Monday, 3 January 2011

Welcome To The Future?

Well, here we are.  Yes indeed, we have arrived into the future.  You remember the future they told us about?  The big predictions?  We would all have a robot to clean the house, cook the food and satisfy our sexual fantasies.  Forget the last part of the previous sentence.  We would be dressed like the folks in 'Star Trek', or, at the very least, be wearing clothes made out of tin foil.  They predicted a manned landing on Mars by 1977. Some even claimed we'd have a man on the Moon by the end of the 1960's!....or compromise and attempt to land a man on the Nevada desert.  Yet, the biggest prediction was that we'd now being hovering about in flying cars.
I was really looking forward to having a flying car.  No more worries about worn tyres (tires) or paying, as they have here in Britain, 'road tax'.  Then again, when that day does arrive, and we fly up there in the skies, no doubt, we will have to pay 'air tax'.   Yes, I know, insurance rates will be 'sky high'.
I've always blamed this promise of flying cars on 'The Jetsons'.  A close second would be seeing that darned DeLorean car in, 'Back to the Future'.  And please, don't get me started on 'Chitty Chitty Bang Bang'.

Of course, some of the predicted inventions have come to fruition.  Who could resist the 'affection' of a 'robot dog'?

And who wouldn't be charmed by this invention?  Ah yes, the blue robot cat.  Safe bet that a robot cat wouldn't be straying in my garden and crapping on my cabbages.

'Robot dog?' says Penny.  Don't worry Penny.  That's one invention that doesn't interest me.
Now, if only they could finally invent the 'Dick Tracy' watch.  They have?  Of course, the mobile phone.  That would be that really fun invention that lets you delight in overhearing those fascinating conversations of total strangers.  Welcome to the future?  Must go now and see if they have invented a non-stick frying pan that actually works.


  1. I hate that part where someone talks and you answer, not realizing they are talking on a cell phone.

  2. Am I living in the future now? I didn't even realize it.. Hmmm.. oh well.. I really don't like robots running around my house.. makes me nervous. they might start a fire when they over heat... x) hahaha.. Hi Gary!

  3. The thing about the future is that progress is made in ways that aren't predicted. Even, say, ten years ago who would have predicted the domination of the internet and personal computers?
    Also I think 'crap on my cabbages' could be a wonderful eupemism for some thing - not sure what just yet!
    Bazza’s Blog ‘To Discover Ice’

  4. I loved the Jetsons! And I want a flying car too. I mean, come on, there must be a prototype out there some where, right? I will gladly ignore the Trekkie and tinfoil outfits, however. And robot dogs. give Penny a big hug! Happy New Year, Gary!

  5. I for one wish to all the gods and goddesses of invention that a Transporter of the Star Trek kind would be invented already!! Just think - bye bye National Express East Anglia Signal Failures, Overhead Power Line Problems and Planned Engineering Works - and Hello sexy smart pink badge I may wear on my person and all I have to do is touch and say "Beam me up!". A Mr Scotty would be nice but not essential.

    Take care

  6. Hi Gary, Semantics I know, but, the future isn't here yet. Oh, there it is, damm, gone again. Why is it that whenever we catch the future it becomes today, and then before we know it, it becomes yesterday???
    Phylosophicaly, I live for today, because who knows what tomorrow brings. I find planning quite pointless because things rarely turn out how I expect, so lets live in the moment.
    One thing I can be sure of is now is now, damm it has become then already. There it is..... gone again.
    Happy new moment

  7. LOL Gary! Way to start the blog year! You touched on so many Snee favorites,"Jetsons, Star Trek, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Back To The Future". It's a good thing we don't have flying cars now. With all the air security concerns, and bird collisions, I'm afraid my travels would be quite inhibited. We have never had a robodog, but my girls had FERBIES. Anyone seen that blast from the past? HAPPY NEW YEAR!

  8. Hi middle child,
    Very good :-) And I hate when someone visits me and ends up having a conversation with somebody on their cell phone and completely ignores me.
    Take care, Gary.

