Tuesday, 5 April 2011

The A to Zed Alphabet Challenge.

This posting may have to do with a canine, a squealing pig, a croaky amphibian, a passionate kiss, a marshy swamp or British toilet, a portion of a tree trunk or to keep a record of something, a very low misty cloud, a gentle run or something that helps your memory.
Thus, this might just be a dog, hog, frog, snog, bog, log, fog, jog blog, but it isn't.

Actually, I've noted that a lot of bloggers are doing some kind of 'A to Z Blogging Challenge!'  Yep, even complete with an exclamation mark for dramatic impact!  Of course, I would call it the 'A to Zed Blogging Challenge!'  If y'all are living in the good ol' U.S. of A, you probably pronounce it the 'A to Zee Blogging Challenge!'
Well, as I've commented to a few bloggers, I don't need such a challenge because I've already learnt the alphabet.

I thought perhaps it might have something to do with the 'A to Z' challenge that is the great British road atlas.  Turns out it has nothing to do with that.  What it has to with is sort of explained in the next paragraph.

"What is the A to Z Challenge?
It’s blogging a letter of the alphabet every day (of) the month of April (with Sundays off for good 'behavior'.) It begins April First with the letter A and ends April 30 with the letter Z."  And yes, my spell check notes that 'behaviour' is spelt wrong.  
Well, that sounded easy enough.  Just write down the alphabet over twenty six days, starting with the letter 'A' and ending up with 'Z' or 'Zed' or 'Zee'.  I was hoping it could have been even easier than that. For instance just using bowels or constipation,  sorry, I mean vowels or consonants.  Hell,  vowels would have been super easy.   That would be five vowels, possibly six, if you include 'Y'.  
Then I discovered, with my keen sense of observation, that you were actually doing a topic beginning with the letter of the alphabet for that particular day.  I shudder to think what you might use as a topic for the letter 'F'.

And there I was, strolling through the lil' ol English town of Leek.  I thought about those participating in the A to Z Blogging Challenge! and what they might be using for inspiration for each letter.  Gosh kids, imagine my surprise when I came upon this newly opened store.  I bet there are loads of ideas for topics in 'The Alphabet Store'.  
Of course, if you wanted a real challenge when it comes to alphabets, you might consider the Tamil alphabet.  Tamil has 247 letters in it. 12 vowels, 18 consonants, 18x12 vowel-consonants and 1 special letter.  Wow, that would keep one busy over a month, (with Sundays off for good behaviour).
Okay, seriously, if you are involved with the A to Z Blogging Challenge!, here's wishing you all the very best and have some fun.  If you were trying to learn the alphabet, I leave you with this.
A - B - C - D - E - F - G
H - I - J - K - L - M - N - O - P
Q - R - S - T - U and V,
W - X - Y and Z
Now I know my A - B - C's
Next time won't you sing with me?


  1. Yay for the A-Z Street Map and the Alphabet Store!!!! For me the best homage to the A-Zed-ers would be to use the shortest alphabet on record - I think it's a language from the Soloman Islands - they only have 11 letters. That would be one letter every other day with the weekends off for bad behaviour!! I like that!

    Take care

  2. I'm singing! I love Gary's blog... I love Gary's blog... No he ain't no dog... Cuz Gary's Canada bound, but he ain't no hound. ...

    Yeah, well you try coming up with a word that rhymes with blog!

    Penny, that's no insult to you, darling.

  3. Old Kitty has the right idea, Gary, an alphabet with 11 letters, could do with that just now, I'm beginning to wilt and we're only up to E! x

  4. Hey Old Kitty,
    Or, in the case of the Americans, the 'A-Zee-ers' :)
    Yes, the alphabet with the shortest amount of letters would be a very good plan and well thought out by you.
    And thank you for spelling 'behaviour' correctly. We really must teach those Americans! :)
    You take care, eh.

