Sunday, 31 October 2010

Please, Spare A Thought.

Hello, Penny the Jack Russell dog, here.  It's that time of year and I have asked Gary if he would kindly type out my thoughts.  From just before Halloween and climaxing with Guy Fawkes Night, also called Bonfire Night, my life is filled with dazzling lights and very loud bangs.  My friend, I tremble with fear.
When Gary goes out and leaves me alone, he knows that someone has been setting off fireworks outside the house.  He finds me huddled and shaking inside the closet.  His socks are wet from my nervous piddle.  Why are they doing this?  Why do they have to explode those scary things outside our home?  I'm so scared, so very scared and confused.
Gary has told me that there is no need for people to buy fireworks and cause such stress for us innocent creatures.  Gary has told me that people who buy fireworks are putting themselves and others, at risk.  He has told me that people can go and watch fireworks at controlled and safe public displays.  So why do they take the risk?  I don't understand any of this.  I think that the purchase of fireworks to the public should be banned.  Gary has told me that the Accident and Emergency units at the hospitals would agree.
So please, spare a thought.  Think about what a terrible and scary time this is for me and many other animals. Please do not go throwing fireworks down the street.  Please, if nothing else, think about saving some money and going to a public display.  I have been told by Gary that fireworks are expensive and you would get to see loads more at an organised and safe fireworks event.
Please have a safe and happy Halloween.  If you are celebrating Bonfire Night, please take heed of my impassioned plea.  I thank you.


  1. Hello there beautiful Penny!! It's after 10 pm here in Herts and some idiot is setting off fireworks somewhere and my next door's dog is just barking away! And it's a very agitated bark! Poor thing.

    I and my cat Charlie much prefer the public displays too!! It's grander and more spectacular than the piddly little things people buy from shops and set off willy nilly. All that is is a lot of unnecessary noise!!! I used to go the fabulous display at Alexandra Palace in North London - and that was 20 minutes of absolutely wonderful fireworks to oooooh and aaaaah to!

    The ones people buy in shops and explode in their gardens are just stupid compared to these organised displays!!!

    So I guess this is me and Charlie's very long way of saying "WE AGREE WITH YOU PENNY"!!! and plead for people to be more sensible and sensitive to others and the animals come the long week between Halloween and Bonfire night!!

    Take care

  2. I wholeheartedly concur with you Penny. Why do humans find it necessary to let off bloomong loud fireworks, especially for the last two weeks where I live!
    I think there is some sort of plug-in pheremone thing that can be bought?
    Try and have a restful week/fortnight.
    Follow me @ Hedgeland Tales
    (You know you want to!)

  3. Hi Penny. This is Bazza's cat Ginger making a public announcement:
    Ladies & Gentlemen of the blogosphere do please listen to Gary's message and think of your dog on Guy Fawkes Night - they are such wimps!
    Us cats on the other don't understand whats happening but we don't make an awful fuss.

  4. Poor, Penny, I know how much you suffer and quiver at the terrible noise. Hoping your neighbourhood will consider your needs this year. Keep safe, Carole.

  5. Oh Penny! My doxie hates the fireworks too! She would totally agree with you and make the same plea. We think that folks shouldn't set fireworks off in neighborhoods either - they just create a mess in the yards, and last year - they made our smoke detectors go off (if you can believe that! the smoke from OUTSIDE fireworks was so heavy that it wafted inside my house and made the smoke detectors go off...VERY annoying - and traumatizing for a poor little doxie!!).

  6. Penny, you're not alone. My puppies are scared of fireworks too. Just to make you and all little puppies feel better, I've mounted my M-16 to our balcony and the first sign of a crackle, and well, you guessed it. They'll be blown to smithereens! Yay!

  7. We're thinking of you, Penny. Only the older ones of us have heard of this "bonfire night", but we all know about Halloween. Our young humans are getting dressed up right now, and we will only have our senior servant to look after us. I hope we don't get too many frightening noises tonight.

    Take care...Gypsy, Susie, Willow, Fifi, Magic, Tigger, Tubbs.

  8. I've often wondered myself why humans find it necessary to explode things and make loud endless noises ...

    Stay safe, Penny. My three dogs will also be indoors wondering what the furor is all about.

