Monday, 3 August 2009

Candlelight, Coffee and Congratulations?

The tiny string ladder hanging precariously through the inside of my letter box should have been somewhat of a clue. At that moment, I sensed that a moment of magic, a wondrous magic, had descended upon my home.
I gently opened my kitchen door. Behold, before my very eyes, were the garden gnome, the beautiful fairy princess and the ever-present curious gnomes, hiding, albeit, none to discretely, behind a pair of glowing candles. I was delighted, I was enchanted, my heart rejoiced at the gleeful contentment that sparkled in the eyes of the garden gnome and the beautiful fairy princess. Not wishing to startle them; I gently closed the kitchen door. I tip-toed into my living room and tried to comprehend what I had witnessed.
The last time my eyes had cast upon these 'wee folks', was way back on an early summer's day, in the mystical, magical world that is my garden. Perhaps the alluring warmth of my home had beckoned them in. Maybe the incessant rain had proven too much for these gentle folks. If they sought a bit of shelter, a bit of comfort, a warm brew, then so be it. Drink, be warm, be merry.
What happened in my kitchen has given me great inspiration. Twas beauty to behold the ongoing budding romance between our garden gnome and the beautiful fairy princess. Candlelight, coffee and congratulations? I hope this to be true.
To dream a dream, a lovely dream, where we see the beauty within. In that magical world of a garden gnome and a fairy princess, love is all that matters. If only mankind would see beyond the labels and stigmas we place upon each other, and see the beauty within. I bestow upon thee warm wishes, and I bid thee farewell until next we meet.


  1. Awwwh what cute little folk! Did they make the coffee for you? I wish I had the magic of fairies in my house!


  2. hI ,Gary,how wonderful ,to revisit,your wonderland,after your gnomadic journey to Durham,its gnome ,sweet gnome!What a treat ,to find your magical friends,together and good friends.The day people look past our physicality,and see the beauty within,will be just as magical.PEACE.Dave.s

  3. Hi Julie,
    The 'wee folks'had taken the liberty of making a cup of coffee for themselves. Never offered me a cup of coffee. Only went and used my finest 'Royal Doulton' china!
    I shall send the magical fairy and the garden gnomes, if I can find them, your way:-)
    Thanks for your comment, Julie.
    Magical wishes, Gary.

  4. Hi David.s,
    It was indeed a most enchanting experience to witness the magic of the 'wee folks'.
    The inner beauty is most assuredly magic.
    Thanks for leaving a comment, David.
    Magic to you, Gary:-)

  5. Gary,
    The photo and story are both brilliant! From the very first sentence, it is enchanting.

    I believe you could write about turnips and make it sound inviting!
    A delighted reader and fan,

  6. I love this gnomic story that leads me to see beauty within and to continue hoping for a world where love is all that matters.

    Thanks for dropping by.

  7. Good grief!

    So that's what that was the other morning; a string ladder.

    They raided the cupboards and then disappeared back off into the garden.

    I also found some crumbs in front of some teddy bears of our Granddaughter's that made me suspicious.

    Lovely story Gary.

  8. Hi Dixie,
    Thank you for such an enchanting comment. You are most kind.
    A blog about 'turnips' eh? Oh my gourd. I've bean thinking about a vegetable theme blog. Lettuce think about that one. Hmmm..beets me:-)
    Respect your way, Gary x

  9. Hi Jun,
    Thanks for dropping by. If only our world could be less judgemental and see the inner beauty. Love conquers all.
    Sending you peaceful wishes, Gary:-)

  10. Hello John,
    Seems to me, you also have had the 'wee folks' visit your home. You would think, that at the very least, they would clean up the crumbs around your Granddaughter's teddy bears:-)
    Thank you for commenting, John. If the weather continues to improve, the wee folks may just stay outside.
    (hmmmm..what's that sound coming from my letter box?).
    Kind wishes, Gary.

  11. Dear Gary,
    Ahhh! All of a sudden I feel all warm and fluffy inside at this tale of gnomic love.
    If only things were so with all us larger folks!
    Yours with Very Best Wishes,

  12. Dear 'warm and fluffy' David,
    I'll ask the 'wee folks' if they know of a big fairy..just for you...okay, I'm kidding..:-)
    All the very best, David.
    Kind wishes, Gary.


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