Saturday, 9 April 2011

The 'Wee Folks' Springtime Special.

It had been a most wonderfully warm and sunny early spring day.  In the evening, I went for a gentle stroll in my garden and behold, there they were, the 'wee folks' and their friends.  
I listened to the music created by the orchestra of nature.  And to the sounds of such sweet symphony, the choir of the wee folks sang joyous songs of love, of peace, of kindness and compassion.  
I suddenly felt confused.  Perhaps my recollection of the wee folks and friends engaging in lustful frolic within the confines of my living room, was only a cynical dream.  I felt ashamed that I could possibly think of those sweet and innocent creatures in such dark and disillusioning way.

And now, with my head clear and my thoughts free, I wandered through my darkened garden,    Amongst the branches of a purple heather, looking so content, were Fidelina the beautiful fairy princess, her husband, Geoffrey the garden gnome and their lovely little boy child, Einahalk.  

Thus, it was now the wee small hours and the loving trio pondered the tranquil scene as the whirling breeze made the blades of grass, dance and sway, dance and sway.....

Up in the high elevation of the garden, Scarecat stood so proudly in front of blossomed daffodils.  Scarecat surveyed the magical world of the wee folks and knew that all was right in the enchanting lives of those blessed tiny creatures.
We, the people of the big world can live our lives where cynicism is our driving force.  We can believe that everyone has a hidden agenda and is waiting for the right moment to betray us.  Or, we can learn to trust, to care and remove the unfair labels that so many of us endure.  The wee folks live in a world where no judgement, no assumption is ever made.  Maybe one day, humanity will learn the lessons of the wee folks and finally realise that we are indeed, all different, all equal.


  1. Awww! They look so sweet! Not like before with those lurid smurks and grins. You always take us into your world of stories and end with fairness and love. I enjoy that very much. Take care.

  2. Let's all become gnomes!
    They know what to do, they can lead us to safety. Hooray!
    Have a great weekend Gary.
    Bazza’s Blog ‘To Discover Ice’

  3. I love your wee folk - such gorgeous happy pictures.

    There are quite a lot of folks out there who know that we are all different and all equal. At least online we can gather together and offer each other support.

  4. Thank you for the lovely photographs, and such happy thoughts. x

  5. The Wee Folks are wise and wonderful!

    Let's hope spring brings new beginnings, the impetus to start afresh and the courage to banish all darkness! Take care

  6. Hahaha, I kept waiting for the wee folks to either turn into purverts or sneak up on you and scare the beegeebees out of ya! But they were sweet and serene. And yes, I'm feeling so very ashamed. (head low)

  7. love these, theres something kind of ethereal and haunting about knomes.

  8. Be careful! Don't be fooled. Gnomes ARE evil. they may look sweet and innocent, cheerily tending their flower beds or vegatable patches but don't let this fool you. Think about the times little thngs have gone missing from the garden, you could have sworn you'd left there. Or suddenly stumbling or tripping over a smooth, flat surface with no obstructions.Perhaps you have stepped on a sharp, prickly object and then cannot find what it was that jabbed you. So be vigilant. Gnomes are concocting an elaborate evil plan for world dominaton. Gary. you have been warned!;)


  9. I so heart the wee folk. They really resonate with me for many reasons.

    And hey, wee folk need lovin' too. Nothin' they should be ashamed of.

    Thank you for yet another wonderful story, Gary. Hope you're having a lovely weekend.

  10. Hey Heather,
    Awe thanks. They are so adorable. Turns our the 'dark side' of the 'wee folks' was just a figment of an over active imagination :)
    I know we both try to convey a healthy balance in our writing. I do attempt to end a story on a positive note. Take care and talk soon.
    In kindness and magic, your way, Gary.

  11. Hey bazza,
    Why not, let's all become gnomes and elves and pixies and fairies...
    The 'wee folks' have a message for you, bazza. They send you peace, love and a variety of party props!
    Hope you have a great weekend, also.
    Take care eh,
    Gary :)

  12. Hey fairyhedgehog,
    I just know you love the 'wee folks' :)
    And quite right, more and more folks realise that we are all different and all equal. That can most assuredly be displayed through our online community.
    May you have a peaceful, magical weekend.
    In kindness, Gary :)

  13. Hi Carole,
    Thank you and the 'wee folks', thank you :)
    Hugs, your way, Gary x

  14. Hi Old Kitty,
    Absolutely, the 'wee folks' have wise and wonderful lessons that we can all embrace.
    That's very profound of you. May the new spring rejuvenate our hearts, minds and souls :)
    Have a lovely weekend.
    Kind wishes your way, Gary

  15. Are the Wee Folk recovering from their controversial public couch display last week? I suspect they are delighted to be outside frolicking in the grass, feeling the cool spring soil beneath their toes. We now know that the Wee Folk are not only sweet but have a sensual side as well. Isn't it good to be well-rounded? Teeheehee.

