Thursday, 28 April 2011

'X' Marks The Blogspot.

I note that the 'A to Z Blogging Challenge!', yes, complete with the exclamation mark, for dramatic impact,  is drawing to a conclusion!  Not sure what that conclusion might be, but what the hell, y'all have learnt a bit more about the alphabet.  
So, in the spirit of my alternative to that amazing 'challenge', I humbly present another instalment of the 'A to Zed Alphabet Challenge.'

'X' is for 'Xenaphobia', which of course, is the fear of a warrior princess from a foreign land.

'X' is for 'X-Ray Spex'.   Gosh, just think of all the fun you could have.  Be amazed and delighted, as you find that by wearing the glasses, you become a drooling, slobbering idiot who ends up being arrested, spends two days in jail and makes the front cover of the local newspaper as someone best avoided, because you are now known as the local pervert.  In fact, the lynch mob, strings you up, butt naked and smears you with your own saliva.  This does not bother you.  You find being publicly exposed and humiliated in front of a angry gang of local folks, rather erotic and sexually stimulating.

'X' is for 'X-Ray'.  Yes, this was predictable.  Bet you could see right through this one.  'Doh!'

'X' is for 'Xerox'.  Do you copy?

'X' is for The 'X Factor'.  Not to be confused with 'Max Factor'.  Did you hear what happened to 'Lady Clairol' ?  'Max Factor'!    Seriously, The X Factor is 'car crash' television, where you get to watch 'really talented' singers all vying to be the next musical sensation.  You sit there, watch the live show and secretly hope they screw up.   You want them to rush off the stage, head down to the judges and punch them all in the face.  And the winner of this 'reality' show?  The winner would be someone who is adored for five minutes and then forgotten about after six minutes.
Evidently, X Factor was a replacement show for 'Poop Idol'.

'X' is for 'Xanadu'.  Oh yes, the movie and the soundtrack.  This is guaranteed to make you want to vomit violently and spend the rest of your evening slumped over your toilet bowl.   Xanadu is as nauseatingly, sickly sweet as, gee whiz and shucks, 'Glee Club'.  Of course, those who are overwhelmed with boundless joy, watching Glee Club, are affectionately know as, 'Gleeks'.  Awe bless.  And Xanadu?  More like, 'Xanadon't'.

I know, there are load and loads of 'X's' that I could of used in this incredibly fascinating posting.  'X Box', The 'X Files', 'X-Force', 'Xmas' and 'X' partners.  However, I know I'm slightly ahead in the alphabet than they are.  Those who are excited to the point of piddling their pants, will know the 'A to Z Blogging Challenge' has only just reached 'W', 'Weeeeee'...and yippee!  and thus, I don't wish to give those participating, too many ideas.
So, it's time for me to 'X' it........


  1. You put us to shame oh Xcellent one!!!! You have Xcelled in X's.

  2. I'm imagining now people 'editing' and redoing their 'X' for you've used almost all of the axes! LOL! - That's right Gary, I'm laughing out aloud now, which is Ok, for no one is around except Ella and the goats...

    I was about to order that X -Spec then read about all the things that can happen to you, (slobering idiot ! LOL!)so changed my mind, not worth it eh.

    Great X-posures Gary - actually you are ahead of us - I just did my three 'W's - take a look?

    Life on The Farm

  3. X-Factor now boasts Simon Cowell and Paula Abdul. I wonder how long before Seacrest sees the writing on the wall, and jumps ship?

    And woot for Xena. Have you seen Spartacus: Blood and Sand? I grew up having a thing for Lucy Lawless, and Spartacus almost instantly became my favorite show.

  4. Hi mybabyjohn,
    I do try to 'Xceed' 'Xpectactions'. Note it was not, 'XXX' rated :)
    Have fun and keep enjoying that gosh darn fun 'challenge' that brings so many bloggers together. Together in harmony and joy and love and 'Xcitement'....:)

  5. Ah Grandpa,
    Yes indeed, I could have 'Xtracted' a few more ideas from my lil' ol' head :)
    Glad to see you enjoyed this and I'm sure your goat would appreciate how I like to 'kid' :)
    I reckon you would enjoy those 'X-Ray Spex'. Just think, you can have a look see through all your exotic fruit eh :)
    You want me to have a look at you doing three 'W's'? Okay, but I hope you flushed, first! :)
    'Xstatic' wishes, your way, Gary eh