  9. Hi Kamila,
    I think you are now living in the now, now:-) Now, I know why I put a question mark on the title of the posting.
    Of course, if your robot in question was a robot cat, it would overheat, start a fire and take off out the robot cat flap LOL
    All the best to you, Gary
    x :-)

  10. Hi bazza,
    Very true about the future. However, I reckon that Nostradamus probably predicted the internet and personal computers :-)
    A euphemism eh? Maybe Ginger the cat could up with a response.
    Take care, bazza.
    Cheers, Gary.

  11. Hi Samantha,
    Okay, I love the Jetsons and their darned robot dog 'Astro'.
    Yes, you would think they'd have supplied us with a flying car, by now. Just wondering, when it does happen, which side of the sky would we drive on? LOL
    I shall give Penny a big hug and also reassure her she aint gonna' be replaced by a robot dog.
    Thanks Samantha.
    Happy New Year to y'all and a tinfoil suit, your way, Gary :-)

  12. Howdy Old Kitty,
    Ah yes a 'beam you up' transporter.
    And having no experienced the 'joys' of British transport and road works. Of course, using a transporter within Britain, would most likely cause some molecular reconstruction delays due to freakish electrical patterns in the transporter super highway!
    Thanks for such a witty kitty response. And, don't get me started on the 'National Express'.
    "On the National Express there's a jolly hostess
    Selling crisps and tea
    She'll provide you with drinks and theatrical winks
    For a sky-high fee.." Hmmm..they don't even have a hostess on the buses, anymore.
    Kind wishes and a "Hello sexy smart pink badge", your way, Gary.
    x :-)

  13. Hi Philip,
    And thus the question mark in the title. I'm sure I heard a quote saying the 'future is now'. Whatever the hell that means. Besides, today is only yesterday's tomorrow.
    Okay, here we go. There is no such thing as time. Time is an illusion created for our convenience to keep track of ummm..'time'. Past, present and future are simultaneous in an eternal loop of unreal reality.
    Happy now moment, Philip:-)
    Peaceful wishes and a stopwatch, your way, Gary.

  14. Hi Rebecca aka THE SNEE,
    So pleased 'The Snee' noted some of her favourites, here. I'm sure there was a Jetsons episode where they grooved with the Flintstones.
    You 'raise' some good points regarding flying cars. I guess all the concerns about flying cars is very much 'up in the air' :-)
    Sorry to find out your girls had 'FERBIES'. I believe there is an ointment for it. LOL Me thinks you might be meaning 'Furbies', which was kind of like a robotic cross between a hamster and an owl. I remember them.
    Happy New Year to you and your loved ones.
    Kind wishes and a toy DeLorean, your way, Gary :-)

  15. Hi, Gary,

    I always wanted that car from Back To The Future too - not sure which part of history or the future I'd like to go though - would have to think about that.

  16. Dear Gary,
    Ah, the future. Well, twas not so long ago that I thought I didn't have one. But thanks to people such as your good self, I feel a wave of optimism washing over me about our collective progress.
    Just to say also, that I always feel representations of "the future" tend to be mired in the prevailing trends and miliue of their own time. Even Kubrick's "2001" tends to look like it was created in the'60s, which it was. So, I think it's incredibly hard for us to transcend the notions of our own time, to which countless philosophers, such as Foucault, would attest.
    Anyway, I hope you are in good spirits, Gare, and feel free to ring anytime, although by all accounts it should be me 'phoning you.
    Yours with Very Best Wishes,

  17. Heeheehee! Ferbie, furbie, firbee, firby.....yes definitely way too much time with the girls' furbies.

  18. I was really really hoping there'd be two pills we could take just once. One would stop gravity from sucking our skin to the ground, and the other would melt 80% of the fat intake from our stomachs. No more fat! Yay!!!

    I'm still hoping.

  19. I suspect our grandparents would say we are indeed living in the future.

    Me, I think I'd quite like to live in the past - or an alternative universe. Hogsmead would do just fine thank you very much. Could see myself flying on a broomstick to the Hogshead where I could happily swig away my troubles with a butterbeer or two. Hagrid would be mighty fine company don't you think? :)

    And as for mobile phones - don't get me going on that one ...

