Friday, 24 April 2009

Honeybee 'Wannabee'?

I wonder if a wasp would wanna' be a bee? A wasp, a 'wannabee' honeybee? Do you reckon that wasps are jealous of bees? Honeybees are probably the most industrious, vital creatures on our planet. Honeybees are responsible for pollinating most edible plants. Honeybees get loads of positive publicity. Wasps, however, get loads of negative publicity.
So wasps may been envious of the honeybee. Then again, do you reckon that the honeybee may be jealous of the wasp? If a honeybee stings you, its stinger will stick in you and the honeybee will die. The wasp, ofcourse, can sting and sting and live to sting another time.
Comparisons, envy, jealousy, longing to have what someone else has. The old ' keeping up with Jones' scenario. Aspirations of having the same or better than our neighbour. Why do we place such importance on material things in some meaningless 'rat race'?
If we can learn to be comfortable with who we are; we can understand that competing with our fellow man, to outdo them, is really quite pointless. Is it not better that we live in harmony? Is it not better to be pleased with the accomplishments of others and pursue the goals that make us truly happy?
Be the best than you can be. Why stress yourself out comparing yourself to others? It is your life and you are unique. Celebrate your special uniqueness. When we discover that inner contentment; we discover that embracing all our diversities, without comparison, without jealousy, will make this world a better place.
This 'bug blog' is coming to an end. We have gone from 'a' to 'bee'. We know that we are the 'bees' knees'. The honeybee will go about its 'buzziness' and the wasp will get on with its life. Right then I will conclude by saying that this blog has 'no sting in its tail'.


  1. Great post Klahanie. I agree, we should enjoy the journey and not be distracted by trivial matters like jealousy and envy - they're just a waste of time and energy.

  2. Thanks Gary, now here’s a subject I know about! Wow, if only I had the wasted energy I’d spent on jealousy and envy; I’d be an Olympian. Dear me, where does the time go, and how it is that I’ve only begun to talk back to the “misbeliefs” of my life? (“Get back Loretta.”)
    Grew up as one of those kids talked down to, too and made to feel less than. Any dying creature tugged on my heart strings as I saw them as more important. I envied the freedom and peace their lives conveyed. If only to be a honeybee, on a mission, hurrying to accomplish it before the sting might be needed. Or might I be as lucky to have three, plus, stings to mark my days?
    I am only certain that I ‘wannabe’ realistic, seeking my highest good, stopping the insanity of coveting people, places, and things.
    Today as I see more bees returning to my environment, I place dishes of water and slices of fruit out to welcome them. I dish out songs and positive thoughts to serve the healing of my self-esteem. “Don’t worry, bee happy.”
    Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with us.
    Buzzing off, Dixie :]

  3. To 'bee', or not to 'bee'...that is the question!(smile) And I'd say not to 'bee' jealous of anything or anyone. Jealousy is a raging emotion that can cause so much pain and grief...for all involved.

    You write about important issues, Gary, and you write with wonderful humor that invites one to examine what lives within their own heart. I admire how you've presented this to everyone...

    Great work! And I liked what Julie P said ...'we should enjoy the journey'. She is so right!

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts. You know it's always a pleasure stopping by your blog.

    'Til next time,

  4. Dear Gary,
    To bee sure, you write a darn good blog. But enough with all the bee jokes- I bet you're sick of them by now.
    Envy and jealousy certainly are wasted emotions. Like you say, bee-ing (sorry!) content with yourself is the ultimate satisfaction.
    Hope you got my e-mail. I await your reply.
    With Best Wishes and in Hope,

  5. Greetings Julie,
    Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment.
    Jealousy and envy are just worthless negative energy. We should celebrate who we are and be the very best we can.
    Thanks for your thoughtful input. It is most welcome.
    Kind wishes, Gary.

  6. Hey Dixie,
    Thanks for your wonderful response.
    I am so pleased you "wannabe realistic". I know you wish to 'bee' the best you can be. That inner contentment that lies within, is there to be conveyed to the world. Instead of comparing ourselves, longing for something that we may not need; we can discover the confidence that tells us that what we are ready to rejoice in our unique abilities.
    Warm wishes and thanks again, Gary

  7. Hi Mattie,
    Thanking you kindly for your buzzin' response. To bee a bee or not to bee a bee.
    You are so right in what you say, Mattie. Jealousy is indeed a "raging emotion that can cause so much pain and grief...for all involved."
    Julie, Dixie and your good self have all raised important points. This warm interaction that I have witnessed is most encouraging.
    I thank you so much for your kind comments and it is always a pleasure to check out your terrific blog. Warm wishes and may we all enjoy the journey, Gary:-)

  8. Dear David,
    'Beeware' of bee jokes? Me sick of them? Hmmmm..or is that 'hum'? Do you reckon a wasp would audition for a role in a 'bee' movie?
    Right enough of that Gary, 'beehive' yourself.
    David, thanks for adding that vital point that 'beeing' content with yourself is the ultimate satisfaction."
    Thanks for that email, it really gave me a 'buzz':-)
    Warm wishes, Gary.

  9. Hmmmm...inner critic...suppose that is my problem. Never satisfied, never sure. Thanks so much for bothering to comment on my book cover and loved your 'keeping up with the Jones's'..


  10. Hello Carole,
    Thanks for visiting my blog. Hmmmm...'keeping up with the Jones's'..heck I can barely keep up with myself:-)
    And I do think your book cover design for "Candle Dark" looks great.
    Take good care Carole and happy writing:-) Warm wishes, Gary.

  11. Humph! I am not going to be drawn into this silly bee busyness (snarl), you have gathered some really sweet admirers around you Gary (can I call you Gary)- Dixie is going to be one of my best friends whether she likes it or not, and Mattie? I like her so much I might find the time to give her some poetry lessons(sneer). You look nice Julie, will pop over after this.

    And Brenda too, really stumbled upon some talent to-day (after a couple of months with no internet connection to speak of, probably being a bit emotional)

    I wish I could be nicer, honest (sob sob) Anyway, what's wrong with jealousy - Dr A's having to forgive it all the time. Be happy everyone, or Bee happy, (trying to be nice) Bob

  12. Hey corfubob,
    Very nice of you to drop my and leave your sweet comment.
    By all means, corfubob, call me Gary. Quite right not 'beeing' drawn into all this silly buzziness.
    I think you have left a very, very nice comment. I have decided to bee jealous of your awe inspiring response. Have fun corfubob. May I call you corfubob?
    Buzzin' wishes, klahanie (okay then, Gary):-)


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