Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Tester Pot.

The other day I decided to move around the paintings in my home. I am pleased to the point of outrageous euphoria with the results. Now, I like to think that my art's in the right place.
Talking about painting, I decided to check out paint for my walls at the local hardware store. There was all this paint in an overwhelming array of choices. There were large tins, medium tins, small tubs and tiny pots of paint. "That's strange" I thought, "what's with the tiny pots? Are they for folks with really small rooms? Or, perhaps they are paint pots for pixies, gloss for garden gnomes or maybe, just maybe, latex for the little folks of Lilliput?"
Somewhat confused, I went over and asked an assistant about the tiny pots of paint. With a pot of bathroom paint in hand, I stated: "My goodness, you would have to have one heck of a small bathroom for this tub of paint to be enough." "Oh no sir. This is what we call a tester pot. You try it on part of the wall and see if the colour is to your liking" responded the assistant. I think she realised that I was just having a bit of fun. Her smile, her laughter, made me think I had brought a bit of good-natured zaniness into her day. Tester pot...hmmm...which ofcourse must not be confused with 'pot tester'.
Now for a brief interlude of totally disjointed observations which have absolutely nothing to do with the title of this blog. "More than 200 people ignored the showers yesterday (Good Friday, 10, April, 2009) to attend the World Marble Championships at Tinsley Green.
The annual event has been taking place at the Greyhound Inn on Good Friday since 1932. Defending champions the Yorkshire Meds, from Leeds, won the world title again. One of their team, Halim Tata, also won the individual competition. See the Crawley Observer and Crawley Times for a full report." Well all I can say about that is "how marbleous!" Apparently. one of the chaps on the winning team is a bit of a joker. You might say, a Marble comic character.
Three songs that have always left me bewildered. 1: 'You're so vain' ('You probably think this song is about you') by Carly Simon. 2: 'I'd do anything for love' ('But I won't do that') by Meat Loaf. 3: 'Dueling Banjos', from the movie 'Deliverance'. Dueling Banjos? Huh?
Okay, the disjointed interlude is over. I had a 'Pot Noodle' the other day and didn't feel any different. Whoops..back to the paint theme. So I'm considering doing some touch-up painting around my home. I have even considered going back over the wood trim with the 'brilliant white' paint that looked great for about year. Now it looks neither white nor brilliant. More like a sick shade of yellow. This blog that was almost about the joys of painting, is drawing to a conclusion. I second that emulsion.


  1. Your blog is just what I needed today! I smiled all the way through those tiny pots of paint to those bewildering song titles (I agree on those), and I ended up pondering the World Marble Championship. I never knew they had one...shows you how much I know.(smile)

    I can always count on you to write something interesting and humorous. Your 'take' on things is simply amazing...your sense of humor is amazing, my friend. Thank you so much for sharing it with everyone.

    Hope you and your family had a wonderful Easter.

    'Til next time,

  2. You are certainly the king of gallimaufry. Brilliant. "Your True Colors" shining through!
    Your blogs are always a pleasure to read. In peace, and chuckles,

  3. The pots of paint and the marblies hold the aura of color and hue.... who would have guessed that there was a marble championship.... I'm glad to know of it now.... Thank you so for sharing your light with color.... Suzi

  4. Dear Mattie,
    Thank you so much for your 'marblelous' response to my somewhat jumbled blog.
    It is very kind of you to note that my blog has brought a smile your way. That makes me feel happy.
    I hope you had a lovely Easter. Your stength and determination is a great source of inspiration. Warm regards, Gary

  5. Dear Dixie,
    Thanks for noting that my blog was, shall we say, slightly all over the place. "Gallimaufry" certainly describes what I wrote. Yes I had to find out what the heck 'gallimaufry' meant:-)
    Thanks Dixie, your strength (I spelt 'strength' correctly this time) is very much admired.
    Must go now and have a duel with a banjo...Warm wishes, Gary

  6. Dear Suzi,
    Thank you for your colourful comment. It's always a pleasure when you visit my blog. I very much enjoy your blog.
    I'm already thrilled about the thought of next year's marbles championship.
    Take good care Suzi and keep smiling:-) Positive wishes, Gary

  7. Dear Gary,
    Good work on another amusing blog. I have also learnt a new word from dc relief- "gallimaufry". Just when I was thinking that I couldn't possbly fit any more words into my over-crammed brain.
    As for the three songs you mentioned, actually I rather like them all, especially the "duelling banjos", but that's probably because I love the film "Deliverance" so much. To my mind, Burt Reynolds' best ever performance.
    But now I am waffling on. Hope you go on to more amazing feats of gallimaufry next time.
    With Warmest Wishes,
    P.S. I shall be glad to introduce Penny to my new Hollywood pals, including Lassie.:@)

  8. Dear David,
    Hello and thank you for your latest comment. Always a great pleasure to receive a comment from your good self.
    In so far as the three songs I mentioned in the blog; It was referring to the rather strange titles to each of the songs. I agree, for instance, that Deliverance is a fine film. However, I often wondered why the title of the song was: 'Duelling Banjos, when it was a banjo and a guitar. Call me picky but nothing to 'fret' over:-)
    Penny is thrilled about the chance of meeting Lassie.
    Thanks David. Warm wishes, Gary.

  9. Hi Gary,
    Songwriter/musician, Arthur Smith of Charlotte, NC, originally wrote and recorded "Duelling Banjos" with two banjos.
    It was later expressed by the movie industry that they did not expect the song to receive so much attention. After all, it was written in the 1950's.
    Arthur laughed all the way to the bank.
    Sorry, couldn't resist the pedantic moment.

  10. Welcome 'Welcome',
    Thanks for the info. Yeah I know I could have 'Googled' the answer but I just couldn't resist having a bit of fun with the title of the song used in the film 'Deliverance'.
    Hey, I love pedantic. Thanks for dropping by (no not literally):-)
    Kind wishes, Gary.


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