Friday, 26 March 2010

An Engaging Announcement.

The 'wee folks' wish to make the following announcement.  "It is with great pleasure that we would like to inform you of the engagement of the beautiful fairy princess, 'Fidelina', and the garden gnome, 'Geoffrey'.  The arrangements and date of the wedding shall be published on this 'magic machine'; thanks to the cooperation of  our friend 'klahanie'."

And thus, the ongoing blossoming romance between the beautiful fairy princess and the garden gnome, grows ever stronger.  The essence and the purity of all-conquering love; brings lessons of hope for each and every one of us.  The world of the wee folks is a place of wonder, awe, inspiration and magic.  An enchanting world of kindness and compassion.
I will let you know when the wedding occurs.  It would be of great honour if you would grace them with your attendance; via the view through your 'magic machine'.
So to Fidelina and Geoffrey; here's to that wondrous day when you exchange vows and show your world and our world, the power of undying love. Now we wait for the wee folks wedding.  This has, indeed, been an engaging announcement.


  1. What stores have they registered at? After all, I want to give the future bride and groom a decent wedding gift.

  2. Hi Kelly,
    That's really thoughtful of you. They are currently registered at the wedding department of 'Wee-Mart'.
    Heck, at his rate, you might get to give away the bride lol
    Thanks, Kelly.
    Magic and stuff, Gary :-)

  3. They make a lovely couple and I can't wait to see pictures of the wedding and, eventually, pics of the beautiful flying gnome babies they will have.

    I'll keep my diary free for the wedding!

    Julie xx

  4. Congrats to Fidelina and Geoffrey!
    The photos are amazing, Gary. The wee folks look really happy!

    I wonder what wedding theme shall they pick, for the big Day. I suggest a summer-themed wedding, with lots of leaves and summery colors.

    A sprinkle of magic your way,
    Take care and thank you for sharing the engaging announcement!

  5. Gary, i was just wondering if some of my own wee fold will be allowed to attend the wedding. They are used to an old gnome, and will be instructed in the proper respect for small creatures with wings - but cats will be cats. If I can be their photographer, the cats will be left at home. You don't have much choice eh?

  6. Hi Julie,
    They will be so pleased to know that you will keep your diary free for the wedding. No doubt, the wee folks will have wee babies.
    Rumour has it that they may be doing a cover shoot for 'Better Gnomes and Gardens' :-)
    Thanks Julie.
    Magical wishes, your way, Gary and the 'wee folks' xx

  7. Hi Shanaz,
    I shall pass on your kind wishes.
    They most certainly do look like the perfect happy couple.
    I believe, according to my garden sources; that it will be very much an outdoors nature theme. Resplendent with gorgeous summer flowers.
    The 'wee folks' and myself, send you a sprinkling of magical thoughts. :-)

  8. Hi Bob,
    Cats from Corfu checking the collective clan? Hmmm...I suppose they could use another photographer. Perhaps you could liaise with the potential photographer from 'Better Gnomes and Gardens'?
    Cheers Bob. With respect, Gary :-)

  9. Oh how lovely, I shall go and buy a hat and a new dress! They do make a wonderful couple and I am sure they will have a marriage blessed with magic. Can't wait to see the wedding photos!
    A lovely heart warming post Gary.
    Best wishes

  10. Dear Gary,
    You have obviously inspired others to share in your delusional framework, which would tend to bring up the question- does a delusion cease to be a delusion if enough people believe in it?
    However, Gary, I would have to advise that you cease encouraging others to go along with the fancies of your fantastical mind in creating this spurious "cult of the wee people".
    Please, take others' health in to consideration, as well as your own.
    Yours with All The Best,
    "Doctor" David.
    P.S. When is the wedding? Can I come?

