Tuesday, 1 May 2007

Pizza With Your Fingers?

Greetings Friends-
After my last blog, I thought I would get back to having a bit of light-hearted fun. Even though I have more 'baggage' than the backlog at Heathrow Airport; I really prefer having a bit of banter. I leave some very painful life stories for another time. So let the festivities commence.
When I moved back to England, I was most surprised to be informed that I had become two months older. This was most confusing to a guy who was still working out, that in Britain, we drive on the opposite side of the road. I thought that Britain was eight time zones ahead of Vancouver. So what's with with this 'two months' situation? Had I actually gone back a whopping two months in time zones? So what happened? Had I entered the 'Twilight Zone?'
The confusion started when somebody asked me some personal details. "Date of birth?" I was asked. I replied July 5th 1953. The lady wrote down on the form 05/07/53. What's going on here? I thought. Well, excuse me, I wasn't born on May 7th. Heck, at my age, you want to be feeling younger, not two months older! Then I found out that we reverse the dates here.
So now I shall tell you about October 9th (sorry! 9th October, 1988) My former spouse had gone into labour and was on the verge of giving birth to our son Tristan. I looked anxiously at my watch. Could she hold out for a few hours more? There were moments when I thought she was ready to give birth. Hang on dear, I thought. What's a few more hours of agony? The hours ticked by and then it became the 10th of October. Imagine my relief when Tristan was born on 10/10/88! No confusion, no worrying about dates being reversed. How considerate of my former spouse!
When I first moved back to England, I recall going to a pizza restaurant. Upon looking around I noticed that the other customers were eating their pizza with a knife and fork. So I'm thinking, people, it's already sliced, grab a slice with your fingers and shovel it into your mouth. Well, that's what most uncivilised North Americans do. Still, different country, different customs.
Undaunted, I thought to heck with it. I bravely grabbed a slice of pizza and lifted it towards my mouth. No knife, no fork, none of that for this dude. The other customers gasped. Responsible adults covered their children's eyes. Look at that guy over there eating pizza with his fingers! Oh I'm such a rebel!
So I ask you this, good people. Do you eat pizza with your fingers? Or do you eat them separately?
Kind regards adanac67 ( a guy who wants to know: When I read on a bottle of juice:'Dilute to Taste.' Does that mean if I don't dilute it, I can't taste it?)


  1. hya klahanie!

    i'm ashamed to say yes i use a knife and fork where ever possible! but i don't think its a brit thing to be fair because a lot of my fellow brits take the mick out of me for it to be honest!

    i'm not sure why but i've got a thing about not biting into things but i have, if i can't use a knife and fork i rip things first into mouth size bits!

    the more i tell you about this the more weird i feel about it to be honest so i think i'll finish there!


  2. Finger every time - that whole pizza knife amd fork thing - any point! Why make more washing up than is absolutely necessary!

  3. Having just read Purkul's comment, I can confirm that she does this, I've witnessed the whole tearing thing. I'm sure it's not weird...

  4. Hi adanac67,

    First of all my blogging friend, I would like to thank you for your kind, caring, and supportive comments on my most recent post. You are truly a most sincere and genuine person.

    Now for the great pizza debate! - Having originated from pizza-land,(by that, I don't mean the pizza place in the High Street, but the country - Italy!) I can confidently state that even though either method is acceptable, I definately prefer fingers,(that is to say using my fingers - when I get down to just my fingers, that's a clear indication to stop eating!) Warmest wishes, D x

  5. I do LOVE the banter that goes on here! great init!

  6. At a restaurant I eat pizza with a knife and fork, but at home with a takeaway I use my hands. I think this is because the cutlery is already on the table at Pizza Hut and I don't have to wash it up!

  7. I use a knife and fork in a restaurant but if I have takeaway pizza I use my fingers. I think this is because the cutlery is already on the table at pizza hut and I don't have to wash it up!

  8. Good grief guys.
    What a debate we seem to be having here. So let me give you a 'pizza' my mind.
    I was talking to Emma yesterday regarding the fascinating subject of pizzas. She asked me about 'oregano.'
    I recalled the first time I went into a take-away pizza place here. The guy asked me if I wanted "or ee gan oh" on my pizza? I thought why the hell would I want Japanese paper art on my pizza? Seeing that I was confused (no change there then), the guy showed me the menu. Holy smokes it was "Or reg an no." Flippin' pronunciations!
    There should be laws against having this much fun! Thanks everyone for your kind input. It means a lot to me. Warm wishes adanac67.

  9. Hi adanac,

    If we are 'still on' the fascinating subject of pizzas, there is something I have discovered that I would like to share with you.
    I was having lunch last Thursday in one of my favourite Italian restaurants in Hanley,(I have been going there at least once a week for the last 2 years....it is one of the treats I give myself)
    On this particular day, the restaurant was unusually quiet. I began chatting to one of the waiters, that I have come to know quite well(who appears to be quite knowledgable with regard to food and it's origins)
    For some reason the conversation turned to pizzas(as it does!?!)
    Now I am not sure how much of what I am about to relate is true or just part of Italian folk law or as legend has it....nevertheless it's a nice story.
    Apparently when Italy had a Monarchy, many centuries ago they had a Queen Margarita, and one of the great chefs of the time was asked to invent a dish in her honour to mark a special occasion.
    The dish in question, is the now famous 'pizza margarita' which appears on every pizza menu, and is still the most popular of all.
    The chef designed it to incorperate the colours of the Italian flag,(ie red tomatoes,white mozzarella and green basil)
    Now I think it was Michael Caine who was attributed to saying "not many people know that"
    I certainly didn't....it has made me realise that there must be a good deal I don't know regarding Italian History,folk laws or legends.(considering it is my country of birth....a bit of a shame really!)
    Will have to see what I can do to rectify that!
    I will stop now, this must be the longest comment on record! (but it has succeeded in getting your total comments into double figures)

    ps. Your comment on the 'oregano' made me smile!
    Warm wishes and kind regards. D x

  10. Hi Domenica-
    My goodness! A blog within a blog. I wish to thank you for that pizza history lesson. It may indeed become handy in a pub quiz.(unless a 'pub quiz' actually refers to one's knowledge of pubs. If that be the case, I would be completely useless. My knowledge of pubs is crap!)
    In Canada, we keep things simple. What is called a 'Margarita' here is called a plain pizza. In other words. a pizza without any toppings.
    Now a 'Margarita' in Canada is actually a Tequila Cocktail.Now I wouldn't fancy a Tequila Cocktail as a topping on my pizza. (Though it might make for an interesting pizza experience...)
    So now we have 11 comments on this great pizza debate. I think I had better do 'Neighbours' Episode Part 2 pretty soon.
    Right then..a blog, within a blog, within a blog...:-)

  11. Oops!.... just realised I meant folk lore (not folk law)
    As important as the pizza has become in Italian cuisine.....I don't think they ever passed any laws regarding pizzas!

  12. Not sure i can add any more to the great pizza debate, but i would like to thank you for your supportive comment on my last blog my good friend, and i shall endevour to take some of your good advice. You are a very special friend and not only are you worthy of peoples' time and friendship, but also their RESPECT! The many things we have discussed over the last few months have been a real eye-opener for me (and before you say anything that doesn't mean my eyes have been closed up to now!) and made me realise the courage you have shown in the face of adversity and struggle has not been in vain. Look after yourself mate and i will see ya soon,

  13. I know I've come rather late to this critical debate, but for me it's fingers - it's so obviously a finger food. And fingers were made before forks....txxx


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