Thursday, 25 July 2013

Penny's Pawetic Pawse.

Yes it's me
It's plain to see
Your doggy pal
Quite the gal
Penny the dog
Taking over this blog

I quickly type
Got tired of the hype
Saw my human's last post
I propose a toast
To anti-blogfests
And ironic jests
Here you note
Not one to gloat
An adoring cat
Looking at that
Those photos of me
In her album you see
Ginger cat using Skype
Sorry cat, you aint my type
Don't be sad
Not that bad
I'll send you my autograph
Just for a laugh
Big cat, little kitten
Are admittin'
They want to see my 'Farcebark' page
To adoring cats, I'm all the rage
Who dare put a price on my head
On that poster I'll  tread
A lousy reward
"Dog the Bounty Hunter" man
Catch me if you can


  1. You're way faster and smarter than 'DAWG' Penny...

    1. Human Delores,

      I bet that slow "DAWG"
      Couldn't do a blog

      Pawetic Penny :)

  2. No surprise you're all the rage! Very pawetic prose indeed, you should take over the blog more often (no offense to Mr. Gary of course!)

    CindyLu is quite envious of your talent :)

    1. Human Kim and CindyLu
      Nice to see the both of you
      I really should take over this blog
      I'm such a famous dog
      CindyLu is as smart as me
      As for her human, wait and see

      Pawetic Penny :)

  3. That cat is definitely not your type! And you are wanted - by adoring fans everywhere.

    1. Human Ninja Dude,

      No kitten
      I am admitten'
      My adoring fans so want me
      We live the life of harmony

      Pawetic Penny :)

  4. Catch Me If You Can indeed! You are very fast, Penny. Maybe someday I'll be fast as you....

    1. Human Robin,

      I'm very quick
      I have a trick
      Pesky puparazzi follow me
      I outrun them sneakily

      Pawetic Penny :)

  5. Replies
    1. Human Sara
      You couldn't be fairer

      Pawetic Penny :)

  6. Penny, thou art worthy of membership in the great Pantheon of Poets!

    1. Human Debra

      A Pawtheon of Pawets pawhaps
      I'm thanking you from the dog that claps

      Pawetic Penny :)

  7. Penny your Pawetry is Perfect!

    1. Ah BZ Dogs,

      Pawfect Pawetry
      Thanks from me

      Pawetic Penny :)

  8. $5,000 is nowhere near enough for Penny...she's priceless.

    And, such a great poet. Gary could stand to learn a lot from you :)

    Wishing you both a great weekend!

    1. Human Mark,

      To coin a phrase
      I'm left in a daze
      No price on my head
      Yes priceless instead

      Gary could learn a lot from me
      When it comes to pawetry

      A good weekend
      My human friend

      Pawetic Penny :)

  9. that was really paw'verse... i had tears in my eyes!

    1. Human Jeremy (Retro),

      The paw'verse
      Could of been worse
      If my human had wrote it
      He's such a tit
      Tears in your eyes
      Quite the surprise

      Pawetic Penny :)

  10. I'll have to show your post (sorry pawst!) to my cats Penny.

    1. Human Suzanne,

      Show this pawst
      From this friendly host
      Here's to your kitties
      Checking photos and ditties

      Pawetic Penny :)

  11. Penny, you're fantastic, those cats can only watch with envy :-)

    1. Human Annalisa,

      Thank you so much human friend
      Good thoughts I send
      Cats are envious
      Such a fuss

      Pawetic Penny :)

  12. It's lucky that "Dog the Bounty Hunter" lives in Hawaii, because $5000 is a tempting price! :O

    1. Human Lexa,

      The dude from Hawaii is on his way
      Outrigger canoe, so they say
      Not a chance and oh oh
      "Book Em Danno!"

      Pawetic Penny :)

  13. My cats would like me to pass along that they're not impressed, but I suspect that's just covering up their jealousy. Nicely done, Penny.

    1. Human M.J,

      Your cats are not impressed
      They have confessed
      Jealous of me
      He he he...

      Pawetic Penny :)

  14. I loved this. So did Sir Poops and Hair Ball. You made us all smile this morning.

    Hugs and chocolate,

    1. Human Shelly along with Sir Poops and Hair Ball,

      A smile in the morning
      A new day dawning
      I thank you all three
      Yes me, Penny

      Pawetic Penny :)

  15. Me too, just loved this, cheered me up. x

    1. Human Carole,

      Very glad you liked it to
      Pawsitive wishes I send to you
      A cheerful day
      Of that I say

      Pawetic Penny :)

  16. This is so funny. You're the best, Penny! But why isn't the poor ginger cat your type? He looks very handsome. :D

    Happy weekend to you and Gary, Penny!