  11. Gary, Corfu cats do not 'liaise'. Any other photographers should ponder the value of tripods with two legs!

  12. A lovely idea, all the best with it! Hugs and love, Carole x

  13. Huge congratulations to the happy couple.


  14. Wow. This is great news. Congrats to Fidelina and Geoffrey! I will be at the wedding if I am done learning Teleportation! LOL
    Looking forward to many pics...:)

  15. Hi Diane,
    Wow, thanks for going to all the effort of getting a new hat and dress for this upcoming wonderful occasion.
    I've no doubt that it will be a magical wedding with magical photographs of the happy couple and the other 'wee folks':-)
    Thanks Diane. Magical wishes, your way, from the wee folks and me:-)

  16. Dear David,
    First of all, thanks for that phone call earlier. It bordered dangerously on an intelligent conversation:-)
    Anyway, 'Doctor' David, like you, these fine folks who have taken the time to comment; celebrate the ideals and the enchantment of the 'wee folks'.
    It would be great if you could attend their upcoming gala event.
    I'm sure there would be a place for some comedy entertainment.
    All the very best,David. With respect and no delusions, your way, Gary:-)

  17. Hi Bob,
    The 'liaise' offer was for you to work with the potential photographer from 'Better Gnomes and Gardens'.
    I've little doubt that the local cats will be wandering around the wedding.
    Take good care, Gary :-)

  18. Hi Carole,
    The 'wee folks' thank you for thinking their upcoming wedding is a lovely idea:-)
    With respect and kindness, Gary x

  19. Hi Suzanne,
    Awe, thanks for that. I shall pass on your good wishes.
    Happy writing, Suzanne.
    With respect and magic, Gary x

  20. Hi 'Mr. Stupid',
    The 'wee folks' hope you can make it to their wedding.
    Here's wishing you much success in your continuing 'Teleportation' lessons:-)
    If you can't make it; there should be plenty of photographs for you to look at through your 'magic machine'.
    Thanks and keeps smiling.
    With respect, Gary.

  21. They look like such a happy couple. I, too, will save the date.

  22. Hi D. Jean,
    They are most assuredly a happy couple. The 'wee folks' are most honoured that you will set aside the date of their upcoming wedding.
    With respect and magic, Gary :-)

  23. Congratulations! Looking forward to it, thanks for the invite!

  24. Hi Jaye,
    I shall pass on your good wishes to the 'wee folks'.
    I reckon with all your connections in the 'media'; this greatly anticipated wedding of the beautiful fairy princess and the garden gnome, can get world-wide recognition. Or, at least in Rochester lol
    Thanks Jaye. Kind wishes, Gary and the 'wee folks'.

  25. Hi Gary,
    An absolute lovely blog and photos. Please convey my 'congratulations and best wishes' to the happy couple.
    In peace,

  26. Have I found a kindred spirit or are we arch-enemies, hmm klahanie?

    For now, we will agree to disagree on the merits of garden gnomes and their relationships with fairy princesses. But best of luck with the nuptials.

    I'll be awaiting the upcoming event.

  27. Hi Dixie,
    Thank you kindly.
    I shall pass along your 'congratulations and best wishes' to the happy couple.
    I know they will be thrilled to realise all the support they are getting.
    With respect and kindness, Gary x

  28. Hi 'lifeshighway',
    Thank you for dropping by and responding to this upcoming magical occurrence.
    I reckon we are both good natured. And in so far as 'arch-enemies'; heck an arch has never given me any problems:-)
    You are most welcome to witness the event. Thanks.
    With respect and kindness, your way, Gary

  29. Ahhh. You can see how he truly adores her. Isn't love grand?

  30. Indeed, true love knows no boundaries :-)

  31. She's obviously a girl of culture besides charm. She knows a good dude when she sees one.

    Happiness to the loving couple and may they have years and years of bliss, followed by a baseball team of little gnomes.

  32. Hi Joylene,
    She certainly knows how to pick the finest in gnomes. Perhaps the fact his hat lights up; attracted her:-)
    'A baseball team of little gnomes'. Perfect! What would we call the team? 'The Good News Gnomes'? Bases loaded..swing and a's a 'Grand Slam Gnome Run'
    Thanks Joylene. I shall pass on your kind thoughts to them.
    With respect, Gary:-)


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