Thursday, 30 April 2009

A Passion For Life.

Well okay, we have been told that 'fifty is the new forty' and 'forty is the new thirty' and so on.   So what does that make a ten year old?
I visualised the following situation.  I am invited to the celebration of a chap who has just reached his hundredth birthday.  I find my moment and go over for a chat with this man.  "Good day sir and happy birthday.  May I ask if there are any dreams you would still like to fulfill?"  He looks up from his chair, smiles and replies:  "Young man, I will always have dreams, hopes, desires, ambition.   I have lived a full life and the dreams that passed me by have been replaced with new possibilities.  Past goals that were never achieved, are not perceived as failure, indeed, I consider that part of my learning process.   New phases in my life brought with it brand new adventures.
My young friend, a passion for life is the key.  Despite my age, I shall never lose my hunger, my quest for knowledge.  Despite my age, I have never lost my appreciation for the wonders of nature. I have maintained that childlike quality that truly appreciates life's simple pleasures.  I will always have dreams, hopes, desires, ambition right up 'til that moment I breathe my final breath."
No matter what our age, we know that we can live our life with a positive passion.  That 'inner child' lives on.  The passage of time is no reason to give up on the positive ideals that beats within us all.   We can live each day with joyous expectation.  There is a choice and if we choose to embrace the harmony of a positive world; we will live rather than just exist.
"Oh young fella' asked if there is any dreams that I would still like to fulfill.  Well there is one dream.   I fancy this young lady but she is ten years younger than me...but what the heck, maybe she might like to go out on a date with an older man."


  1. It's amazing how we sometimes use age as a barrier or obstacle to us fulfilling our dreams. We are never too old to achieve at least one of our desires what ever age we are.

    I'm 38 and I'm aware that my 40th is ever looming over the horizon! But then I think, hey, I'm so lucky to have reached this age when there are so many who do not.

    I always wanted to be a a nurse and I achieved that. Now that I can't nurse at the moment I retrained and did a writing course and I've fulfilled a few of my writing dreams - getting a poem published and a short story published in a woman's mag and I'm on the journey to fulfill one of my other dreams of being a writer.

    Life deals us a pretty shoddy hand sometimes and it's up to us to adapt to our new situation and make the best of what we have.

    We should never lose our passion for life !

    Take care.
    Julie xx

  2. Great entry. It is true that age locks people in to some type of box. But I think that is changing. The inner child you mentioned is the key. I lost mine. I envy my daughter sometimes in how she is always so in the moment.

  3. Ah, Gary, you do make me smile. I loved this post!(smile)

    'A passion for life'...I think you eloquently describe the prescription for a long, well-lived life with this phrase.

    There's an 'inner child' within each of us just waiting to be heard. We must listen to its voice now and again...and simply enjoy life instead of trudging through it!

    Thank you, my friend, for sharing your thoughts. I truly enjoyed reading this today.(smile) Stay positive and always keep those dreams and hopes alive...

    'Til next time,

  4. I found myself becoming quite excited, listening to this "older man" express himself. Yes sir, it was refreshing to hear that he was keeping on track with life and the desire to nurture himself. How often do we we forego pampering ourselves, thinking it to be self-serving? Sounds like the pamper side effect is prolonged age!
    Mr. K, I love your blog. Now I'll head back to mine, whistling, dreaming of a place...

  5. Hi Julie,
    Thanks again for taking the time to comment on my blog. It is most appreciated.
    The 'big 4 Oh'...I wish. That was a bit back in time for me. Yet, in reality, I never use my age as an obstacle or an excuse to not try new things or maintain my childlike curiosity. I count my blessings that I have survived.
    You are so right that life can deal us "a pretty shoddy hand sometimes". Quite right that we adapt to our new situations and try to think of them as an adventure.
    Thanks Julie and well done for getting your brilliant article featured in Woman's Own magazine in the: 'This Weeks Blog' section (page 61)
    Warm wishes, Gary

  6. Greetings morrow,
    Thank you kindly for visiting my blog.
    I hope you can manage to break out of that 'box'. What you see within your daughter, still beats within you. I hope you can rediscover that inner child and embrace the positivity that still flickers in your heart. Find the key that opens the door.
    Positive thoughts your way, Gary.

  7. Hi Mattie,
    You always leave such lovely comments and I am truly grateful.
    I know, based on your remarks and your wonderful blog, that you embrace the ideals that I tried to convey in this posting.
    I know you rejoice knowing that your 'inner child' inspires you to live your life with childlike wonder and positivity.
    Thanks Mattie, you are a kind and decent soul. With respect, Gary.

  8. Hi Dixie,
    Always a pleasure to get a comment from your good self.
    How refreshing to know that the "older man" had maintained his enthusiasm for life and all the good things it can offer.
    He did mention also that he hoped that the younger lady (the 90 year old youth), would not struggle communicating with him because of the potential 'generation gap'. :-)
    I believe if we approach life with an open mind and a good sense of humour; life will be that so much more rewarding.
    And Dixie, I'm loving your blogs. Well worth a read. Kind thoughts to you, Gary.

  9. What a great story Gary!

    If we could all just live like the old man of the story, we would live in a much better world.

    Remaining flexible when our dreams go unfulfilled leave us open to see all the other possibilities.

    Our inner child is always within us. I couldn't find mine for a long time but he was still there waiting for my return.

    The positive message in your writing is inspiring. Thanks for sharing this.


  10. A dear beloved friend of mine once said that i should try and look at my my birthdays as another day wiser. I look to the future and am looking forward to my own words of wisdom to my grandchildren :-)
    hope you are well Gary x

  11. Dear Gary,
    Your post made me think of a Marriane Faithful song, "The Ballad of Lucy Jordan". I've been listening to it alot lately and have found the lyrics both moving and mystifying. It goes, "at the age of 37, she realised that she'd never ride, through Paris in a sportscar, with the wind blowing through her hair". At first I thought, how sad, and later thought, well 37 is a pretty young age just to give up.
    Your blog again inspires us to believe that we can be 100 years old and still have dreams which might yet be fulfilled.
    Yours with Warmest Wishes,

  12. Hi Roger,
    Thank you for dropping by and leaving a comment. Your responses are always positive and inspirational.
    I am so pleased that you managed to find your inner child. I know that you embraced the true beauty of your inner child. My friend, that reflects so nicely in your own thought provoking blogs.
    I send you peaceful wishes, Gary.

  13. Dear Rusty,
    What a beautiful comment. I'm so glad you dropped by.
    I know that your grandchildren will be blessed by the wise words of their wonderful grandmother. A grandmother, who never lost sight of her inner child.
    Warm wishes, Gary

  14. Dear David,
    That's it David, age should never be a barrier on dreams, goals, aspirations.
    I believe if we give up because we allow our childlike enthusiasm to die; that is very sad. We must cherish and nurture a passion for life.
    With warmest wishes back to you, my friend, Gary.


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