Wednesday, 6 October 2010

I Humbly Accept This Award.

I humbly accept the prestigious and much coveted, 'One Lovely Blog Award'.  This award has been bestowed upon me by a very clever and witty blogger who lives in that fine Canadian city of Winnipeg.  So Tracey, I wish to thank you very much for having such excellent taste in selecting my awesome blog.   So much for me being humble.
You can visit Tracey's blog  here : Flieder Floxx   I know you will be thoroughly entertained by this delightful lady's postings.
Now, as tradition states, I forward on this much sought after and much loved award to some worthy recipients.  'Can I have a drum roll please?'   'Here's a drum roll for you, klahanie.'  'I thank you'.......'drum roll'........and the superb bloggers that I have bestowed the 'One Lovely Blog Award', upon, are....'get on with it man!'
Okay,  the following blogs touch my world.   Here they are in no particular order.  If you click on the highlighted names you will be taken to their lovely blogs.

Soundoff  This is a blog written by a very dear friend of mine, Heather, who I would like to promote.   This is a blog of inspiration and determination.   It is about embracing a positive environment and showing resilience in the face of adversity.
Random Thoughts   This is a beautifully written and very thoughtful blog.  I have had the great privilege of interacting with the fine lady who writes this blog.  Her name is Sharon and I am grateful for all her support and encouragement.  If you have not checked out her site before; it is well worth your while.  I consider it a must read.
joanne rose   This blog is a beautiful pictorial and poetic delight.  Inspiring and thoughtful, I would highly recommend this wondrous site.  I thank her for sharing such incredible talent.
A Day In The Life   My good friend, David, at this highly articulate and thought provoking blog, writes about the ongoing challenges that need to be addressed in the pursuit of reducing the unfair stigma that still surrounds mental health issues.  I hope you will check out my good friend's blog.
Views From the Bald Patch   Now this one had got me fascinated.  It's the ongoing adventures of a British family that have started a new life in my other home, British Columbia.  You really must see the photos of his 'Pirate Ship'.

There were plenty of tremendous bloggers to choose from.  I just want you to know, whether you were on this list, or not, that your interaction within this fantastic blogging community is very much cherished.  And to the recipients of this award, well done and do as you wish with the prize.

Thanks again, Tracey.  I am truly honoured that you would consider me for the 'One Lovely Blog Award'.


  1. Aww shucks. Thanks for saying such nice things about me Gary - your $50 is in the mail! :)

  2. Well deserved, Gary. Your blog is wonderful and moving and so are you.

  3. Thanks Gary. Or should that be "Ahaarrr Matey"?

    I think you are a well-deserving recipient, and I'm dead chuffed that you in turn would think of me.

  4. Dear Gary,
    Great news that you have received the lovely blog award...again! You thoroughly deserve it, my unhinged friend.
    And thank you so much for mentioning me in your list of recommended blogs- God knows, I need the promotion!
    Thanks and congrats once again,
    Yours with Very Best Wishes,

  5. What a very lovely award, and well earned. Hugs... x

  6. Well done Gary! You will soon need to move to a bigger home because your trophy cupboard nust be overflowing.

  7. Congratulations Gary, The Lovely Blogger Award completely suits you. Your open and wonderful way with the pen...or in this case, the keyboard is truly remarkable. I love your topsy turvy but yet amazingly rational take on our world. Yay Gary!

  8. What? Did that say the "One Lovely Man Award"? Somebody must be drinkin' on the job out there. Heh heh. Just kiddin'.

    UNseriously, though, I've never heard of the 'get on with it man!' blog.

    Anydarnways... You richly deserve this award, of course, Gary. You have a great blog, chcok full of great humor and writing. a blog with real substance to it because it either entertains, informs or makes a connection with everyone in a myriad of ways.

    I shall checking out David's blog first, just because that topic is of interest to me at the moment and then visit everyone else's, as well. If you recommend them, then I'll make my ROUNDS to all the nominees.

    But not my squares.

    OK. That's a wrap! Take care.

  9. Congratulations on the award, Gare! Now please wipe that smug look off your face. Hehe. Just kidding!

    Peace and joy your way,

  10. Well done that man! I was thinking, Gary. Do you think I might ever win an award for commenting? It could be The Most Outrageous Inebriated Commenter Award or some such.
    Perhaps I'll gather them all together and publish abook.
    Oh dear; it's all about me again, isn't it?

  11. Hi Tracey,
    Hey, no problem eh. I thought we had a deal, $50 and a couple of 'loonies':-)
    Happy writing, Tracey and thanks again for bestowing this thoroughly deserved award upon me. I state ever so modestly.
    Kind wishes, Gary

  12. Hi Joylene,
    Awe, thanks eh. Two Canadian comments in a row. That sure is good eh:-)
    I really appreciate your flattering comment. You are very much an inspiration to me and I thank you for that.
    With respect and good wishes, Gary.

  13. Greetings 'Botanist',
    Youoooh aaar welcome:-)
    Thanks for thinking me a well-deserving recipient of this truly wondrous award. You were a worthy candidate and your ongoing adventures in British Columbia is a fascinating read. Keep enjoying the adventure.
    'Dead chuffed' there's a Brit expression for you.
    Have a good day, Gary.

  14. Dear David,
    Yes indeed, I have received this blogging award, yet again. I suppose it goes to show you in the words of Sally Field, during an Academy award acceptance speech, 'you like really like me'.
    And thanks for thinking it is thoroughly deserved award bestowed on me. I always knew you were intelligent. You do a very articulate blog that raises some important issues. Thus, my friend, you have been bestowed another award. I do hope more folks check out your blog.
    All the very best to you, Gary.