    Happy New Year, Gary and Penny!

  20. Dear Julie P,
    Ah yes, the DeLorean car from 'Back to the Future'. I've been up close to one of those cars and basically, they are a piece of junk.
    I think I would like to go back to 1972, that way, my clothes would be back in fashion:-)
    Wishing you much happiness in your writing quests, Julie.
    Enjoy the New Year.
    Kind wishes, Gary x

  21. Just remember once you find that non-stick pan not to use a metal spatula.

  22. Dear David,
    What a thoughtful, positive and darned right optimistic comment you have left.
    I too am heartened by the heightened awareness and interest in trying to understand more about mental health issues. You, my friend, are an inspirational force in our ongoing pursuit to eliminate the stigma attached.
    Your observations of the representations of "the future" are very similar to mine. Ever noticed the 'state of the art' computers on 'Star Trek', which is supposed to be the 24th century?
    I'm just peachy keen, David. I hope that the New Year finds you in a continued positive frame of mind.
    Shall talk to you soon.
    All the very best and take good care, Gary.

  23. Hi again, Rebecca aka THE SNEE,
    Or the combo robot doll the 'Farbie' doll :-)

  24. Hi Joylene,
    Good idea, for those that might need it. I've already lost the battle against gravity, thus that particular pill would probably not work on me. And that other pill sounds like a lot better idea than something involving a vacuum cleaner tube and a large tub.
    Cheers Joylene.
    Kind wishes, Gary :-)

  25. Hi Wendy,
    You are right about our grandparents. Although, I'm so old, my grandparents thought that the horse and buggy was futuristic transportation:-)
    I'm intrigued about you wanting to live in the past or an alternative universe.
    Flying on a broomstick sounds like a nifty plan. Thus I ask; do beginner witches 'fly off the handle?' LOL
    'Hagrid' would be mighty fine company if you like Harry Potter stories. Personally, I'd rather read 'Run Spot Run'. Sorry :-)
    Me thinkest that the mobile phone has created a whole new form of rudeness.
    Happy New Year to you and your loved ones, Wendy.
    With respect and good wishes, Gary :-)

  26. Hi Elena,
    Good point and I endeavour to use a plastic spatula on past 'non-stick' frying pans. However, the way food stuck on those non-stick frying pans, I was considering using a chisel on the darned pans. :-)
    Hope you have a wonderful New Year.
    In kindness, Gary

  27. Well beam me up G a non stick pan that works! no more road tax and the Jetson all in one blog
    the future looks bright for bloggers!

  28. Well I wasn't alive until 1983... So I don't recall all these Predictions you speak of!!! But I love you anyway darling!

  29. Hi Gary,
    Was just musing on the past and I remembered my mother scoffing at "Tomorrows World" (a forward looking TV program we had over here in the Old World). Any way it was the housework robot which did the chores for you. Well, I just gave my laundry to a macuine, gave it instructions, and it did it.
    No point to be made.
    My mum would have been happy though.
    Enjoyed that moment.

  30. Dear kerrie,
    Imagine that. A non-stick frying pan that actually works! Now, that really is the work of science fiction:-)
    Sadly, we will probably have to endure 'air tax' and 'air works', when we finally get our bloody flying cars. Man, am I jealous of the Jetsons...
    Take good care.
    With kind wishes, Gary :-)

  31. Hi CB,
    Aha, blogging royalty has paid me a visit. You know you are the most adorable 'Sugar Plum Fairy Princess' :-)
    What do you mean "1983"? That must be a typo. I thought you were born in 1993.
    And speaking of inventions, CB. I remember the CB radio. '10 4 good buddy and there's a smoky taking photos in the bushes...'
    Love you, darling.
    Your shy and humble friend, Gary...

  32. Hi Philip,
    I am aware of the TV show that you speak of. They had similar shows over in North America.
    Yes, the 'housework robot' must have seemed like a very bizarre concept to your mother.
    And, I suppose, in a way, the washing machine is kind of a robot. Of course, in my case, I wander down to the creek and bash my clothes against the rocks :-)
    I've no doubt your mum would have been delighted with a mashing machine.
    Thanks, Philip.
    Talk to you soon.