    1. Human Julie,

      Thank you for thinking this funny
      The best of times are always sunny
      Ginger cat is not my type
      Siamese cat I talk on Skype

      Happy weekend
      My human friend

      Pawetic Penny :)

  17. Penny is a most talented lady and she even has some cat groupies.

    1. Human Arleen,

      A doggy gal
      Who is your pal
      Groupie cats of which you see
      My fan club of cats so merrily

      Pawetic Penny :)

  18. That dog is silly.



    1. Human Pearl,

      This dog aint silly
      Maybe a might frilly
      "Liza Bean Bitey, of the Minneapolis Biteys"
      Good grief almighty!

      Pawetic Penny :)

  19. You are quite the Blogger, Penny my girl. Maybe they are jealous of your blogging success...

    1. Human Terry,

      I'm quite the Dogger
      A doggy Blogger
      My human is jealous of my blogging success
      Something he tries to redress

      Pawetic Penny :)

  20. Penny, hot dog
    You're wanted by all -
    The human and feline, the big and the small.
    We relish in your grace
    And, aw, such a face.
    No other pup
    Will ever catch-up.
    With hot dog, relish, and catch-up mixed in
    My ideas for mustard are wearing thin
    Heck I've got nothing
    But I've faith you know how
    Cuz you're the dog version of the cat's meow.
    What does all this mean?
    My dear, ya got me.
    It's just some ramblings
    To say I love thee.


    1. Human Robyn,

      Penny, hot diggety dawg
      A pawetry blog
      I'm wanted by all
      All creatures, big and small
      I relish your words and without a pickle
      A belly rub will make me tickle
      Such a face
      Not out of place
      I shall try to ketchup
      Pour it into a cup
      Your mustard is keen
      If you know what I mean
      You have it all
      You stumble, you fall
      I pick you up
      Give you a bit of puppy luck
      I'm a hot dog
      A pawetic blog
      Aint no cool cat
      In all of that
      With doggy heart
      It's a good start
      Human Robyn, love to you
      This be true

      Pawetic Penny :)

  21. Quite a poem, Penny!

    Now who put a price on your head?

    1. Human William,

      Delighted you liked my pawetry
      I share with thee

      A price on my head
      Fills me with dread
      Me thinks it might be the Bounty dude
      I think he's crude

      Pawetic Penny :)

  22. Lardy is sending you a ccake with a file in it just in case you need to bust outta the jailhouse shuld they catch you. It may be more file than cake by the time she's finished it up. The C-A-T-S are not welcomed by her either upon the screen, but she believes you handle them with aplomb Penny. As do I. Thank you for the pictures and the reeling rhymes, they've cheered me up some. *smiles.

    1. Human Michelle and my Lardy pal,

      The file in the cake
      A getaway I would make
      Lardy spare me some cake
      The file I could take
      No cell for me
      Can't take away my liberty
      Cats on the screen
      Rather obscene
      Pictures and a rhyme
      Took a little time
      Smiles to you
      Must not be blue

      Pawetic Penny :)

    2. Hahahahaha, both myself and the Larster thank you mightily for that, the blues must away with themselves in the light of it methinks :) x

    3. Human Michelle and the Larster,

      You both are neat
      Such a treat
      No time for the blues
      It's what you choose

      Pawetic Penny :)

  23. The cat does like
    Your rhyming hike
    Beats the human's posts
    Ship him to new coasts
    and take over
    Although to a rover
    The could would never
    No matter how clever
    Do anything but bite their tail
    I hope Gary posts your bail

    1. Pat in the Hatt
      A likeable cat
      The dog that rhymes
      In these changing times
      My human's blogs
      A bucket of frogs
      I grab this site
      To your delight
      A Rover's a car
      Not up to par
      He'd pawst my bail
      He'd never fail

      Pawetic Penny :)

  24. I pity the fool who puts a price on Penny's head. You'll catch cold quicker than you'll catch her.
    Some Dark Romantic

    1. Human Mina,

      They are indeed a fool
      Not very cool
      Put a price of my head
      They do it with dread
      Some might catch the common cold
      Try to catch me would be very bold

      Pawetic Penny :)

  25. Wow, this one made me laugh out loud too. Those cuties are amazing.
    Do you think Penny will be interesting in "skyping" with me?
    He looks so smart! That expression on his face cracked me up. Are you really teaching him to use the computer?
    Great post Gary.
    Have a fabulous weekend and keep writing these amazing posts.
    You are the king of laughter my friend!

    1. Human Julia,

      You laugh out loud
      That makes me proud
      The cuties are amazing
      Having a fling
      Skyping you
      To good to be true
      I told my human how to type
      Before he wrote a load of tripe
      Great pawst, indeed
      I felt the need
      To show that laughter
      Aint a disaster
      As for Gary
      I think he's scary

      A fab weekend
      My human friend

      Pawetic Penny :)

    2. Hi Julia,

      Penny has gone for yet another nap. The diva dog needs her rest. I shall make sure she reads your very nice extra comment.