  6. Howdy,
    Ah yes, we managed to get rid of that smug, stuck up his own ass, Simon Cowell, over to America. And, Paula Abdul, is she managing to string a coherent sentence together? :) Not much up on American versions of these 'reality' shows. I guess, this Seacrest dude is the presenter and will get pissed of with our buddy, Simon.
    I've seen bits of that film and well, bits of Lucy Lawless :) I'm wondering if you got posters of Lucy and Spartacus :) And of course, Lucy is a New Zealand icon and almost as popular as the kiwi bird and Lord of the Rings....
    Thanks dude :)

  7. You're too funny. "Do you copy?" haha. Too funny. Thanks, Gary! I needed that.

  8. Lots of X'cuses going on here. you could have rocked the A to Zed Challlenge, with your naughty X'petise.

    Well done, X'honorated one. Time for me to X'it, stage right. :P

  9. You did! You put us to shame! Xanadu...ugh! And x-ray spex = AWESOME!!! What letter comes tomorrow????

  10. awesome choices for X i loved the tv sow Xena and the movie Xanadu. haven't seen x factor but hope to watch it when it starts airing soon i miss my simon cowell.

  11. Xanadu is one of my ultimate favouritist (yes that;s a word, ask Penny!!) film ever!!! It's a classic!!! I wish I had a muse like Xanadu woman Olivia Newton John flouncing around in her floaty dress and rollerskates!!

    Xena!! I would love her more had it not been for her horrid and annoying and awful sidekick Gabrielle (spit) who just ruined everything for me!

    Thank you for this opportunity to x-tol the virtues of a great letter! Take care

  12. Xellent X words. I can't say I've ever seen X-factor or Xanadu or used Xerox--but what a funny post. :)

  13. Gary you X-rated genius, your X tales are just so amusing that I've decided to send you and Penny, the modest internet star, many slobbering XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXs from all the way here in Malaysia.

  14. I admit to being totally confused by Xanadu. I've no idea what that's all about. I don't watch Glee either but something tells me I should be glad about that.


  15. Hi Joylene,
    Do you copy? Do you copy, good buddy? Gosh, them were the days when like we all had CB radios eh
    Thanks Joylene, your are the bestest :)

  16. Hi Dixie,
    Ah yes, the 'A to Z Blogging Challenge!'. Amazing how that 'Xciting' 'Xhaltation' 'Xceeded' 'Xpectations'. Gosh, what a clever challenge they came up with!
    And yep, in the words of that legend, 'Snagglepuss', 'X it' stage left, even'<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
    Thanks, DiXie :)

  17. Gosh,Her highness, Samantha Vérant,

    "A million lights are dancing
    And there you are, a shooting star
    An everlasting world and you're here with me
    Xanadu--Xanadu (now we are here)
    In Xanadu(Xanadu)
    Xanadu--Xanadu (now we are here)
    In Xanadu" You may now puke! :)
    Do you think the 'blogger police' will give me a two posting ban? The very audacity to mock such an intriguing 'challenge'. Somebody hit me with a wet noodle.
    Ah yes, X-ray specs = 'Xhilarating' :)
    The next letter Samantha? 'Y' do you ask? LOL

  18. Hi becca,
    Me too, oh how I loved Xena. Oh Xena...Xena....sorry about that! :)
    And Xanadu, personally, I rather wear 'X-Ray Spex' and be strung up, buck naked, in front of an angry mob of Hillbillies:)
    And the 'X Factor', yes it's gone global and the good thing about that is Simon Cowell and his smug face is on American television. 'Simon, congratulations, you're through to the next round!'

  19. Howdy Old Kitty,
    Notice how I used 'howdy' cause y'all are trying to talk like an American n'stuff over at your site :) Does Charlie ever meow in an American accent?
    Penny tells me that 'favouritist', which, if you want to be like a Yank, is spelt, 'favoritist':) is like da bestest word ever! :)
    Xanadu, a "classic!!!" Yep, classic crap that makes me want to vomit in a really cute and gosh darn way :)
    'Xena', ah yes, Xena...did you know she hero worships me? And her sidekick, know what you're saying, but she might of made for a rather kinky threesome :)
    Thank you for 'Xtracting' some 'Xacting' 'Xcellence' from this 'Xasperating Xample of 'X'.
    And you take care and quite fittingly here's an

  20. Hi The Golden Eagle,
    Thanks you for your 'Xceptional' words on 'X'.
    Oh you must watch X factor and Xanadu. Life aint complete without experiencing the twee and nauseating delights of those two must viewing 'Xtravaganzas' :)
    'Xerox', beware of those who would copy:)
    And after 'X' all I can say is 'Y'? :)