  9. Dear Gary,
    Humans are such twats, eh. Especially some of the more Neanderthal variety that often congregate in Stoke-on-Trent.
    It is such a shame that pets like Penny have to go through this every year. You and she have all my sympathy.
    With Very Best Wishes,

  10. Happy Halloween Penny!
    I was really hoping that you were going to write about the special candybone that you picked up trick or treating, so I'm extremely disappointed, and a tad horrified to find out about the booming terror. It seems it's time for THE SNEE to do a huge expose on the explosive crimes against our animal friends. I can already see the headline now.......In the meantime dear Penny, go listen to some rock and roll. The booming and the drumming might drown each other out, and you'll be happy to be dancing to the tunes.

  11. (Sir Tom being deadly serious for a change!) They should ban private firework parties and only allow public, controlled ones. Pets and elderly people can be terrified and even 'wee' garden gnomes are at at risk.
    And while they are at it they should make booze cheaper....oh dear, I couldn't keep it up. I've let myself down again haven't I?

  12. Well said Gary.

    Last night I fielded calls from the public reporting gangs of youths firing fireworks at each other.

    It was like a warzone and we haven't even got to the designated night.

    Public displays are so much nicer than the things you can get for your home.........and free too.

  13. Dear Old Kitty,
    Hello there, to you. I live in England, also, and I get really scared of all those fireworks being set off outside my house. That is not fair on the poor dog who lives next door to you.
    You have highlighted brilliantly what I was trying to have Gary type for me in this posting. It just doesn't make any sense to spend all that money on fireworks when a public and safe display, is so much better.
    Thank you for agreeing with me. What people in other countries might not realise is us animals in Britain have to endure all these bright lights and scary bangs for about two weeks. I'm a quivering wreck by the end of it all.
    Thank you so much for your support.
    You take care, Old Kitty and Charlie:-)
    Warm wishes, Penny

  14. Hello John,
    Thank you for your kind words and for backing me up on this at a time of great worry for me.
    Gary has tried to distract me and has put on some soothing background music. It helps a little bit but I still get really frightened.
    I shall try and have a bit of rest during this awful two weeks of terror.
    Thanks John,
    Kind wishes, Penny

  15. Hi Ginger,
    Thanks for your public announcement. I know you mean well and I appreciate your concern for me. I do hope you find the time to come and visit me after this two weeks of bangs and booms, has finished. I just love cats to pieces:-)
    Bye Ginger.
    Hugs n'stuff, your way, Penny x

  16. Hi Carole,
    Thank you. Halloween was pretty quiet in my neighbourhood. I'm just hoping it stays that way.
    Kind wishes, Penny x

  17. Hello Michelle and doxie,
    I'm very sorry to find out that poor doxie experiences similar feelings to mine. It seems that things are just as bad for you, over there. Those people who set off the fireworks in the neighbourhood are very inconsiderate and do not realise, or maybe even care, about the inconvenience and the trauma, they cause. Stay safe, Michelle and doxie.
    Warm wishes, Penny:-)

  18. Hello Joylene,
    I'm sorry to find out that your puppies in British Columbia have had to endure the same plight as me.
    I hope your M-16 puts and end to the fireworks but doesn't scare the crap out of your puppies.
    My very best to you and your puppies.
    Friendly barks n'stuff, your way, Penny :-)

  19. Hello Gypsy, Susie, Willow, Fifi, Magic, Tigger and Tubbs,
    Thank you for your comment. The older ones of you would know that in Britain, us poor little animals, have to endure about a fortnight of sheer terror.
    I hope you had a peaceful Halloween and that the young humans enjoyed the night.
    Kind wishes, Penny:-)

  20. Hi Wendy,
    I don't understand any of it, either. I just wish, if they insist on all these explosive things, that they go far away and watch it at a controlled public display.
    I hope your three dogs were okay with all the furor.
    Take care and thanks. I shall try to stay safe. I know I will be comforted by the knowledge that I am loved.
    Kind wishes, Penny :-)

  21. It's a good thing Penny has a hedgehog to keep her safe. We don't customarily shoot fireworks for Halloween in my area, thank goodness. It is bad enough that my Pom, Caesar, loses his mind with the constant doorbell ringing.

