Friday, 5 February 2010

Ever Watched An 'Egg And Spoon' Race?

Have you ever watched an 'egg and spoon' race?  Well, I've observed a few egg and spoon races and the outcome has always been the same.  Agonisingly close, the egg ends up winning, because the 'dish ran away with the spoon'.
Do you think that spoons like 'spoonerisms'?  If a spoon could talk; would it get its 'metters lixed'?  Well, frankly, I don't 'shive a git'.  'Swoving miftly on....
'Hey diddle diddle, the cat and the fiddle'.  So what's that all about?  'The cow jumped over the moon. The little dog laughed to see such fun and the dish ran away with the spoon'.  So, just what is it all about?  It is about illuminating the minds of children of all ages.  Creativity and wonderment knows no boundaries.
Our friend, the spoon, despite losing the race, never gives up.  For, our friend, the spoon, knows that one day soon, it will win the race.  Does this happy spoon stir your imagination?


  1. Wow

    What a wonderful way to view an egg and spoon race.

    Thanks for the inspiraton.

    Best wishes


  2. I not only watched, I took part and even won once. ( only once) It's the only thing I ever won, but I was on the back of my magical horse Chad, when we used to enter all the local horse shows, it was great fun and a wonderful confidence giver. It didn't matter then to me who or what won, I loved that pony so much, all that was important then was that there was someone there to help me
    A lovely post Gary
    Best wishes

  3. Hi Fee,
    I do try to think of situations in a slightly different way. Things can be subject to interpretation and I thought it would be fun to think of an 'egg and spoon race', in a more literal way.
    Fee, you are very inspiring in your excellent writing.
    Kind wishes, your way, Gary:-)

  4. Hi Diane,
    And a lovely comment you have left. I too have actually participated in an 'egg and spoon race' in the normal sense. My claim to fame is that I have never lost an egg and spoon race. So it got me to thinking about and egg and spoon actually racing.
    Wonderful story about your magical horse, 'Chad'. It really is about the participating.
    The 'spoon' is a winner because it never gives up on trying.
    Thanks Diane.
    Magical wishes, Gary :-)

  5. I do worry about your 'imagination' sometimes, Gary!! ;0) And I do hope that the spoon wins the race soon - is the spoon in training?

    Julie xx

  6. That was great. All the dots connecting to the Egg, the Spoon and the big race.

    Well, I had another plan in mind. The next time I am in one such race, I will sing for the egg. Maybe he might go to sleep and let me bring home the trophy. I just hope I get a trophy and not just an egg... lol

    Have a wonderful day!:)

  7. Hi Julie,
    'Imagination'? Heck Julie, I'm starting to worry about myself:-)
    I have a great time trying to think 'outside the box' (or is that the egg carton?)
    Feeling no pressure to write helps me to write. I love surreal.
    The 'spoon' needs to be just that little bit faster and then can avoid being abducted by the dish. So the spoon has been training. Here's a 'scoop' for you. The spoon has a personal trainer sponsored by 'Weatherspoons'.
    Thanks Julie and happy writing.
    With respect, Gary x

  8. Well hello, 'Mr. Stupid',
    Hey thanks for dropping in. No, not literally. I'm gonna' be checking out your blog a bit further. Something tells me you like to have a bit of fun.
    If you 'sing for the egg' would that be that be a form of 'yokeling'?
    I really hope you get a trophy. I'm sure the spectators would egg you on and you would win. What the fork am I saying?:-)
    Have a good week and take care.
    Kind dishes, your way, Gary

  9. A good thing I'm on crack and acid right now or I wouldn't have been able to watch this delightful race so closely and with big time anticipation.


  10. Hi Kelly,
    Maybe the above greeting was quite literal? :-)
    The race is not all it's cracked up to be. Many a time there was some seriously scrambling for positions near the end.
    Thanks for dishing out such a delightful comment. Now a medley from the 'Lovin' Spoonful'...'Do you believe in magic?'
    Thanks Kelly, with respect, Gary

  11. Ha ha ha. That reminds me. I better spoon with the wife tonight or she'll crack my head open like an egg and then I will have to make a mad scramble to the hospital or I'll be toast.

