Saturday, 19 February 2011

The Gold Framed Dog Blog Award. Revisited.

'Hi there, yes it's me Penny, the Jack Russell dog and modest internet star.  About four months ago, Gary at the suggestion of this delightful, pictorial, interactive site, Along Life's Highway The Yard Art Game , created the above award, 'The Gold Framed Dog Blog Award',  in my honour.
This award goes to those who clearly demonstrate their love and respect for the precious creatures of our fragile planet.  I'm truly grateful to them for understanding, that we, your friends in the animal world, give you unconditional, non-judgemental love
I will now pass on this award to five worthy recipients  Now, the five recipients can do as they wish with this award.  They can forward it on, or just proudly display the award on their site.  I leave it up to the discretion of the recipient.  If you do choose to pass it on, it doesn't have to be forwarded to someone who has a dog.  No, if you know of a blog, for instance, that has a great love of garden slugs, hey, that's great!   If you visit a blog that thrills you with their affection for wolves or hyenas, I say, fantastic!   Here's a Penny joke, If you crossed a wolf with a hyena, would it howl with laughter?   If you know of a blogger who just adores cats....well...ummm.....okay.  
And with that, I shall now paw open the envelope and announce the following five most notable recipients of Penny, the Jack Russell dog and modest internet star's 'The Gold Framed Dog Blog Award'.'

1:  W. M. Morrell's Musings From Down Under. Wendy has great love and respect for us, your friends, the vulnerable creatures on this delicate planet.  A delicate planet that we must all learn to share in peaceful harmony.  I, Penny, would just like to say a big English 'Arf, arf!' to her three gorgeous dogs, Coco, Cabana and Oblio :-)
2:   CindyLu'sMuse   A wonderful, thoughtful site that is well worth a visit.  There you will discover, "A collection of information, humor, and daily finds about pets."
3:   BROWNDOGCBR   Follow the ongoing adventures of a brown dog better known as Hawk or Hawkeye at this most delightful site.
4:   Adventures of a Cattle Dog    "The adventures of Riley, an Australian Cattle Dog and therapy dog with hip dysplasia."  The inspiring stories of Riley, who lives in Virginia, are well worth reading.
5:   Inside the chicken coop   Diane, at this lovely site features the adventures of her chickens.  In fact, Diane has written a published book titled, "One Hundred Ways For A Chicken To Train Its Human."

'So there you go.  I shall now send out this award, to spread peace, joy and happiness, wherever it shall land.
To the recipients and the further recipients, I say well done and thank you for loving us gentle creatures in the animal world.  My friends, human or otherwise, I send you pawsitive wishes and doggy kisses.  Love Penny xx'


  1. Oh my! It's me, Hawk aka BrownDog.

    Your post popped up in my reader and I hurried over to catch up.

    I am HUMBLED by this truly special award. Thank you very, very much!

  2. Hi Hawk aka Browndog,
    You are very welcome for this, what I also consider, a truly special and meaningful award.
    Hope you have a really neat weekend.
    'Arf, arf!'
    Pawesome and pawsitive wishes, Penny :-)

  3. Penny, the Jack Russell dog and modest internet star, I am one of your worthy recipients? Me? Oh my!!

    Thank you so much! Such kind words you said about me too. I will, indeed, proudly display 'The Gold Framed Dog Blog Award' on my sidebar.

    Coco, Cabana and Oblio say 'Arf, arf' too!

    I'm off to check out the other worthy recipients now. Thanks once again, you gorgeous wee thing :)

  4. This is such a worthy and most brilliant and most coveted award!!! And look at these gorgeous and lucky and fabulous recipients!! Yay!! Congratulations!!!

    Thank you adorable Penny and Gary! Take care

  5. Hi Wendy.
    You sure are one of my most worthy recipients of my highly acclaimed and thoughtful award! :-)
    You are very welcome for the award and I will be so pleased that you display it amongst all your other well deserved awards! :-)
    I'm sure you will like those other most worthy recipients. I've started to 'read' them and they are very nice.
    'Arf, arf!', to you and once again, to your three lovely dogs :-)
    Pawesome and positive wishes, your way, Penny :-)

  6. Hi Old Kitty,
    Thank you so much for thinking this is such a brilliant and coveted award.
    I'm going to be sending out this award again in another few months and if you have not been a recipient of it, in the meantime, you will most assuredly be, the next time. Cause I think, even if you are cats at your site, I just think you and Charlie are adorable:-)
    Hope you have a nice weekend.
    Pawesome and pawsitive wishes, Penny :-)

  7. What a wonderful award, Penny, You must have great influence in his life, because Gary has definitely outdone himself. What a guy. What a dog!

  8. The Gold Framed Dog Blog Award is definitely a bloggy favorite! Thanks to Penny and Gary for pointing The Snee in the direction of these worthy blog recipients. We got a preview of mud season here, so I'd much rather peruse these animal friendly sites then slosh through the slush! Hope you and yours are well!

  9. Hi Joylene,
    Hey, thanks for liking my award! I have tremendous influence in the old farts life :-)
    If it wasn't for me, Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet star, Gary would still be staring at a piece of paper and scribbling down even more gibberish.
    Seriously, he is quite the guy, I'm quite the dog and you dear lady, are well, quite the dear lady! :-)
    Gary taught me how to bark in Canadian, 'Arf, arf, eh!'