  5. Well hello Joylene,
    Is there no end to your talent, Joylene? Established writer and now we discover, an accomplished poet, wouldn't you know it :)
    Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet star, can hardly wait for Gary to go afar.
    Soon be over there, eh.
    Cheers, Gary :)

  6. Hi Carole,
    Yes, Old Kitty has the right idea, much better idea than the Tamil alphabet :)
    I really must come over and check what you have written for 'E'. Please take it easy, Carole.
    In kindness, your way, Gary x

  7. Okay, Gary - now you made me go and google Tamil! lol I hadn't a clue about it. I may be from the states, but I'm not in on the A-Z thing, hence I don't get Sunday off for good BEHAVIOUR! Impressed? :)

  8. Hi CindyLu,
    No, I didn't think you were doing the 'A to Zee' challenge :) You may have realised, neither am I.
    That's quite the alphabet. Imagine being a Tamil blogger! :)
    I'm impressed with your'BEHAVIOUR'. Next thing you'll be spelling words like this, 'neighbour', 'colour', 'favourite'...and so much more...:)
    Thank y'all,
    Gary :)

  9. Gary that's "F"reaking funny!

    That abc song is the one I sing to my grandson every time I put him to sleep, until he asks me to change to ba ba black sheep - my old time favourite (spell check underlines that last word in red - I wonder why).

    Have a nice day my friend.

    Life on The Farm

  10. A to Z blog challenge, eh? Gosh, what will those highly imaginative bloggers think of next? Maybe a stupid question challenge? (inside joke, everyone)

    That's pretty dandy that you have an Alphabet Store in town, Gary. Have you ever gone inside to "catch some Z's?" Or some B's, in order to make a fine batch of honey? Or perhaps you picked up some T's at the store- just because you got thirs-T. G, I could come up with more, but I think you C the picture I'm laying out for ya, here. :)

    But, insincerely, thank you for going over the alphabet with me. Sometimes I forget what goes before what and what comes after the P. Oh wait, I know what comes after the P- the flush of my toilet. Ha ha. Gosh, I'm clever. Take care, Gary and keep smiling.

  11. Phew! Now I know F comes after E! Maybe P will be for Penny...

  12. heeheehee...I want to shake the blog world up, and create a Z to A challenge.

  13. Doh! Why didn't you post this before; I would have taken up the challenge. Possibly.
    By the way, the Chinese have around 5,000 characters (not letters as such) in their alphabet.
    Bazza’s Blog ‘To Discover Ice’

  14. Hi Gary.
    Such a great challenge.
    I use the police-military 'alpha-zebra' format.
    I probably won't join the challenge; I'm in portrait painting classes.
    A very funny and interesting post here. Love the photo; fits in with my image of lil' ol' Leek.
    Enjoy your week!

  15. Howdy Grandpa,
    Aha, what the 'F' are you on about? I guess, because I know the alphabet, 'F' will be your next post :)
    Nothing like a few 'favourite nursery rhymes to soothe the little ones. And something tells me you might have your spell check set up in 'American English'. Oh my, it's such an 'honor' (sorry English spell check) to have you visit my shy and humble blog :)
    And may y'all have a nice day eh :)
    Take good care, my friend.

  16. Hi there Kelly,
    Ah yes, this 'learning the alphabet' challenge has spread all over blogland. Just think what fun you might possibly have with the letter 'F', or gosh and good golly 'K' as in today's letter is 'K' for 'Kelly' and his awesome postings.
    You know, I think this is a bit of a rip-off from 'Sesame Street'.
    Anyway, an 'ask a stupid question' blogging challenge would be wonderful n'stuff. Which makes me realise that is what you have done over at your award winning site. Of course, we wont promote you, because I've decided to finally become self-obsessed and self-promoting. Must keep up with those 'must read' blogs :)
    I've not been into the 'Alphabet Store', just yet. I'm loving your very clever, almost bordering on outstanding play on letters. So nice of you to take the P. In fact, I C U R O so funny n' stuff :)
    My pleasure to go over the alphabet with you. Maybe some other bloggers will find inspiration from all of this in their amazing 'A to Z Blogging Challenge!.
    Gosh, you are so clever dude.
    C U...C U N L, my friend, C U N L

  17. Hi y'all Her highness, Samantha Vérant,
    I consider this my blogging duty to help any blogger who is struggling with the order the letters are in the alphabet :)
    PS. 'P' will be for 'Penny' and 'S' will be for 'Samantha'.
    Thank you, your highness. Always nice to have blogging royalty grace me, yes me, shy and humble me, with a visit :)

  18. Hi THE SNEE,
    Rebecca, you rebel you! :) I wonder if the upper echelons of blogland would allow such 'blasphemy'!
    Today's subject begins with 'Z' or 'Zed' or 'Zee'...Thus I would like to write about nothing or 'Zero'.
    Take care, my dear friend and keep smiling :)
    In kindness and a 'P' your way, Gary :)

  19. Hello bazza,
    My illustrious friend, it's been all over blogland. Some really influential and important writers n' stuff have set up this really fun thing to do.
    I just knew you would mention the Chinese characters. Of course, technically, this is supposedly some kind of 'alphabet' challenge and thus letters are required, I guess. Yes, I'm confused.
    Take care and I send you the letter 'O', just for the heck of it :)

