Sunday, 19 September 2010

The 'Wee Folks', Wee One.

And thus, the enchanting and magical story of Fidelina and Geoffrey, continues.  This has been an ongoing tale of hope, inspiration and the power of determined love.  A wee baby was born in the wee folks world.

Fidelina and Geoffrey would like to share their joy as they announce the arrival of their tiny child.  May he thrive in a world where an ethos of all different, all equal, is not only embraced, but celebrated.   May he live his life in a wondrous world where bigotry and stigma are alien concepts.

Behold, the beautiful child.  Tis a deeply moving and heart warming time in the land of the little creatures.  Behold, the lovely child, the blessed child of Fidelina and Geoffrey.   Welcome, 'Einahalk', to the magic and the wonder of your wee world.

It is now time for me to end the tales of those special little creatures that live in wee folks land.  May we, the people in the big world, take inspiration and begin to understand the messages and the lessons they have for us.  We all have the right to live our lives, the way we want to live.  Nobody, but nobody, has the right to devalue our humanity.
In closing, I leave you with this.  This is my gift of words for the wee folks, wee one.

Can you hear those beautiful sounds?  The tunes of the wind playing gentle songs through every branch on every tree.  The harmonious chorus of a thousand birds.  Do you see those beautiful sights?  A sunrise over misty hills.  The butterfly dancing from flower to flower.  Rejoice, wee one.  May your heart beat strong.  Breathe in, smile wee one, and immerse yourself in the sounds and sights of nature's sweet symphony.


  1. My sister’s dog is a wee dog. And he sort of makes her world a wee world in his own wee way; he needs a lot of cleaning up behind. Although, I think I’m getting off the subject now . . .
    The enigmatic, masked blogger strikes again

  2. Good messages from, Gary. Wish everyone would take them to heart and practice acting out those values. You write a combination piece of fantasy and a basic lesson in humanity that all us could greatly benefit from.

    Take care, man.

    Btw, who the heck is that before me? Also: The new baby is cute. Can it possibly open it's mouth to chew?

    Okay. Now I'm done. Later.

  3. Wouldn't it be wonderful if everyone saw each other just as people, not as people of religion, race, sex, age, sexual orientation, social status, or anything else I've forgotten. I hope when I meet people I look at the whole person and decide if I like them based on our common interests and if I think they are good people...I hope that's how people decide if they like me. (That's what I hope I'm like...)

  4. Welcome to the wee world, wee child Einahalk! Congratulations to the happy and blessed couple Geoffrey and Fidelina. The tiny child is really adorable.

    And yes Gary I do hear the musical sounds of nature calling us to hear our own inner tunes, to live and connect Life. It's always calming just to be with nature and breathe in the goodness that it has to offer.

    Sweet post Gare and thanks for sharing this cute news! :D

  5. Hi Yrag. Sometimes I thinks you are wasted on us, your raggle-taggle bunch of followers. The wider world should know about this blog!
    Regards, Bazza

  6. Hello 'Masked Blogger',
    Wee understand what you are trying to say. Your sister's wee dog is, no doubt, a wee example of what a wonderful wee world this could be.
    Cheers and respect, your way, Gary aka 'Einahalk'

  7. Hey Kelly,
    Thank you for relating and understanding the real meaning behind the tales of the 'wee folks'.
    If only my 'fantasy' tale could be more of a reality in our world. No judgement calls on our fellow humans. If only.
    It is best left a mystery as to who the blogger before you was. I know that this is what that person would want.
    Take very good care of yourself and your loved ones.
    With respect and kind wishes, Gary:-)

  8. Oh your wee folk are lovely and enchanting, and I shall probably have nightmares about them...I'm a bit worried about anything tiny...tiny things are rather insidious...

    I noticed on your profile you have lived in Staffordshire - funny that you have been to Winnipeg, and I was born and raised near Burton-on-Trent :)

    Have a great week!

  9. Hi Sharon,
    I totally agree with what you have so kindly written.
    I relate to people as to how they are to me and not have my perception of them clouded by unfair stigma or labels.
    I believe, based on your supportive interaction, that you are indeed a very kind and caring lady.
    Warm wishes, your way, Gary :-)

  10. Hi Shanaz,
    Awe thanks for that. I shall pass on your very nice wishes to them. Their wee child is indeed, adorable.
    I knew you would be listening to the sounds of nature that intertwine with the tunes within your heart.
    Sending peaceful wishes, your way, Gary:-)

  11. Hi 'azzab',
    That's very kind of you. What a flattering comment. I just hope that folks who take the time to read my blog, will truly understand that this is my way of conveying positive interaction.
    My writing is a form of therapy and I greatly appreciate you taking the time to read my postings. I find your blog very interesting and informative and I am most grateful to you.
    I see you worked out Fidelina's and Geoffrey's child's name:-)
    With respect and good wishes, Gary.