  10. Hi THE SNEE,
    Thank you Rebecca. I think my award is going to be so popular that I shall have to post it up again, fairly soon. That way, even more humans, dogs, budgies, slugs, snakes and a certain gorilla, can marvel at my cute lil' ol' face!:-)
    I'm sure you will really, really like those who were worthy of my meaningful award.
    We have heard about all the mud you have been getting after the great thaw. Personally, I like mud and have been known to tramp it back into the house. Surprisingly, Gary was not amused.
    I hope all is well with you and your loved ones and you have a peaceful weekend.
    Pawesome wishes and doggy kisses, your way, Penny xx

  11. Penny is just so darn cute.
    I like visiting here. It's full of magic & good creative writing.
    Cute award!

  12. I can tell by looking at your cute, adorable face, Penny - you will always be a winner! A big hug for you, sweetie!

    Good morning to you, Gary. I can't help but love that dog of yours!


  13. My dear Penny! What a beautiful surprise! The girls are having a hen party to celebrate even though none of them are getting married! This is a magical and very special award to receive, thank you so much!

  14. hi mr gary! love that penny award. for sure she get her picture on lots of blogs. she the most famous blog dog of all! :) one time you gave miss sharon that award and se got it passed on to me so pennys at my blog too.
    ...hugs from lenny

  15. Hi LilPixi,
    Awe thanks for thinking I'm so darn cute :-)
    And thank you for the compliments on the writing here. I taught Gary everything he knows. 'Arf, arf!'
    Thanks for liking my cute award.
    Pawsitive wishes and doggy kisses, Penny xx

  16. Hi M,
    'Thank you very kindly. And a big doggy hug back to you :-)'
    Good day to you. Penny is such a lovable dog and a pawsitive writer :-)
    Hope you have had a very nice weekend.
    Pawesome wishes Penny and peaceful wishes, Gary :-)

  17. Congratulations! That's such a great award. :)

  18. Hi Diane,
    I am so pleased you liked this very meaningful surprise :-)
    I hope your girls had a wonderful time at the celebration 'hen party'.
    You and your girls are very welcome for this award.
    I hope you and your girls had a lovely weekend.
    Pawsitive wishes and doggy kisses, Penny xx 'Arf, arf!'

  19. Hi Lenny!
    It's me, Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet star :-)
    It will be really neat to see my photo on some more blogs. I remember how Sharon forwarded my award onto you! :-) I was hoping my meaningful award would spread around blogland and bring joy wherever it ended up. It really made me happy when you got my award :-)
    Pawsitive wishes and doggy smiles your way, Penny :-)

  20. Hi The Golden Eagle,
    Thank you. I think my award has much meaning behind it. Hopefully, you being an eagle, may become a recipient of my award :-)
    Pawsitive and pawesome wishes, your way, Penny :-)

  21. Great idea to have an award for animal lovers. All of us should try harder to take care and have respect for our wildlife friends... No matter what they are... be they dog, cat, walrus or whatever. Hey Penny, are you smiling in that photo? Did you just fart?

    Say a hearty hello to Gary for me.

  22. Hi Penny, this is Ella and M from The Farm..arf! arf! wolf! wolf! saying hi and hello - we like your photo in the frame, esp you eyes!

    Congratulations to you and Gary and to all recipients of this beautiful Award.

    When you come to The Farm we can all share a big bone, eh.

  23. I love seeing you give Penny's award to fellow animal lovers, Gary. :) Congratulations to the recipients.

  24. This is ana excellent award!
    I really like the idea of it :)

  25. Hi Kelly,
    Awe, thank you :-) Gary says you are a really decent human who cares and respects us wildlife buddies.
    Yes Kelly, I farted! :-) I'm smiling, but Gary ended up making this horrible scrunched up look on his face. Actually, kind of his normal look! 'Arf, arf!'
    I shall pass on your farty, I mean hearty hello to Gary.
    Pawsitive wishes and doggy farts, your way, Penny :-)

  26. Hi Ella and M,
    Wow, you two live on a farm. I think that's really neat. I like farms and one time, I ran around in a field with a bunch of sheep. Gary promptly called be back and said what I did was 'baaaahd' :-)
    Thank you for thinking this a beautiful award and thank you for congratulating the recipients.
    I look forward to us sharing a big bone, eh :-)
    Pawsitive and pawesome wishes, your way, Penny :-)

  27. Hi Sharon,
    This award has a lot of meaning. It was really nice how you displayed my award on your site and forwarded it onto others. I know Lenny was thrilled :-)
    Thank you for congratulating the recipients.
    Please say a big 'Arf, arf!' to Macy for me:-)
    Pawsitive wishes and doggy kisses, your way, Penny xx

  28. Hi Nas,
    Thank you very much. I know you understand the significance of such an award :-)
    Pawsitive and pawesome wishes, Penny :-)

  29. Oh my dogness! I've been without internet access for a week, come back to find this awesome presentation!!

    My humble gratitude for your thinking of lil' ol' me...and of course, the compliments are so much for you, too!!

    Thank you! :)

  30. Hi CindyLu,
    Well, I'm very pleased you got your lil' ol' internet back :-)
    And you are so welcome for the award. A most worthy recipient!
    Thank you for your kind words. They are very much appreciated.
    Hope y'all have a pawesome weekend.
    Pawsitive wishes and doggy kisses, your way, Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet star! :-)
    'Arf, arf!' :-)


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