Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Seventeen Days In Vancouver.

For seventeen days I was back in my other home.  Through the magic of television and the internet; I was transported back to the land of 'glowing hearts'; I was back in Canada, back in Vancouver.  A land of such diversity, a land of many creeds and cultures.  The land of those proud and noble people; the First Nations tribes.
I saw the venues for the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics and the memories of youthful days, came flooding back.  'Hey', I thought, 'they're figure skating at the Pacific Coliseum.'  I recalled the ice hockey games and rock concerts I attended there.  'Wow! the opening and closing ceremonies are at B.C. Place Stadium.'  I remembered being there to see the first ever event.  Vancouver Whitecaps played before an enthusiastic crowd and Peter Beardsley scored the winning goal against the Seattle Sounders.  Yes, through the screen in my home in England, I saw the sights.  Heck, I recognise that tree.

For seventeen days I was back in Vancouver.  My 'body clock' went back eight time zones.  All through the night; I lived and breathed the wonders that were happening in my other home.  I thought of my friends, my family and the special memories I hold so dearly in my heart.  Even so far away; I sensed the great joy and pride that embraced all those I know and love.

The games started with such sadness.  A young man lost his life pursuing his Olympic dream.  Our thoughts are with Nodar Kumaritashvili and the people of Georgia.

I watched the Canada versus U.S.A. ice hockey, gold medal game.  I screamed with hysterical delight when Sidney Crosby scored the winning goal for Canada in 'sudden death' overtime.  My English neighbours must have wondered what was wrong with me.  I have some explaining to do eh?

And so, the Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver had drawn to a spectacular and thought provoking conclusion.  The family of humanity had gathered in the true spirit of the Olympic ideal.  Canada, a nation of glowing hearts.  Canada, you have shown the world a wonderful celebration of humanity at its finest.  The Olympic flame is now extinguished, but the afterglow of hope for Canada and for our world, burns bright.


  1. Well said Gary! Sounds like it was good to visit the sights of home. The Olympics were brilliant and I have also enjoyed every minute of them! You could tell the neighbors you saw a spider! LOL Have a great week!

  2. What an incredible post Gary, It is a wonderful description and though it started as you mentioned with sadness, it's wonderful to think of all those countries joining in peace and enjoying their sport.
    Thank you for sharing it and the photos are great.

  3. The true light of Canada shone brightly for all to see. It was perhaps the best Olympics I have seen. It had a beautiful venue, well-produced programs, and the best and brightest of the Sports world. These games gave the world a shining glimmer of Canada's light. You are right to be proud.

  4. I lived every minute of you 'being home' and enjoyed your pleasure in it too. Hugs... Carole x

  5. Dear Gary,
    You write evocatively of these games which I too have greatly enjoyed. I was particularly glad to see Canada whoop the USA in the hockey final. Indeed, your post makes me wonder why you ever left your beautiful homeland to come to the, erm, great city that is Stoke-on-Trent. In fact, I feel the sudden need to apologise for all that Stoke may have subjected you to. Still, here's to a great Olympics, the spirit they embodied, and most of all, Canada, a great place by all accounts- after all you come from there!
    Yours with Very Best Wishes,

  6. Beautiful post on the Olympics in Vancouver experience and recurrent trip back into time while you watched the whole thing through the "screen."

    Though I can't say that I had the time to watch the show on TV, but your photos and descriptions are enough to make me recall the times when I used to follow the old "Olympics" sessions on TV. I'd get the feeling of union with other fellow human beings through sports. Haha it's unexplainable, but you know what I'm saying. =)

    Have a very exciting day ahead, Gare. Smiles!!

  7. Hi Lorac,
    Thank you kindly for your very nice comment.
    I have felt like I was back in Canada. I am so proud and I sensed the joy of my friends and family in Vancouver.
    It must have been one heck of a very large spider; based on the screaming coming from my house:-)
    Here's wishing you a great week. I could drink an 'A&W' root beer, right about now..
    With respect and maple syrup, Gary

  8. Hi Diane,
    The celebration of humanity through the pure sense of the Olympic spirit; has given me and many folks, a 'feel good factor'. Long may this continue.
    Thank you for your comment. Have a wonderful day.
    In peace, Gary:-)

  9. Greetings askcherlock,
    It was a most excellent and inspiring Olympics. Canada, a nation of rather shy people, put on a display of national pride like I have never seen before.
    May the spirit displayed in this Olympics gather positive momentum for Canada and all the world.
    Thank you so much for a very thoughtful comment.
    With respect and kindness, Gary

  10. Dear Carole,
    Thank you so much for understanding and sharing in the moment that has left me with a sense of positive pride.
    Hugs, Gary x

  11. Dear David,
    You may have guessed that I was, shall I say, thrilled to the point of outrageous hysteria, when Canada scored that goal in overtime.
    The reasons I am here are very complicated. And yes, I do 'pine' for my other home. Yet, I do like it here and what the heck, I got to meet a thoroughly decent chap such as your good self. I think we have a mutual admiration society going on here, David.
    Here's hoping that what we saw at those marvellous Olympics in Vancouver; will make this planet a more positive place.
    Peace and respect, your way, Gary.

  12. Hi Shanaz,
    Yes I most certainly understand what you are saying.
    This Olympics was clear demonstration that we can, if we choose too, be a part of kind and caring human family. All here for each other.
    The power of friendly sporting competition is so much better than those who would find ways to undermine their fellow man.
    I hope you are having an awesome and peaceful day, Shanaz.
    With respect and smiles, Gary :-)

  13. Wow. I've always wanted to visit Canada someday, myself, even before your descriptions, but now I want to see it now more than ever. The way you describe the sights and the people make it sound fantastic. I would especially like to know more about the Indian tribes there, in person, to perhaps get a real feel for things.

    Take care, my friend.

  14. Hi Gary,
    My pleasure to read your post and feel the inspiration and joy you exude. Your excitement is contagious. Take care..
    In peace,

  15. Hi Kelly,
    I do hope you manage to make it up to Canada. It is a remarkable land with remarkable people.
    As I mentioned to you, I had the great honour of going on a walk in support of the indigenous tribes of British Columbia. It was called 'Moccasin Miles'. From Vancouver to a town, aptly named 'Hope, a distance of 100 miles, I spent 3 days with people of much pride and dignity, who were in touch with the pure essence of nature.
    Thanks Kelly. In peace and respect, Gary

  16. Dear Dixie,
    Thank you for sensing the great joy and pride I have experienced.
    Lets hope that a more positive world, where we care about all living creatures, is a contagious reality.
    Greatly appreciate your comments, Dixie.
    With kindness and peace, your way, Gary x

  17. It was wonderful, wasn't it. I swear, the house was shaking from all the screaming in our house. You should have seen the day our son carried the torch. My goodness, it was so exciting I had to retire early that night. LOL. I hope the feeling lasts.

    Glad you were transported home. That's a wonderful tribute to your memories.

  18. Hi Joylene,
    It was indeed wonderful. I'm still buzzin' over the whole experience.
    Wow, what a moment that must have been when your son carried the Olympic torch. I've no doubt it was a very proud occasion for him and for his loving family.
    My neighbours were most understanding about all the screaming coming from my house on Sunday night. So that's good.
    Thank you Joylene and happy writing. Go Canada go:-)
    With respect, Gary

  19. Thanks Canada and Vancouver for a wonderful winter Olympics.


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