Friday, 19 February 2010

A Right Good Row.

I just cannot think of anything better than having a right good row.  It doesn't matter who it is.  I will gladly row with my friends, my family, my neighbours, the 'wee folks', or anybody who seems like they would be interested in a right good row.
Would you like to row with me?  We could take turns rowing.  Row after row.  We could have our rows all in a row.  If you like, we could converse about the boundary between two properties formed by bushes and shrubs, that would be a hedgerow.  We might just row about posh clothing , also known as 'Savile Row'.  We might even discuss that the 'Oxford and Cambridge boat race', is a very good row.  If you do not want to row with me; I have an option.  For I can row with a mechanical object.  I'm off to the gym to have a debate with a 'rowing machine'.
'Row, row, row your boat....'  Yes indeed, I would love to do some rowing.  Would you like to take turns rowing in my row boat?  So maybe a friend, a family member, the 'wee folks', or just some startled passer-by; might just be interested in a bit of rowing with me.  'Oar', maybe not.


  1. LOL. Funny post. Yes, I'll row with you. But you gotta pay for my plane ticket to get up there. :)

    And just who are these "wee folks"? Have you been rowing with elves and leprechauns? And if so, do they do their fair share of the rowing?

    In all serious, though, I like rowing, too. Haven't done it that much in my life, but it is fun.

  2. Hi Kelly,
    Phew!! I started thinking about this blog (yes I've been known to think lol). Thought it might seem like I wanted to 'row' when of course I meant I wanted to 'row' as in going in a boat. Doh!
    Sure thing buddy, I will pay for your plane ticket. Do you want a window seat and in what 'row' would you like?
    I plan to hopefully have a good rowing session with the 'wee folks'. Although they may just struggle with my oars:-)
    In all seriousness, I too need to get out an have a bit more exercise. A row boat or a canoe would be great.
    Thanks Kelly. With respect, Gary.

  3. Oh my, I thought that maybe you wanted to start an argument (also a type of row..hehe) with somebody or something.

    Hmm, Rowing boats sounds fun though. I would like to try rowing a boat some day, but maybe not, I am not sure. The unknown things in the water scare me. I could row in swimming pool, though. =) A good row to exercise my arm muscles. Why not!

    Funny and unique post you have here, Gary. You can stop doing the rowing movement with your arms while you're in an imaginary boat now. :p


  4. Hi Shanaz,
    Aha. You note how words can be subject to interpretation based on what we think the pronunciation is?
    The opening sentence was actually regarding 'rowing' as in rowing a boat with anyone who might like to row with me.
    Of course, I'm rowing the row boat with only one oar. Typical, I'm going around in circles. I think I'm started to get confused by my own blog:-)
    Shanaz, maybe you might like to try canoeing? That involves a paddle. Yeah, before you think it..I've been up a certain creek without a paddle:-)
    Peace and respect, Gary

  5. Dear Gary,
    Like the others, thought that you meant having a good argument. If that was the case, as you know I would have been happy to oblige, in a good natured banter type way, of course.
    As for "rowing", as in boats and water and all that, I'm afraid I'm quite inexpereinced and can't swim well either. So "rowing" might be out for me, but anytime you want to be slagged off, just give us a call!
    Yours with Very Best Wishes,
    P.S. Missed your company on Friday at the "yourstory" event. Hope to see you soon.

  6. I'm not a rower. Be it boat or otherwise.

    Maybe I've got it wrong?

    For rowing, boatwise or not, must provide for a release of pent up feelings and energy that can only be harmful when held back.

    So Gary, would you like to row with me? 'Oar' would that be difficult; maybe it would go against the current of our relationship within our respective blogs.

    Rowing can be fine if you have the toughness to deal with it.

    Otherwise it can be a mixed blessing.

