Saturday, 22 May 2010

The Wee Folks Wedding Date.

Dear people of the big world.  It is wish great pleasure that I, Fidelina, the fairy princess, wish to announce the date of my wedding to Geoffrey, the garden gnome.  We hope that you do us the great honour of witnessing the ceremony that confirms our undying love.
Klahanie, who is also known as Gary, has informed us that there has been much anticipation about our upcoming wedding.  We are truly touched that a lady from your big world posted a poem about us using the magic machine.  This is Julie's poem

The wee folks wedding is nearing
I think I need a new hat
Gary's been tending the garden
and watching out for that cat!

The invites are being posted
The fairy cakes almost cooked
The flowers have been ordered
and the honeymoon has been booked

The fairy princess is nervous
The garden gnome full of joy
When he looks at his beautiful fairy
He knows he's a lucky boy

The toadstools are being positioned
In neat little rows all around
But for me to see things clearly
I'll have to lie on the ground

And so I look forward with pleasure
And hope to see you all there
A wonderful, magical moment
One I can't wait to share.

Thank you for that, Julie.  Your poem has touched our hearts.

The date of our wedding is as follows.

Venue:  Klahanie's garden.
Date:    Monday, June 21st, 2010.
Time:    11:28 A.M. , British Summer Time.

Thank you, big people.  I send you warm, magical wishes. Much love to you all, Fidelina.  And now, my future husband would like to say a few words.

Hello my friends of the big world.  I just wanted to add a few more words.  We, the wee folks, live in a peaceful and magical world.  A world where dreams can realise reality.  
I dreamt that one day, the beautiful fairy princess, Fidelina, would love me as much as I love her.  My heart soared when I knew that our feelings were mutual.  That one moment, a tender moment, when I looked into her eyes and saw that unmistakable glow of love.  
So now, we wait for that day when we show our world and your world, that true love has no barriers.
I love you, Fidelina.


  1. Oooooooh I'm rushing out to buy a new hat right now! That's wonderful news Gary. And don't they make a smashing couple?!

    I can't wait!

    Julie xx

  2. Julie's poem was beautiful, and I send my best wishes to the new cute couple- Fidelina and her husband-to-be, the garden gnome!

    Cute post, Gary. Made me smile. Keep spreading joy and positivity.


  3. Let joy be unconfined. But Geoffrey? Really?
    Oh dear, it sound like I have picked up Sir Tom's mantle; unintentional I promise you!

  4. Hi Julie,
    Fidelina here. Geoffrey and I are so thrilled that you think we make a 'smashing couple'. Gary has informed us that 'smashing' is a good thing:-)
    Thank you and we are sure you will look wonderful in your new hat.
    Magical wishes, Fidelina xx

  5. Hello Shanaz,
    Geoffrey and I loved Julie's poem.
    We both thank you so much for your kind wishes. We send joy and positivity to you, Shanaz.
    With peaceful thoughts, Fidelina:-)

  6. Greetings bazza,
    Geoffrey here. I like your name very much. Maybe, one day, Fidelina and I will have a wee wee folk. If it be a boy, we might name him 'bazza'.
    My big friend, 'Geoffrey', as derived from Germanic elements means "peaceful place," "peaceful traveller," or "pledge of peace."
    Who is this 'Sir Tom'?
    Magical thoughts, Geoffrey :-)

  7. Congratulations, wee folks! What a sweet post.

  8. Congratulations on the upcoming nuptials and although I cannot come across the pond to attend, I will be there in spirit.

  9. Oh how wonderful and what a perfect date they have chosen, I think the summer solstice has to be one of my favourite dates. I shall be celebrating with them as I am sure their marriage will be blessed with magic. I can't wait to see the wedding photos.

  10. Dear Gary,
    Once again your weird and fantastical mind has led you in to dark psychological waters.
    The wee folks may well be real to you, in your increasingly complex and sentimental delusional framework. However, you now seem to have "infected" your "followers" with similar ideas of sweetness, social justice and love.
    Please, Gary, stop this before it's all too late!
    From your kind and caring,
    "Dr." David.
    P.S. I expect my invite to be in the post!

