Friday, 17 December 2010

The 'Wee Folks' Christmas Special.

And thus, Fidelina, the beautiful fairy princess, Geoffrey the garden gnome, and their wee son, Einahalk, rejoiced in the warm, reassuring glow of the twinkling Christmas lights.

The 'wee folks', such wondrous, magical creatures, had come in from the cold and gathered in the comfort of the living room.   All different, all equal, celebrating the magic of a special time.

Such diversity.  Their's is a world where all is possible and no judgement is ever passed.

See the joy, the sheer delight on the faces of the wee folks.  They know that life should be a celebration of all that is good.

And the party continued.  They danced and they sang to sweet tunes of love, hope and understanding.

In the above photograph are Venetia, the sister of Fidelina, and bridesmaid from the enchanting wedding of Fidelina, the beautiful fairy princess and Geoffrey, the garden gnome.  Standing beside her is the 'best gnome',  Teagan.  There was a hint of romance between the two of them at the magic-filled wedding on the first day of summer.  Note the gnome in the background, Yrag, who is the best friend of Teagan.

And here is a happy little monkey, with his great long arms, wrapped over a couple of friendly garden gnomes. Nice tinsel effect, happy little monkey.

Dreams can come true.  Dare to believe in yourself.  Fidelina, Geoffrey and their beautiful little boy, Einahalk, wish you a peaceful, happy and so very positive Christmas.

And the wee folks gazed out the window.  They looked out, looked up, at moon drenched sky.  Tis a marvel to behold the shining orb through winter branches.  Soon they would leave.  Return to their world of love and peace.
Their message to us is simple, yet profound.  For the wee folks live in their wee world, where stigma, labels and the passing of judgement, are bizarre and baffling concepts.  May we learn from them.   Let us celebrate and rejoice the diversity of mankind.  And just like in their world, we can truly be, all different, all equal.

My dear friend, this was a posting from last Christmas.  During the uncertain times that have been encountered in my house and the fact I'm struggling to focus, I do so hope that you will share in the joy and the wonder of the message in this reposting.   In kindness and hope for a better way, for you, for my son, for all of us.


  1. Oh how I so enjoyed that Christamas show. Yes, we have much to learn from them. Accept and love all of our earthly brothers and sisters. We are of one race, Human.
    And to you I also say Have a warm, peaceful and safe holidays!!

    Thank you for being my blogger friend:-)

  2. Wee folks are such lovely people, they look friendly and happy..

    I'm hoping that Wee folks, and Gary, and Penny and all that they love celebrate a nice cozy colorful christmas! :)

  3. hooray for the wee folks and a happy celebration of love, kindness, and compassion...

    perfectly timed, beautifully written... your tender heart makes me smile :)

  4. Dear Lynne,
    Thank you so much for your kind and thoughtful comment.
    The 'wee folks' have much to teach mankind. I know, you my dear friend, embrace the ideals that they convey to all of us.
    May you have a peaceful and positive time during the holidays.
    Thank you for being my blogger friend.
    With respect and peace, your way, Gary :-)

  5. Dear Kamila,
    The 'wee folks' are such lovely, kind and caring creatures.
    Thank you for your lovely wishes.
    They, Penny and myself wish you the most peaceful Christmas.
    With positive thoughts, your way, Gary:-)

  6. Dear joanne,
    Tis such a joyous celebration they show to us.
    joanne, thee of tender heart, gladden the souls of, 'the wee folks', and of me.
    With magical, enchanting wishes, your way, Gary :-)

  7. Awwww! I feel all warm inside now! Thanks Gary, and I hope you have a beautiful Christmas.


  8. I really enjoyed the story of your wee folks! It must be fun to have them around! Happy Holidays!!

  9. This is a great show featuring the Wee Folks. Not just great because of the wonderful scenes and shots you put together in this production, Gary, but also because of the morality lesson you convey so well. We are all different, yet all so equal. Though the people in the world outside of the Wee Folks' home may fail to comprehend and FEEL this to be true, let's hope they somehow find and take this message into their hearts and minds by reading this post or realize it this holiday season by being taken in by the peace and love that Christmas can inspire within you, if you care enough to seek it.