  16. Hi there Joylene,
    Oh my, sorry to 'disappoint' you :)
    Seriously, that other posting was trying to imply that the 'wee folks' and friends may have a 'weakness' that caused them to engage in lusting that contradicted the ideals that I tried to convey in other postings. Of course, it was only a 'dream sequence' of them in a 'wee folks alternate reality'.
    Now we know the truth and the cynical angle in that previous posting was merely a warped fantasy scene.
    Hope you have an awesome weekend, eh.
    In kindness and a British gnome, your way, Gary :)

  17. Hi Sy,
    Totally agree, there is a mystical and alluring aura about garden gnomes. They certainly have a good time in my garden :)
    Wishing you a peaceful weekend.
    In kindness and magic, your way, Gary.

  18. Hi GEM,
    Thank you for the warning. However, unless they are performing some kind of mind control over me, the gnomes in my garden have been most kind and caring :)
    What seems to cause any concerns or mysterious events in my garden are master minded by those creatures that have a truly evil plan to rule the world and turn us all into slaves as we labour away in a giant milk factory in Switzerland. Yes, those 'adorable' creatures some refer to as our feline 'friends'. Those same feline friends that cause havoc in my garden, and for good measure, shit in my vegetable patch :)
    Anyway,GEM, I do appreciate your well intentioned warning and I shall watch out for gnomes and also, those cute little bundles of purring joy :)
    Hope you have a lovely weekend.
    In kindness and a collection of garden gnomes, your way, Gary :)

  19. Hey LilPixi,
    I reckoned you could so relate to the true meaning of the 'wee folks'.
    The wee folks and all of us need to be and feel loved. I guess it just seemed rather different that the wee folks were having a wild n' kinky orgy with a bunch of stuffed toys :) Then again, what the hell!
    And thank you, LilPixi. You are a lovely lady and it's my privilege to know your good self :)
    May you have a peaceful, positive and magical weekend.
    In kindness and respect, your way, Gary :)

  20. Hey THE SNEE,
    The 'wee folks' have recovered from the figment of my imagination :)
    They are thrilled and filled with the joys of spring. Yes, it's spring, here. Sorry :)
    And yes, they are sensual and well- rounded :) I couldn't believe what they were doing under that giant psychedelic mushroom...well...ummmm....
    Thanks Rebecca and may you soon note some green grass :)
    Kind and magical wishes, Gary..

  21. i love your storie about the wee folks

  22. Hi becca,
    Thank you for that. If you ever wish to read the entire series, so far, clicking on the link 'wee folks' at the top, takes you to the very beginning :)
    Magical wishes, your way, Gary.

  23. Another world, and perhaps a far better one.
    thanks for dropping in on thefeatherednest

  24. Greetings mybabyjohn,
    And warm greetings to Canada, eh :)
    Indeed, my friend, a better world that humanity could truly learn from.
    And it was my pleasure to drop in on your site. Thank you for kindly linking in with mine.
    Have a peaceful weekend.
    Kind wishes, Gary.

  25. Sometimes it's hard to trust after you've been betrayed many times, especially when it's been by the same person over and over. Often it's even harder to cut the ties with the betrayer. Those people make it harder for us to trust others, but we have to remember that there are lots of wonderful people out there that deserve our friendship and trust...Great post, Gary! Deep stuff!

  26. Beautifully spoken - and reminds me of how we humans could learn from animals, too, who don't judge or love conditionally! Peace, CindyLu and Kim

  27. I had missed catching up on your blog Gary and to read about the magical world of the Wee Ones. If only human life could be like theirs all the time, we do indeed have a lot to learn from them.
    Hope you are enjoying this lovely spring weather, best wishes - Di x

  28. Ah a lesson from the wee folk. Cute! :O)

  29. Hi Penny, the Jack Russell dog and modest internet star!

    Just stopped by to catch up on the goings on of the wee folk in your garden. Are they fun to play with or don't they play?

    Hawk aka BrownDog

  30. Hi Gary.
    I sit, read and shake my head; your imagination and wit crack me up.

    It was good to see Einahalk. Hasn't grown much but it's a fairy's life, right?! (No pun intended.)

