Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Your Siesta Championship Training.

Madrid, Spain (CNN) -- 'An unemployed security guard from Ecuador is Spain's top snoozer.  Pedro Soria Lopez, 62, was able to nap for 17 minutes and register a 70-decibel snore while sprawled out on a couch in the middle of a crowded shopping mall in what's been billed as the first-ever Spanish National Siesta Championship.  The grand siesta champ won the first cash prize of 1,000 euros (about $1,400) in credit to purchase goods at the shopping center in Madrid.
The competitors started off by lying down on blue sofas, some in pajamas. Each got to eat a lunch ahead of time, then had twenty minutes to get as much z's as they could squeeze in.'  This fiercely contested event took place from October 14th until October 23rd.
Security guard.  Unemployed.  Likes to snooze.  Hmmmm....are you also wondering why he might be unemployed?  Still, $1,400 U.S., or $1,426 Canadian, or 890 British pounds, is a pretty darn decent amount of money for 17 minutes work, I mean rest.  

I have informed Penny, the lovable dog and internet star, about the Spanish National Siesta Championship.  Penny is thrilled at the thought of competing in next year's event and has taken up a strict training regime.  I would, dare I say, consider her to have an excellent chance of winning.  Note as she prepares herself for a bit of serious training.  She even used a traditional type blanket that is actually from Cancun, Mexico, but what the hell, to create the perfect ambience.  Clever girl!
So maybe you have a pet that would be an ideal candidate to compete in next year's eagerly anticipated contest.  I would add that bringing any hibernating animal would be cheating.  Besides, you try explaining to the cabin crew why there is a 9 foot tall, 700 pound grizzly bear, passed out beside you in the already cramped economy section.
You may have now given serious consideration into participating in next year's Spanish National Siesta Championship.  You might have even thought about asking your pet, if you have one, if they would like to enter such a stimulating contest.  Actually, by reading this posting, you may have suddenly realised that getting this far down the blog, has been a really terrific way of preparing yourself for your siesta championship training.   Anyway, you decide.  I leave the rest to you.
Must go now.......I'm getting rather drowsy. 


  1. I would be good at this as long as I can have my special pillows and my sleeping mask. :)

    Macy would be good at it too. She can sleep almost all day. She goes out at 7 and then sleepps until 3 and then we take her for a walk and then she's back asleep by 9...She is one good sleeper!

  2. Hi Sharon,
    Well, I'm responding back before I go and practice a bit of my Siesta in training techniques.
    I'm sure the contest rules would allow you to bring along your special pillows. However, your sleeping mask may be against the rules. They need to make sure your eyes are shut:-)
    I think Macy and Penny could really show 'em what serious Siesta time is all about!
    Take care, Sharon.
    Okay Gary....go and practice your Siesta.

  3. Oh, Gary, how I love me some naps! One of my all time favorite past times: napping!! I take naps on my lunch break some days (which is not a super common practice here in the States) - and I can sleep HARD! I would SO love to enter the siesta championships - because momma needs a new pair of shoes! And my diva doxie could totally give any pooch a run for their money in the nap department. In addition to being a diva, she has a side gig as a professional napper! Fun post!! =)

  4. Hi Gary. I often have a 10 minute siesta in my office after lunch. I like to think of it as a power nap.
    The siesta should be introduced all over the world because it's a great idea. Thanks for another entertaining post!

  5. A siesta championship...now that sounds like a competition I could do wellzzz..zz.....

  6. I have a pet sloth, which I think would stand a pretty good chance. Almost as good a chance as me :)
    The enigmatic, masked blogger

  7. Oh, sign me up!! Sleeping is by far my greatest talent. Don't believe me? Well last year I was at the salon getting my eyebrows waxed, and I was so tired I fell asleep. I didn't even wake up when she ripped off the strips...it was so funny, the girl doing it went green because she thought I must have had a heart attack and died!! (true story, btw)

  8. Actually Gazza, I am already a highly skilled siesta-type-person. There's probably a word for it in Spanish.
    I like the idea that my afternoon nap could earn me a cash prize - bring it on!
    Bottoms up!

  9. Good Sir Tom again....26 October 2010 at 12:08

    Sorry that I called you Gazza just now. I had just been to Bazza's place and it just seemed right - now I'm off to see Kezza!
    Stand by yur beds, men!!

  10. How do they know those people are genuinely asleep and not just pretending? Are they wired up to something - other than a decibel counter obviously?

