Saturday, 8 May 2010

'Pee Wee Folks League'

So I told my doctor that I was having trouble sleeping.  'What can I do doctor?'  'I think this might work, Gary.  Watch snooker.'
Now I've watched some snooker and I think it can be extremely boring.  Sorry, I fell asleep..where was I?  Oh yes.... They need to liven it up.  Get rid of the bow tie and the vest.  Get the players to dress up in clown suits and have a bunch of cheerleaders revving up the crowd to the sounds of 'Celebration' by 'Kool and the Gang'.
Here are some more 'sports'.  'Polo', not to be mistaken for candy mints, a type of Volkswagen, a shirt, or, for that matter, 'Marco Polo', buddy of 'Kublai Khan'.  No, I'm referring to the 'sport' that involves a bunch of people riding around on horses they call ponies.  The aim of the game is for these folks to ride around on said horses, sorry, polo ponies and bang along a wooden ball with a bamboo mallet in hopes of placing said ball past two goal posts that are placed 24 feet apart.  Fascinating eh what?  
It should be noted that there is an aquatic version of this game.  It is called 'water polo'.  There are some slight variations in the rules.  In the water polo version of the game, a large ball is thrown at a small goal in hopes of getting the large ball past the goalkeeper.  The players ride around on 'seahorses' which are actually known as 'water polo ponies'.
Then there's 'cricket'.  This must not be confused with an insect that is closely related to a grasshopper.  It has nothing to do with that top hat loving, umbrella carrying cartoon character, 'Jiminy Cricket', who had an obsession with the 'E-n-c-y-c-l-o-p-e-d-i-a'.  And it most definitely has nothing to do with a disposable lighter.  No, this is a sport I couldn't even begin to explain.  What I can tell you is that they have something called 'test' cricket which can last five days or five years.  I have heard such statements regarding cricket like 'It's raining, old chap, you lose.'  Here are three cricket sporting terms.  A'googly'; 'a maiden over' and a 'sticky wicket'.
Ice hockey is a rough, tough sport.  Ice hockey is to Canada what 'soccer' , whoops football, is to Britain.  Yes, I know, I once went to a fight and a ice hockey game broke out.

The 'wee folks' and some of their little friends wanted to have a go at some North American sports.  They tried 'gridiron' which is also known as Canadian or American 'football'.  

Now some people might say that North American football is glorified rugby for wimps.  I really don't think that's the type or remark you tell a 280 lb.(20 stone) linebacker after his team has just lost on the final play of the game.

The 'wee folks' wanted to try playing baseball.  They had heard that in North America they have 'Pee Wee Leagues'.  Hopefully, they can get some teams together and form the 'Pee Wee Folks League'.


  1. As always, adored the photographs..
    Night, night...hugs.. x

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  3. Guess what, Gary? Yes, I watch golf. I watch hockey too, but I'm not allowed to in front of the wee folks (grandchildren). Apparently I get excitable, go into a trance and before long start cursing. I've yet to have proof of this though.

    Great post. Thanks. My cat accidentally stomped on my send button, so I had to delete and start over again. Bad kitten.

  4. Hi Carole,
    Yes indeed! It was an action-packed sporting event going on in my garden.
    Thanks Carole. Good night and hugs to you, Gary x

  5. Hi Joylene,
    LOL! I can relate to the cursing bit. I got some very strange looks over here when I went berserk after Canada beat the USA in hockey.
    One must be careful in front of the 'wee folks' aka 'grandchildren.
    Guess what? Speaking of hockey. There's an idiot typing this comment who stayed up until 5:00 A.M., British Summer Time, just to listen to the Vancouver Canucks lose to the Chicago Blackhawks. Doh!
    Perhaps your cat has read some of my blogs with pictures of our dog. I've heard a rumour that cats and dogs aren't always the best of buddies.
    Thanks Joylene. Happy writing and all the best. Kind wishes, Gary

  6. Cute photo's Gary, I am glad to see that the Wee Folks are into sport. My girls are in training for the world cup this summer, I even managed to buy them a smaller football which is more on their scale
    Best wishes

  7. Dear Gary,
    One sees only too clearly the results of boredom and sleeplessness! Why else, indeed, would one "watch" the snooker, or for that matter, the cricket, perhaps the two most boring games on earth.
    Personally I have managed to resolve my sleeping issues, and now get a good 9 hours in. Only trouble is, I continue to sleep during the day, nodding off often in somewhat narcoleptic fashion (not so good).
    I'm sure, though, that the activities of the "wee folks" provide you with enough distraction to keep you sane. Or is that insane. As you will know, after reading my blog, it isn't always easy to tell!
    Anyway, here's hoping the Vancouver Canucks do better next time (they sound like the "Port Vale" of the ice hockey world!)
    Yours with All the Best,

  8. Sir Tom Eagerley9 May 2010 at 07:42

    I say old chap! Aren't you rather in danger of being run out of town on a railroad, or whatever they do in North America.
    What next? Questioning the authority of her majesty the Queen? (Good evening ma'am if you are reading this).
    This noble country that invented tearing foxes to bits with dogs, the House of Lords where elderly persons can get some sleep in peace and fish & chips, rules one third of the world.
    We do still have the Empire don't we?

