Wednesday, 13 April 2011

The A To Zed Alphabet Challenge. Something Beginning with 'K'.

Well, I thought, yes I can think, well, I thought, what with that blogging challenge going on, the ( A to Z Blogging Challenge!), complete with the exclamation mark for dramatic impact.  You can find out about that amazing challenge, if you don't already know about it, over at this site:  Tossing It Out.    Now, of course, 'Tossing'  is a bit of a British innuendo, a euphism, that I won't go into detail here.   Thus, I thought, I might as well do my very own blog on a letter that's in theme with the letter 'K'.   And thus, today's posting is brought to you by the letter 'K'.
And speaking of  tossing, you might want to grab a 'Kleenex', which of course, 'Kleenex' is actually a brand name, but the makers of Kleenex are very pleased that you use their brand name in reference to a paper tissue.  Now, I wont take too long to do this posting, because I need to 'Hoover' the carpets.
O K, here we go.

Yep, that's me.  No, not a brand of cereal, but special 'Klahanie', the shy, humble, modest and unassuming blogger who just wants to interact and rejoice in the diversity of all those wonderful people out in 'Blogsville'.

'K' is for 'Kwik-Fit'.  Note the sheer joy of these dudes who just love to check out your exhaust system.

'K' is for 'K-Y Jelly'.  Make up your own jokes......

'K' is for 'Katie Price' aka 'Jordan', so loved and adored, they named a country after her.  Ah yes, Katie Price, best-selling 'author' and the inspiration for all aspiring writers, everywhere.

'K' is for 'Klahanie Swim Team'.  See that, I'm more popular than I realised.  They named a swimming team after 'me'.

'K' is for 'Kickapoo Joy Juice'.   Yeee haaa!!  The favourite ('favorite') drink of 'Lil Abner', but not exactly this version, y'all....

'K' is for 'K mart'.  Not as convenient as 'The Alphabet Store' in Leek, Staffordshire, but would have been ideal for anyone participating in the 'A to Z Blogging Challenge!' and needing ideas for the letter 'K'.

And thus, those of you involved in that thrilling challenge, what the 'L' is next? 


  1. Funny!! "m" not sure what is next.

  2. I went to K-Mart, but all they had were a bunch of old C's repackaged as K's.

    That's why I avoid that place and shop smart, at S-Mart.

  3. Hi Gary .. my guess would be "Lahanie" .. any luck?!

    What's in your store down the High Street ..that ABC shop? beginning with an "L" ..

    I know what mine is .. it's a secret for another few hours or more, actually ..

    Cheers for now - great K post! Hilary

  4. loved this post but i must say my favorite K word is klahanie

  5. Hi there mybabyjohn,
    What the 'L'? :)
    It's amazing just how much excitement is being created by that 'A to Z Blogging Challenge!'. No doubt, some blogger will be doing something about M&M's or Marshall Mathers....
    Take care friend.
    Kind wishes and an 'L' of a good time, your way, Gary :)

  6. K is also for KKK but I'm glad you didn't go there.

  7. Why howdy Nate,
    I kan believe that. I C U R in fine form:)
    Next thing you will note is 'Why' is 'Why' spelt with a 'W' and Why is 'You' spelt with a 'Y' ?
    Ah, America, from 'Cee to shining Cee'
    Thanks Nat and y'all have a nice day :)

  8. Hi Hilary,
    Good guess :) Of course, I'm not involved in that blogging 'challenge'. But I will go around and say 'L O' to many of those involved.
    In my 'A to Zed Shop', or for my 'vast' American audience, 'A to Zee Shop', on display in the 'L' section is a collection of 'L' plates for learner drivers, or in my case 'learner blogger' :)
    I shall duly pop over to your site and see what the 'L' you have done! :)
    Cheers Hilary.

  9. Hey becca,
    Awe thanks for that :) Your cheque's, sorry, 'check's', in the post! :)
    Kind wishes, Gary.

  10. Hi Michael Offutt,
    And, I'm glad you didn't go there, either.
    Thanks dude :)
    Kind wishes, Gary.

  11. Great post!

    I remain resolute in my opinion Klahanie is the best "K" word around. :D

    Thanks for your comments on my blog.

