Monday, 27 September 2010

Blog 200.

This posting marks a personal milestone for me.  This is blog number 200.  This blog of hope was born on February 21, 2007, and from the outset, my aim was to demonstrate that my mental health concerns are only a small part of who I am.  It has always been, and always will be, about reducing the unfair stigma and labelling that those with mental health issues have endured.  My personal observations have been that public perception and awareness has vastly improved through positive interaction.
Originally, I had planned to do a quirky blog to celebrate this anniversary.  That changed after my last posting.  Instead, I dedicate this landmark posting to you.  I want to extend my heartfelt thanks for your ongoing kindness and support.  The kind and caring comments in my last blog are testimony to just how much goodness there really is in our world.  I always look for the good in people and I have witnessed humanity at its finest.  For this, I am truly and deeply grateful.

Last night, I went out for a stroll in my garden.  I observed the wonderfully resplendent leaves of the little Acer tree.   Tis the glory of autumn painting the landscape with warm and vibrant colours.
I listened to the rustling leaves,
The wind that blew through bending trees,
Indeed, my soul was put at ease.

I do live my life, as best I can, with realistic positive anticipation, rather than negative speculation.  I know that everyday and in every way, I'm getting better and better.  I challenge the 'inner critic', for the inner critic tells me lies.  I must continue to tell myself that a positive environment starts from within.  Positive affirmations reinforce the will,  the desire,  to live a happy and peaceful life.
The breeze played a gentle tune upon the wind chimes.  A loving tune of hope, wonder, inspiration and positivity.  Can you hear that gentle tune?
This blog is dedicated to you.  


  1. Congratulations on 200 posts! I always love to read your words. You are fabulous.

  2. Hi Gucci Mama,
    Thank you very much. That's very kind of you to say. Stephanie, I think you are fabulous.
    In peace and respect, Gary :-)

  3. There's something magical about wind chimes isn't there? And they make a perfect backdrop to a pleasant autumn day.
    Is that an Aeolian harp I hear?
    Let joy be unconfined etc.

  4. Congratulations on your 200th post.
    When I started blogging, I had no idea I was entering such a social world; I envisaged just writing to myself. And yet, in an extremely short space of time, I’ve met people I now call friends. It’s nice to be able to come here and read about the good times and the bad – here’s to the next 200!
    The enigmatic, masked blogger strikes again

  5. Congrats on you're 200th post. Can't wait to read you're next 200

  6. Thank you, Gary. It's been a honouring sharing cyberspace with you. Here's to 200 more great blogs. Blog on, my friend.

  7. Thank you, Gary, for such a beautiful and hopeful post. x

  8. Congratulations, Gary on your continued recovery and your stamina as a blogger. 200 is a big milestone. May you continue to write with joy.

  9. Nature always has its way of assuring that peace, doesn't it? I'm glad to read that you're uplifted again. Congratulations on making 200 posts!

  10. This blog is dedicated to me? I say old boy, you should dedicate it to yourself, the master blogger.
    If fact sir, I raise my glass to you (a fine Laphroaig single-malt Scotch as it happens).
    Chin chin and congrats!

  11. Congratulations for reaching your 200th entries on this blog Gary! I'm so excited and happy that you're already feeling better. Just reading your lines about the wonderful connection your spirit had with nature, I think the breeze and leaves did your soul good. =)

    Sending more autumn winds your way (I didn't know I was god,haha) and some Gaga wardrobe.
    Stay positive my friend!

  12. Hi bazza,
    Yes there is wonderful and soothing ambience created by the gentle sounds of wind chimes.
    The wind chimes are hand made from British Columbia and given to me by some very dear friends who live in a town, aptly named 'Hope'. And because you like this kind of stuff, bazza, Hope was the town used in 'Rambo First Blood'.
    Thanks, bazza.
    Magical sounds, your way, Gary.

  13. Greetings 'Masked One',
    Thank you for the congratulations. The blogging world in a wonderful community and I feel honoured to interact with such fine writers as your good self.
    Blogging is our message to the world. Let it be a message of hope, learning, love and compassion.
    I thank you for being a part of this wonderful and powerful experience.
    In kindness, Gary.

  14. Hi Wolf,
    Thanks for that. I've got loads of different stuff lined up.
    Just wanted to say how much I enjoy reading about your trials and tribulations over in Vancouver.
    Take care, Gary.

  15. Hi Joylene,
    And thank you for all your support and encouragement. It has been my honour interacting with you, dear lady.
    In kindness, Gary.

  16. Dear Carole,
    Thank you. I appreciate your thoughtful words.
    In peace and hope, Gary x

  17. Hi lifeshighway,
    Thank you kindly. I shall continue onwards along that positive highway.
    With respect and warm wishes, Gary.

  18. Dear 'lettucehead',
    Thank you. I find that immersing myself and appreciating all that the wonders of nature has to offer, does indeed lift my spirits and soothe my soul.
    Want you to know what a wonderful discovery your blog is and I wish you much happiness in your writing.
    Thanks for the congratulations on my reaching number 200. I appreciate that.
    Much respect and good wishes, your way, Gary.