  7. Dear David,
    It was, of course, subject to interpretation. In fact, the opening sentence was referring to 'rowing' as in rowing in a row boat.
    I was curious to see if it would be construed as a reference to arguing or for the positive purpose that was intended.
    I would like you to 'slag' me off. Good natured, of course. I await your call:-)
    Sorry about Friday. Personal problems, lack of sleep and a panic attack kinda' scuppered my plans.
    Very kind wishes, Gary

  8. Hi John,
    Neither am I. I hate rowing (quarrelling) and I have not rowed a row boat in many a year. I do like a bit of canoeing though.
    I think you interpreted this rather confusing posting, very well. The 'current' situation is just 'swell'.
    There is indeed, a certain 'oara' about you:-)
    With respect, Gary

  9. Well, I have stayed away from boats since I accidentally, well that's what I think, dropped two paddles down the sea.
    They were really heavy BTW. So, I ultimately got kicked out of the boat. It was again accidentally according to the boat owner.

    I will row with you. But I prefer using my hands. I can't drop them... haha
    Just in case, I will wear a life jacket...:)

  10. Like the others, it took me a couple of lines to see what you meant, very clever. :0)
    Then I started singing 'messing about on the river' know some of the words, but not the title, and I was there on the river with you, probably in the creek having a picnic with Ratty and Mole and Otter...hugs..

  11. That was fun to read!!
    Yes, your friend followed me on google, so I checked out his site...looks so YUM.
    Thanks Gary!!!

  12. Hi there 'Mr. Stupid',
    So you dropped two paddles 'down the sea'? Well without the paddles I've just got to 'hand' it to you for your ingenuity.
    Speaking of accidentally getting kicked out of the boat..I hope you were not 'over bored' with my posting:-)
    And continued success with your amusing blog. You are sure one popular dude.
    With respect and kindness, Gary:-)

  13. Hi Carole,
    Thank you for getting what I was trying to do here. I started reading it over again and started getting confused:-)
    It would be nice to have a picnic by the creek with 'Ratty' and 'Mole' and 'Otter'..along with the 'wee folks' singing 'messing about on the river..'
    Thank you Carole. Hugs, your way, Gary

  14. Hi Victoria,
    I so pleased you had fun with my posting.
    My friend, like your good self, does an excellent blog. He was going to drop by here today. However, we have been experiencing another very bad snow storm and he couldn't make it. Too bad really, I was going to send him to the kitchen to do some baking lol.
    Thanks Victoria. With peace and respect, Gary.

  15. I thought at first you were talking about a row, as I the kind me Irish Dah had after a wee bit of the rye.
    I'm not much interested in a row boat either. Too much water to worry about. I will stick with the treadmill, argue with myself and not worry about going overboard!

  16. Hello 'askcherlock',
    Treadmill sounds like a plan. Although it seems to me that you don't get anywhere on a treadmill and that might just be cause to have a row with oneself:-)
    'Overboard'? Hmmm..after writing this blog..I'm getting that sinking feeling..
    Thank you for you comment. It is much appreciated.
    Kind wishes, Gary

  17. Hi Gary.
    I like your blog.
    I like your garden.
    I like your dog.
    I like Vancouver (been twice).
    Thanks for visiting my place!

  18. Hi Bazza,
    Thank you for you very nice remarks. That is most kind of you.
    I've had a check of your blog and shall visit further. It is very informative.
    Kind wishes, Gary.

  19. Do you have those 'wee folks' out there rowing your boat, Gary? You'll have to share a picture of that, my friend. You've pictures of them in many places, but one of them in the boat would be awesome.(smile)

    Great humor in this one. I had a good visit with you this evening, Gary. Always a pleasure stopping by...

    Say hello to Penny for me,

  20. Hi Matttie,
    So pleased that you so kindly left a comment. Thank you.
    I was contemplating showing the 'wee folks' in a 'rowing' boat in this blog. However, I thought it might give away what I was attempting to do here. The 'wee folks' will be returning in a new adventure, soon.
    'Penny' thanks you very much for your 'hello'. She says 'hello' back to you in 'Jack Russellian':-)
    Thanks Mattie, I'm so glad that you have put up another posting on your lovely blog.
    With respect and smiles, back atcha', Gary:-)

  21. Hi Gary,
    Please excuse my lateness. I am already seriously up the creek without a paddle...
    You have such a crative manner with the imagination and word usage! This was great.
    In laughter and appreciation,

  22. Hi Dixie,
    It's always wonderful to get a comment from you.
    Perhaps you would like to 'row' with me? lol 'Oar' maybe, like you note, maybe we could find your missing paddle. I can...canoe?
    Thanks Dixie.
    Kind wishes, your way, Gary x


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