Friday, 4 September 2009

Garbage Bloggler.

The picture above is me posing with what is named a 'garbage gobbler'. In case you were wondering, the one on the left is me. The photograph was taken around 1980 and I apologise for the rather blurry outcome of taking a photograph of a photograph. Maybe blurry is good.
The garbage gobblers were very much a roadside attraction throughout the province of British Columbia. You would see them at information points and resting spots. Sadly, there are few remaining.
Garbage gobblers were a fun way of disposing of rubbish and helped promote keeping the province, neat and tidy. So we would take our garbage and stuff it down into the gobbler's mouth. What a thrill. Garbage going into the waiting mouth of a gobbler. Whilst me, garbage ready to come out of mine.
So now I have done a blog about garbage. Most likely apt, considering all the rubbish I have typed in the past. Garbage gobblers bring back memories of my youthful days. Driving mile after breathtaking mile, through beautiful British Columbia, occasionally stopping to fill the friendly face of our friend, the garbage gobbler.
So that's a brief story from your garbage bloggler about the garbage gobbler. The gobbler taking garbage, the bloggler talking garbage.


  1. A recycled photo, if there is such a thing, makes us remember the past. A recycled garbage makes this world better. A bloggler like you Gary makes my day happy.

  2. What a wonderful idea.

    I bet it encouraged kids to dispose of rubbish properly.

    And just think how you could develop it today.

    A little sensor could be placed inside and trigger off a sound when any rubbish is placed inside; a 'thankyou' or, even better.....

    ....a great big belch.

  3. Hi, Gary, good to see whom I'm communicating with, well sort of anyway - as you said, a bit blurred - and good to see that I can still add the odd comment whilst not having to update a blog. Hugs....Carole.

  4. Greetings Jun,
    Even though I wrote about garbage, I'm glad you 'picked up' the underlying theme in my blog.
    Heck, recycling and disposal of rubbish can be fun, as demonstrated by how excited I am remembering the good old days, when the garbage gobbler was a major roadside attraction.
    You have a happy day, Jun.
    With respect, Gary.

  5. Hi John,
    Yes it was a wonderful idea. I remember, as a small child growing up in British Columbia, that the garbage gobbler instilled a sense of responsibility in me to dispose of my rubbish is a sensible manner.
    These days, they have a more 'practical' way of disposing of the garbage. They now have garbage cans that are supposed to prevent bears from getting inside them.
    Love the idea of a sensor installed. Heck, why not bring back a garbage gobbler that bears cannot get into and, like you state, says 'thank you', or perhaps a 'belch'..whoops..excuse me lol.
    Thanks John. Belch wishes, I mean best wishes, Gary:-)

  6. Hello Carole,
    Great to have you back. Your comments are greatly appreciated.
    I tried so many times to focus my face (yes that's me on the left..honest), however, even using 'Photo Impact' to improve the photograph was not working. Still, the star of the photograph turned out fairly clear.
    Warm wishes, your way, Gary:-)

  7. Dear Gary,
    What a fine figure of a man you were in those heady days. Not that you still don't strike a fine figure. I mean, what I meant is... OK hand me the shovel, I have to dig my way out of this one.
    Anyway, the garbage gobbler sounds like a fine invention, much better than in these days of recycling, where I'm still trying to figure out which rubbish goes in which bin. Is it the blue one? The green one? The brown one perhaps? Or maybe it's even the grey one. Maybe you don't have these problems yet in your neck of the woods, and I only hope that you never have to deal with it.
    Yours with Very Best Wishes,

  8. Cheers Gary! Few people could take this subject and put such life into it! The spirit to recycle does encourage us to share the world. Good for you friend. xx :)

  9. Dear David,
    Speaking of shovels; I can dig your comments.
    We have those great plastic monstrosities out here in good ol' Leek. I do know what goes in what. Still, it would be a bit of fun if each of our plastic bins were in the form of some cartoon character. Better still, in the shape of our local and national politicians.
    Thanks David. Kind wishes, Gary:-)

  10. Dear Dixie,
    Recycling can be fun. That if for sure. I 'refuse' to believe otherwise.
    You do make a good point. Keeping a balance in the environment is vital to our fragile planet. Thanks Dixie.
    Kind wishes to you, Gary:-)


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