Wednesday, 15 July 2009


A lady friend of mine was telling me that she had to drive eight miles to borrow her sister's vacuum cleaner. Now that sucks.
The lady in question, her partner and their dog 'Zak', have kindly invited me up to there place just outside Durham, England. They reckon I need a change of scene and recharge my batteries. They are so right. So it's gonna' be duvet, doorway, destination Durham.
This is not easy for me. Travelling alone, going somewhere new, does create a sense of anxiety. Yet, the excitement of heading out on an adventure, counteracts the apprehension that I am experiencing. This is another positive step forward in my ongoing reclamation of my self-esteem.
So to get myself prepared for my journey up to Durham; I shall now start the recharging of my batteries, by seeing how many random, disjointed thoughts I can come up with. Somewhat different for me, I know. So here we go...starting now.
The next sentence will be made up of some of the most aggravating, overused expressions ever to fall upon my ears. 'At the end of the day, to be honest, I'm not being funny, you know, you know what I'm saying?' You know, (whoops!) you hear such expressions '24/7' (whoops again!).
I would love to see the Coyote catch that bloody annoying Road Runner and cook that smart arse (ass) bird on a barbecue supplied by the 'Acme Novelty Company'. Somehow, I don't think that will happen. No Road Runner, no show, and no more blatant plugs for the Acme Novelty Company. 'Sylvester the cat', for goodness sake, grab 'Tweety Pie' by its scrawny little neck and shove it down yer throat. 'Pepe Le Pew' (you little stinker) time to get 'Penelope Pussycat' and show that stuck up cat that the sweet smell of love is in the air and in your hair. And to you Elmer Fudd, take that shotgun, have a blast, and stick it up that 'wacky wabbits' butt.
So that's almost it. My batteries are starting to getting nicely charged. I'm set on trickle but that's another story. I am rechargeable, or perhaps that should be 'recharge able'. Know I take a few days out and look forward to being with kind, decent, positive friends. I leave you with this. No matter how bad life may seem, celebrate the goodness in you, and, in turn, you will see the goodness in others. Until next time, I bid thee farewell.


  1. My home county.

    If you haven't already been, visit the Cathedral.

    It has a raw quality that few others have owing to the fact that is older; Norman rather than Gothic.

    The west of County Durham, especially, is a quiet and beautiful place. I'm sure you'll like it.

  2. Best wishes. Positives need positives, otherwise things just don't work (continuing the battery theme). Have a good journey xx

  3. Hi John,
    As I type this; I am preparing myself for the trip which is tomorrow, (Thursday, 16th July).
    I am very much looking forward to visiting Durham Cathedral and all the surrounding beautiful countryside.
    Thank you for your suggestions. I am excited about seeing your home county.
    Thanks John. Kind regards, Gary

  4. Hi Jewel,
    Thank you for your best wishes. I look forward to my little adventure with positive anticipation. I shall attempt to handle any travel confusion with a sense of humour. Hello 'National Express' :-)
    Positive wishes to you Julie.
    In peace, Gary x

  5. mY BEST WISHES TO YOU ,gARY,I hope you , and your dear friends, share many great memories[and make some new ones too.Your call really cheered me up ,so many thanks for that.So, chill out,relax, and bask in the sun,and keep those batteries well charged,look forward to reading of your adventures ASAP.Dave.s

  6. Hi David,
    Thank you kindly for your best wishes. I shall try and get me old batteries well and truly charged.
    See you when I get back, no doubt I shall be reporting tales of the unexpected lol.
    Take very good care, Gary:-)

  7. Dear Gary,
    Just a quick note to say hope you have a great time in Durham. I guess we all need time to recharge our batteries, but am looking forward to seeing you next time at MAGMH, where the battle against stigma continues...
    Wishing you all the very best and a great time,

  8. Hope your journey is everything you expect and more, have fun and cant wait for you to share your experience.


  9. Dear David,
    Thanks for your kind wishes. Upon my return, batteries fully charged, I shall be back working with you, good sir, in our ongoing quest to reduce the unfair stigma that is still attached to mental health concerns.
    Warm regards, Gary.

  10. Dear 'MMI',
    Thank you kindly for your wishes. I am really looking forward to my trip. I hope I can understand the accents up there in the North East. Then again, they may wonder what the heck I'm saying, what with my Canadian accent lol
    Warm wishes, your way, Gary:-)

  11. Hello Gary;
    Well at your age (and mine) we have to be careful about trickling cuz it can "lead" to other things. LOL. I envy you just a bit, that you can get away. Hmmm, oh, I was just daydreaming. I hope you have a terrific time and know that I am very proud of you. Take care my friend.

  12. Thanks Gary, your post has just recharged me. My own journey to self-realization is taking some twists and turns and sometimes I feel the climb is steep.

  13. Hi Heather,
    My apologies for the delay in my response. I have only just got on my computer.
    Thanks for your comment which leads me nicely into plugging Durham in my next blog.
    I am so grateful that I have the opportunity to get out and discover the wonders of this beautiful land. It must be incredibly tough on you and yours. All your outings have to be carefully planned.
    Yet, my dear friend, you still maintain a positive spirit that is an inspiration to me.
    With warmest wishes, Gary x

  14. Hi Jun,
    Thanks and my apologies to you for my delay in responding.
    I hope your journey along your pathway to self-realisation, despite the twists and turns, finds you even more determined during the steeper climbs in your life.
    May your recharging and rejuvenation continue to grow in strength.
    Positive wishes, your way, Gary:-)

  15. I'm very glad you've returned safely; batteries charged; ready for more exciting adventures. I wish you the very best.

    Love and peace

  16. Dear Dixie,
    Thank you very much. It was quite the adventure. Very glad to have experienced new places and new people. Durham is very beautiful, even in torrential rain.
    Thanks Dixie, I'm recharged and raring to go...
    Happy wishes, your way, Gary x


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