Saturday, 26 April 2014

Weekend Interlude. Life's What You Make It.

Life's what you make it.  Surround yourself with those who encourage rather than those that discourage.  The shared hopes, dreams and goals, a catalyst for contentment.  Never let somebody intent on bringing you down to their negative level instil self-doubts about your positivity.  Positivity breeds positivity.  Believe in yourself.  Seek out the yaysayers and distance yourself from the naysayers.

Please take some time out, relax and gently breathe.  Sense we are all in this together.  All different, all equal in a diverse world.  A world where we can learn from each other.  A world where when we stop learning, we stop living.

Comments are once again switched off.  Please, just sense this ambience of goodwill.
Time for some more weekend reflection.  My friend, life's what you make it.

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