    When I saw my Canadian friend last year she asked whether I'd pronouce mall as in 'pal' or mall as 'knoll'. I said neither because I'd say shopping centre. More useless info to send you to sleep. zzz

  11. It takes me 20 min to an hour each night to go to sleep so I would not do well. Let me know if there is ever a can't wake up contest on the other hand and I'll be on the first plane to Madrid.

  12. I can beat that, according to the wife. Not only can I let out a snooze of over 224 decibels, but I can carry a tune with my anus throughout the night. It, my anus, sings something like this:

    "Riipipipp...sputter sput... frrrt... sputter... splat...." And more. But I'm too modest talking about my accomplishments, ya know.

    Everyone dance!

    Furthermore, I think this post says a lot about the kind of contests and festivals they enjoy having in Spain. They really know how to have a rousing good time.

    Heh heh. Take care, Gary.

  13. napping how does one train for such a fine and demanding sport - by working for the council if the work doesnt put you to sleep the meetings will. I have lost count of how many workshops/meeting I have snored / dribbled thru - and you know the worst of it no one notices it and do you know what is even worst than that I am the one supposed to be taking down the minutes...and no one notices put faith in our local goverment

  14. Hello Michelle,
    Wow! You sound like the perfect contestant in this most gruelling of events.
    Well done for what now seems like dedicated training for next year's much anticipated Championship. I've got a hunch that you could be purchasing a serious amount of shoes.
    Okay then, maybe we should get all our dawgs together in some gigantic stadium and a have a major doggie 'sleepathon'. Just wondering if doxie's side gig as a professional napper, pays good money. The following sleeping dog is brought to you by...

  15. Hi bazza,
    There evidently is some very good benefits to a 'power nap'. Or, 'checking your eyelids for cracks'. You doze off, you wake up, you feel like shit:-)
    Actually, the Siesta Championships was trying to make a serious point. Apparently the tradition of having a Siesta in Spain, is not as prevalent as it used to be in the now faster-faced world that we live in. Here's to dozing off...
    Thanks bazza.

  16. Hi Ian aka Botanist,
    I know you are probably asleep. So I will type this very quietly.
    I think you would be an excellent candidate to represent the British Columbia team in this tiring competition.
    I will now very gently click on 'publish your comment'.....

  17. Hello Masked Friend,
    Ah, so you have a pet sloth. This would be the three-toed variety that likes to sleep in trees? I suppose the organisers of this thrilling event could place a tree in Madrid city centre.
    Maybe you might consider entering next year's event. You seem like another very worthy contestant:-)

  18. Hi Tracey,
    Is there no end to your talents? That's an incredible story about your waxing session in the salon.
    So, get your flight booked for next year's event. Based on your story, nobody else would stand a chance. Then again, I suppose they wouldn't be standing.
    With all your winnings, you could go back to that salon and have loads more stuff waxed....

  19. Hello Sir Tom,
    Actually Sir Tozza, I had little doubt that you would be highly proficient in the fine art of dosing off.
    Although, a gentleman of your means, would not doubt donate your winnings, assuming you won, to a worthy charity.
    Thanks and sweet dreams, old boy.

  20. Hello Good Sir Tom again,
    No need to apologise. An easy mistake to make. I mean, you have so much respect and admiration for the illustrious bazza and his highly intellectual blog....well, you just can't stop thinking about him.
    bazza, will be thrilled beyond belief.....

  21. Hi joanne,
    I'm not sure on just how it is monitored. You would reckon the enthusiastic contestants would be closely monitored. Not much help, but here are some further rules to this exciting event.
    'The intricate rules award points to contestants depending on how long they sleep during the 20-minute competition time, any unusual positions they sleep in, eye-catching pajamas they might be wearing, and yes, a lot of extra points for snoring.'
    I pronounce it 'mall' as in 'knoll'. And shopping centre would be typed shopping 'center' in the USA. And um 'kerb' is spelt 'curb' in North America and uh....
    Thanks for your info. I'd better publish this before I fall asleep

  22. Hi Chris,
    I hear you on that one. I struggle to get to sleep and thus put up silly blogs like this at ridiculous hours, like 3:00 A.M.
    And like you, waking up can be quite the trial.
    Perhaps we should create a 'Can't Wake Up' competition, like you suggest. First prize might be a hammer and an alarm clock:-)

  23. Hi Kelly,
    Very impressive. Not only can your snore at decibel level that would put a Jumbo jet to shame, and no I don't mean that planes snore; you my talented friend, can give a vivid description of your exquisite farting techniques. Ole, I say, ole. For that is what they say when the bull comes out.
    And speaking of bull, if the Spanish aren't being chased by them, they are too busy dosing off. I know just how much you thrill at all the festivals in Spain.
    Kind wishes and a curry inspired fart, you way, Gary :-)