  9. Hi Diane,
    The 'wee folks' are most enthusiastic about sports. They have asked me if I would coach them on the finer points of baseball. Should be interesting:-)
    Glad your 'girls' are into training for the World Cup. Too bad 'Turkey aren't in the World Cup. I reckon that's who your girls would be rooting for:-)
    Thanks, Diane. With respect, Gary

  10. Dear David,
    I was desperate for sleep. Snooker worked a treat for a few minutes. Cricket. Well, I have actually played on a cricket team and haven't a clue what was going on. All I know is we lost by a ridiculous score. I think.
    Glad you have mostly resolved your sleeping concerns. I hope you don't nod off reading my reply.... 'David!?'
    The 'wee folks' are a good positive distraction. Not so sure about my sanity, or lack of. As you know, my little friends have a deep, underlying message of peace and goodwill to us somewhat bigger folks.
    The Vancouver Canucks are on the brink of elimination from the Stanley Cup play-offs. I know, what the heck does that mean. I think I'd better stay well clear of your 'Port Vale' comparison. By the way, where is the port and the ships?
    All the very best, Gary

  11. Hello Tom,
    In regards to 'railroads'; I think your caboose is loose.
    Tom...hello...this blog is being written from England. You know, that 'green and pleasant land'. Poor form, old chap.
    Empire? Commonwealth? Well, we do still have the Commonwealth Games. Suppose that's good enough.
    Next lesson for you, Tom. Now that you have failed to understand American English on another blog site; is to attempt to teach you a bit of Canadian English eh...

  12. Oh dear. I love cricket and will watch snooker. I don't know whether rugby players' refusal to pad themselves up makes them brave or just foolish.
    For me watching golf would be a cure for insomnia.
    You must forgive poor Tom; he's probably pissed.

  13. Hi bazza,
    Okay, I admit it. I don't mind watching a few seconds of snooker.
    Cricket baffles me. I played for a high school team in Vancouver against a posh private (public) school in our very first game. I recall almost hitting the ball.
    I guess rugby wouldn't be rugby, if they wore the kind of protection they have in the 'football' leagues over in North America.
    So perhaps his attempt at wry humour is more like 'rye' humour...
    Thanks bazza. With respect, Gary.

  14. In our city of Pittsburgh, it is hockey and football all the way. Baseball? Forget it. The Pittsburgh Pirates have been down in the basement so long, they have to put on sunglasses to look up!

  15. Ah yes. Pittsburgh Steelers. Pittsburgh Penguins and of course..the mighty Pirates...or not so, just now.
    Hey, I was an big Montreal Expos fan. Now where did they end up? Oh yeah, in Washington DC.
    Things can change. Who knows, Pirates for the World Series sometime this century.
    'Take me out to the ballpark..' or maybe not:-)
    Kind wishes, Gary.

  16. Can you set up the wee folk for a round of Polo? Being into horse sports I would be thrilled to see if they play with unicorns.

  17. Hi lifeshighway,
    Now that seems like a wonderful idea. Must try and find a tiny wooden ball and some little bamboo mallets for the 'wee folks'. It would be great to see them riding around on unicorns. There could be some interesting 'points' in the game:-)

  18. Hi Gary,
    Very cute photos, with a light-hearted post. Thank you.

    I use to watch a lot of sports, long before the fame from their abuses, over-shadowed their talents!

    If this last Olympics hadn't turned out as 'clean' I'd have sworn off of all Olympics as well.

    "Teach your wee folks well..."
    Dixie x

  19. Hi Dixie,
    It is such a shame that we seem to hear more about their off-field activities than what they do on them.
    Still, like you note, the Olympics in Vancouver focused on the positive aspects of true sporting endeavour.
    The 'wee folks' are raring to go and would like to have a 'sports day' in my garden. Great stuff!!
    Thanks, Dixie,
    Sporting wishes, your way, Gary x

  20. The Wee folks can play in my league any day. The look rough and tough and ready to play Hard Ball.

    I'll make sure they receive all of the necessary protective gear.

    Sticky wickets
    Jock straps
    Chocolate covered crickets
    and so much more

    Funny post, Gary. Sweet dreams!

  21. Hi Kelly,
    Thought we should break them in slowly by teaching 'em a bit of soft ball, first.
    Then we can get them ready for a bit of hard ball. Who knows. They may end up hitting a 'gnome run' :-)
    Protective gear would be a good thing. Thanks, Kelly.
    Kind wishes, Gary


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