    Not to egg you on or anything. In fact, I'm bacon you to stop. :P

  12. Your dish is my command, Kelly.
    You are being most 'rashernal'....
    I promise to stop now ..gonna' go have some hash browns with my eggs...

  13. Hi Gary,
    Very funny article, but the photo had me in stitches. You see, I thought it was a bright yellow 'Frisbee' that had sailed over land to knock the soon off it's game. (I haven't seen that many 'egg and spoon races', nor have I ever participated.) So only now do I get the 'yoke'... and the yoke's on me.
    Your creativity in setting up the photo amazes me. The looks on the faces of the 'wee people' fits in perfectly; almost horrified at the conclusion. The spoon and egg race... another spoiled sports event.
    Surreal, I felt like boiling one and having a go. I don't so raw!
    Egg-trordinary, Gary!
    Kind wishes,

  14. Hi Dixie,
    The photo had you in 'stitches'. Well speaking of stitches..I think that is 'darn' good.
    The dish does look like a 'Frisbee'. It's a shame that 'Penny', the Jack Russell dog had not noticed and could have saved the spoon.
    I've heard a rumour that the 'egg and spoon' race will be a sport in the next surreal Olympics. I would be happy to represent 'Eggland'
    Thanks for your very nice comment. I reckon that I should 'poach' a few jokes from you.
    Kind dishes, your way, Gary x

  15. Hi Suzanne,
    Glad you liked this post. I was 'over the spoon' writing this one.
    Best dishes, Gary :-)

  16. Dear Gary,
    Apologies for the lateness of this comment- you have obviously been "eggspecting" one from me.
    Well, unlike the others, Gary, I can see the underlying moral of your story, which seems to be "never give up". I believe Winston Churchill made one of the shortest speeches ever by saying just those words. So, the spoon wins because he "never gives up".
    And like the stories of the wee folks, there is a serious notion underlying it all which we should all take note of.
    No doubt your message is reflected in your own striving to challenge your "inner critic", a fight which you have never given up on and which you are obviously winning. So, good for you, Gary.
    With Very Best Wishes,
    P.S. I still think you should see a doctor.

  17. Hi Gary !! I agree with Julie P. Your imagination is getting the egg out of the spoon. =P

    If, my memory is functioning well, I do recall being in one of those races before, and if it was supposed to make me imaginative, I am still trying to find what sort of "imagination" that it had triggered in me.

    As a kid, I thought the scene that the was painted by reading the poem where cows got to jump over the moon and dishes running away with spoons filled me up with such glee.

    The real world is just too boring, so yeah, to answer your question, the happy spoon picture does stir some imagination in me. Thanks for tickling me with this funny post!

  18. Dear 'Doctor' David,
    As you are well aware, I always look forward to your witty, insightful and dare I say, intelligent comments.
    Yes, there was an underlying meaning in this somewhat surreal tale of an egg, a spoon and a dish that like to run away with the spoon. It is most assuredly about never giving up on your ideals, your dreams.
    I continue to challenge my 'inner critic', and I, like our friend, the spoon, will never give up.
    I shall make an appointment with you, 'Doctor' David.
    With respect and good wishes, Gary.

  19. Hi Shanaz,
    Thanks for leaving such a nice comment.
    I truly believe that we all need to embrace our 'inner child'. Imagination and a spoon stirring our creative thoughts; is a wonderful result.
    I have just had a read and commented on your excellent blog. Keep going with your writing. With great respect and kind wishes, Gary :-)

  20. 'Eggactly' the type of blog I have come to 'eggspect' from you my friend they always 'crack' me up! You always cheer me up when I come to see you and reading your blog brings a smile to my face. Keep up the good work, Simon.

  21. Hi Simon,
    Just wanted to thank you for leaving your comment. Of course, the fact I dropped subtle hints about you possibly leaving a comment, or I wouldn't let you use my computer to check out the internet..seems to have worked.
    I'm glad that visiting me brings a smile to your face. You are most definitely good for my 'eggo' :-)
    Kind dishes, your way, Gary..

  22. Stark raving mad, I tell you!

    Haha! Love it :)

  23. Thanks Wendy :)
    Stark raving mad, bordering on eggcentric! :)


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