Tuesday, 22 September 2009

A 'Barrel Of Laughs' ..And A Monkey.

A 'barrel of laughs', more fun than a 'barrel full of monkeys'. Okay this is a low budget blog and I only managed to get one willing monkey to go into the barrel.
I try to live my life with a sense of adventure, excitement, and yes, good-natured humour. It wasn't always this way. There was a time when I spent so much negative energy looking for the bad in people, that I overlooked the good within them. Those day are long gone and I am free. Free from the shackles that chained me into a negative mind set. Now, I celebrate life, for the alternative is a dark and gloomy place that I am determined to never visit again. I will never again give negative speculation permission to overwhelm and control my life. For to do so, would be of little use to me, and detrimental to all those I care about.
We all have the right to a happy life. If something is not working then it time to rethink our situation and seek within the inspiration, the motivation that tells us there is a better way. The negative energy that tried to strangle me has been replaced by a positive resilience. I will not allow those who try to sabotage my enthusiasm, with their own negative speculation, destroy what I have worked so hard to achieve. My positive progress continues. I grow in strength.
So, my life is a 'barrel of laughs'. Whenever I go out my front door, I smile, I laugh and the people I meet, smile and laugh with me. Their laughs, their smiles, are wondrous gifts. I have much to celebrate and I am grateful. "klahanie?" "Yes monkey?" "klahanie, can I get out of the barrel now?" "Whoops! of course you can."


  1. Gary,
    What a fascinating mind you have! I never tire from 'seeing' through your eyes. I enjoy your 'monkey-play' with words and ideas.
    I can attest that you are the way you say you are; always positive, and 'a barrel of laughs'.
    In kindness and respect,

  2. Dear Gary,
    A "fascinating mind" indeed. As dc says, "seeing through your eyes" is a wierd and wonderful experience, somewhat akin to taking large doses of LSD.
    Seriously, though, you are right to keep on being positive and to not let those negative influences grind you down.
    And thanks once again for your involvement with MAGMH. Hopefully you will be more engaged when the Local People, Local Lives project truly gets under way. Until then, thanks for your continued support.
    Yours with Very Best Wishes,

  3. Hi Dixie,
    Thank you for such a nice comment. Like your good self, I do try to stay positive and not take life too seriously.
    Now I have to take a photo of a 'bundle of joy':-)
    With kindness and respect back atcha', Gary x

  4. Hi David,
    Thank you for your, dare I say, 'acid' comments lol.
    Seriously also, David, I consider you to be of great inspiration. Like me, you challenge negative influences. I thank you for your continued support.
    With very best wishes, a barrel of laughs..and a monkey, Gary:-)

  5. Pretty well sums up what we should all try to aim for, irrespective of our own personal challenges.

    Not everyone does though do they.

    Not everyone has the intelligence or determination to find a way out.

  6. Hi John,
    I think you are quite right. I firmly believe we should at least try to find a positive solution to our concerns rather than being overwhelmed by negative speculation.
    As I have mentioned in previous postings; being positive can be hard work but the negative alternative just compounds the negative mind set.
    Thanks John. With respect, Gary.

  7. You have a great attitude and I agree with every word - positive thinking has gotten me through some tough times.

  8. Hi Suzanne,
    Thank you for visiting my blog again. That is most kind.
    You are so right that a positive attitude can get us through tough times. It is most definitely a much better option than facing tough times with a negative attitude.
    Wishing you well with your terrific blog.
    With respect, Gary

  9. Hi Gary,
    A pat on your back, for wowing me with this thoughtful post. I was infected with the positive energy that came through your words.

    The monkey in the barrel, is looking really cute! He He. I applaud you for keeping the positive vibe and letting the monkey out of the barrel. :p

    Have a wonderful weekend, my friend. Take good care.

    Peace and respect,

  10. Hi Shanaz,
    Thank you so much for commenting on this 'archived' blog.
    The monkey is really cute. More fun than a 'barrel of monkey'. (It was a low budget blog and I could only get one monkey to pose).
    Positive energy is something I know we both embrace. Thanks again, Shanaz.
    Sending you peaceful. positive wishes and hoping you have a most wonderful weekend.
    With respect, Gary :-)


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