    He hates me giving away treats. He thinks he may be missing something.

  22. Dear David,
    There are a lot of inconsiderate morons out there. Gary has told me it happens all over the place. He even told me, that one night, a few years ago, some idiot thought it was really clever to aim fireworks out of a moving car. Unbelievable!
    Thank you for caring, David. Hopefully, all the noise that scares me so, will soon end.
    Kind wishes, Penny :-)

  23. Hi Rebecca,
    Thank you and I hope you had a very nice Halloween.
    In Britain, 'trick or treating', is very limited. We only saw about five children come down our street. It's not really a tradition, here. Shame really. I would have loved to have gone and got a 'candybone'. Oh well.
    Yes I, and many animals, go through about two weeks of absolute fear, here. Right from just before Halloween until a few days after 'Bonfire Night', which is on November 5th.
    Would you, THE SNEE, please really think about doing such an article. Gary has informed me that you do a fantastic blog. Whatever a 'blog, is.
    I like a bit of Rock n' Roll. I listened to a bit of '3 Dog Night', something about a bullfrog named 'Jeremiah'. Weird! I shall now listen to some rock and do a doggie dance :-) Thanks.
    Peaceful wishes, Penny :-)

  24. Hello Sir Tom,
    Gary has told me that you leave him some very nice and clever comments. He has told me you should receive some sort of award. He is right.
    Thank you so much for understanding and agreeing with what I was trying to let people know. The sale of fireworks to the general public should be banned. Too many frightened animals and yes some folks. Private fireworks parties and idiots throwing them down the street, just isn't worth the risk. Enough, already!
    And speaking of cheaper booze. I'll have a word with my St. Bernard dog, friend. He has a barrel or rum round his neck that you can have for a greatly reduced price. I do hope you like rum. Or, are you not fussy?
    Thanks, Sir Tom.
    Kind wishes, Penny :-)

  25. Hello John,
    I'm very dismayed but not surprised by what you have noted. Another clear reason to get the bloody things banned to the general public.
    It seems the designated night is just the climax to all those other nights in the fireworks 'war zone'.
    Yes, I have been told that public displays are so much nicer and of course, safer. It makes perfect sense. Then again, sense doesn't seem to be part of the equation when it comes to the missile firing morons. Thanks John.
    Kind wishes, Penny and Gary.

  26. Hi lifeshighway,
    The hedgehog and 'Tails the fox', are a bit of comfort to me.
    I'm really glad to know that you don't get much in the way of fireworks in your neighbourhood.
    It seems Caesar has other things to occupy him. At least, I don't have to be constantly agitated by someone knocking on our door on Halloween. Trick or treaters are something we never get, here.
    Hmmm..I'm going to go ask Gary for a doggie treat.
    Thanks and kind wishes, Penny :-)

  27. Omg Penny you're breaking my heart :(
    That's very very sad. You know where I come from fireworks are banned from sale to the public. Perhaps you might consider moving to a safer place like upstate NY. Well maybe not SAFER but at least there aren't any fireworks...I hope those morons that have been tormenting you piss off soon! xoxo-Sam

  28. well said penny spoken like a true smart dog day perhaps commonsense will rain but I wouldnt bark on it (sorry I just had to put that it )

  29. Hi Sam,
    Mostly, it's pretty peaceful where I live. It's just those silly people who think it is okay to go chucking fireworks all over the place.
    I'm glad they banned them from where you came from. I wish they would do that here. Luckily, only a few morons have been letting off fireworks outside my home. However, I am worried cause the real celebration, 'Bonfire Night' is on November 5th. Paws crossed it will be a quiet night.
    Thanks Sam.
    Kind wishes, Penny.

  30. Hello kerrie,
    Thank you for that. I'm a lot smarter than the guy that does this blog. Then again, that doesn't take much. I hope he doesn't read this. Might take away my doggie treats :-)
    'Arf, arf' and not arf....
    Kind wishes, Penny :-)

  31. Hello Philwebservices,

    "keep on posting..."
    Gee whiz, I'd like to but my paws are getting very tired.
    You're not one of them self-promoting people Gary has been telling me about. Are you?
    'Arf, arf....'