  20. Hi Dixie,
    It sure is a great challenge and I'm hoping more folks will drop by who are struggling with the alphabet :)
    Ah, yes 'Alpha to Zulu or Zebra' challenge. I'm wondering if you pronounce 'Zebra' 'Zeebra' :)
    Really pleased that you are maintaining positive distractions and I'm sure you are enjoying your portrait painting classes. Wonder if that's painting or posing :)
    Thank you for liking this posting. And that photo just about sums up 'lil' ol Leek....
    Take very good care of yourself, Dixie.
    In kindness and a 'Bravo', your way, Gary :)

  21. It's the 7th and I should be ready - but I'm still struggling with my 'F' word! Not that there aren't any but those that came to mind are all nasty ones, and I'm not a nasty sort of person.

    I have until midnight tonight to come out with something, otherwise I'll turn into a frog or something. I hope I'll think of something before then...

    Have a peaceful day and take care, my friend.

    Life on The Farm

  22. Hi Grandpa,
    Well,'Frog' starts with an 'F'. I guess you'd better hop to it and put up a 'riveting' posting :)
    Seriously, you'll be fine and no doubt, your 'F' word posting will be fabulously fittingly fun-filled fantastic!
    In peace and kindness, to you, my friend, Gary :)

  23. Dear Gary,
    Ah, the alphabet. What a wonderful subject for a blog.
    As you will know, Gary, I am something of a "word-smith", so I do know my A, B, C's. The A-Z blogging challenge, however, seems a little difficult. I'm sure you could do it though, being as creative and hairy as you are! (exclamation mark- or "point", if you're American- for effect).
    Yours with Very Best Wishes,

  24. Love the pic of the Alphabet store. Very amusing post :O)

  25. 247 letters in Tamil?! I can't imagine remembering those . . . forget using them. :P

    Loved reading the post!

  26. Dear David,
    Yes indeed, my intellectual friend of wit, charm and an overly large vocabulary. The alphabet is a wonderful subject for a blog.
    It's also so inspiring to see so many bloggers keenly taking up that 'A to Z Blogging Challenge!' It heartens me to know they are trying to familiarise themselves with the awesomeness of the alphabet!
    I could of taken up the challenge, but I, like you, do my own thing and that's the way it will stay.
    However, I'm having loads of fun as they work there way through the alphabet. Must go and check out how the 'F' they are all doing and 'G'. wont that be exciting!
    And now I will finish my comment with the over usage of the exclamation mark, if you get my point !!!!!!!!!!!!
    Kind wishes, your way, Gary.

  27. Hi Madeleine,
    How the 'F' are you ? :)
    That photo was just perfect and I couldn't believe it when I saw that store.
    Hope you are having a really neat time, along with all those others who have this urge to take up the challenge to learn the alphabet :)
    Take care, Gary :)

  28. Hello The Golden Eagle,
    Oh my, the Tamil alphabet would have given y'all quite the challenge. Heck, none of you doing the 'Alapabet Blogging Challenge!', would have time for any sleep :)
    Thank you for visiting and take very good care.
    In kindness, Gary :)

  29. Wonderful post Gary! I'm doing the a-z challenge. I picked out a topic for the whole month. I don't think I could have done it without having a plan. My normal blog plan is...well I don't plan. I write whatever is on my mind at that particular moment. Last time I looked there were over 1200 people signed up for the a-z chalenge!!

  30. Hi Gary .. that's a really fun post - and your photo of the Alphabet shop - what an extraordinary coincidence .. perhaps we should invite them to the A - Z challenge ...?

    Thanks so much for coming by to my bit of the A - Z posts! Always appreciate your written words ..

    I'd forgotten you're Canada bound -- fun times ahead ..

    Loved this post - me too .. am singing along with Joylene .. cheers Hilary

  31. Sometimes a little challenge can go long ways in motivating us towards our goals....I usually follow my heart and do what is realistically achievable for me : ) Enjoyed reading your thoughts!