  11. What joyous news. May they live happily ever after for many many years. Centuries, maybe. Lovely, Gary.

  12. I can't wait for the big day. That garden gnome is one lucky boy. Beautiful poem, by the way, Julie.

    Here's another...

    Suffice it to say
    I'll be there for the wedding day
    Should I wear a suit and tie?
    Will there be a wedding pie?

    The wee folk have much to celebrate
    This blessed couple I adulate
    Gnome and Princess will unite as one
    Those who bear witness
    Will certainly have fun

  13. Hello Sandra Rose,
    This is Fidelina. Gary has showed me which keys to push on his 'magic machine'. My, you have such a lovely name:-)
    Geoffrey and I thank you for leaving a sweet comment.
    Magical wishes, Fidelina :-)

  14. Hello lifeshighway,
    I really like your photograph. Gary has told me that you have pictures of our friends over there across that great big pond.
    We are honoured that you will be with us in spirit.
    In magic, Geoffrey:-)

  15. Hello Diane,
    We thought that the summer solstice would be an ideal and a magical time to exchange our vows.
    We have been looking at those wonderful photos of your chickens. They are very nice and cute.
    We hope you like our wedding photographs.
    With magic wishes, Fidelina :-)

  16. Dearest David,
    Our good big friend, Gary, has been telling us what a kind and decent fellow you are.
    We would be flattered if you attended our wedding. Gary has informed us that your invitation will be sent out in the post to your rather aptly named address:-)
    Are you really a doctor? One of the wee folks is having problems with his mental elf.
    In magic and wonder, Fidelina :-)

  17. Dear Joylene,
    Thank you for you kind wishes. We plan to live happily ever after. Forever and a day. 'Once upon a time..'
    With magical thoughts, Geoffrey:-)

  18. Magical greetings Kelly,
    I am indeed one lucky gnome. Fidelina is one gorgeous fairy. I'm the luckiest gnome in wee folks land!
    That dearest lady, Julie, wrote such a lovely poem for us. That is for sure.
    Thank you, kind sir, for your wonderful poem. We are truly blessed in knowing that so many big people have shown such interest in us.
    Thank you, Kelly.
    Enchanting wishes, your way, Geoffrey:-)

  19. What a beautiful poem by Julie. This was such a sweet post, filled with innocence too long lost. I will look forward to the wedding and wish all the very best. Thank you for bringing us sunshine, which I also hope the Wee Folks have on their special day!

  20. Aw, how wonderful. I wish the couple many years of happiness.


  21. Dear Cher,
    Fidelina and I absolutely adored Julie's poem. It has truly touch our little beating hearts.
    Thank you for your sweet wishes. We hope that golden rays of sunshine fall upon us on our wedding day.
    Magical respect to you, Geoffrey :-)

  22. Hello Suzanne,
    On behalf of Geoffrey; I wish to thank you for your kind wishes.
    Gary has told us that you do a very nice blog. He has told us that blog evidently means 'web log'. So we think that might mean that spiders have made their homes on logs.
    Enchanting wishes to you, Fidelina x

  23. Such a tender and sweet post. From Julie's poem to the words of Fidelina and Geoffrey... how charming! Best wishes to the Bride and Congratulations to the Groom.

  24. Dearest Dixie,
    We are both truly touched by your well wishes.
    Julie's poem was a wonderful surprise and we are so grateful to her.
    Geoffrey and I send you caring and magical wishes.
    With gratitude, your wee friend, Fidelina xx

  25. Best wishes go your way. I can't wait to see the photos of the "wee folk's wedding".

    This news has really cheered me up.

    I hope the rain stays away.



  26. Dear Fee,
    That is most kind of you to pass on your best wishes.
    Geoffrey and I hope that the magic of our wedding brings a smile to your face.
    Gary has told us that you do a very inspirational blog.
    We believe that it will be the perfect day, no matter what the skies above have in store for us.
    Thank you, Fee.
    Magical, positive wishes, your way, Fidelina x


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