Thursday, 21 February 2008


Greetings. When I was a little boy living in Vancouver, I remember how I loved to go into car showrooms and dream. I dreamt of the day that I would be able to have my very own car. I wanted a car like the one in the picture (a 1963 Studebaker Avanti). One time, in the Studebaker showroom, the salesman noticed my curiosity. "Do you like that car?" asked the salesman. The huge grin on my face and my nodding head most certainly answered that question. "Tell you what" he said. "If you go home and get two dollars, we will save this car for you until you are old enough to drive." With great excitement, I rushed home and asked my Mother for the two dollars. With a kind, gentle manner, my dear Mother explained he was only joking. Not much of a joke to a ten year old lad. The innocence of youth eh?
Today is a milestone for me. Today is the one year anniversary since my first ever blog on the community of Mind Bloggling. Today is my Brother's birthday. Happy birthday Andrew! Today marks my continuance in my personal, positive recovery to mental health wellbeing.
I would like to share with you a story of motivation. For many years I was a lonely, isolated recluse. My 'inner-critic' bombarded with negative thoughts. "Distance yourself from Society. You are not valued in that cruel, cynical, indifferent world, you are stupid and worthless!" Such negative thoughts were relentless. Then my last positive thread of resolve spoke to me. "Gary, you must challenge brave, be strong."
So with this thought swirling in my mind, I took action. I somehow found the courage to go on the 'Changes' Coordinator course. This became a turning point in my life. I discovered that even what could be perceived as a negative situation could be turned into a positive. When I was on the course, I had a rather inconvenient distraction of driving my son to work. That was forty miles a day, three days a week. On the Friday, the fourth day of his work week, he only worked half a day. Because of my finanical situation, on Friday's I stayed in my car and waited for him.
This is where renewed positive thinking came to fruition. Every Friday, through the cold Winter of 2006/07, I sat in my car. My negative self would have thought: "Oh great, I'm cold, I'm miserable and I've got five hours to wait for my son. How boring." Yet my positive self thought this: "Okay, I'm stuck here waiting for Tristan. Five hours can seem a long time. So here's the perfect opportunity to do your Changes course personal learning diary!" So with 'Penny', the Jack Russell dog, all curled up on the back seat and having a snooze; I focused on my diary. When I next looked up, there was Tristan tapping on the car window. The five hours had flown by.
So the Changes course was a major catalyst in my ongoing journey towards a better life. It was much more than just another college course. It taught me that I have value, that I can have friends. Indeed, it showed me that I am not alone. We are all in this together. We are all here for each other. Empathy is powerful.
I thank you for your time.


  1. Hi Klahanie

    Great piece of work, as you know I have tried to put a comment on last night. Will do a fuller critique later.

    Take care


  2. Hi Mr Beaver

    Why do your cars sound so much better than what I had to put up with in 1963. Austin Mini, Morris Oxford, Ford Popular (WHY???)!!!!! Don't have the same ring as a "Studebaker Avanti", the name even sounds Red, you can smell the gas rich exhaust, full of emerging pre teen testosterone.

    And a great milestone, I look back at what you have written, it looks like a decent book in 52 weeky installments.

    Keep writing


  3. I think it's 44 installments, but some were quite long!

  4. My dear friend smallandsnappy. Thank you for your ongoing, supportive comments. Your positive interaction on the Mind Bloggling community is vital to the continuing momentum on our site.
    It is purely coincidence that all the cars in my blogs have been 'red'. Now where or where is my 'little red corvette'?

  5. Well hi there Klahanie and might I say what a tear jerker!!! Its almost like an after school special of seveth heaven. It fab not only the part where youd drive that far for your son and wait there.... but the fact that you found the strength to gain from the situation too. Go you!!!!

  6. Empathy is powerful.

    The end of your blog sums up everything from the beginning.



  7. Dear Klahanie,

    Sorry, but it has been ages since I left a comment or wrote a new blog, so I would just like to say how much I enjoy reading your blog.
    I particularly liked "Ambulance Irony" and "The Cynic Clinic". Sometimes I feel like I belong in one of those myself, when my own negative thoughts kick in. But as for you, your positivity and great sense of humour always win through.In this way, you are a great inspiration to us more negative types. Keep it coming!

    With Very Best Wishes,

  8. Klahanie: You were exercising some patience that I don't think I have. Wow Five hours in the cold!
    And if you do not mind, I'd lie to leave a message to David, the previous poster:

    David, you're in my thoughts wherever you are. Wishing you peace.



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