  32. Hi Sharon,
    Thank you for the compliment. Pleased to know you are taking up the 'A to Z Challenge'. And I'm sure you will have fun :)
    Of course, I don't have a blog plan and I certainly wouldn't want to get involved with the 'challenge' :)
    Like you, I write whatever is on my mind and thus, this whole thing is something I would totally avoid.
    Over 1200 people taking up the challenge. Yikes! :) I quoted what the challenge entailed, within my posting and corrected the grammar mistakes..
    Have a wonderful weekend.
    Kind wishes, Gary :)

  33. Hi Hilary,
    Thanks and it was a fun post to write. I couldn't believe my luck when I happened upon that shop in Leek :) Maybe they would like to be involved with 'A to Z Challenge'. They certainly have the aptly named store! :)
    My pleasure visiting your site and a number of other blogs that are involved with going through the alphabet. Good to learn or get acquainted with the alphabet :)
    Hilary, 'G', I'm taking a Guess that the letter 'G' is next..
    For sure, fun times ahead in Canada...my adoring fans, parades in my honour and a national holiday to celebrate my arrival :)
    Thanks Hilary and what say, Joylene, your good self, shy and humble me and a whole bunch of bloggers sing , 'The Alphabet Song'? :)
    Cheers Hilary and have a lovely weekend.
    Kind wishes and a bonus letter 'H', your way, Gary.

  34. Hi SprigBlossoms,
    Completely agree. A challenge can be just the catalyst to move us along that pathway that fulfils our dreams, our hopes, our aspirations.
    Like you, I do not try to live up to unrealistic expectations. I just try to live my life and write my life, without unneeded pressure.
    Thank you so much for your wise words :) And I think you do a remarkable, thoughtful and inspirational blog.
    With respect and positive wishes, your way, Gary :)

  35. Loved your sense of humor here. Thank you for stopping by my blog to leave the comment so I'd find this.

    When I started this wacky A to Z Challenge idea last year I didn't really understand much about blogging and I thought it was all a goof. I immediately recognized how it was just the sort of catalyst that many bloggers need or want.

    This year I haven't been overly surprised by the response. The A to Z event is fun and a fantastic way to network--although with over 1200 bloggers on board it is a bit overwhelming. Don't know how I'll handle the 12,000 we'll be apt to get next year.

    Hope you've had a chance to read some of the incredible posts that participants have put up. There is some excellent talent involved in this Challenge and it has been very enjoyable to read many of the posts.

    Maybe next year you can join us. More humor is always welcome and it fun to get a friendly poke sometimes too. Thanks for this fun post.

    Oh, thanks for the follow and I am now following you as well.

    Tossing It Out
    Twitter hashtag: #atozchallenge

  36. Yeah yeah..sounds a bit crazy though !well,I'm one of the " A to Zed " Challenge participant and in someway gets me my home work done .lol..

    Yes,I like the Tamil challenge and being a Tamilian ,it will be great writing one.Let me think about it.
    And when I'm done,I will link back it in your comment section ..here..
    Thanks for the inspiration .Dont think me as I am freaking free ...I got my works to do too..yet I find poetry quite amusing to my little brain .
    Here,I follow you now buddy :)

  37. Tamil alphabets..wow! I know I am a tamilian and those alphabets are no fun..
    And it isnt easy to do a challenge with some of those alphabets cant be used at all. And many words doesnt start with some alphabets..
    Let me stick with easy and universal language:)

  38. Nicely done~ I found you over at Arlee's, thought I would stop by~
    Hawaiian alphabet is different from ours; C, J, Q and X are missing.
    Nice to meet you~ I'd like to check out that Alphabet Store~

  39. Great post! Wonderful sense of humor. OH you were serious... Glad I stopped by, totally enjoyed the read!

    Gregg Metcalf
    Colossians 1:28-29

    Gospel-driven Disciples

  40. If only there was an Alphabet Store here in the U.S. I could use some more U's for when I channel my inner Python or a bit of Fry. And what's the exchange rate for Zee to Zed?

    Great post, Gary!

  41. Greetings Arlee Bird,
    Thank you and thanks for being such a good sport :) It's very much out of character, for me, yes, shy and humble me, to visit a site, such as your good self's and self-promote like I did. Delighted that you came over and visited this unassuming and modest site.
    Indeed, your "wacky" 'A to Z Challenge' might just be the incentive that some bloggers would like to get some momentum going. Thus, very good show and I hope you and all involved, get a lot out of it. May all who do the challenge embrace the magic and the power of the written word.
    Very pleased that your challenge has been such a success and you envision even better participation, next year. I'm sure you will be fine with the anticipated 12,000 participants, in the following year. The blogging community can be a wonderful way of interacting and learning about each other. I have been honoured to have interacted with many bloggers amongst the great diversity that is mankind.
    I have read many of those amazing postings and many on my blog list are involved. In fact, I've had a great time visiting those sites and leaving a comment.
    Arlee, if I joined, it would approached by me in several ways. I do a wide variety of genres and invariably, if I got involved, there would be a number of 'tongue-in-cheek, satire postings.
    Thanks again for taking this in the good spirit it was intended and bringing further awareness of the alphabet. Now then, why am I still thinking of 'Sesame Street'? The following blog episode is brought to you by the letter 'Zed' :)
    And thank you for reciprocating and linking into my evidently 'well-kept secret' blog, I state, ever so modestly.
    Take care and have fun.
    With respect and a bonus letter, your way, Gary :)