  24. Hi kerrie,
    So working for the council is a perfect cure for insomnia. If the 'work' doesn't send you off to a dozy dreamland, then the absorbing and stimulation meetings, surely will.
    I find those presentation boards, with their exciting graphs, helps me to nod, as in nod off and not nod, as in some kind of approval of the presenter's articulate and deeply fascinating verbal skills.
    I'm a tiny bit worried that nobody notices you are asleep. I'm assuming you make up something for the recording of the minutes. Then again, nobody would probably even pay attention to your blank page:-)
    Local government, rest assured.
    Thanks kerrie and happy dribbling.
    In kindness, Gary.

  25. Dear Gary,
    I enjoy "napping" too. Only thing is, my naps tend to last about two hours, so I think I would probably lose this particular competition.
    Speaking of zzzzz's though, Gare, I do hope you are getting a better night's sleep these days, as I do remember a time when we commented to each other at around 3 in the morning. Ah, such fond memories!
    Yours with all the Best,

  26. Hi Gary, LOL! Real life is stranger than fiction! Really silly activity, though definitely more appealing to me than seeing how many Cincinnati chili dogs I could eat in one minute(yes, Kelly you read that right). I'm giggling Gary and that's quite an accomplishment because today is the "final" move day out of dear Vermont, but sadly, not the final move. You are indeed Sneeworthy! A siesta contest hmm? My window seat beckons. Happy Week and hope you get plenty of shut eye!

  27. Omg can I enter this contest? I would totally win. Well maybe Penny would win. Probably Penny.

  28. I told my DH about the contest and he thinks I have an excellent chance of winning. He says I need no formal training, just a few hours past my bedtime and I'm good to go.


    Thanks for the bizarre thoughts that are now occupying my head. LOL.

  29. That's crazy! I would be terrible at that, seriously.

  30. Dear David,
    Well, actually, you sound like an excellent competitor for this intense competition. I mean, after 20 minutes of a deep sleep Siesta, an official could chuck ice cold water on you and declare you the winner, senor.
    I wish I was getting a better night's sleep. Yet, I have this compulsion to leave comments on blogs that are being published from all over the world. I've forgotten what time zone I'm in.
    I do remember how we were sending messages back and forth, via our comments, at about 3:00 A.M. Memories, for sure. David, David? Are you there?
    All the best, David.
    Kind wishes, Gary

  31. Hello Rebecca aka THE SNEE,
    How about you take over a whole bunch of Cincinnati chili dogs (I hope that's not a real dog lol) on the plane to Spain and eat them before the start of the contest.
    Then perhaps a certain air would make you drift off in to a deep Siesta sleep. You wake up confused and find you have won the Siesta Championship! Ole! Kelly has competition.
    You know it means an awful lot to realise that this made you giggle.
    I wish you the very best in your "final" move day from the beautiful 'Green Mountain' state of Vermont.
    Pleasant journey, my friend. Here's wishing you a peaceful and positive week.
    In kindness and respect to a great blogger and a very nice lady.
    In peace, Gary :-)

  32. Hi Sam,
    Hope you are awake enough to read this comment:-)
    You might win, but I think Michelle would be tough competition. I mean, momma wants new shoes! However, Penny would probably kick both your butts in any Siesta Championship lol
    Have a good day, evening, morning, afternoon.
    Kind wishes, Gary :-)

  33. Hi Joylene,
    "DH" ? DH Lawrence? Designated Hitter? Dirty Harry? Demon Hunter? Department of Health? Oh...I think you meant 'Dear Husband'....
    Well, you now join the ever growing list of excellent competitors in this absorbing contest. And, no formal training. Wow! I'm impressed!
    Bizarre thoughts in your head? Is that something new? I'm kidding, I think....
    Have a good snooze lol
    In kindness, Gary :-)

  34. Hi Melissa,
    Can I not convince you that you have the potential to become a Spanish folk hero?
    20 minutes of sleep at the much coveted Spanish National Siesta Championship, might pocket you with the grand prize and the esteem that goes with it, of 1000 euros, or, if you like, 1,426 Canadian dollars.
    Just think how many visits you could make to Tim Hortons lol
    Happy writing and all the very best.

  35. oh my gosh Gary! I have been back tracking your award all over the place. It seems to have taken off like gang busters.

  36. I think I would be quite good at this, as all I seem to be able to achieve just lately are `naps`. I go to bed, out like a light, only to wake up half an hour later. This continues all night!
    God I`m tired!!
    Follow me @ Hedgeland Tales
    (You know you want to!)

