Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Looking For That Spring In My Step.

I'm still struggling with a relentless fatigue.  At least I'm trying to do something about it.  The effort is daunting.  The visualisation of  better times ahead, creates the catalyst.  The catalyst to have the determination to get out from under the duvet cover.  The duvet or doorway dilemma continues.  The doorway to the outside, to the possibilities of an energised spirit, embracing the great outdoors. The "klahanie", shall make me rise above the clouds of confusion.

I'm eating better, taking supplements, trying to get more exercise.  Although my blood tests have still not given a conclusive result, just maintaining a healthier lifestyle has got to pay dividends.  I admit that I've not been taking care of myself.  There's nobody to kick me up the butt.  Which means a virtual kick in the butt, from you, my kind friend, will most certainly inspire.

The past eight months have been months of great upheaval on so many levels.  Maybe, just maybe, part of my exhaustion is psychological.  I'm no longer in the role of single dad.  I feel useless and miss the times when my beloved son relied on me.  I suppose I'm experiencing "empty nest syndrome."  When the pain of such loneliness is at its most profound, I sit here as the sound of silence screams at me.  May the screams become a gentle whisper.

In my attempt to work through the exhaustion, I decided the purchase of a new camera might get me out there again.  I share with you a few photos of locations within ten minutes of where I live.  It's a start and may I photograph further afield.

It started with a ten second stroll down the hallway in the building I know live in.  The above view is of Leek, Staffordshire, England from a hallway window.  I shared the above photo on the Leek, Staffordshire Facebook page.  I'm amazed at the positive reaction I got on that Facebook page.

Across the road from where I live is Brough Park.  Just beyond the edges of the park is this pathway. A pathway, just ten minutes from home.  
There before me, just to the west, a vision of green, pleasant tranquillity.  

A farmhouse off in the distance.

More views to soothe my soul.
The sun began to set.

Time to turn back around.  Time to feel good about going out for an hour.  A significant event for this reluctant recluse

I realise you may be involved in the A to Z Challenge.  Thus, bearing this in mind, I have switched off comments.  I just want you to have a few moments to absorb the wonders I have begun to see through the photographs I share.
Back in my new place.  I gazed out the bedroom window and noted the moon.  The gentle breeze swayed through the trees.   Off in the distance an owl hooted its haunting song.  The creek roared below.  I'm getting there as the senses return.....

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

After The Blood Test.

Yes indeed, I'm attempting to make some sort of triumphant return to the wonderful world of blogging.

I've been struggling with constant fatigue.  Fatigue that lingers around like a bad smell.  I've been like this since before Christmas. I knew I needed medical consultation. 

Through the wonders of our universal health service, I got my situation coordinated, hopefully for the betterment of my well being.  Saw the doctor two Thursdays ago who arranged for me to have three blood tests with the nurse on the Friday.  Blood test results were ready last Wednesday.  I saw the doctor on Friday to go over my blood test results.

One blog test, sorry, blood test was to check out my liver and kidneys.  All was fine with that test.  Another test was for my thyroid.  All was fine with that test.  The third blood test was for my blood sugar levels which were a bit too high.  

This means I now have to go on a low-fat, low-sugar diet and see how that goes.  In the meantime, I shall be discussing my lifestyle on April 2 with a "Practice" nurse.  This has me a little worried because I'd rather see a real nurse.  It reminds of the time I was working for a mental health charity.  I was introduced to this one lady.  I asked her, "What's your job?"  She replied, "I'm a complimentary therapist."  To which I responded, "Okay then, pay me a compliment!" 

I'm having a heck of time with this fatigue.  Yet, getting something done about it makes me feel that little less exhausted.  I'm grateful for the emails and the private messages on "Farcebook" checking up on how I'm doing.   It's most heartening and I'm truly grateful.

During my absence, I still find I've got blogs on the brain.  Did I mention I went for a blog test?  The test determined I was going to have to reapply for my blog license.  This means I'm back to "Learner" blogger status and will be monitored by the watchful eyes of Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet superstar! 

Somebody asked me for directions the other day.  I forgot I wasn't in North America and gave the English dude directions in North American.  "Could you please tell me how to get to Stoke on Trent?" he inquired.  "Sure thing", I said.  "Go four blogs down and make a right turn.  Proceed another three blogs and make a sharp left.  Then again. considering that Stoke is about eleven miles west of here, you might be better off to Blog Hop onto a bus."   Did I mention I still have blogs on the brain?