  21. Hi Shanaz,
    'Y', thank 'U'. Of course, if I wanted to go slightly 'X-otic', you might consider me ummm...XXX-rated! :)
    My goodness, Shanaz. Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet star and my shy and humble self, are overwhelmed by your slobbering gesture! :)
    And thus, pawsitive wishes and doggy kisses from Penny and some slobbering from me, all the way from Canada, hang, not left yet Gary, all the way from England XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX eh :)

  22. Hi Jai,
    Xanadu is most confusing, but not confusing enough. I worked out enough to realise that I was going to be violently ill :)
    What? You've not watched 'Glee Club'? Jai, didn't you know it's the 'law' to watch Glee Club in America? You watch, you giggle and suddenly you think that 'Bambi', by comparison, is hard-core porn :)
    Cheers, Jai and would you please tell your American friends, 'it's 'Zed', not 'Zee', thank you :)

  23. Xactly what I needed! Gary your expertise has indeed xceeded xpectations.....The A to Zed challengers must be xasperated!

    I am out of exes....all gone. But I did visit the Xecutive branch of the US government today. The house is very white.

    Now, that I've determined that I have NOTHING clever to say, let me say this; Have an amazing trip to Vancouver. I hope you see a lot of Hockey, go to beautiful places, eat good food, and enjoy your family, and friends.

    take good care of yourself.

  24. Xanadon't & Xenaphobia - I snorted, inappropriate for a lady but it happens.

    You're so freaking awesome!!

  25. Hi Gary, I'm surprised you didn't mention your obsession with x-clamation marks(!)
    Or maybe it's my obsession (I can't seem to stop using them!)
    Click here for Bazza’s Blog ‘To Discover Ice’

  26. One of my greatest disappointments in life was discovering that Xray specs didn't really show me the naked women that I wanted to see. What a rip off!

    I'm sure you are sad that tomorrow will be Zee end of the Challenge.

    Hope you'll join us for The A to Z Challenge Reflections Post on Monday May 2nd.


  27. Hi THE SNEE,
    Very good and I won't come up with an Xcuse for not doing any more Xamples of X. Although, those who subjected themselves to the 'A to Z Blogging Challenge!', might be thinking of a few Xpletives!
    And speaking of a house that is very white, I believe that your 'intelligent' former President, signs his named like this, 'X'.
    Thanks Rebecca, I am leaving for Vancouver and all the parades in my honour (honor) on May 7. And thankfully, the Canucks are still in the Stanley Cup play-offs :)
    Thank you for your kind wishes eh.
    With respect and positive thoughts, your way, Gary :)

  28. Hi LilPixi,
    Hey, I'm very flattered that those two words made you snort :) Snort or no snort, you is a lovely lady! :)
    And LilPixi, you are freaking awesome and one heck of kind person.
    Thanks and make sure you're taking it easy :)

  29. Hi bazza,
    I know you have a bit of an obsession with the 'Xclamation' mark!
    However, compared to those that organised the 'A to Z Blogging Challenge!', you really need to catch up!!!! :)

  30. Hi Arlee Bird,
    I'm very sorry to read about your utter devastation over discovering that your 'X-Ray Spex' didn't work. Lee, surely you could have seen through that rip-off.
    Dude, the tears are welling up thinking that your challenge, which, of course, brought further awareness of you, I mean, the alphabet, will soon be over.
    And before 'Zee end', I'm still wondering 'Y' ?
    And gosh, your 'reflections' post. What will that entail? Looking at all the letters of the alphabet in a mirror? Heck friend, you should be just fine with capitalised 'A', 'H', 'I', 'M', 'O', 'T', 'U', 'V', 'W', 'X' and 'Y' . You're welcome.

    All the best and seriously, have fun.
    With respect and bonus 'Xclamation' mark, your way, Gary !

  31. aww Homie. Popped in from Sharon's blog. I'm a zedder too.

  32. Gidday Niki,
    Why thank you for popping in from Sharon's blog :)
    I'm living in England, but spent a good portion of my life in Vancouver, Canada. Now then, most Canadians, say 'Zed', also.
    I mean, for the letter 'A', as an example, you wouldn't say the 'Ah to Zee Blogging Challenge!'. Americans, some consistency, please:)
    Thanks Niki and thrilled to note you are involved with the 'A to Z Blogging Challenge!, yep, complete with the exclamation mark for dramatic impact!

