Thursday, 11 March 2010

Fact Or Factoid?

The following statements may have some semblance of truth.  In fact, they may be facts or factoids.  I hang out with garden gnomes, a beautiful fairy princess (the 'wee folks'), a monkey , a hedgehog and a happy spoon.  The happy spoon, sadly, is very shy and refused to appear in the photograph.  I thought it would have made a stirring picture.  I went in search of the elusive 'Fartangi' creature on the planet 'Zardos 7' in the outer quadrant of sector 69; which is located in the far reaches of  the 'Ford' galaxy.  I once played goal in an ice hockey game without wearing a jockstrap.  (He types in a high-pitched voice).  I have never lost in an 'egg and spoon' race.  I am hero-worshipped by a colony of penguins near the settlement of McMurdo Station in Antarctica.  They think of me as some kind of 'Emperor'.  When the plane I'm in takes off; the penguins look up, fall over and flap their flippers in a fun-filled, fantastically friendly, frantic frenzy.
Some or all of the preceding statements may be true.  Fact or factoid?  Here's two more facts or factoids to make you wonder why you read this far....I live in a town named 'Leek'.  As part of a bet; I once spent an entire day dressed in a pink bunny costume. (Okay, I quite enjoyed the experience).
There you go.  Thankfully, a very brief blog.  I'm off now to sail the liquid nitrogen seas that are evidently on Triton, the largest moon of Neptune.  Yes, I typed 'Neptune' and not that other planet you may have been thinking of.


  1. I am so glad I had beers before reading this post..that is all I am saying

  2. Hello to the both of you.
    Well I'm completely sober. Okay a bit too much caffeine and my eyelids are wide open...Yikes...what have I written?

  3. That is really cool. The flow of the language, rhythm and imagery. I really like it.

  4. Dear Gary,
    Hmmm. Once again, the random musings of a clearly deranged mind. I can see, with my newly acquired status of "Dr. David", that I shall have to invent a new category of the "lunatic" for you.
    You may believe that you are worshipped by a group of penguins and that you come from a moon off Neptune, but you are clearly talking out of Uranus.
    Another very funny post, Gary, in a "I'm kind of worried for your state of mind" way.
    With Very Best Wishes,

  5. Hi Gary,

    I once enjoyed wearing a Dog costume. He was a Labrador. Pinkish, Greenish, Dark whitish(Is that a color?) and Black.
    Maybe, you can get your Bunny Costume. We can prepare a skit together...:)

    Who knows, we might get famous... lol

    Loved your post. Have a great day!

  6. Hiya Gare!!

    I'm disappointed that you left "Uranus" out from this wacky post. Just kidding. Seriously, you need to get the monkey out of the closet, I want to hear some monkey-history. Ha Ha.

    Oh there's our friend Mr.Stupid. Jolly fun man is back. Hi Mr.Stupid!!

    What am I doing, spamming! He He. I may need to go a make me some coffee, after reading this twice. You have a knack at making my mind travel to places.(in a Good Way, of course)


  7. I remember studying in school about Youranus. Quite remarkable, really.

    Yet another delightful, whimsical post you have cooked up. I trust the wee folk are having oodles and goodles of carefree fun. I wish I had a fairy princess to play with.

    What a wonderful fantasy you have inspired within me. :-)

    Take care, my friend

  8. Gary, I have decided definitely not to write a comment on this post.

  9. Hi MG,
    Thank you for your kind words. That is greatly appreciated.
    With respect, Gary :-)

  10. Dear David.
    Hello 'Doctor'. You reckon I'm some kind of new category for 'lunatic'. Well that kinda' makes sense. After all, I am planning a 'lunar' voyage to Triton. Which is the largest moon orbiting 'Neptune' and has no intentions of circling 'Uranus'.
    What do you mean? "You may believe that you are worshipped by a group of penguins" David, sorry, Doctor David, I suggest you go on down to the South Pole and ask my penguin friends yourself:-)
    Thanks for commenting. Perhaps I should make another appointment with you.
    With respect and delusions, Gary

  11. Hi Mr. Stupid,
    I'm so pleased to know you enjoyed wearing a dog costume. Did it feel a bit 'ruff'? Your description of said costume is rather colourful. Yes indeed, maybe you and I could do a skit together. I shall go and look for that bunny costume:-)
    Famous? Dude, you are already famous, every time I visit your site; you have even more adoring fans. Well deserved.
    Thanks, my friend, have a good weekend. With respect, Gary

  12. Hiya Shanaz@MyReverie,
    Sorry I didn't mention Uranus. I'm not sure if I'm allowed to 'get the monkey out of the closet'. Think that might be some kinda' innuendo.
    You want some monkey history? I think it might be time to let the monkey back out of the barrel. Now that will be fun.
    I see you know 'Mr. Stupid'. He wants to do a skit with me. I hope he would not be too 'star-struck' when he met me. I can see it now. 'Mr. Klahanie, may I please have your autograph?' asks 'Mr. Stupid':-)
    Thanks for your nice comment. Have a most enjoyable coffee and let your mind travel to magical places.
    With respect and peace, Gary :-)

  13. Hi Kelly,
    So you were studying 'Youranus' in school? Shouldn't you have been paying attention to the teacher? lol
    Thanks for your kind comments regarding this posting. The 'wee folks' and a certain beautiful fairy princess want to know when you are coming to visit them, big fella'.
    Wonderful fantasy eh? :-)
    Thanks friend and take good care.
    In peace, Gary

  14. Hi bazza,
    Bazza, thank you for deciding to definitely not leave a comment on this post.

  15. Let me guess, this one is caused by 200 grams of mushrooms. Did the wee folks give you another bag full of that stuff? Can you send some over coz it's quite hard to acquire that sort of thing on this side of the planet. I'm sure that won't be much of a problem considering that you've received the teleportation device I brought you as a present from my trip to... you guessed it right... URANUS!

    Nice one, Gary! You never fail to tear me a new wormhole right between my buttcheeks with your funny stuff. Raise the roof!!!

  16. Hey, no fair if you give mushrooms to Ryhen and not me. I want some, too. If you give him some and not me, I'll kidnap and sodomize your wee folk.

    Always the gentleman... and with respect,


  17. Hello Ryhen,
    Thanks for visiting.
    I note you have posted a new blog. I shall be coming over to comment soon. So, you have been warned lol.
    Mushrooms? You are not the first to make such a reference in regards to the gibberish I formulate by tapping on a few keys on my keyboard. However, my thoughts come from a clear mind? Okay a bit too much coffee; but that's it:-)
    The 'teleportation device' you sent me is not working properly. It has fumes coming out of it. Then again, as you mentioned, it came from 'Uranus'.
    Thanks for finding this posting funny. I appreciate your input.
    Peace and respect, your way, Gary:)

  18. Hi Kelly,
    I must let you know that there is no mushrooms. However, the 'wee folks' would gladly let you have a few 'toadstools':-)
    Thank you, Kelly. You are one heck of a fine gentleman.
    With respect, Gary

  19. Terrific post, Gary. I especially like the photo of the Wee Folks.


  20. Oh dear, you're not going to abuse your monkey again, are you?

    ~Monkey history? Closet? Hmmm...

  21. Hi Suzanne,
    Thanks for that. The 'wee folks', the hedgehog, the monkey and a very shy spoon, also thank you:-)
    Happy writing, Suzanne.
    With respect, Gary x

  22. Dear Dixie,
    I wonder if you have heard the expression 'spank the monkey'...
    Hmmm..I think my blog has become slightly on the innuendo side, just recently.
    Glad to see another blog from you, Dixie.
    With respect and a monkey and a closet, Gary:-)


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