Friday, 14 January 2011

A Question Of Space.

And man reached out to the heavens.  Outer space, a wondrous place of countless stars, countless galaxies and countless questions.
And man, gazed deeply into outer space and forgot about his inner space.  For man's heart beat with a brutal savagery.   He shed the blood of his brother's and sister's in the name of greed, of hatred, of betrayal, of deception. He invaded the space, the personal space of the scared, the innocent, the vulnerable.  Yes, in his pursuit to progress, to advance, mankind lost touch with that precious gift.  The gift of the inner child.
And man's lust to conquer, to destroy, to steal from his fellow man, lived on.   Then one day, one momentous day, it happened.  One man looked around, saw the rivers of blood and heard a gentle whisper.  The whisper was the voice of his inner child and it said, 'This has to stop.  I want to play, to sing, to dance, to smile, laugh and love.  Please, we must make this stop.'  The man looked over at his blood-soaked enemy and asked, 'Can you hear it?  Listen carefully, for your inner child has a message for you, for all of us.'  And his blood-soaked enemy listened and he smiled.  The word spread.  The voice of the inner child, the inner space, spread far and wide.  The bells rang out with the chimes of peace.  Enemies embraced and enemies became friends.
That was a long, long time ago, on that blue and fragile planet.  Mankind reached out and explored the beauty of outer space.  And the message he brought was of acceptance, understanding, hope and peace.  And it all began that day when that one man realised that inner space was the final frontier.


  1. Breathtaking post. Words fail me, so I'll add nothing further.
    You have said it all my friend.

  2. Wow, Gary. You never cease to amaze me with the breadth of your posts. That's why I love your blog - the vast array of different subjects and different emotions that are evoked on any given day. Bravo, eh?

  3. Hi Wendy,
    Thank you, my friend. Just thought I'd try this writing style. Your response is very much appreciated.
    With respect and peaceful wishes, your way, Gary :-)

  4. Hi Michelle,
    Wow and thank you. I do like to do various writing styles with various emotions involved.
    I greatly appreciate your kind comment.
    Take care, eh.
    Kind wishes, Gary :-)

  5. This is a powerful and spirited one, Gary. And the eye, it stares at you as if saying "you better be good!"

    Take care, Gary

  6. Hi Grandpa,
    Eye thank you. It was quite difficult taking a photo of my own eye :-)
    Take good care of yourself.
    In peace, Gary.

  7. Hi middle child,
    We do, indeed.
    Take care, Gary :-)

  8. Dear Gary,
    Methinks your old hippy side is coming to the fore. "Make love, not war, man!"
    Just to be contrary, I think that sometimes war can be necessary and I'm sure you've heard of the concept of the "just war". Imagine, for instance, that another Hitler came along who was belligerently aggressive and wanted to take over the world by force? Who would stop him and by what means? I'm sure that handing him a flower and saying "hey, baby, let's just dance and sing instead" wouldn't work.
    And, in this age of austerity, where we seem to be facing more and more stringent cuts to our services, while the instigators of our economic demise are still allowed to award themselves huge bonuses, I wouldn't mind seeing a bit of violent insurrection, allowing me to give old George Osborne and David Cameron a big slap!
    Anyways, that's just me and having said all that, your post makes a simple, but profound point- peace is always preferable.
    Yours with All the Best and a baseball bat for protection, your way,

  9. Awww!! I always advocate listening to one's inner child!! They are not only wise but hold so many answers to life's many difficult questions!

    Lovely! I KNOW beautiful Penny listens to her inner puppy all the time! :-)

    Take care

  10. EXCELLENT! I mean WOW, Gary I have to tell you, this is a different style of writing coming from you. I know we just got to know each other in the past few weeks and I've been familiar with your 'other' style. But, this, to tell you the truth as I read a paragraph or two, I looked to see if you were 'quoting' another authors writing, but SURPRISE, SURPRISE, it was all coming from you!Good for you!!! All the best...later....

  11. I think I may be my inner child. Which I don't think is too bad!

    Nice, Gary!

  12. Hi Gary,
    I enjoyed the post and the photo. I've been enjoying listening to my own inner child's voice.
    Thank you for reminding us we have a choice.
    In gratitude,

  13. Wow Gary! I love the photo of your eye! Is it imposed on a baseball? I get it! Eyeball! You've taken surreal to a whole new level. I feel my inner child roaring with glee at this post. How high will this eyeball fly with a good strong pitch? I hope as high as outer space to bring this sweet message to the universe. Yay Klahanie!

