Wednesday, 1 September 2010

'Wee' Expectations.

Fidelina, the beautiful fairy princess and Geoffrey, the garden gnome, most certainly put their honeymoon time in 'Gnome', Alaska, to some rather meaningful use.  Once again, I have been granted exclusive permission to take photographs of the happy couple.  Sorry about that, 'Better Gnomes and Gardens'.

The 'wee folks' live in a world where diversity is cause for celebration.  Playful pixies, gleeful gnomes, fabulous fairies and enchanting elves, live together in peaceful harmony.  We, mankind, torn by strife, plagued by apathy, can learn from the lessons they try to teach.
Soon, Fidelina and Geoffrey, magical and inspirational examples of true love, will share their joy of a wee baby, with their world and our world.


  1. hi mr gary! hooooray! a baby! i cant wait!
    ...big smiles from lenny

  2. What magical news Gary, I reckon it could be twins! I do wish the wee folks all the luck in the world with their forthcoming 'baby wee folk'

    A beatutiful post Gary
    Best wishes

  3. omg a baby's on the way? Send my congratulations to both lucky parent-to-bes, will you Gary. I can't wait to for the magical wee child to be born! =)

    Lovely post, Gary. Sending you positive energy and a wee baby cradle for the happy couple.

  4. What? A magical wee child. I do hope it's not going to be able to revolve it's head through 180 degrees. Please don't let them call it Damian!

  5. They say opposites attract. Certainly looks the case here. LOL. Hope the happy couple produce a wee one who resembles mama and not papa.

  6. Deep within you Gary beats a heart of pure marshmellow. I hope they have better taste in choosing a name than Geoffrey's parents!

  7. Hi Gary,
    Thank goodness for the wee world and all of its positive energy. The wii world with which my son is enthralled isn't half the fun! Very enjoyable post to read and great photo-ops. Fidelina is really glowing! Does she have any cravings?

  8. Hi Lenny,
    This is such thrilling news. I can hardly wait to see the 'wee one'.
    Big smiles, your way, Gary:-)

  9. Hi Diane,
    Ah, 'wee twins', now that would be something. I shall pass on your kind wishes to the happy couple:-)
    Thank you for your nice words, Diane.
    Magical wishes, Gary.

  10. Hi Shanaz,
    I shall most certainly pass on your congratulatory wishes to the 'wee' parents-to-be. I know how much they will appreciate your lovely words.
    Thanks for the positive energy and I shall duly pass on the wee baby cradle to the happy couple.
    Positive, magical wishes, your way, Gary :-)

  11. Ah, Sir Tom Eagerly,
    Omen, can you come up with just the wittiest comments. I'm in total admiration how you can mix in two different stories into one fascinating reply.
    Whatever possessed you?

  12. Hi Joylene,
    Awe, poor Geoffrey. Still, I guess, when it comes to looks, Fidelina is somewhat more attractive than poor old Geoffrey. True love knows no barriers.
    Magical wishes, Gary :-)

  13. Hi bazza,
    Yep that's me, the man with the marshmallow heart.
    Me thinks that perhaps Geoffrey's parents were into alliteration.
    Cheers and a rice crispie square, your way, Gary.

  14. Hi THE SNEE,
    The 'wee world' has so much positive energy and I hope the folks from our world will understand what the 'wee folks' truly represent. Indeed, they are an enchanting and profound analogy.
    I do believe that Fidelina has been goblin down plenty of food. Apparently, she has a very strong craving for fairy cakes washed down with a can of 'Sprite'.

  15. "diversity is cause for celebration"

    what happy news that more celebration is to come for the true love couple :)

  16. Dear Gary,
    Ah, the wee folks. Their world of love and equality is truly worth celebrating. And now, a child is born unto them. Let us hope that it is either a boy or a girl, and not an apostate of hell, as Sir Tom Eagerly points out!
    Yours with Very Best Wishes,

  17. Hi joanne,
    Indeed, in the 'wee folks' world, diversity is embraced rather than feared.
    It is such happy news that the loving couple will be able to share their joy with us upon the arrival of the wee one.
    Thank you for your kind words.
    With respect, Gary :-)

  18. Dear David,
    This is very much a wondrous time ahead and very much a reason for all our hearts to sing with great gladness.
    We can but hope that the child is not a messenger from that fiery place of torment.
    Thanks, David.
    Kind wishes and a sinister laugh, your way, Gary:-)

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