Monday, 21 May 2007

Going Anywhere Nice?

Greetings good people-
If they can land a man on the 'Nevada Desert,' (Moon-landing conspiracies anyone?), then I reckon you will read beyond the first sentence.
How many times have you told someone that you were going on vacation and they responded: "Going anywhere nice?" Going anywhere nice!? Certainly not. Why go on the holiday of a lifetime, when you could, for instance, tour all the landfills in Britain?
In fairness, I have visited the landfill site in Leek. The views from there are actually very pretty. Off in the distance, you can see the 'Roaches.' When somebody first told me to check out the 'Roaches', imagine my confusion when I was told that they were 1657 feet tall! Man, I've seem some big 'Roaches' in my time..but heck..I wouldn't want a critter that size chasing me. Also ,who is this 'Winking Man?' Next you'll be telling me that 'Wallabies' have been sighted near the 'Roaches.' Yeah right! It's the flippin' 'Roaches' in the Staffordshire Moorlands not 'bloody' 'Ayers Rock' or 'Uluru.'
I knew this was going to be a bit of a strange blog..seemed to have gone off-track, just a tad. Oh yeah... landfills! When I visited the Leek Tip last week, I got to thinking. Seagulls, all around me, great squawking seagulls. "Why are you here seagulls?" I thought. "You are 'Sea'gulls not 'Tip'gulls." What is their reasoning?
Let's look at the seagull's options. Option 1- Hang around some filthy dump and scrap for disgusting morsels. Option 2- Go to some beautiful, tranquil beach and catch fresh fish from the ocean. Hmmm..very strange.
So to end this totally disjointed blog...I leave you with this. Does it take twice as long to wash double-glazed windows? Why can't I get free cash from a 'Free Cash' machine? And finally..."Are you 'Going Anywhere Nice'?"


  1. As a child Saturday afternoons was spent travelling to and from the local tip with my sister and Dad. It was a bit of a family outing - but as I have mentioned before, I was 'brung up' in Rotherham, which has it's own 'issues'. Therefore land fills sites and tips generally hold a bit of a fascination for me. I enjoyed your blog adanac67 as always - uniquely you - interesting, insightful and entertaining.

  2. Hi adanac67,

    Even though you say your blog is somewhat is still full of very humourous observations taken from real life situations. (some of the great comedians did exactly the same!)
    Anyway, it brought a smile to my a time when I am feeling a tad 'blogged out'!
    Thank you for that.
    Kind regards D x

  3. Or should that read 'blogged off'!?

  4. Hello-
    I'm somewhat "blogged out" or "blogged off" myself. I just sat there in front of my computer and just typed whatever came to mind.
    Re-reading my latest blog..I think..hmmmm..."I need a vacation!" (or is it a 'vocation'?)
    Holiday 'Tips' anyone?

  5. May be you could make a 'vocation' from taking 'vacations'?
    "Happy Holidays"! D

  6. strange and wonderful post - what will 23rd century archaeologists make off our tips - Txxx


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