  32. Aww, Penny, I'm sorry that you are worried about the fireworks. I know they can be scary. My Stripes was very scared of them too. Macy doesn't like them much either. We turn the television on rather loud for Macy on fireworks nights, even if we aren't going to be home. Maybe you can ask Gary to leave the Telly on for you...

    I'd rather go and watch a display than do my own...I'm rather scared of having an accident with them.

    I hope you have a nice BonFire night...

  33. You know Penny, if people were as smart as dogs, this world would be a much better place. We don't have that problem here at this time of year, but the 4th of July and New Years both are a terrifying time for Moppet. I wish you peace for the next few days.

  34. Hi Sharon,
    Yeah, the fireworks scare me an awful lot. And, over here, they can go on, night after night, for about two weeks.
    I watch a bit of television. It would be really good if the 'Crufts Dog Show'was on this time of year. I really like watching that. And, if I see horses on the TV, I jump up and lick the screen:-) He leaves on some music for me, but not too loud. Our neighbours live very nearby and we don't want to disturb them. They have a little baby.
    I think you are very wise to go and watch a display. Much safer and much cheaper.
    I do hope it will be a nice and quiet Bonfire Night. Gary is going to stay with me, that night. That will be of great help and comfort.
    Please say hi to Ginger and Macy, for me. Thanks.
    Kind wishes, Penny:-)

  35. Hi Sally,
    We, in the world of innocent creatures, have many lesson to teach humans. If only they would listen.
    I have been told about your 4th of July celebrations and the one in Canada on the 1st of July. Those must be quite frightening days for many animals.
    I hope Moppet will be okay on New Year's. Thanks for wishing me peace over the next few days. That is very nice of you.
    Kind wishes, Penny :-)

  36. Well, howdy doo there, Penny ol' gal. I wish I could give ya a pat on the head and tell you everything is alright and will be even better soon- but I can't. You see, we live in a world full of dullards, troublemakers and naughty folks. Sadly, even grown ups that should know better, will let off fireworks anywhere and anytime they feel like it. Of course, these ne'er-do-wells don't give a hoot who might be sleeping or who might be frightened at the time by such bangs and pops. If it were me and I had the authority, I'd stick 'em all in a big, smelly doghouse, board the door shut and poop in the little doghouse chimney. Think happy thoughts, Penny.

    Btw, Gary... Take care and have a great day.

  37. Hi Kelly,
    Gary has told me what a nice human you are and really care about us animals. It is very nice to meet you. 'Arf, arf'.
    There does seem to be a lot of naughty people, out there. I guess you are telling me that the little children learn stuff from adults who should know better. That is very sad. I wonder why some people think it is okay to be inconsiderate. These selfish humans make my life a misery with their fireworks.
    I like the idea of sticking them in a big smelly dog house and pooping through the little chimney. You are funny:-)
    I will pass on your message to Gary about him taking care and having a great day. Gary tells me you Americans like to say, 'have a nice day', lots and lots.
    Thanks Kelly. I hope you have a great day.
    Kind wishes and an 'arf, your way, Penny:-)

    Btw, Gary... Take care and have a great day.

  38. Hi Penny, Gary has been telling you all sorts of things now hasn't he. Don't you know you're the cutest thing! Oh hello btw I am Shanaz in case you're wondering. Please ask Gary to give you the doggy ear plugs I bought just for you and skip the socks. Tell Gary, you deserve better than having to cover your cute ears with ancient socks. :P

    Bye bye Penny! <3

  39. Hi Shanaz,
    Very nice to meet you. 'Arf, arf!'
    Gary has been telling me that you are a very nice lady and that you are very clever.
    I agree with him because you are so nice to call me "the cutest thing!"
    Thank you.
    Those doggy ear plugs work really well for two reasons. First, I cannot hear the fireworks and second, I don't have to listen to Gary sing or tell me how great he is. I do so worry about Gary:-)
    Also, doggy ear plugs are much nicer than Gary's old socks cause they really stink!!
    Bye bye Shanaz.
    Kind wishes, Penny <3


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