  33. The older I get the more I realize just how much modern technology jas changed in my lifetime..
    I however would love to have a Jimmy Neutron Jetpack to fly around with:-)

  34. Dannnnngggg...I'm starting to feel a little old here. No worries. I'll just continue to behave like the immature dolt that I am to counter it! I always love when Penny makes guest visits on your posts! (and make damned sure her fears about a robot-dog are quelled, eh?) =)

  35. i got stuck at the beginning of your post trying to figure out why anyone would want to "forget the last part of the previous sentence."

  36. Totally agree with the robot dog...they won't replace a real dog in my opinion.

  37. I just want cool photon weapons! Oh and teleportation would be pretty sweet too.

  38. Hi Lynne,
    I know what you mean. I just found out that I don't need to use candles to light up my house:-)
    Ah Yes! I recall seeing some dude flying around with a jetpack strapped to his back, at the Pacific National Exhibition in Vancouver. I think it was about 1965. Yikes...I'm so ol. LOL
    Take good care.
    With respect and a jetpack, your way, Gary :-)

  39. Hi Michelle,
    You are "starting to feel a little old here". I don't think so. I reckon you would need picture ID to get into Moe's Tavern:-)
    Penny is most pleased that you like it when she guest 'writes', on here. She writes better than I ever could. I'm kinda' jealous of Penny, but she need not worry about being replaced by some darned tootin' robot doggy.
    Take real good care, y'all.
    Gary :-)

  40. Hi joanne,
    Probably just as well that you got stuck at the beginning of the post. The rest of it wasn't worth reading, anyway. :-)
    Must go now, my robot just winked at me....

  41. Hi MaDonna,
    For sure. Nothing like a real dog.
    Although a robot cat...hmmmm :-)
    All the best, Gary.

  42. Hi Chris,
    Phasers on stun! Kind wishes and a teleportation machine, your way, Gary :-)

  43. That robot dog looks very much like K9 from Dr Who. It's great seeing the inventions of the past not used everyday in the future and those that didn't quite make it. :O)

  44. Hi Madeleine said,
    Yes, the robot dog does look quite similar to 'K9' from 'Dr. Who'. The robot dog in the photo was created by the Georgia Institute of Technology and has the 'top secret' name of, 'Operation ‘Droid Dawg'.
    It's most fascinating to see what did and did not make it from those past predictions.
    Thanks and many congratulations on how popular your blog is. Well deserved.
    With respect and good wishes,Gary :-)

  45. Looks like bazza beat me to the comment I was going to make about the internet and computers. And does anyone remember the hand-held communicators they used in Space 1999? Back in the 70's they seemed impossibly compact for a mere quarter-century hence, now look at cell phones and the iPhone! There's something that way exceeded what seemed like wild imaginings at the time.

    Happy New Year, BTW Mr. Gary, and Penny too.

  46. I wish that food came in tablets like it did on some T show in the 70's. I think it woul cut down on my waist size, the amount of dishes I had to wash each day and a lot of stress in the grocery store...

    Happy New Year Gary!

  47. Sorry man, I can't forget that last part of your sentence about robots satisfying our sexual needs. That's always been a fantasy of mine. Unfortunately, the way my mind works, the fantasy ends up being kind of a letdown because while me and the robot chick are "doing it", she malfunctions and her mechanical "Whoopity-Doo" kinda rips my frankfurter off. Then I'm left feeling kinda blue and stuff. :(

    But I know what you mean by us humans having those high expectations for the future. I've discussed this with friends and family many times, laughing at our silly species for dreaming too big and doing too little to make good on those lofty life improving things like hovering cars, a world without poverty and no wars being fought over oil. Oops... getting off topic a bit. :)

    Another thing that was predicted for the future and has become reality, besides mobile phones like you mentioned, was the hypo spray gadget that Dr. McCoy used in "Star Trek". Hey Gary, don't ever replace Penny with a robot dog. You never know what will happen as a result.