  12. Hi Tracey,
    Oh these 'wee folks' are harmless. I did a whole series on them. The label, 'wee folks', takes you to the stories from the very beginning.
    I am presently living in a small town in Staffordshire named, Leek. It is not that far from Burton Upon Trent.
    I lived a good portion of my life in Vancouver. I travelled across Canada from Vancouver to Montreal, with my then girlfriend, who became my wife. We stopped in Winnipeg and she showed me the house she lived in in St. Boniface. My step-dad was born in Winnipeg.
    I do wish for you to have pleasant dreams. Have a great week, also.
    With respect and kind wishes, Gary:-)

  13. keeping the hope that everyone will remember we're all just wee ones...

  14. Hi joanne,
    Yes we are all just 'wee ones'. Something that too many have forgotten. Thank you.
    In kindness and well wishes, Gary.

  15. Hi Gary,

    I can't believe the wee one is here feels like just yesterday when the happy couple shared the happy news....I feel more than a wee bit better after reading this post(have I mentioned that this is the move that will literally never end and wee people happy endings are very cheery!) Anyway, Kudos to the clever Bazza for figuring out the wee one's name, and kudos to you for fun writing and always sincerely good messages!

  16. Gary,
    So, you've been reincarnated as a two inch plastic doll. Indeed, the "wee" little thing looks a trifle Satanic. Hope you're not dabbling in things you shouldn't, Gare, the black arts are a scary thing. In fact, having worked in Leek, I know what it's like- strange bumps in the night and weird comings and a-goings!
    But seriously, congrats to the happy couple. May the "wee" folk reign forever in "wee" land.
    Yours with Very Best Wishes,

  17. Hello Gary, must you end the tales of the wee folk here? I had so hoped to follow the wee one as he grows up. Geoffrey looks so happy and very proud. Lovely pictures and beatutiful words, please re-consider.
    Best and magical wishes to you and the wee family
    Di x

  18. Hi Rebecca aka THE SNEE,
    Apparently, the average time, from conception until birth, in the 'wee folks' world, is three months.
    'Wee' are most pleased that you are feeling a wee bit better after reading this wee posting. The wee folks endings are indeed, very cheery.
    Yes indeed, 'bazza' is one clever chap. I know he does blogs on 'heroes'. Now, just like you, he is one of my heroes :-)
    Thanks for the kudos and liking my positive messages. It's a wee bit of fun. Kudos, back to you, Rebecca.
    Magical wishes, your way, Gary :-)

  19. Greetings David aka 'Robin Hood',
    No, in my case, I've been reincarnated into a used toilet brush. that might just be an interesting topic for an upcoming blog.
    The 'wee folks' look adorable. Only once, have I seen any of them turn their head completely around and let out a sinister laugh.
    Speaking of 'strange bumps in the night'...was that you walking by my house, here, in Leek, 'the Queen of the Moorlands'?
    I shall pass on your hearty congratulations to the 'wee couple'. I know they highly value your kind words. Just like I do.
    All the very beast, Gary :-)

  20. Hi Diane,
    The 'wee folks' have asked me to give them some time to settle in as a wee family.
    Although, these tales have ended; there is a possibility that the wee folks will share some more stories when 'Einahalk' gets a little older.
    Thank you for the nice words, Diane. We shall see what transpires in the future.
    Magical wishes to you, from the wee folks and me.
    Gary x

  21. Good Lord Gary! Am I to understand that this tale is at an end?
    What will poor Sir Tom do for bedtime stories now?
    As I sit there in my Wee Willy Winkie outfit with my hot milk and donuts I will be distraught.
    Say it ain't so, Gary, say it ain't so!

  22. Greetings Sir Tom Eagerly,
    You read correctly. The 'wee folks' have asked for wee bit of quality time and wish to stay out of the 'public eye'.
    Now, kind of like an old episode of 'Dallas', they may make a triumphant return at a later time.
    'Wee Willy Winkie'. Oh well, Sir Tom, perhaps you might consider wearing a set of 'My Little Pony', pyjamas.

  23. Congratulations, Fidelina and Geoffrey. Your wee one is gorgeous.


  24. Hey Suzanne,
    Awe, thanks for that. I shall pass on your very nice message. I too, think 'Einahalk' is gorgeous. Then again, I would say that lol
    Have a wonderful weekend.
    Warm wishes, Gary


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