  15. Dear Carole,
    Thank you for your kind words. I really appreciate our ongoing interaction. May your writing continue to be a great source of joy.
    In kindness, Gary x

  16. Hello 'Masked Friend',
    I appreciate your congratulations. Also, many congratulation on you receiving the same highly prestigious award:-)
    In kindness and respect, Gary.

  17. Hi bazza,
    That's very nice of you say and of course, it's true.
    In fact, my trophy cabinet of awards is bulging. Now, that sounded dangerously close to an innuendo.
    Thanks bazza and have a great day.
    With respect, Gary.

  18. Hi Rebecca aka THE SNEE,
    I'm glad to know that you think the 'One Lovely Blog Award', suits me. I really appreciate that.
    I tried using a pen, but I made an ink of myself. So, yep, it is best I continue to use the keyboard or is that keybored..hmmm:-)
    You know that your blog is brilliantly witty with very clever pictorials. It has been great reading over your somewhat zany but quite close to the truth, musings.
    Thanks for the 'Yay', Rebecca.
    Here's a 'Yay', your way.
    With respect and kind wishes, Gary:-)

  19. Hi Kelly,
    Yes indeedy do, it might as well have read the, 'One Lovely Man Award'. I mean, how lovely am I? Don't answer that:-) Anyway dude, I will have you know that this wonderful award was given to me by a fine intelligent Canadian lady. Canada, that's the country above y'all. Sorry, couldn't resist:-)
    Seriously, my friend, thank you for your kind sentiments. I do endeavour to do a wide variety of blogs. My goal is to make that connection that I hope whoever is reading, can somehow relate too, or at least go, 'WTF'.
    I hope you manage to check out the blogs I have listed and please check out the blog of that very nice lady that bestowed this award upon me. She is well worth a read.
    Your blog has been a fantastic discovery, Kelly. I've got loads of respect for you.
    Kind wishes and feather-lined strap, your way, (yikes, wrong blog) Gary :-)

  20. Hey Shanaz,
    I am writing this whilst listening to some dude named 'Tinie Tempah'. I think my 'mid-life crisis' is progressing nicely:-)
    Whoops, sorry, where was I? Where am I? Oh yeah....thanks for the congratulations, Shanaz. I'm going to visit your lovely blog in the next little while. You have been warned.
    'Smug look..' Me? Nah, just the look of a dude who is coming to terms with his own awesomeness! I'm kidding. Unless, you are looking at the profile picture above your comment. I mean, 'Kelly', he is a great guy.
    Peace, joy and some more apple crumble, your way, Gary :-)

  21. Ah, Sir Tom Eagerly,
    "I was thinking, Gary." Well, that's really good to hear, Sir Tom. Well done, you.
    Okay, my illustrious friend, of course you should win an award for commenting. Your comments are deeply moving and when I say 'moving', that is in no way a reference to 'verbal diarrhoea'. No, by all means, gather up all your highly inspirational and motivational comments and get them published, or even 'pawblished' in 'abook'. Or even 'a book'.
    Please don't worry about it being all about you. It is good to verbalise our thoughts and feelings. I am here to support and encourage you, my friend.
    With respect and kindness, Gary.

  22. Hi Sam,
    Thank you, my friend. Please know that I really like your blog and very much relate to it.
    Have a wonderful day.
    With respect, Gary :-)

  23. Well thank you Gary-I feel the same way about your blog-and I honestly really admire the courage you have to be able to be so open and honest-I think you've got A LOT of guts and I aspire to that.

  24. Hey Sam,
    Thank you for such a kind comment. I look forward, with positive anticipation, further interaction from your good self.
    You have my utmost support and admiration. Remember, you are awesome and don't you forget it :-)
    In peace, Gary.

  25. goat testicles-

    Eh, I just had to get that out there. pardon me.

  26. Okay Kelly.
    I heard a rumour that goat testicles goes well with monkey bollocks:-)

  27. Congratulations on the award Gary! You are an awesome blogger...Thank you so much for the kind introduction and (This is me blushing....) passing the award along to me. It was very thoughtful of you.

    Have a wonderful weekend! I'm taking my daughter to the waaayyyy of Broadway version of Legally Blonde on Sunday. :)

  28. Hi Sharon,
    Thank you for the congratulations. Apparently, I was a most logical and immensely deserving recipient of one of blogging world's most highly cherished awards:-)
    Anyhow, Sharon, you were a most notable winner of this awesome award. One day, I hope that my lil' ol' blog will be raised to the lofty heights of blogging stardom that yours has so rightfully reached.
    Now I'm blushing lol. Hope you and your daughter have a good time watching the way off Broadway production of 'Legally Blonde'.
    My brother, Andrew Templeton, is a well known playwright in Vancouver. There you go Andrew, you owe me one:-)
    Thanks again, Sharon.
    With respect and kindness, Gary.

  29. Gary,

    i apologize for being so late to the gathering, but though a bit tardy I thank you so much for including me.

    The feeling is mutual.

    Your blog is the apotheosis of transparency and honesty and I thank you for that gift.

    big hug

  30. Dear joanne,
    Your response is warmly welcomed. You do pure and beautiful blog. I wanted others to experience the sheer brilliance and magic that your blog, so profoundly states, via words and visual delight.
    I thank you for your kind words. I am most grateful.
    Please have a peaceful and positive weekend.
    With respect and kindness, Gary.

  31. Now I'm blushing....

    So your brother is a it is in your genes... :) (smile)

  32. Hi Sharon,
    Awe shucks....I've got a big silly grin on my change, there then:-)
    Yep, my younger brother, Andrew, is a well known playwright in Vancouver.
    He's way more 'Googlable' than me lol
    Thanks for the compliment. You know I taught him how to write. I'm kidding. Hope you are having a wonderful weekend.


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