      A peaceful, positive weekend to you, Julia.

      Gary :)

  26. Replies
    1. Hi The Happy Whisk,

      I'm one cute pup
      Even have a celebration cup

      Pawetic Penny :)

  27. Penny - your are just about as clever as your wonderful human, our beloved Gary. Nicely done. And don't you worry, if I see that wanted poster anywhere, I'll shred it like a cat with claws...and you can hide at my house.
    Tina @ Life is Good

    1. Hey human Tina,

      Gary is clever?
      Clever to make him is my endeavour
      Thanks for thinking this nicely done
      Maybe I wont have to run
      If you see that sign
      Rip it up so fine
      I can hide in your home
      Try not to roam

      Pawetic Penny :)

  28. Penny, Penny, Penny what have you done that requires a Wanted Poster?
    And all those lovely fans of yours, was it jealousy that made them go this far?

    Patches will offer sanctuary, anytime anywhere!

    1. Human Yolanda

      A Wanted Poster
      I'd rather a roller coaster
      Look at me
      What have I done
      Only having fun
      Adoring fans
      May have scheming plans
      To keep me on show
      What do you know
      Defending the Penny :)
      You are one of many
      Patches I thank you
      A friend so true

      Pawetic Penny :)

  29. Loved the adorable little cats watching the press release. I wonder if they are going to squeal? And Penny can come hide out with me any day of the week. I'll even pretend to search for her too :) 'Dog the Bounty Hunter' ain't that good when it comes to smart dogs.

    1. Ah Rum-Punch Drunk,

      Adorable cats see my press post
      Realise that I'm the most
      The cats wont squeal
      Nowt to reveal
      Hiding in London Town
      This here dog clown
      Dog the Bounty Hunter man
      I will place him in the can

      Pawetic Penny :)

  30. Penny you are so silly! You have too much time on your paws!

    1. Human Caren and Cody Cat,

      Me silly?
      Go eat a hot chilli
      To much time on my paws
      Draws applause

      Pawetic Penny :)

  31. Congratulations on the pawetry!
    Definitely par excellence... sorry I mean, paw excellence!
    Writer In Transit

    1. Human Michelle,

      Thank you for your congratulations
      I'm thankful for your salutations
      Paw excellence
      My pawsitivity is so intense

      Pawetic Penny :)

  32. Aw Penny how did I miss this clever verse? You are Doggy Laureate, a true shining star in the Blogosphere (or should that be Dogosphere?) :-) x

    1. Human Teresa,

      I'm glad you have now read my clever verse
      Could of been worse
      Could of be written by Gary
      That would be scary
      Doggy Laureate
      I wont forget
      A shining star in the Dogosphere
      It's becoming clear

      Pawetic Penny :)x

  33. Every loves a Doggy Blog a Go Go

    1. Human Rob,

      Who is this "Every"
      Do they live in a tree
      Doggy Blog a Go Go
      Doggy go go
      In the garden, you know

      Pawetic Penny :)

  34. Beautiful pawetry Penny! Maybe Gary will take you to hide out at the beach with him. Stay safe my furry friend.


    1. Human Julie,

      Glad you liked my pawetry
      A doggy ditty for you to see
      Gary should take me to the beach
      Out of reach
      From the Bounty guy
      Maybe he wont even try

      Pawetic Penny :)

  35. I have it on good authority that all 4 legged furry beauties love you, Penny, the Jack Russell and super internet star! What's not to love? And look at how many brilliant poets love you!

    1. Human Joylene,

      Your sources are right
      I'm such a doggy delight
      I'm feeling the caring
      It's such a sharing
      Four legs and two
      From me to you

      Pawetic Penny :)

  36. Hi Y'all!

    Penny you are so smart and talented!

    Y'all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

    1. Howdy Hawk!

      Nice to see y'all
      We're having a ball
      Smart it be true
      Just like you
      We'll be by now
      For sure and how

      Pawetic Penny :)

  37. Replies
    1. Human Madeleine,

      Glad to make you smile
      Go that extra mile
      So cute
      With my lovely snoot

      Pawetic Penny :)

  38. Hi Penny .. they simply couldn't put a price on your head - you're a treasure in a field of bloggers ...

    Cheers as I'm way behind and now must catch your master's words of wisdom - are they?? Happy weekend .. Hilary

    1. Human Hilary,

      Any price oh my head
      Will cause them dread
      You consider me a treasure
      What a pleasure
      You are kind to backtrack
      Your words never lack
      Word of care
      My human doth share
      I know you went to see
      On behalf of Gary, I thank yee.

      Happy weekend
      Human friend.

      Pawetic Penny :)


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