Friday, 6 January 2012

Advanced Warning.

Advanced warning.  Take cover.  Flatulence alert!   Or most definitely take cover and plug your nose if you work at the London Zoo and have been involved in the annual stock take.  No doubt you will be subjected to a variety of farts, from the exotic to the more indigenous types.  Here's some further information : Please do keep still... I'm trying to count you! London Zoo keepers start annual stock take of 18,500 animals.   

The video above should give you further insight into the annual stock take at the London Zoo.

One zoo keeper had a very clever idea.  He went to the Reptile House, strolled over to the snake section and stated, 'Perfect!  We could use a couple of adders in the stock take.'  To which the adders replied in unison, 'Hiss Off!'
So there they are.  Counting camels, chickens, crocodiles and chimpanzees.  Totalling the tigers, turtles, toads and toucans.

Things have been going very slowly in the Children's Petting Zoo.  Apparently, the zoo keeper starts counting sheep....and you know the rest.    'Sheep, sheep, sheep, sheep, sheep, sheep, sh...eee...pppp.....zzzzzzzzzz...'


  1. Dear Gary,
    I herd (geddit?) about this on the news the other day. Trying to count penguins when they're all swimming about must be difficult. As for counting sheep, I think...I...thi...oops, must have nodded off! And, I think I farted, too. Oh dear, how very rude of me!
    Very Best Wishes, your way,
    P.S. Have I finally made it to be first to comment? If I have, then yipeeee!

  2. I can think of worse jobs Gary. Counting Gods critters must make them feel like they are on Noahs Ark.

  3. I wonder if they count the ants?
    And, if they take too long counting the rabbits there may be more of them by time they finish!
    Click here for Bazza’s Blog ‘To Discover Ice’

  4. Was going to say, this post was a breath of fresh air. Somehow, I don't think that's applicable in this case...!

    Most amusing, good sir.

  5. Dear David,
    Thank you and you know I deliberately leave stuff out of postings so they can be incorporated in any possible comment that I may be graced with.
    Heard of cows? Well, here's the herd you heard. 'Moooooving'...on...
    Of course, some folks have been known to 'Ppppppick up a Penguin'. We wont explain this will we.
    Reading my postings is like counting sh...eee...pppp.....zzzzzzzzzz...'
    Surely a man of such vocabulary would use the word flatulence. Very unlike you to use the word 'fart'. In so far as farting...excuse yourself...
    This time, you were indeed, the first to comment. Me thinks this um 'crap' posting will get few comments.
    Best wishes and an advanced warning, your way, Gary

  6. Hi Delores,
    And Noah stated, 'Go out and multiply.' 'We can't' protested the snakes. 'And why can't you go out and multiply?', asked Noah. 'Because we're adders.' replied the snakes.

  7. Hey bazza,
    You make a good point. I knew I could 'count' on you. And can we be sure they are rabbits? Or am I, 'just splitting hares'?

  8. Hi Wendy,
    Very good! :) I nose what you mean.
    Look after yourself, my dear friend.

  9. Cool video! I'm jealous, I think it would be quite fun to do that job. Well, most of the time. Never, ever thought about it before, that counting each critter would be necessary. And really, how DO they count those stickbugs??

  10. Hi Kim,
    Ah yes, cool video. "Born to be Wild!" I'm sure you would have a great time doing that job. I guess you could practice by dumping out a box of "Crispy Critters" and counting them all :) That's if you have an old stale box lying around from about 1988 :)
    In regards to those stickbugs, they just have to stick with it until they get the count right. Or within a million or two :)

  11. Bazza beat me to it with the excellent question about the ants! Maybe they could just do them by weight.

    That report included a clip from years ago that I'm sure must have been Johny Morris from Animal Magic. I used to love that program when I was young.

  12. Priceless! Love how you shine a light on this little corner of the world.

  13. Hot from the desk of Sir Tom Eagerly:
    I used to count horses but they kept falling over and I usually lost my (substantial) stake money. As that little avenue of pleasure has been closed now I count empty bottles instead. What?
    Cheers, old boy!

  14. My husband says that London Zoo is huge and wonderful. Inspite of being big, it is kind of over crowded because England is small to begin with. Unlike Nehru Park of India and the Bronx Zoo here in New York, London Zoo gives us an oppertunity to look at as many animals as possible within a short time and without too much walking. Thanks for sharing. My husband seems to be thrilled to read about London zoo, as it brings back all those memories when we were in England and we were younger.

  15. I think I'd like to count the Galapagos Tortoises!

    Great clip!

    Adders + hiss off = LOL!!

    Take care

  16. Hi Gary,
    What a nightmare! I remember in another life when I worked for a large pet retailer and we had to stock take, I got the job of counting all the tropical fish! That was fun, if only they had stopped swimming for a while! ;)
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  17. Hi Gary .. fascinating video - loved it. I'm surprised that they don't know what animals they've got .. you sort of think the audit would be done every day .. new animal born - add to list .. but obviously not - and yes butterflies would be tricky!

    Now - sheep do that many live in the Zoo .. or are they out in Regent's Park and on two legs?

