Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Summer, The Warmer Part Of The British Winter?

Picture on the left: My friend Philip's boat at the ready for any continuance of the rain.

Picture on the right: My patio on July 30.

I'm beginning to wonder if the summer is the warmer part of the British winter. The 'Met Office' has changed its prediction from an 'odds on barbecue summer' to say rainfall is likely. Now, their weather forecast for the remainder of the summer states: "rainfall is likely to be near or above average over the U.K..." Well based on the fact they got their previous prediction so horribly wrong, back in April; I figure that there latest forecast may indeed be excellent news.
Where I live, in Leek Staffordshire, 'The Queen of the Moorlands', it is common for folks to say, 'ay up duck', or 'ast owright duck?' Now I understand that the usage of the word 'duck' is a local form of endearment. However this 'fowl' word used in 'fowl expressions', did cause me a bit of confusion. I would be walking along the street, someone would say 'duck', and I would take for cover, trying to avoid what I assumed were low-flying objects. Having stated this, based on the ongoing wet climatic conditions, I am sure that the ducks are most certainly 'owright' during this 'fowl' weather.
If this 'warmer part of the British winter' persists; Shares in umbrellas, woolly hats, raincoats, rubber boots and thermal underwear, may be worthwhile purchasing. Shares in sunglasses, suntan lotions, solar lamps, skimpy bikinis and swimming trunks may be as risky as having shares, like I did, in 'Bradford and Bingley'.
Then again, I do look at the positive aspects to this damp and dreary weather. My rain barrel is filling up very quickly. I am thankful that we get rain, there are places on our planet who would love to have a portion of our precipitation. And, when the sun peeks through the clouds, we may get to enjoy the wonder, the beauty, of a rainbow.


  1. Hi Gary,
    Always a delighful and insightful read; your blogs are the best!

    So the boat's not afloat but has ducked, oops, docked in a tiny harbour? The garden looks so luciously green, yet not 'owright' to comfortly hang out?

    You have wit and that's so important; I admire the multi-cultural life you lead. No 'ducking' that, eh?

    Wishing you lots of rainbows, and a winter that's comfortable... after the rain barrel is full!
    What will you invest in next?

  2. Hi Dixie,
    Right then, just dried myself off. Not one to duck the issue, I shall not fall fowl of attempting to respond to your comment.
    The boat, although about 1000 webbed feet above sea level, is at the ready. I hope he does not harbour any resentment using the boat. Moor or less.
    My garden, is indeed green. Matter of fact it is so wet out there that it has become a bit of a 'slug fest'. I have a whole raft of ideas as to what to invest in next. Most likely starting with a raft to get to my patio:-)
    Rain barrel is almost full. Could of sworn I saw one very confused seagull taking a dip it it.
    Thanks Dixie.

  3. hELLO, GARY,the very fact ,that we have so much inclement weather at unexpected times,heps us to appreciate th good weather more,and yes we do need the rain.Just as ,in recovery there are high and low times, so that we may savour the good times they mean so much more.Yours in peace.David.s

  4. Hi David S.,
    You got that right. When we get some fine weather, we most certainly appreciate it more.
    I recall that my son had four barbecues in our garden back in April. I know how much we enjoyed the unseasonalbly warm weather back then.
    Sunny wishes, your way, Gary:-)

  5. And just think Gary.

    When was th last time you had to water your lawn?

    Or worry about a hosepipe ban?

  6. Hi John,
    I am quite grateful that I have not had to water my lawn for quite some time. In my case, I have to haul out buckets of water, from my flat and traipse up to my garden.
    I have been using bathtub water, which confuses the hell out of Severn Trent, they wonder why there is so little drainage recorded on my water meter:-)
    Thanks for dropping by, John. Happy blogging to you. Kind regards, Gary.

  7. Hi Gary,

    I can at least empathize with you today with the weather. For the first time in over a month, I have a sweatshirt on. It may even snow overnight so they say.

    I am still not finding time to comment much but continue to read the wit and wisdom you scribe.


  8. Hi Roger,
    Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment. I know you have had a hectic time of it. Hope your batteries are recharging nicely:-)
    Hope you bundled up warm, Roger.
    Peace and respect, your way, Gary.


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