  33. Amusing to think how much "X" is used in commercial items. Wonder what the marketing research might have been that determined "X" was a marketing sweet spot.

  34. LOL! Love your challenge entry. Especially 'Xerox, do you copy?' ROFL! I love it! :O)

  35. Hi Gary .. excellent Xs .. love the X-raySpecs .. I had to hop across the pond for mine .. but it was good to have a brief (paper underpant type) on the Californian coast ..

    Love these branded Xs .. and the WWWWWWWW Wedding .. - your non-favourite occupation .. hope the sun shone for your grassing it up outside with Penny .. while the rest of us glued ourselves to the box ..

    Cheers - Hilary .. here's a Zedddding weekend ..

  36. Hi Raining Acorns,
    Ah yes, brand 'X'. I wonder 'Y' they thought of using 'X':)
    I guess there was some sort of 'X Factor' involved in their strategy.
    Hope you are having a nice weekend.
    In kindness,Gary :)

  37. Hi Hilary,
    Thanks, and I'm pleased you thought it was 'Xcellent' :)
    Ah, so a bit of California dreamin' of 'X Ray Spex'. I've been to the coast of California, only for a brief while.
    Was there a wedding? Did I miss something? :)
    And yes, I was 'grassing' it up out in my garden with Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet star. I stared at the clothesline and felt really trippy as I was 'grassing' it up :)
    I hope you have managed to get unglued from your television :)
    Cheers Hilary and a bonus 'Zed', your way, Gary.

  38. Hi Madeleine,
    Of course, my challenge entry is my alternative to that ridiculously exhausting contest that so many endured :)
    Thanks for liking my 'Xerox' part. Do you copy? :)
    Thank you and enjoy the rest of the long weekend or bank holiday or whatever the heck we call it here:)

  39. Hi Gary .. no - wedding .. just an extinct butterfly for my X .. the Xerces Blue .. so I had to escape these shores to learn some more & post!!

    Cheers wish I had of been on holiday etc .. enjoy our public holiday weekend .. Hilary

  40. Hi Hilary,
    Ah, thanks for the follow-up info.
    Hope you enjoy the long holiday :)
    Kind wishes, Gary

  41. Oh no! The A to Z Blogging Challenge is coming to an end? How sad. I feel so bad for missing it all on all those blogs. (snicker) To tell you the truth, had you not mentioned this ultra-exciting challenge like three or four posts back, I never would have known about this important blogging phenomena. I thank you for this! Also: When I watched Xena she would give me an X-cellent boner. She had boobies. Whenever I was strung up, naked, with only my X-Ray Spex on my face, by a lynch mob, I would get an X-cellent boner then, too. Sometimes, for kicks, I would stick it directly into the Xerox but instead of making copies, it would just sit there and laugh at me. Oh what a joy XanaDuh was! I'm sure Gene Kelly was real proud of making that movie. Gosh. The only reason to watch that piece of shit was to see Olivia Newton John back then. Even though she wasn't naked in it, I could still fantasize about her being naked and get an X-cellent boner. Well, time for me to X'it, as Gary would say, before I say something crude. :) Wonderful post, my friend.

  42. Ah Kelly dude,
    Sadly, my friend, that amazing A to Z 'n'stuff challenge!, has finished. Now, I have to be careful how I phrase this, Kelly, because the blogging Mafia have been monitoring my postings. Of course, between you and me, the creators of that 'challenge' were doing it to increase interaction between the blogging community and had nothing to do with self-promotion of themselves. Of course not. Hang on, cynic alert! Dude, it was my pleasure to make you aware of such a 'fascinating' challenge that so many bloggers endured, almost felt obliged to do. And thus, my fellow non-conformist, you are welcome! :)
    Very good and with no 'Xpletives' from your good self. I'm glad you elaborated further on what you actually did. I didn't think it was fair in my posting to mention that I was talking about you.
    And, because I have so much respect for you, I have 'Xeroxed' copies of 'Xanadumb' photos for y'all, complete with Gene Kelly, Olivia Neutron Bomb and Xena the Warrior Princess n' stuff, wondering what happened to her career.
    And with the visual of 'Snagglepussy' whirling around in your head, I shall 'X-it....stage fright..'
    Cheers Kelly and I bet you're as thrilled as I am knowing that the 'A to Z Blogging Challenge!', will be even bigger n' better in 2012. Gosh!


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