  14. Very thought-provoking Gary. Obviously heart-felt and sincere.
    It might be nice to do a 'part two' as well!
    Bazza’s Blog ‘To Discover Ice’

  15. It sounds like a beautiful dream, the part about both the soldier and his enemy realizing that inner space and peace and happiness should be our real goal- not needless death and destruction. Unfortunately, it will remain a dream until all realize it.

    What you have described is not only inspirational but what should be and what is right. Nice post, Gary.

    Also: Cool eye! Is that really your eye with make up around it?

    Take care, Gary and peace be with you.

  16. Dear David,
    This was a 'fantasy' story about a time when man no longer had the 'necessity' of war.
    What you have alluded too, you have mentioned before. However, this in not in context to what I was trying to say.
    This is about a time in the future when such things as you mention, finally became irrelevant. A time when all mankind embraced as one in the same cause of peace and understanding.
    This is a story about the time when the dreadful austere measures you note, have become a thing of the past and the instigators will have been humbled into a new and caring reality.
    Anyhow, you understood the crux of this posting and there's nothing wrong in dreaming about a more peaceful world for our future generations.
    I would like to think I would use a baseball bat to hit a home run. Of course, over here in England, might be rather difficult getting people to partake in a game of baseball.
    With respect and good wishes, Gary.

  17. Hi Old Kitty,
    Thank you. I knew you would be an advocate of listening to your inner child. It's a pity more folks didn't listen to the wise words of their inner space.
    Penny is definitely in touch with her 'inner puppy'. Charlie, no doubt is in touch with his 'inner kitten'
    You take good care, Gary

  18. Hi Cliff aka The Manic Chef,
    Thank you very much for your kind and encouraging response.
    I do attempt various writing styles. It's part of my therapy as I challenge my mental health concerns. I've done a few postings similar to this style. Personally, I would rather just do my own thing and very seldom quote from someone else. My goal, as best I can, is to hopefully convey some form of originality.
    Much obliged, Cliff. Here's wishing you a peaceful and happy weekend.
    With respect, Gary :-)

  19. Hi Samantha,
    I'm sure your inner child is smiling, right now.
    Thanks you, Samantha.
    In peace, Gary :-)

  20. Hi Dixie,
    Thank you for your thoughtful and encouraging words.
    I know you have been rejoicing in listening to your inner child. That has been reflected in your wonderful postings.
    And yes, maybe someday, the peaceful choice will sing in the hearts of all mankind.
    May you have a lovely weekend, Dixie.
    With peace and respect, your way, Gary :-)

  21. Hi Rebecca,
    Aha, eye see what you are trying to say. It can look like my eye was imposed on a baseball. Although, that is merely a fluke. I just sort of doctored the picture to try and give it some dramatic impact.
    I may have taken surreal to brand new eye level. I think your 'eyeball' will not ground out into a 'double vision' play, but will be a bases loaded, out of the park, home run, that soars into the heavens and floats among an endless sea of glowing galaxies.
    This message of peace spread out to the universe. Ah, if only.
    Here's wishing you a most peaceful weekend, Rebecca.
    In kindness and respect, Gary :-)

  22. Hi bazza,
    Thank you. It is an ideal that I truly embrace.
    And 'part two', man meets beings from other worlds and they all get along. Wow, what a thought.
    Have a good weekend, bazza.
    Take care, Gary.

  23. Hi Kelly,
    For now, it's a distant dream. Maybe future generations can learn from the stupidity and the barbarity that has plagued mankind from the very beginning. I know some would read this and think I'm living in some unrealistic fantasy. Yet, like you understand, is it so wrong that one day we all live in peace, harmony and understanding?
    First step is have those who impose on us their evil deeds; come to a profound realisation that we are all different and all equal.
    Hey buddy, maybe sometime in the future, this will really happen.
    That is my eye with a little bit of photo trickery. Sadly, I ran out of make up:-)
    Wishing you some peace over the weekend.
    Kind wishes, Gary.

  24. I'm fascinated Gary.. Outer space is such a wonderful place... but our inner space has something to offer too.. and sometimes it has greater offer than anything... we just have to listen to it...

  25. I think we have to have our inner space right before we can work on our outer space. You know what I mean?

  26. HI Mr G
    your post is so simple and true it reminds me of the story- first world war -in the trenches -on christmas day they stopped both sides and played football. Dontknow if it is true but you post remind me of that ... and your writing was beautiful.