  42. Hi UmaAnandane,
    Hi there. Hey, that's really neat that you are involved in the 'A to Zed Alphabet Challenge.' It's really exciting learning even more about the alphabet and getting your home work done :)
    Wow, if you took up the challenge in your Tamil alphabet, my new buddy, you would never have a chance for sleep or home work :)
    Please let me know how you get on with that possible plan. I'd be most interested.
    My role in life is to provide inspiration and deeply profound thoughts about things like the alphabet, any alphabet. Heck it's as easy as 'ABC'..or whatever:)
    Poetry in nice, heck I didn't have to think twice, must go now and have some rice...
    Thank you and may you have a peaceful, poetic day.
    And I have had the great honour of linking into your blog :)
    With respect and kind wishes, your way, Gary :)

  43. Hi meandmythinkingcap,
    Aha, based on what you have written, I reckon that sticking with the 26 letter alphabet would be the best option. An even better option would be using only vowels and thus that's 5 or 6 postings in regards to the alphabet, in one month. Did I mention I'm lazy? :)
    Thank you and have a most pleasant day.
    In kindness, Gary :)

  44. Hi Ella,
    Why thank you very much. And thanks for visiting my blog. That's very much appreciated. Very interesting fact about the Hawaiian alphabet.
    Very nice meeting you and the Alphabet Store seems like a fantastic place to get blogging ideas :)
    Kind wishes, your way, Gary.

  45. Hi Gregg,
    Thanks for that. It was my feeble attempt at a bit of humour (humor) and yes, in my own way, I was poking fun at the 'Challenge' in a serious kind of way. What I just wrote, most likely, made no sense at all. No change, there then.
    I'm very glad you stopped by and I'm glad you liked it.
    Take very good care.
    With respect, Gary :)

  46. Hi Nate,
    Well, I'm sure y'all will get an 'Alphabet Store' over there, in the U.S. of A :) It only seems right and maybe the store would supply you with a few bonus 'Zee's and in the British and Canadian section of the store, a few bonus 'Zeds' :)
    Ah Python. Dude, we can make Monty Python seem like serious drama.
    The 'Zed', as of today's Exchange rate is worth 1 and one half 'Zee's'.
    'I' would like to say 'B'fore 'I' go, it was nice meeting 'U'. 'C' 'U' and take good care 'A'.
    Kind wishes and a bonus 'Zed' your way, Gary :)

  47. I love your humor. Found you through Arlee Bird's post today, and I am so glad I stopped by to visit.

  48. Greetings ~Rasz~,
    I appreciate that and I'm grateful that you dropped by via Arlee Bird's post on the much adored letter of the alphabet 'I':)
    And because I already know the alphabet, something tells me a bunch of bloggers will be doing postings on the letter 'J'. Hmmm...'something beginning with 'J'...'jockstrap' :)
    Take good care.
    Kind wishes, Gary.

  49. Well Gary and all other bloggers, it looks like I missed this one. And that is a shame, it would have been a good challenge for me...oh well, that's the price for taking a break. I enjoyed reading this entry, your writing...is....well....I've got a long way to go. Later....

  50. Hi The Manic Chef,
    Actually, I missed the 'A to Z Blogging Challenge!', also. My posting was a satirical, good natured dig at those who are subjecting themselves to such a challenge. I shall be glad when my blogging friends reach the letter 'Z' and they get back to a more normal routine.
    Anyway, dude, I'm glad you liked my satirical spoof on that challenge :)
    Take good care of yourself.
    In kindness, Gary :)

  51. OK then, now I don't feel so bad,that I did not get caught up in the 'spoof', YAY!!!!! Now I have peace, your a good friend.....Charlie Brown.......

  52. Hi there The Manic Chef,
    Yeah, for sure man. My posting really was just a bit of silly fun. I reckon Charlie Brown and indeed, Snoopy, would have thought this was well cool.
    Take care and keep smiling eh :)


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