    Great Christmas Special, my friend. It deserves high ratings. I wish you well this Christmas, Gary. Peace!

  10. Hi Gary,

    I'm so happy that the Wee folk agreed to share their first Christmas with Einahalk, with us the blogging community. I definitely feel warm and fuzzy inside. I'm also wondering where Venetia goes shopping. She looks absolutely ravaging. Now that I think of it, I bet it's not the dress, but her inner radiance that makes her glow so. It also might explain Teagan's contented grin. Happy holidays Dear Gary.

  11. May all the folks – including the wee – have a very happy holiday season. That means you too, Gary!

  12. Awwwww - Wee Folk rules!!! :-)

    And so does true love knowing no boundaries! I think Venetia is truly lovely though - very delicate and Geoffrey is one lucky happy gnome!!

    I hope the Wee Folk stay for as long as possible! Take care

  13. Oh Gary that has cheered me up so much. I tried to get into work today but had terrible conditions here,and got very upset with the drive as it was so scary and had to turn back, the worst thing was that is was our works Christmas party which I love going to so much. I know that seems shallow but I do love to dance and make merry! To see those little Wee folks enjoying a simple and magical time in this festive season is what life should be all about. It really did raise my spirits, and made me think that it is not all about partying, but being safe, and with the people we love. Thank you.
    Di xxxx

  14. Gary, Wonderful Christmas show sharing the gift of friendship and love. I believe I see some new additions or maybe some shyer wee folk who have hid from the camera in the past.

    May you have a Christmas full of wonder.

  15. Gary, I was quite delighted with the wee folks. They bring great warmth to your blog, and we can all learn from them, can't we?

    Here's wishing you, and the wee folks, a very merry Christmas. I do hope Penny gets an extra-special gift in her stocking!

    Happy holidays,

  16. A parable for our times Gary. If life on this tiny planet is being monitored elsewhere in the universe I am sure the aliens will feel humbled to have discovered our species.
    Or maybe they would feel that we are wimps and now is the time to strike.
    Tally Ho and Bottom's Up!

  17. Hi Ian,
    Shucks and thanks, Ian:-) Here's wishing your loved ones a peaceful and warm Christmas on Vancouver Island.
    Cheers, Gary

  18. Hi MartyrMom,
    Thank you. It sure is fun having them around. I'm trying to pay heed to their lessons.
    Happy holidays to you, my friend.
    In kindness, Gary :-)

  19. Hey Kelly,
    Thank you very much for your kind, thoughtful and wise words.
    My friend, you have summed up, rather profoundly, what the underlying message is in the tales of the 'wee folks'.
    And here's hoping that us 'big folks' will understand the pure and simple message they wish for us to embrace. Nobody has the right to devalue your humanity. We must all be in this together. Helping, supporting and respecting each other. If only, my friend, if only.
    And, of course, mankind must embrace the spirit of caring, all year round and not just at Christmas. Thanks Kelly. May you and your loved ones have a peaceful and positive holiday and beyond.
    With great respect and warm wishes, Gary.

  20. What a treat. You had me spellbound, Gary. Your Wee Folk are a lovely bunch. They have much to teach. I'm glad I stopped by. I'm leaving with a smile on my face. Merry Christmas.