    Peace to ya, brother and take care.

  48. Hi Ian,
    Ah yes, I remember those hand-held communicators on Space 1999. I also recall that the two main stars were also on Mission Impossible.
    And for sure, the cell phone or mobile phone seemed quite an unreal idea, way back then. Now, if only folks would not yell on their phones, so that we all can hear their nauseating conversations:-)
    Thanks for the New Year's wishes. Penny and I wish you the very best for a good year, eh :-)
    Take care, Gary.

  49. Hi Sharon,
    Seems like a plan. Way less stress and way less dishes. Maybe we could all go up into space and squeeze food out of a tube like I've seen the astronauts do.
    And a Happy New Year to you and your dear ones, Sharon.
    Kind wishes, Gary :-)

  50. Hi Kelly,
    Well, I'm not surprised you got fixated with the robot sexual fantasy bit. I would highly recommend you change the grip settings on your 'android angel'. I heard a rumour that the 'Six Million Dollar Man' had a problem with his own personal settings and jerked himself off, quite literally! Gotta' hand it to him
    Yes, we sure did have some high expectations of what the future would be like. I suppose we will have our Jetsons type hovering car, way before we have no wars, based on greed, and no poverty.
    I remember the 'hypo spray gadget and I remember that fun thing that Spock did. The 'Vulcan Grip'....but that's another story
    Nah, Penny would never be replaced by a robot dog. Although, at least, I guess, I wouldn't have to clean up and robot doggy poo...
    Peace to you dude. And I hope things get better for you and all concerned, real soon.
    In kindness and a new improved, robot sex goddess, your way, Gary :-)

  51. Great post, Gary!
    I wanted the robot maid and the auto clothing machine. I wanted the far-out evening attire that Betty wore. (haha)

    Oh, btw, we have the moving floor platforms that take us across airports!
    In peace, Dixie

  52. Hi Dixie,
    Thank you. Very pleased you liked this posting:-)
    Ah yes! 'Rosie robot'.
    I'm sure you would look awesome in that far-out evening attire. I just wrap myself in tinfoil and think, gosh, how futuristic do I look? LOL
    Who could forget that horrible boss, 'Mr. Spacely'!
    Of course, those moving conveyor belts that transport us along at airports. Cool....
    Thanks Dixie and happy writing.
    In kindness, Gary :-)

  53. The sex doll will slowly morph into a sex robot, it's just a matter of time. And I would like to get you started on Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

  54. Hi Gorilla Bananas,
    An intriguing future you visualise.

    And, okay if you insist....

    "Chitty Bang Bang Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
    Chitty Bang Bang Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
    Chitty Bang Bang Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
    Oh you pretty Chitty Bang Bang,
    Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
    We love you."

  55. You know Gary, I can remember being at school in the 60's and writing an essay called "What the world will be like in 2000". I imagined flying cars, space travel and world peace. Hmmm, good job i didn't make my career prediciting the future!
    I didn't envision personal computers, mobile phones and calculators.
    Guess i am better just living for the day I am in and worry about the future when i get there!

  56. Hi Juliana,
    Aha, we did a similar thing in school, back in high school in Vancouver.
    Amazing how similar your predictions were to mine. Although I did reckon we would have the mobile phone. We used two empty baked bean tins, without the string attached, to demonstrate the possibility of the mobile or, as they say in North America, the 'cell phone'.
    Living in the now sounds like a good idea to me:-)
    Thanks Juliana.
    Kind wishes, Gary.

  57. Hi Gary! Robot cat's crap might be beneficial for your cabbage. Think of it as artificial soil quality booster.

    The blue robot cat is Doraemon, I used to watch the cartoon when I was a cute kid. lol

    Have a good day my funny friend!

  58. Howdy Shanaz,
    Very good! Artificial fertilizer from some darned robot cat! :-) Gotta' be better than the nostril hair burning stuff that comes out of real cats. LOL
    Aha, so you were aware of the blue robot cat. When you were a cute kid eh. Shanaz, you are still very cute:-)
    Here's wishing you a good day.
    With kindness and some artificial fertilizer, your way, Gary :-)


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