Thursday, 31 May 2007

Space Cars

When I was a lad growing up in the 1960's; I was really excited about what the world of the future would be like. Based on televison shows and what I read...the 21st century was going to be awesome. So fully believing what had been visualised, way back in the 1960's...this is what I had anticipated.
I had expected to travel to work in my 'space car.' So where the heck are these space cars and other wonderful inventions predicted for the 21st century? What are we waiting for? I want my space car!
In 1940, Henry Ford assured the world that we would soon be manoeuvring about in machines that were a combination of aeroplane and automobile. So, here we are, 67 years later..and we're still waiting!
However to this lad of the 'Sixties', the biggest 'false hope' culprits were the makers of 'The Jetsons.' Okay, we had other contributors to these fabulous future predictions. Shows such as 'Thunderbirds' and 'Captain Scarlet.' And so far as..'Space 1999'...yeah right!
Yet, to me, 'The Jetsons,' were, by far, the biggest contributor to my expectations of the future. Zipping about in their bloody space cars. Living in some futuristic city, which must have had stunning views. Having some robot named 'Rosie' cater to the families' needs. I wonder what 'Astro', a real dog, (in the cartoon sense of real) thought about all the technology? Indeed, I wonder what he thought about electronic canine competition?
So where is my robot? Why are we still waiting to have our 'time-share flats' on the Moon? Why has nobody visited Mars yet? I read in a book from the late 1960's, that we would have a 'Man on Mars,' by the year 1977! So much for all of that then.
So I guess we'll have to wait for the 'predicted' visit by beings from another planet, to get the future back on track. If one of these 'little green dudes' comes up to me and says:"Take me to your leader." I will say: "Never mind that, little green dude, can you sort me out with a space car?"


  1. I'm not overly worried about the ficticious world that the writers and TV producers invented - would you really want to live in Space 1999, especially with a woman who could transform herself into something else. I never really understood the Jetsons - maybe I was too young - but I'd give anything for a Chitty-Chitty-BangBang car anyday - especially when I'm running late for work!


  2. I'm a bit of a sci-fi fan, in a reading book kinda way - in fact, it's the only books that I've really read. And what I think would be great would be to have a tracker beem. So when you travelling in convoy, your're all tracktor beemed together. How fab would that be! May the force be with you adanac67.

  3. hya,

    tell me about it!

    i can remember thinking that it was an amazing thing when it turned 1990 for some reason, the whole it's not the 80's anymore which was a huge deal to me as i'd never seen any other decade! but wasn't all that fazed by the whole millennium thing.

    I want my solar powered jet pack too! feel slightly short changed 2 be fare, society need to buck its ideas up!! so i'll have to get onto inventing one by the look of things! ha ha!


  4. I had the same kind of expectations - I read loads of SF as a teenager (come to that I still do). I'm still waiting for my personal matter transporter.
    Strangely the personal communicator/data-link has pretty much arrived...

  5. hahaha! just relax Gary. There won't be any space cars or humans visiting other planets or little green men visiting Earth, but we will all be in for a surprise in the very near future. Let's just play along with the morons in Hollywood for the meantime. =)

  6. Hi Ryhen,
    Evidently, there is going to be a sequel to that Hollywood 'blockbuster' '2012'.....

  7. I grew upin the 40's and 50's so when the 1965 World's Fair in New York came along I got to spend a day there. It was really all about a far-away 2000 when not only space cars and space travel would be common place, but war and hunger and societies problems would be solved if we just kept working hard.
    Oddly, none of the visionaries of that time foresaw the only real change in our lives...the personal computer and the internet. Visionaries almost always miss the developments that really impact our lives like medicine, politics, communications and the practical things that really do make life better. Meanwhile, in some areas we are still closer to Chitty-Chitty-Bang-Bang than to the Jetson's.

  8. Hey Count Sneaky,
    Thanks for commenting on this archived blog about the future.
    The visionaries do seem to overlook some events that have occurred that have turned out to change the way we interact. The internet, for instance, has had a profound impact on our lives. It is subject to debate what the overall impact of the internet will have in our everyday ability to communicate in good old fashion 3D reality.
    Where I live, these days, a horse and carriage is considered to be a modern mode of transport. Okay, slight exaggeration:-)
    Thanks, Gary.


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