  21. Dear Rebecca,
    I was absolutely delighted that Fidelina and Geoffrey allowed me to photograph them with their beautiful son, Einahalk.
    In fact, the 'wee folks' gave me exclusive photo and journalism rights. Much to the annoyance of 'Better Gnomes and Gardens'. lol
    This may surprise you but, Venetia does her clothes shopping at 'Weemart'. She is indeed beautiful and she does radiate that beauty from within. Teagan is grinning at thought that maybe true love is just a wee heartbeat away.
    May you, dear lady, have a happy, peaceful and contented holiday season.
    With kind wishes of peace and happiness, your way, Gary:-)

  22. Dear Samantha,
    Thank you. The 'wee folks' will have a very happy holiday season. I wish the same of the 'big folks' in our world. And I will, in my own quiet and reflective way, think of the positive possibilities of humanity, caring and sharing, for each other.
    Thanks Samantha. May you and your loved ones have a peaceful and pleasant holiday season.
    Kind wishes, Gary :-)

  23. Dear Old Kitty,
    The 'wee folks' are just so adorable.
    The ongoing theme, right from the first ever story of the wee folks, was that true love, does indeed, 'have no boundaries'.
    Venetia is gorgeous and so is her fairy princess sister, Fidelina.
    Teagan and Geoffrey are very happy gnomes and who could blame them.:-)
    The wee folks has returned to the garden. No doubt, they will give me the occasional reminder of their magical presence.
    You take care and have a lovely weekend.
    In kindness, Gary

  24. Dear Gary,
    So, the wee folks return for a Christmas special. I hope you're not doing this for commercial resons, Gary!
    It is clear you have put a lot of effort in to this post, with all the beautiful photos, so I hope the wee folks have got their point across and we can all live in a stigma-free, equal society, as they do.
    Warm and fuzzy Christmas feelings, your way,

  25. Dear Diane,
    Oh no, Diane. I'm so sorry to read about your awful time trying to get to work. I'm so sad that you could not make it to your office party. I can fully understand how you wanted to dance and make merry. I really feel bad for you. It does seem you did the right thing and turned back around. Not worth the risk in such horrible conditions.
    It heartens me to know that the 'wee folks' celebration lifted your spirits. That is a little consolation.
    And it is all about being safe and being with those we love.
    Stay warm, Diane and thank you.
    Positive wishes for a pleasant weekend, your way, Gary.
    xxxx :-)

  26. Dear lifeshighway,
    Thank you for your very kind words. They truly demonstrate the gifts ow friendship and love, without boundaries. There were a few of the shyer ones in the photos. Nothing like a bit of a celebration to help reduce their shyness:-)
    Here's wishing you and your loved ones, a most magical and peaceful Christmas.
    With kindness, your way, Gary.

  27. Dear M.D.,
    The 'wee folks' most certainly warm up my blog. They make a refreshing change from some of my rather silly postings:-) And yes indeed, we can learn some wise lessons from the wee folks.
    Thank you for your kind wishes. I thank you and the wee folks, thank you. Penny will get an extra-special doggy treat in her Christmas stocking. That's for sure.
    Wishing you and your loved ones a most pleasant and peaceful holiday season.
    Kind wishes, your way, Gary:-)

  28. Greetings Sir Tom Eagerly,
    This is, most assuredly, a moral story, for which we could learn some valuable lessons.
    I think any aliens would give us a miss. I'm sure they'd rather party with the 'wee folks'.
    Of course, after partying with the wee folks, they might be feeling rather peckish and turn their attentions to us 'big folks'. Somehow, I doubt this will happen.
    Cheers Sir Tom. May you continue to delight us with your thoughtful and profound comments.
    Take very good care.
    Kind regards and a DVD of 'Mars Attacks', your way, Gary:-)

  29. Dear Joylene,
    Thanks for such an encouraging comment. Yes indeed, the 'wee folks' have much to teach us about treating each other equally.
    I'm so pleased you dropped by and so glad this made you smile:-)
    Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones, Joylene.
    In peace and respect, Gary.

  30. Dear David,
    Of course, due to overwhelming popular demand, I realised just how important is was to continue to convey their very important message. Commercial reasons? You know me better than that. No monetary value will be gained from this. Then again, I'm in negotiations with a certain Hollywood producer. Yes, I'm kidding.
    I did try to bring across the ambience of their joyous celebration. I know that we both embrace and promote their message. We all have the right to live in a non-judgemental, stigma-free, world. What a wonderful world that would be.
    Warm and fuzzy Christmas feeling, right back atcha'.
    With very positive wishes, Gary.