  12. Hello The Golden Eagle,
    Thank you for thinking this was a great post.
    And a huge thanks for thinking 'Klahanie' is the best 'K' word. Of course, we know that 'Klahanie' is a Chinook tribe word, basically meaning 'the great outdoors' :)
    Take good care and it's my pleasure to leave comments on your lovely site :)

  13. Yay for your K post!!!! No K-Y Jelly jokes, I'm afraid, just a lot of giggling and tee-hee-ing on my part! Tee-hee!!
    :-) Take care

  14. Hi Old Kitty,
    And 'K' is for 'Kitty' :)
    Yay for K and here's me thinking you might 'insert' a joke about 'K-Y Jelly' :)
    Take 'Kare' Kitty :)

  15. K is for Klahanie. How could anyone resist your kind, friendly, honest, and funny blog Gary. I know I Always look forward to your next post.
    You're right that the A to Zed challenge has taken the bloggy world by storm. Admittedly, I think it's fun to read the variety of posts. Everyone has a different take.

    So L...what will it be? I'm leaning towards a certain green vegetable related to garlic and the onion. Now pray tell...what could I possibly be talking about!
    stay well Gary.

  16. Hi THE SNEE,
    Rebecca, lovely Rebecca, I was just heading over to your awesome site when I noted you had so kindly left a 'komment' on my posting.
    That's very sweet of you to say and I'm like blushing n' stuff:) I do endeavour to come up with some semblance of writing mixed in with my gibberish.
    That 'A to Z Blogging Challenge!', yes complete with the exclamation mark for dramatic impact' has fired the hearts and imaginations of those involved in such a venture.
    Now mine is an alternative to it all. Yes, I've actually attempted a bit of satire.
    Now I do know what the 'L' you are talking about. And what the 'L', I'm starting to worry :) However, I would not 'leak' out any possible reference to a certain long green onion.
    In fact, the next time I do this alternative to that other much loved and much noticed 'challenge', it will be most likely on the letter 'X'. I've got big plans for the letter 'X'. Yes I do! :)
    Thanks Rebecca. Take very good care of yourself and your loved ones.
    With respect and what the 'L' have a bonus 'L' :)

  17. Oh my word! I remember that kwik-fit ad!


  18. Could "Klahanie" possibly be the name of a beach in Hawaii? Such a musical sound to the word...unlike K-Mart, Klingon, Kellogs, or say,
    Kwik -Shop, Kazoo,or, my favorite, Kleenex.
    No...has to be a beautiful white sand beach on Kauai.

  19. Now, Gary, why is it I think you're not too enamored of this type of blogger challenge? :) Still, you are contributing in your own inimitable way, yes?

  20. Hey -- L is for lovable, linguistic, laid-back, and long-lasting klahanie! Yay K.

  21. Although I enjoyed this post enormously, I'm afraid the A to Z Blogging Challenge has passed me by.
    I think it was Julian Cleary who said he was walking across a narrow rope-bridge and met a guy coming in the opposite direction. So he tossed him off!
    Bazza’s Blog ‘To Discover Ice’

  22. This A to Z Blogging Challenge is making my tiddly... wink. poot. I'm not sure I'm able to contain my excitement. Also: Is that Katie chick made of plastic? Or is she real and uses a spatula to apply make up on her face? Those dudes jumpin' up in the air over exhaust systems have never been laid, apparently, to get that worked up over car parts. I bet they use a lot of K-Y lube down in their parents' basements. Btw, K is not only for klahanie, it's for Kelly, too. I want to get in on this hot alphabet action, too. woo hoo! Crazy, funny post, my friend. Long live klahanie!

  23. L is for labia, of which I gently rest my head upon- for a sounder, more satisfying sleep. Aaaaaahh.

  24. Special K, now that's my favoruite anaology. Nice one! :O)

  25. Good grief Gary, I have never seen so many K in one place! But that oK!

    You may want your attorney to go after that cereal company that stole your logo eh.

    Come and take a look at my 'K' eh?

    Life on The Farm

  26. Like the different faces of "K" ! you are "K"lahanie many "K" s surrounds you ,buddy:)?

  27. Yes I find that Kleenex is very useful when "tossing" especially when the pancake misses the frying pan and lands on the floor! Very amusing post, thanks!