  37. Gary I have a feeling you're right-about Penny-though Michelle certainly is deteremined...LOL

    You have a good (fill in the blannk) too my friend! :)

  38. Ha! You are talking to someone who can nap for twenty minutes without trying. I regularly siesta every day, and my record is probably 2 hours although the average is more like an hour and a half. It restoreth the afternoon!

  39. Hi lifeshighway,
    It's really quite amazing how quickly the award has spread all over the blogging community.
    I am most grateful to you for suggesting it:-)

  40. Hi John,
    You have my utmost sympathy. I guess, if there is any consolation; you could think about entering the Siesta Championships. Just the thought of it might help you get a better sleep.
    I'm awake at silly hours and have to be out of the house before 6:00 A.M. So, I do relate and hope you get some proper rest, very soon.
    I've linked into your wonderful nature blog. You may have noticed my mug shot on your site:-)

  41. Hi Sam,
    Thanks for the bonus comment and extra 'hit' on my site. Man, am I pathetic lol
    Penny wants loads of doggie treats. Michelle wants new shoes. It could be a hard fought contest to see which one of them is declared the winner of next year's fascinating and thought provoking event...
    Well Sam, I'm having a very good morning and have to go to bed and get up in 4 hours. Fantastic!
    Have a good day over there, eh :-)

  42. Greetings Count Sneaky,
    Wow! You don't even need the practice for such an exciting competition as the Siesta Championships. A natural talent.
    There's nothing like a 'power nap' to get one rejuvenated. I have a 'power nap' and then cannot get back to sleep. Which reminds me. I should go to bed. See how dedicated I am in responding to the kind folks who leave comments.
    Cheers, Gary :-)

  43. hi mr gary! wow that was a really interestizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. whoops sorry i fell asleep. ha ha. you made me laugh with this. i love that picture of penny. i dont think she cares about that contest so much. :)
    ...laughs and hugs from lenny

  44. That sounds like a job for me - my CV suits it perfectly!

    welcome to Real Bloggers United by the way - looking forward to hopefully reading your work on our little site soon, i work on the editing team so I get first looks :-)

  45. Hi Lenny,
    I'm glad you liked this posting, Lenny. Oh, and Penny is happy to sleep just about anywhere. Still, I did mention there could be loads of doggie treats, if she won :-)
    Hope you have a really neat weekend and I think something is happening on Sunday. Oh yeah, 'Happy Halloween'!
    Big smiles and hugs, Gary :-)

  46. Hi Glen,
    Aha, another excellent contender for next year's all important event. 'CV', something tells me you might be in the UK. Anyway, I shall now resume.
    Thanks for the welcome, Glen. Now, if only I could figure out how to actually post on the site.
    I'm not sure what you will make of my stuff. I get confused reading it myself.
    Thanks for dropping by my humble and shy blog. Have a real nice weekend.
    With respect, Gary

  47. A Siesta in public!

    Kinda contradictory isn't it?

    I love a siesta.....in private, in peace..........that's a true siesta.

    Will be having one soon too.

  48. Hi John,
    I suppose it could seem to be contradictory. Of course, within the context of the contest, it was very much a public exhibition. The Siesta Championship was also a way of highlighting that this tradition within Spain has not been upheld so much, these days. They are trying to point out the benefits of a Siesta or a 'power nap'.
    I hope you had a nice siesta. I'm getting tired just thinking about one.
    All the best, Gary

  49. What's the purpose of this competition again Gary? Hahaha. Can I Pretend to Sleep ? Is that cheating?

    I'm not sure if I can sleep in a room buzzing with activities, and people making sure that I am actually asleep.

    Pay to sleep is a really good job opportunity. I wish they have this here in Malaysia! Hehe.

  50. Hi Shanaz,
    Evidently the purpose of this competition was to bring awareness to the fact that in Spain they are not upholding the fine tradition of the Siesta in today's fast-paced world. The message was to highlight the importance of a rejuvenating nap.
    I don't think you can pretend. Still, it might be worth a try. Think of the money.
    The Siesta contest would take a great deal of concentration. I too would struggle to sleep with so much distraction.
    Anyway, why don't you give it some thought and perhaps you could approach the right people in Malaysia and have the Malaysian Siesta Championships. Just keep thinking about the prize and the esteem that goes with winning such a contest. May I suggest you go and practice:-) zzzzzzzzzz
    Thanks Shanaz.
    In peace and restful wishes, your way, Gary :-)


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