  31. My gnome-descendant neighbour, Aberto, sends his regards to all the wee folk.

    And a happy Christmas to you too, Gary, and all of human and gnomekind.

  32. Another delightful post and beautifully written. As always.

    I love it that the 'wee folk' are all different, yet all equal in a world where anything is possible and no judgment is ever passed.

    May you and Penny have a wondrous Christmas, dear Gary :)

  33. Gary, thank you for giving me a much-needed smile!
    I love your more 'nutty' posts and some of the witty comments you get here.
    Bazza’s Blog ‘To Discover Ice’

  34. Wee folks are happy, lovely people - and we can learn a thing or two from them too!
    Thanks for sharing this, Gary.

    I took some photos of what it's like around Christmas here, which include some Wee like folks. Will show them next week.

    Have a great weekend, my friend, and take care.

  35. Dear Gary,
    Just an extra comment to say, that I recently watched a DVD on which there was a trailer for an animated film which involved a garden gnome falling for a, yes, fairy princess. I think, but don't hold me to this, it is one of the latest offerings from Pixar.
    I think you should sue!
    Yours with All the Very Best and Peaceful Wishes,

  36. Hi Masked Friend,
    I could have sworn your 'gnome-descendant' neighbour, Alberto, was outside in my garden. Alberto, so popular they named a shampoo after him.
    And a peaceful and positive Christmas to you, Masked Friend.
    Kind wishes, Gary and the 'wee folks' :-)

  37. Dear Wendy,
    Thank you for your very kind thoughts. I appreciate your compliments.
    Indeed, Wendy, the 'wee folks' have lessons of beauty and love that mankind could truly learn from.
    May you, Coco, Cabana and Oblio, have a magical and enchanting Christmas.
    Warm wishes, your way, Gary and Penny, the modest internet star:-)

  38. Hi bazza,
    It means a lot to me that I managed to provide you with a much-needed smile.
    The thoughtful and kind interaction we share, is most inspiring and profound. I thank you.
    I enjoy doing some of my more 'nutty' posts. I thrive on attempting to do different writing styles. And the witty comments are a delight. It racks my last two brain cells trying to respond back:-)
    In peace and kind wishes to you and your loved ones, Gary.

  39. Dear Grandpa,
    It was my pleasure to share a bit of the 'wee folks' world with you. I am grateful they allowed me to get further insight into their magical and non-judgemental world.
    You are an excellent photographer and I look forward to your photos of some 'Wee like' folks.
    My friend, I wish you a most peaceful and relaxing weekend.
    With respect and kind wishes, your way, Gary :-)

  40. Dear David,
    Thank you for the follow-up info in our phone conversation.
    Most likely a weird coincidence. However, thanks for bringing this to my attention. I shall monitor the situation. Of course, if the garden gnome is named 'Geoffrey' and the fairy princess is named 'Fidelina', I shall definitely be contacting them and sue the bast***s! :-) Thanks for the shout out, David.
    All the very best to you, Gary.

  41. Hi Gary! I really love the little Gnome family and what they want us to learn not only on this holiday season but always. I have always had the same thinking so maybe the next time they have a party, perhaps I might get an invite...or a nod? Great post and thank you my friend. Merry Christmas!!

  42. Hi Heather,
    Yes indeed. They have many lessons for us to learn.
    I know how much you relate to their ideals and, come next party, they would be honoured if you attended
    Thank you and may you have a peaceful Christmas as you live in 'Hope'.
    In peace and goodwill, the 'wee folks' and Gary :-)

  43. Imagine, if you will Gary, Sir Tom sitting at his antique French escritoire in Castle Eagerly having just awoken from a long and deep slumber. There is an empty bottle of claret laying on it's side and I can't remember what happened to Friday or Saturday!
    There you have my situation so I have, once again, missed the party so to speak. Never mind, I am here now to enjoy your lovely post.