  19. Dear Sir Tom Eagerly,
    My goodness, your life just gets better and better. Yes, of course, this blog is dedicated to you. It is my honour and good privilege to be in such esteemed company. Thus, oh noble sir, I thank you.
    Cheers to you and thanks for the congratulations.
    With respect, Gary.

  20. Hi Shanaz,
    Thank you very much for your congratulatory comment. It is very much appreciated.
    I thought it only fitting to try and formulate an uplifting posting. I am, mostly, a positive dude. It was good to verbalise and work through my dark clouds. I hope, in some way, that I am of help and comfort to others.
    The breeze and the wind chimes did me a world of good. Heck, even 'Scarecat', who is in the background of the second photo down, seemed happy and content:-)
    Thank you for the autumn winds and some Gaga clothing, or lack of. Who is this 'poker face'? lol
    I will stay positive, my friend.
    Kind wishes and some tight leggings, your way, Gary :-)

  21. DANG! As usual I'm late to the party. Happy 200th! I loved the pictures they are so gorgeous. Yes, I can hear the tune of love, compassion, peace and quiet joy here in your blog community. You are humanity at its finest and I'm looking forward to the next 100.
    Love and peace,

  22. Dear Gary,
    Congratulations on reaching the milestone of 200 posts. Personally, I only have the paltry sum of around half that (I'll be sure to let everyone know when I reach 100!).
    Anyway, it is nice to hear you sounding positive again after off-loading all that stuff last time. May your blog and you continue to enjoy many warm, positive, spirit-enhancing times.
    Yours with Very Best Wishes,

  23. You can't just be happy with 200, I'll congratulate you at your 2000th!

    I enjoy your posts.

  24. Gary--Congratulations on writing 200 posts. Your post was beautiful and poetic. It gave me the sense of peace and calmness. I'm so glad that we blogmet. :)

  25. Hi Gary, I want to chime in on the congratulations too(Did you save that pun just for me)! 200 blog entries is quite amazing! I can't wait to hear and see more of your world through your eyes. All the very best...and what does an Aeolian harp sound like?

  26. Dear timethief,
    Lovely friend, you are never too late for the 'party'.
    Thank you for your very kind words. I greatly admire your blog and you have been a wonderful discovery.
    There are some very special people in the blogging community. I sense the soothing sounds of compassion and kindness that play sweet songs in your soul.
    Peaceful wishes to you in that peaceful part of the world you live in. Take good care of yourself eh :-)
    With respect, Gary.

  27. Dear David,
    Thank you, good friend, for your congratulatory comment.
    David, you have now done 86 postings. When that momentous day arrives, I fully expect you to announce that milestone to the entire blogging community.
    As you have the great privilege of knowing me, you have seen what a positive, smiley face guy I usually am. It was good to get that last posting out of my system. And no, I don't mean literally. I think that was more along the lines of my 'toilet paper' posting.
    Cheers, David.
    Kind wishes and respect, Gary.

  28. Greetings санжог,
    Thank you, my friend. I shall await you congratulations in 1800 posts from now :-)
    Peace and respect, Gary.

  29. Dear Sharon,
    Thank you for your kind and complimentary words.
    I want you know that I greatly value your positive and caring interaction. I have tremendous respect for you and it has been my privilege to have 'blogmet' :-)
    Positive and peaceful wishes, your way, Gary.

  30. Dear Rebecca aka THE SNEE,
    Thank you for the congratulations. I always think it's great to save some plays on words from you.
    We have such pun times. Your response rings true in my ears. Your positive attitude is, I do believe, a chime of the times.
    I don't what to harp on about this, but I have no idea what an 'Aeolian' harp sounds like. Hang on, I just checked out on Youtube and it sounds like an eerie signal from aliens from another world. Probably a message from the good folks on Uranus :-)
    Thanks, Rebecca. I think I need to get some sleep. My replies back are getting very weird lol
    Kind wishes and peaceful music, your way, Gary :-)

  31. congratulations on the 200 milestone... 200 posts. Every post like a mile you walk. Your heart is tender and open and so full of honesty and grace.

    I agree a positive environment begins within. I also think, however, there is no person who is all "light" all the time. We all have darknesses that make up the sum total of who we are. You are a layered and complex man with a big heart. Who you are today is the sum total of everything you have ever experienced. I too see the goodness in people. I also see the darkness, and accept them both, and strive to offer them both as much compassion and understanding as possible.

    I have a sense that our core is joy (as distinguished I think from happiness) is untouched by the highs (or the lows) that come from living a life, for the highs and the lows are transient, but joy is not.

    The tide flows in, the tide flows out. The sun rises and it sets, etc. I think for me it is key to remember that any time I am in high tide or low tide it is not a permanent state. Thoughts, emotions, all of it, change with the wind, all of it available to instruct if I am just open to learn.

    sending ripples of peace and gratitude your way...

  32. Dear Joanne,
    What beautifully written sentiments you have so thoughtfully bestowed.
    Your words are like music in this, the symphony of soothing souls.
    You have articulated, so very well, that we cannot be 'light' all the time. What I have embraced, is making my moments of elation, a truly joyous time that I can use to inspire me in times of darkened clouds.
    You do a wondrous blog, Joanne. I am grateful for your kind and positive interaction.
    Peaceful wishes, your way, Gary


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