  28. Hi Jai Joshi,
    Ah yes, what an ad! :) To think, a bunch of dudes jumping up and down over the thought of checking your exhaust system :)
    I see you have put up another 'Vlog'. Must go and have a listen, cause I just love your accent :)
    Take good care of yourself.
    Kind wishes and a 'muffler', your way, Gary :)

  29. Hi Count Sneaky said...
    It does sound rather 'Hawaiiish' doesn't it. However, all was revealed, no not that, all was revealed in my second ever posting.
    'Klahanie' is a word from the Chinook Tribe who are located on the Pacific Northwest of North America. The definition of 'Klahanie', is generally accepted as meaning 'The Great Outdoors.'
    It does indeed sound better than your list of 'K's' And Kleenex, quite right is nothing to sneeze at.
    Hawaii? Not bad thanks. And you? :)
    Hope all is well with you and your loved ones.
    Kind wishes, Gary.

  30. Hi Raining Acorns,
    Me thinks you are rather perceptive :) Ironically, I am contributing to something I am not participating in. Hmmmm..that sounded like a contradiction. You would be right that I do my own thing. Still a bit of good natured ribbing of those involved with such a 'challenge', sure is fun! Oh, I'm such a rebel! :)
    Kind wishes and a copy of the alphabet, your way, Gary :)

  31. Hi Joylene Butler,
    How's it goin' eh? Just practising my Canadian :)
    Thank you. U R one 'L' of a good friend I M grateful to Know U.
    C U later A !
    Kind wishes and the letter 'A' your way, Gary :)

  32. Hi bazza,
    Well, and gee golly gosh, the 'A to Z Blogging Challenge! with the exclamation mark for dramatic impact, has actually passed me by, also. Have I broken some 'blogging law', by not being involved? Do I get a two blog ban or something?
    Well, I always knew that your buddy, Julian Clary was a bit of a 'tosser'!
    Thank you, old chap.
    Kind wishes and a tossed pizza, your way, Gary :)

  33. Aha Kelly dude n' stuff,
    Indeed, the 'A to Z Blogging Challenge!, 'thrills' me also. I cannot find the appropriate adjectives to describe the euphoria I'm experiencing over this amazing and yes titillating test of of one's ability to learn the alphabet, that little bit better. Wow wee and yippee!
    Katie aka Jordan, is England's answer to your good ol' Barbie doll. And she's like a really talented writer and like she can like really write really well and she is just so like talented and we are always wondering over here, what Katie will do next.
    Those dudes jumping up in the air are all excited about checking out your legendary exhaust system. Imagine them working on your exhaust pipe and checking your emissions. Kelly, are you getting excited n' stuff?
    They would like to demonstrate the find art of lubing you with a bit of K-Y. See Kelly, your life just gets better! :)
    Kelly, I deliberately omitted 'Kelly' from my 'fascinating' 'K' posting, because I reckoned y'all might want to point that out. Thank you. Long live 'K' for 'Kelly' and all hail the shy and modest, 'K' for 'Klahanie'! :)
    Kind wishes and three bonus letters, your way, 'X X X' rated n' stuff...

  34. Ah Kelly, thanks for your bonus 'komment'. Aren't I clever spelling 'comment' with a 'K'? No? O K.
    'L' is for 'Lick'....

  35. Hi Madeleine,
    Hey, thank you for your kind comment :) I guess I did okay with this. And considering I'm not even involved in the 'challenge', I'm feeling like some 'Special K', 'a cereal killer'. I could 'murder' a bowl of 'Special K':)

  36. Hi Grandpa,
    Good grief Grandpa, I M O K F U R O K. O K? (I am okay if you are okay) (Okay?)
    My lawyers are on the case. May have to compromise and settle for a years supply of 'K-Y Jelly' and 'Kleenex' :)
    What the 'L' you may have gone beyond 'K', by now. However, I shall be visiting your blog and leave one of my thought provoking and deeply philosophical comments :)
    Take care, dude.


