Monday, 31 May 2010

Was A Very Good Day.

It was early morning.  I opened my front door and gazed at the gentle mist that lay upon the distant hill.  The air was fresh and the chorus of chirping birds filled the valley with sweet harmony.  I sensed this would be the start of a very good day.

It was mid morning and the sun glowed behind the laurel bush.  I sat in my chair and marvelled at this view out my living room window.  The flowers and the trees swayed side to side as the wind chimes played a peaceful tune. My 'inner child' spoke to me.  'Embrace this day.  For this will be a very good day.'

Early afternoon and I strolled to the top of my garden.  The mist had gone from the distant hill.  The valley was bathed in brilliant sunshine and my inner child danced with playful delight.  Oh, such a beautiful day.

And now the sun was setting.  I looked at the horizon and thought how grateful I am.  This enchanting day would soon be a tranquil night.  

It was now late at night.  The beckoning moon cast dreamy shadows upon the darkened landscape.  This would be the end of a very good day.  I went indoors to get some sleep.  In my dreams I knew that everyday could be a very good day.     


  1. Well, how fucking peachy for you...

    I listened to the hubby BITCH and the kids whine.

    Yay for fucking me.

  2. Hey Ashley,
    Sounds like a fun time in your place. Hey, tomorrow is another day.
    I'm off to have a nice juicy peach...

  3. Nice blog Gary and lovely photos. Hope today is a very good day for you too. X

  4. Yes, Gary, a big well done for making it a very good day and knowing how to enjoy it. We all have the ability to do this, as well you know. Hugs.. x

  5. Beautiful photos and soothing words, Gary. I hear the gratitude in your voice and that inner child of yours is indeed having a party.

    I thank you for calling that inner child out, and influencing me to do the same.

    Your positive vibe shines out!

    Have a beautiful day, keep smiling..Gare!

    Peace =)

  6. How wonderful to have that view from (and of) your garden. Most people are not that lucky and I am pleased that you appreciate and share it.
    Nothing is more soothing to the eye and mind than beautiful scenery.

  7. Great photos and beautiful, calming words, Gary. No matter what, you have enviable ability to see the positive in life. I strive to do that, myself. Sometimes I can. Sometimes not. The scenery around your place looks inviting and peaceful. Love the mist on the hills shot. I'll be up or over for a beer, man. Look for me! :-)

    Oh, I have a question about your 4th picture. Are those some type of TV antennas on the roofs? If they are, they look different from the ones in the U.S. Just mildly curious.

    Thanks for the uplifting post. Take care, friend.

  8. Hi Gary,
    I really like this posting; the way you group phrases, invites all to come along. Love the transition through your photos. Thank you for sharing. Here's to more 'good days'.
    Respectfully, Dixie x

  9. Hi juliet,
    Thanks Julie. I know we both try and take the time to appreciate the good things in life.
    Embracing the positive makes us all feel better. Today was a good day. I did the best to make it so. Hope you had a good day.
    With respect, Gary x

  10. Hi Carole,
    I do my best to try and have a good day. Of course, life can be stressful. Yet, taking moments to be grateful for all around is something we can all do.
    Here's wishing you a lovely day. Happy writing, Carole.
    Kind wishes, Gary x

  11. Hi Shanaz,
    Thank you. I really appreciate your kind words.
    Yeah, for sure, my inner child is partying and laughing. Life is too darn short to be constantly seeking out negative stuff.
    I reckon your inner child is partying, laughing and smiling. You have very positive vibes, Shanaz. For this, I am grateful.
    Here's to you having a beautiful day.
    In peace, Gary :-)

  12. Hi bazza,
    I very much appreciate how lucky I am to live in a beautiful location with a lovely garden.
    What makes it even more special, is the fact that I turned a disgusting eyesore, disguised as a garden, into a place of peace and harmony.
    I am most grateful for what I have and what I have accomplished.
    Thank you bazza.
    With respect, Gary.