    I agree with B a sceond post would be great


  27. hi mr gary! wow that was a pretty cool post for sure. for me i could always believe in the power of one even if that ones a inner child. thats how we could make the world lots better. for sure we gotta listen to that little one inside cause thats what helps us get things happy on the outside.
    ...hugs from lenny

  28. Hi The Golden Eagle,
    Thank you. Hope you have a peaceful weekend.
    Kind wishes, Gary.

  29. Hi Kamila,
    Thanks for that. Kamila, you have expressed, very well, the general theme of my posting.
    Take very good care.
    In kindness, Gary :-)

  30. Hi Sharon,
    Thank you. I do believe that was one of the thoughts within my posting. A positive environment starts from within. So I most assuredly know what you mean.
    Hope you are having a nice weekend.
    With respect, Gary :-)

  31. Hi kerrie,
    I'm familiar with that story you alluded too and there are some parallels.
    I do hope, that sometime in the future, the 'football game' is an ongoing event.
    I reckon that perhaps a second part to this story would be a good idea.
    Here's hoping you are having a lovely weekend, K.
    In peace and good wishes, Gary aka G :-)

  32. Hi Lenny,
    My young buddy, you have, in your own clever way, described the very ideals within my posting. Thanks Lenny.
    Hope you are having an awesome weekend.
    Hugs and smiles, Mr. Gary :-)

  33. Hi Gary; I think the inner child voice is also the tiny little voice of God. We deperately need to be paying attention to that voice. So often we let life and all it's attractions get in the way and then wonder how we got where we are. A little quiet and a huge amount of listening. Well done.

  34. Hi Heather,
    We absolutely need to take the time to listen and learn. Time for some peaceful reflection and realise we can shape our destinies.
    This post very much relates to the conversation I had with your dear man.
    In peace and warm thoughts, your way, Gary.

  35. "And it all began that day when that one man realised that inner space was the final frontier.

    Those words speak volumes on our purpose on this planet..

    Gary, you have really stretched your glorous wings with this post..
    A true joy to read this evening!!

    (Thank you my frirnd fo your lovely and sometimes funny:-) words on my posts)
    Have a wonderful Sunday!!

  36. Hi Gary, very thought provoking post, but do you think man will ever change? I am afraid that we won`t, we are too consumed by greed and violence to ever really change! Have we learnt anything from the past? We still kill and destroy and then wonder what has happened when things go wrong!
    Sorry to be so negative, but I look at the world and sometimes wonder, will it all be too late?!
    Follow me at HEDGELAND TALES

  37. Stunning. What an incredible tribute to our race. I read this and felt as if there were still hope for all of us. So beautifully composed. Yes, we have to stop.

    You are my HERO.

  38. Hi Lynne,
    Thank you so much for such kind and flattering words. I truly appreciate what you have wrote.
    I know you embrace the essence of this posting.
    It is my pleasure to comment on your thought provoking and inspirational postings.
    Thank you for the Sunday wishes.
    May the remainder of your weekend be peaceful and pleasant.
    In kindness, Gary :-)

  39. Hi John,
    We can only hope it isn't too late. Not all of us are consumed by greed and violence. Those who would perpetrate such negative deeds, may just have a positive revelation in the future.
    John, you are a peaceful man. This resonates from your appreciation of nature blog. Maybe, just maybe, there will be more folks in the future who share your ethos. Something to think about, my friend. So, perhaps it isn't too late.
    In peace and respect, Gary :-)

  40. Hi Joylene,
    I am very much encouraged by your wonderful response to this posting. Some might think I live in an unrealistic fantasy world. Some might think that we still have the chance to make the changes for the betterment of all on this blue and fragile planet. For sure, dear lady, we have to stop this inhumanity to man.
    Please stay warm and cosy, Joylene.
    Heroic wishes, your way, Gary :-)

  41. I'm speechless. Just wanted you to know that I came for a visit and left a little wiser.

  42. lovely post, Gary...

    peace "out there" begins with peace "in here"...

  43. Hi lifeshighway,
    What a very thoughtful comment. Thank you:-)

  44. Hi joanne rose,
    Indeed, 'environmentally friendly', starts from within:-)

  45. Lyrical post, Gary! To me the problem is that the inner space and the outer space are the same...short, brutal, impersonal and in no way concerned with our human interests or desires. Our best intentions are frustrated eventually by our ignorance and selfish hopes and vain ambitions.
    A dark vision. Perhaps.

  46. Hi Henry,
    Of course, this was perhaps a 'fantasy' post, written by an observer of a future man who has discovered there is a better way.
    Not all of mankind is immersed in brutal, savage thinking. Perhaps, one day, our ambitions for a peace and respect, will be realised. If only, my friend, if only.
    In peace and kind wishes your way, to you and your loved ones, Gary.


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