    I enjoyed your post. Take care.
    Happy Spring,


  31. All different, all equal. So simple.

    Love it.

  32. Hi Sharon,
    I totally understand what you are noting. In fact, like so many, I have been left devastated by the betrayal of someone I loved dearly.
    What I'm alluding to is folks I have met who automatically assume that I and everyone will betray them. They live their entire lives waiting for this alleged 'hidden agenda'. That is most sad, because, as we both know, there are sincere, genuine, honest people, out there.
    And thus, we agree and realise that not all folks will betray us. It is a blessing to have some wonderful friends who care for us in the good times and the bad.
    Thanks Sharon. I greatly appreciate your comment.
    In kindness and respect, Gary :)

  33. Hi CindyLu and Kim,
    Thank you and yes, the 'wee folks' embrace the beautiful ideals of the precious creatures on our fragile planet.
    The wee folks and our animal friends have lessons to teach mankind. If only we would learn.
    Peace and kindness, your way, Gary :)

  34. Hi Diane,
    Always lovely to see you hear, my dear friend :)
    Of course, the underlying theme in the 'wee folks' stories has been about unconditional love and never passing judgement or subjected others to unfair stigma.
    This weather has been spectacular and the wee folks and myself have been sorting out the garden :)
    Hope you had a most pleasant, early spring weekend.
    Magical wishes, Gary x

  35. Hi Madeleine,
    Indeed, lessons of love, from our wondrous little friends, the 'wee folks' :)
    Ah, must check out how you and all those other bloggers are doing in that 'Alphabet Challenge' :)
    Hope you had a lovely Sunday. Wondering if you got a break from the 'challenge' for good behaviour..
    Kind wishes, your way, Gary :)

  36. Howdy browndogcbr,
    Why thanking y'all kindly for dropping by Gary's lil' ol' blog n' stuff!
    The wee folks are good fun to play with. We share common ideals and wish to tell humans that it's time that they all got along :)
    Thank you Hawk aka Browndog.
    Pawsitive wishes and doggy kisses, your way, Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet star :)

  37. Hi Dixie,
    Thanks. I think my over active imagination might indicate I need to get out more. Well, checking out the 'wee folks', is a start.
    I know what you mean about 'Einahalk'. He hasn't grown any and he's still playing with those toy blocks :) May have to see if he grows any more. This may mean going to the 'fairy shop'. You must keep this a secret, Dixie :)
    Thank you and I hope that you are enjoying some nice spring weather.
    Kind wishes and magic, your way, Gary.

  38. Hi Chris,
    It would be nice if the human race embraced such simple, yet profound ideals :)
    Hope you had a very nice, peaceful weekend.
    With respect and kind wishes, Gary :)

  39. Dear Gary,
    So, the wee folk have reformed of their recent wicked ways. But, as someone says above, even wee folks need some lovin'. So, nothing to be ashamed of.
    It is nice, though, for the wee folks of our own world to be able to read your magical tale, without being met with the various x-rated shenanigans of the previous post!
    Apologies for not commenting sooner, and I shall be in touch soon concerning the small matter of meeting up before you jet off to Canada.
    Yours with Very Best Wishes,

  40. Gary, dude, I grok the meaning of what you say. There are many who can see only one side of reality and life or the other. Truth, beauty, lies ugliness. Accept it all, accept yourself, accept one another and be at peace. The Wee Folks have always been a metaphor, for me, in that they represent qualities that we should try to aspire to and characters that can act out our different manifestations of our psyche- whether it be acceptance, ability to trust, equality, lust, yearnings for peace and harmony and more. I grok the meaning, man. Maybe one day, we'll ALL be able to. Take care, man. Glad I could finally wake the heck up from my near coma to pay my respects here and leave a comment on this profound post.

  41. Were the lights off in your living room? And then you flicked them on, only to discover the wee folks "pretending" nothing was going on?

  42. When I walk down the path of spring I will watch and listen for the Wee Ones to advise me and help me bring greenery to my garden.
    Thank you for visiting
    Wanna buy a duck

  43. Dear David,
    Absolutely, even the 'wee folks' need to let their hair, their beards, their ummm..trousers, down..
    Ah yes, those shenanigans and of course, those lurid scenes were concocted by a somewhat dark and, as some might ascertain, a disturbing imagination. Never mind.
    No need to apologise for not commenting on a posting. I appreciate your comments, whenever you see fit. And it was, as per usual, a delight talking to your intellectual, Robin Hood lookalike, good self, on the phone.
    Kind wishes and a kiss from Fidelina, your way, Gary.