  13. Hi Kelly,
    Oh, I'll be looking out for you. Hmmm who's that wild naked dude in my garden? lol
    Seriously, I do try to see the positive in life. Like a lot of folks, I have had to deal with some really negative crap. Yet, just like you, my friend, I know I am better than that.
    It can be bloody hard work being positive. I could find plenty of reasons to be pissed off. All that does is make me stressed, bitter and angry. I try my best to stay chilled.
    Those are TV antennas on the roofs. Quite a few of those antennas are no longer being used. A lot of people have satellite dishes. Those that still use their antennas may need to upgrade them for digital readiness. Soon, all analogue will be switched off over here. I use an antenna that is only analogue. Because of my location, the only way I could get more channels would be to purchase a satellite dish. Right now, I only get 4 channels.
    Thanks for thinking this was an uplifting post. Take good care, friend and keep smiling:-)
    Kind wishes, Gary

  14. Hi Dixie,
    Why, thank you kindly. I enjoy doing a pictorial blog with some captions I hope people will like.
    The transition through the day was a most inspirational experience.
    And here's to more good days for you:-)
    With peace and kindness, your way, Gary x

  15. Nice. Beautiful photos. Makes me yearn to travel overseas. Thanks for sharing, Gary.

  16. That's one hell of a moon you got there, Gary. Are you sure it's not a UFO?

    I really dig your place. I think I'll give you a visit during one of my OBE's.

    Thanks for sharing your pics, Gary. May the force of Louis Armstrong be with you!

  17. A beautiful post and I feel serene for reading it. I hope every day can be good day for you.

  18. Hi Joylene,
    Thanks for liking the photos.
    I'm having quite the experience in this 'green and pleasant land'.
    I reckon a real writer could get quite the inspiration from the beauty that lies outside my door.
    Speaking of overseas. There is a strong chance that I shall be back over in October. British Columbia, you have been warned lol
    Kind wishes, Gary

  19. Hi Ryhen,
    Okay here's actually a photograph of Uranus:-)
    I'm glad you dig my place. I shall gladly supply you with a shovel. You have OBE? Order of the British Empire? Arise, Sir Ryhen. Oh, sorry, you meant Out of Body Experience...doh!
    'And I say to myself..what a wonderful world..'
    Thanks, Ryhen.
    In peace, Gary :-)

  20. Hi lifeshighway,
    Thank you for your kind words. I just wanted to say what a terrific interactive site you have. The 'wee folks' have been checking it out.
    Hope everyday is as good as it possibly can be for you and your loved ones.
    With respect, Gary

  21. Photos always add another dimension to a post.

    They are lovely to look back on later too.

  22. Hi John,
    Just like your good self; I do like to incorporate the odd pictorial posting. In my case, 'odd', being the key word lol
    I have had a look back through my old high school photos...and lovely..well..hmmm
    Seriously, it is nice to look back on the photos I have taken more recently.
    Kind regards, Gary

  23. Dear Gary,
    Apologies for the lateness of this comment, but would just like to say that these are lovley words and photos.
    Congrats on remaining positive.
    Yours with Very Best Wishes,

  24. Soooo beautiful! Great photos and lyrical writing.

    Fantastic blog.

    Cheers, JJ

  25. Dear David,
    It is always a pleasure to get a comment from you. Please, never feel obligated.
    Thank you for liking the words and photographs. I do try to remain positive. It can be damned hard work at times but I do my best to maintain a healthy outlook.
    I shall talk to you very soon, my friend.
    With kind wishes, Gary.

  26. Greetings JJ,
    Wow. That is very kind of you. It is a most flattering comment and I am most appreciative.
    With respect and kindness, Gary :-)

  27. Fantastic photos and a very inspiring blog Gary, I love your positivity and outlook on life! Hope you have many more lovely days! Peace and harmony, Simon :)

  28. Hello Simon,
    As you know; I do try to maintain a positive attitude and make the most of my day. Appreciation for the wonders all around are most conducive to mental health well being.
    May you have more peaceful and harmonious days. You can make it so.
    Positive wishes, your way, Gary :-)

  29. This is such a beautiful post. Such a celebration of life. Thanks for the reminder. Each day is amazing and I can participate in the wonder. Unless of course, I feel like Crazy Brunette, which I do....often. Here's to humanity in all it's diversity. :-)

  30. Hi 'OMYWORD!,
    Thank you very much for leaving such a nice comment. It is greatly appreciated.
    Quite right. It is great to celebrate the wonders all around and embrace the diversity. All different, all equal.
    'Crazy Brunette' is a lovely lady and I have a good laugh with her. In a bizarre way, I am kinda' grateful my own son moans at me. Guess that means he cares. What am I saying? lol
    Have a wonderful day and keep enjoying the adventure that is life.
    With respect and kindness, Gary :-)


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