts :-) And no, I'm not meaning in a 'man boobs', type of way! I work out on a fairly regular basis and thus you will be 'thrilled' to know, I'm a 'lean, mean, fighting machine'. Well, 'mean', anyway :-)
    I was flashing that big goofy smile, because I was just about to keep the sombrero in place, 'hands-free' :-)
    And my goodness, you may just have the record for the longest comment on a blog in the history of blogging, ever! Part 2.
    You were a most worthy choice for the blogging award, created with love and a considerable amount of wind-breaking, by the man on a mission to make the world a better place n' stuff, Kelly at 'Psycho Carnival'. Take this award with pride. Impress your neighbours, your loved ones and all that visit your thoughtful site, with the award that is now yours to do as you wish with. In fact, may I suggest you get a t-shirt with the award proudly emblazoned on it. And, what the hell, let the press know, the Canadian national television news and that weird local cable TV station, know about your well deserved award. Go on, you know you really want too :-)
    On a serious note, it is a great pleasure interacting with you within the great blogging community and I do hope this brings further awareness of your site and the brilliant original stuff you do on it.
    With respect and positive wishes, your way, Gary :-)

  28. shy and humble you? you're really "measuring up" on the fourth rule :)

    nice tan by the way... i live where it's sunny all year long and i could never dream to tan like that...

    and it's really nice to read your thoughts about your friend, Kelly. I don't think men say encouraging things to one another nearly often enough. :)

  29. Hi joanne,
    Yes, dear lady, I am but a shy and humble man :) And in the next photo, I keep the sombrero in place, without the use of my hands! :)
    Well, one things for sure, it would be darned near impossible to get a tan like that, here in lil' ol' England. It was a nice tan and thanks for noting that.
    It was a 'moment of weakness' and I got all complimentary to a fellow dude :) Awe Kelly, give us a man hug ! :)
    Thanks joanne and may you have a most peaceful day.
    With respect and kind wishes, Gary.

  30. Gary,
    Thank you, thank you, thank you! Every time I think you couldn't possibly get any cooler...you manage to smack me in the face with more coolness! Because I'm gonna tell you what: even without the award - that photo of you with the sombrero - PRICELESS, and that you had the balls to post it - WAYYYYY COOL!! I don't think I will be posting any photos of myself with only a sombrero covering "the goods," - mostly bc I don't have such a pic, and otherwise, because it would take more than a sombrero to cover the acreage! BAHAHAHA! Thank you again, for his most prestigious award! And I'm dying right now trying to think of what I could post after you went and posted that fab picture of you with the sombrero (and SUPER FAB tan, I must say...I'm guessing you didn't get that tan in jolly ole sunless, rainy England!! LOL). MUAH!! XOXO, eh? (hoser!)

  31. Yo The Reckmonster,
    Michelle, you is like, welcome, welcome, welcome n' stuff eh :-)
    Yeah, that's me, 'Mr. Cool'. So cool I stick my head in the fridge, just to warm up.
    Neat picture eh. Not sure about having "the balls to post it". Are my 'balls' showing ? LOL
    I'm sure you will dazzle us with something when you post up the award on your site and amaze your ever growing legion of adoring fans! :-)
    You are most welcome for this 'thought provoking and deeply philosophical n' stuff' award. An award bestowed upon me by Kelly at 'Psycho Carnival', who is going to send me loads of money, every time I mention Psycho Carnival.
    I've no doubt you will come out with a mighty darn good posting. I might not be able to understand what the hell you have written, but hey, I've got me the lil' ol' 'urban dictionary' to help me figure it out :-)
    Not much chance of getting a tan like that in England eh. That tan came courtesy of some brilliant Cancun sunshine :-)
    All the best and congrats for receiving this fartastic award!
    See ya later eh, you hoser! :-)
    xx eh n' stuff....

  32. That picture is classic!! Seriously.
    Ah, the honor that is The Psycho Carnival Award for Originality! I loved your descriptions.
    Congratulations again, and I hope you have a most wonderful weekend, Gary.

  33. Hi LilPixi,
    Thanks, that was classic moment in my sombrero fashion career :-)
    It was such a marvellous surprise to have received that award from the modest and bestest gosh darn fart-inspired blogger in blogland.
    Of course, that would all be thanks to Kelly at PSYCHO CARNIVAL. There you go Kelly, another blatant plug for you. And we all know what Kelly likes to do with plugs...
    Thanks for the congrats and many congrats to you for receiving the very same, gosh darn golly n' stuff award, yourself. Very well deserved.
    And may you also, have a wonderful weekend, LilPixi :-)

  34. 'blue dangly bit'! You are hilarious!

    Congrats on your award and on being so cool to know.


  35. Hi Jai,
    Very kind of you to say :-)
    I guess not every dude can have a blue dangly bit as his claim to fame.
    Thanks for the congrats, my cool friend.
    Have a most peaceful weekend.
    Kind wishes, Gary :-)


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