  44. Hey Kelly dude,
    Wow, you are, most assuredly and profoundly, on the wavelength of these 'wee folks' postings and the true underlying theme of what their message is.
    It is indeed a world where no judgement is passed, no label attached, no unfair stigma burdening a vulnerable soul.
    Good sir, your outstanding and thoughtful comment resonates with what mankind should aspire too. You, kind sir, are the epitome of understanding and truly know that we are all different, all equal. We must rejoice in diversity, rather than fear it.
    Glad that you have surfaced from dreamland and graced me with such an inspiring comment. Thank you.
    Peace and respect, Gary :)

  45. Hello and welcome Her highness, Samantha Vérant,
    Well, I flicked on the lights in my living room and there was no "pretending", going on. Then I woke up and realised it was all a dream that left be stunned and bewildered. I will admit I'm now somewhat nervous about the stuffed rabbit :)
    Thank you and I guess you will be at the Royal wedding.
    Take care, Gary :)

  46. Hi Manzanita,
    I've no doubt the the 'wee folks' in your garden will bring greenery and feelings of wondrous spring joy beating within your heart.
    Thank you for coming over and commenting on my site. It is most appreciated.
    In kindness, Gary :)

  47. Wonderful story! Wouldn't be nice to live in a world where no judgments are passed.

  48. Scene is not done! (grrrr!) - but I'm taking a break...

    These wee folk look like they're behaving much more nicely than the last bunch! Whew!

    I do hope humanity can achieve this one day - when I look at the students in my class I think we're moving in the right direction!

  49. Hi Greg,
    Thank you. That's very kind of you to say. Indeed, to live in a world without judgement and assumption. A world where we rejoice in the diversity of mankind.
    In kindness, Gary.

  50. Hi Jemi,
    Really glad you took time out from your scene to visit my shy and humble blog eh :)
    Hope you have managed to finish your scene.
    The 'wee folks', in all their innocent beauty have returned. I mean, we couldn't have naughty gnomes causing havoc in my living room :)
    Most encouraging to know the students in your classroom are embracing the ideals of a more caring world. Personally, I think a lot of the young folks these days get bad publicity. Often by very rude older people who should know better.
    Thanks Jemi and I do hope you have subscribed to follow-up comments on my site :) Take care eh.
    Kind wishes, Gary :)

  51. live simply... be here... and love...

    if bazza is going to become a gnome, can i become a pixie or a fairy?

  52. Greetings joanne,
    One moment please..just had to finish off my can of 'Sprite' :)

    "live simply... be here... and love..."

    Sounds like a good plan to me :)

    "if bazza is going to become a gnome, can i become a pixie or a fairy?"

    Although, in 'bazza's' world it's a case of, "Let's all become gnomes!"
    My dear friend, I think you are already a beautiful little fairy, flying around, dancing upon flower to flower and resonating peace, joy and love wherever you shall travel :)

  53. Hey, I just read that a gnome is..."a legendary creature resembling a tiny old man; lives in the depths of the earth and guards buried treasure"!
    Help, where's the treasure?Someone's taken it.

  54. Greetings bazza,
    Were you staring at the mirror after you read that and suddenly realised, 'gosh! who has stolen my buried treasure?'

  55. I loved reading your thoughts on the 'wee folks' gnomes : ) Aren't they just so happy to be!

  56. Hi SprigBlossoms,
    Thank you and I just love writing about the wonderful, enchanting, non-judgemental world of the 'wee folks' :)

  57. Ah the magical love of the wee folks, I wish we could bring into our own world.

  58. Hi lifeshighway,
    Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could learn the lessons of unconditional love so beautifully displayed by the wee folks :)

  59. Greetings my friend Gary, Penny the Jack Russell, modest internet star, and all the little wee folks of klahanie fairy land. It's good to be back and reading. Gary your style of fantasy is what 'kids books' are made of, and of course this resonates with me, the care free days of fantasy... Thanks for reminding me. Later....

  60. Greetings The Manic Chef,
    Myself, Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet star and of course, the 'wee folks', are delighted to see your return.
    Soon, we shall be paying a visit to your site and comment on your latest posting.
    My friend, I like to think that through this 'kids books' writing, that I, that we, focus on the wonder, the curiosity, the innocence, that is our 'inner child' :)
    May your inner child rejoice and my friend, welcome back! :)
    With much respect, your way, Gary and the entire cast and crew :)


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