  37. Hi UmaAnandane,
    I am 'K'lahanie. A shy and humble blogger who is surrounded by 'K's', especially when I visit 'K mart' :)
    Take 'kare' of yourself.
    In kindness, 'K'lahanie' :)

  38. Hi GEM,
    Very good! :) I flipped with delight when I read your comment. I'm now thinking of applying for a job as a 'pizza tosser':)
    Hope I get a decent sleep. Wouldn't want to be tossing and turning all night ...
    Thank you GEM. I hope you have a peaceful and positive weekend.
    In kindness and some maple syrup, your way, Gary :)

  39. lol...only YOU would include the K-Y! KLAHANIE is #1 for K :)

  40. Was this post Kosher? I didn't see the symbol and at this time of year we should be kareful.

    Leave to us Amerikans to brand everything like Kleenex. Why just a short while ago I had to set some Brit straight that the gelatin fruit flavored dessert is called Jello and not jelly. How ridikulous!

    I do however understand your perverse obsession with the letter 'K'. I also used to be a big fan of K-Mart until Target became the real klass act in discount shopping.

    Tossing It Out

  41. Hi CindyLu,
    Awe thanks:) And Klahanie sometimes does his fair share of 'Kidding' :)
    Take kare of yourself.
    In kindness and 'konfusion', Gary :)

  42. Hi Lee,
    Yes indeed, this post was 'Kosher' and approved by a Rabbi.
    That's right, y'all kall any jelly 'Jello'. Hell, as I mentioned to 'The Golden Eagle, you probably kall 'Jellyfish', 'Jellofish' :)
    Of kourse it's a perverse obsession to the letter 'K' I kan, klearly, karmly konfirm this to be true.
    And thanks for sharing that fascinating info in regards to the kurrent kondition of discount shopping in Amerika.
    Did you know that Zellers is a major discount shop in Kanada eh?
    Have fun with your 'alphabet challenge'.
    Take kare,

  43. Great Post! Glad I found your blog.

    I apologize that the A to Z challenge passed me buy may I eat kaka for life. I hope that when you judge my absence from this wonderful event you shall not send me to a Kangaroo court. Please judge me fairly.

    Since I fear for my life from I will be heading to Kansas City on my Kawasaki to study Karate to defend myself from any Kick in the ass that fellow bloggers might have in store for me. Be advised should you kick me in the ass I shall have it prepared with KY jelly to assure that the pain is minimized.

    Long live Klahanie!

  44. Great post, Lovely Gary.

    Every time the Special K advert is on tv, it will remind us of you.


  45. Hi Greg,
    Thank you and I'm so pleased you have visited my blog :)
    My friend, absolutely no need to apologise. I reckon you had better go and see those that set up the real 'A to Z Blogging Challenge!' you know, komplete with the dramatic exclamation mark, and beg them for forgiveness!
    No worries about going to some Kangaroo Kourt. Although you may be subjected to a bit of hip hop music as some kind of weird punishment.
    Hey dude, I like your style. Kompletely krazy kidding kan kompete klosely with the 'A to Z Challenge!' that's kausing so much gosh darn excitement in blogland from Ketchikan to Kalimazoo...
    Take kare and here's a truck load of K-Y Jelly :)
    Thanks Greg.
    In kindness and konsideration, Klahanie...

  46. Hi Suzanne,
    Thanks for that and it's lovely to see you. I've missed you, Suzanne :)
    Nice to know I remind you of a some lady in a red swimming suit LOL

  47. L for LOVE IT.

    I miss K-Mart in Kanada... I mean, Canada...

    Seriously?... Reeeally??... Seriously?


  48. Hi Stephanie,
    What the 'L' eh (A)? :)
    O Kanada! Hey, I reckon in the 'fascinating' 'A to Z challenge', I might just participate for the letter 'Z' and do a posting on 'Zellers' :)

  49. But, all in all, wouldn't you rather be in Kaui?
    Or perhaps, British Kolumbia? OK. Penny...your call. Kahlua? Krispy Kreme. Kibbles and Bits?

  50. Hey Count Sneaky,
    Sounds like a great idea. All though, I quite like visiting Keremeos, Kamloops and Kelwona, British Columbia :)
    Penny likes Kibbles n' Kits.


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