  44. Hi Gary, It`s good to see the `wee folks` having a good time! You are keeping them nice and warm during this extreme weather and ofcourse yourself and Penny.
    Keep warm and have a peaceful remainder of the weekend!
    Follow me at HEDGELAND TALES

  45. Gary, this is so cute and colourful. You have quite the 'crew'~ definitely special.
    Wishing you blessings of the season.

  46. Greetings Sir Tom,
    And thank you for your bonus comment.
    I have read, with much interest, the comment you have so kindly provided. It is now Sunday evening and I do so hope you have managed to savour a bit of the wonders that life has to offer, minus the catatonic state:-)
    Sir Tom, you are never too late for the party. For the party is the joy you can feel in your heart.
    I am so glad you enjoyed this post.
    Wishing you much peace and may you have a most pleasant week.
    In kindness, Gary :-)

  47. Hi John,
    The 'wee folks' had a most wonderful time. They, like Penny, my son and myself, appreciate the fact we have a nice warm place to gather in. We are lucky and grateful.
    And John, you please try and stay warm. This extremely cold weather has been the worst I have even known.
    May you have a peaceful Sunday and a positive week, ahead.
    With respect, Gary :-)

  48. HI G
    I enjoyed the show so much better than boring old Harry Potter which is on TV just now!
    Merry Chritmas to all your little freinds as well you and your family

  49. Dear Dixie,
    Thank you for your very kind words. It means a great deal.
    You, of course, had an important part to play in the photo production of the special. For that, I thank you very much:-)
    Wishing you warm and sincere wishes for a peaceful and pleasant holiday season.
    With respect and kindness, Gary

  50. Dear kerrie,
    Thanks very much for that. Thank goodness I'm not the only one who thinks 'Harry Potter' is boring. It's basically 'Billy Bunter' on some kinda' weird trip:-)
    And Merry Christmas to you, kerrie. Peace and kind wishes, from the 'wee folks', my family, and starring Penny the Jack Russell:-)

  51. Oh Gary, that we could all be as joyous and peaceful as the 'Wee Folk'.

    Very heavy snow here in the South East - my feet are particularly cold as my 2 jack russells, max and paddy, have taken residence in front of the fire and as such we are all frozen from the knees down as they block/absorb all the blooming heat!
    Smiles and blessings, gentle man.

  52. Dear Juliana,
    If only we could take heed and learn the simple yet profound lessons of joy and peace they wish to teach us.
    The snow and the cold weather has been nothing like I have ever experienced before. And, I lived in Canada.
    Jack Russells eh. They sure love to hang around the fire. Perhaps you could snuggle your feet under their little tummies:-)
    Thank you, Juliana.
    Kind and peaceful wishes to you, your loved ones, and of course, Max and Paddy.

  53. Aw ... what a wonderful little story. I hope you'll give my regards to the wee folk and that you and Penny have a wonderful Christmas.

  54. Dear Sally,
    Thank you very much. I have passed on your regards to the 'wee folks' and Penny. They, Penny and myself, wish you a most joyous Christmas.
    In kindness and peace, the wee folks, Penny and Gary:-)

  55. Sure 'n it's a beautiful Christmas for the Wee Folks. And I'm wishing the same for you, my friend!

  56. hi mr gary! for sure the wee folks are just where i could wanna be and i bet lots more people could wanna be there to. those pictures are real nice. i like happy stuff.
    ...hugs from lenny

  57. Dear Cher,
    It is indeed a beautiful Christmas for the 'wee folks'.
    Mine will be quiet and peaceful. Thank you for your warm wishes and I hope you and your loved ones have a wonderful and happy Christmas.
    With kindness, your way, Gary :-)

  58. Hey Lenny!
    They do have such a lovely time. I too reckon that there are lots of folks who would like a world like they have.
    Glad you liked the photos, Lenny.
    They sure do look so very happy.
    Here's wishing you and your loved ones a really nice Christmas.
    Hugs and smiles, your way, Mr. Gary :-)


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