    Fascinating - thanks for posting this .. I missed it - loved the 1940s take - even during War there was time to take stock at the Zoo .. could have been food I suppose?!

    Cheers - Hilary

  18. I did noticed that they had a problem counting the rabbits, they wouldn't line up properly, always a hare out of place! And some were off to school multiplying! (groan)


  19. Hi Gary!
    I was counting the red monkeys, then discovered that some were red from eating berries.
    Now I've been demoted to counting stink bugs. Ooh, ewe, ewe, sheeppzzz

  20. Hi Ian,
    Ah yes, bazza and excellent in the same sentence! I suppose you would have to weigh an individual ant and go from there.
    I'm glad that a segment with Johnny Morris from Animal Magic brought back some childhood memories.
    Cheers Ian.
    With respect and a bag of ants for weighing, your way, Gary

  21. Hey Susan,
    It was a lot of fun doing this posting. Who could resist bringing attention to the annual stock take at the London Zoo :)
    Cheers, Gary

  22. Hot from the desk of Sir Tom Eagerly:
    You used to count horses? Quite the hobby...after all, tell the truth, Sir Tom, you were counting your collection of hobby horses that kept falling over because you kept knocking their rockers.
    You really should return those empty milk bottles to that chap that delivers them full to your mansion. Have a word with your staff, my good fellow.
    Thrilled beyond euphoric delight that you would grace my humble blog with one of your superbly intellectual mumblings...I mean, musings...

  23. Hi Munir,
    It is a huge and wonderful zoo. I also noted that the cost of food and drinks for us humans at their restaurant was huge and that wasn't so wonderful :)
    In fairness, there is much to see at the London Zoo. Bronx Zoo. And here was I thinking it was only the name of a television show starring Ed Asner. I'm kidding.
    I'm really glad your husband seemed thrilled to read about the London Zoo. Very nice to know it brought back memories of when you folks were in England.
    Thank you for comment.
    In kindness and respect, Gary

  24. Hi Old Kitty,
    Now I'm wondering if you are a Tortoiseshell Cat! Would make sense :)
    I reckon that clip makes you realise you were born to be wild...
    Not more I can adder to my reply.
    Not one to take the hiss LOL
    And you take care, my kitty cat friend

  25. Hi John,
    I hope they said 'tanks a lot' to you after doing that stock take :)
    And no fish puns. No sir, I shall remain koi...
    Tank you, John.
    In kindness, Gary :)

  26. Hi Hilary,
    It really is a fascinating video and nice to know where are licence fee is being spent.
    I agree, you would think they'd check every day on the ongoing population change in the zoo. I heard they placed bets on the number of butterflies. Evidently, someone had a bit of a 'flutter'.
    Okay, those sheep are from my back garden. Didn't mean to mislead. What the flock am I talking about...The sheep on two legs out in Regent's Park ,are members of the coalition government.
    That 1940's part was very interesting. I wonder if they had to ration out to the animals...
    Cheers Hilary.
    In kindness and a lorry load of butterflies for counting, your way, Gary :)

  27. Hi Ray,
    Excellent and your comment made the hares stand up on end :)
    And your mathematics just about sums it up. In a multiplying sort of way.
    Thanks Ray.
    Kind wishes and an ever increasing amount of rabbits, your way, or am I just splitting hares...

  28. Hi Dixie,
    Wonder what sort of berries they were eating. I'm not going to Huckleberry Hound you for an answer :)
    I've heard that stink bugs are used as perfume in certain societies. Although feeling somewhat sheepish, I must say ewe have managed to ram home a very good comment.
    Kind wishes and a truck load of red monkeys, accompanied by some additional stink bugs, your way, Gary :)

  29. funny, Gary. Counting sheep. LOL! I expect it would be hard to do a head count at the zoo. I love going to the zoo and didn't realize until now that I didn't go to the zoo when I was in London. I guess I'll save that for my next trip.

  30. Hey Sharon,
    Now then...time to reply to your comment...zzzzzzz...huh? Sorry, I was just counting sheep! :)
    I do hope you make it to the London Zoo on your next trip over. Heck, if you time it right, you might be able to help with the stock take and count sheep.....zzzzzzzz :)

  31. LOL! And I thought counting books and craft supplies was ardous. Thanks for the insights

  32. you are such a groovy blogger and I loved the 'hiss off' thank you

  33. Hi Madeleine,
    Yep, you can count on me. No, not literally! :) I'm off to have some fun and count the grains of sand on the Gobi desert....

  34. Hi kerrie,
    Groovy baby! :) Ah, you noted the way I took the 'hiss' out the annual stock take at the London zoo.
    Hey K, it's really nice to see another posting from your good self.
    Cool, far out and groovy wishes, your way, G :)

  35. Hi Y'all,

    You know once they count they tax...yes, here in the U.S. there was a segment on the news awhile back about taxing farmers for the emissions of their cattle...or chickens...or pigs...or ???

    Privacy invasion in my book!

    Y'all come back now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  36. Hi Hawk,
    Aha, a tax on the methane gas being emitted. I reckon the folks who suggest taxing the farmer's and their 'fuming' animals, should bottle up the gases and use it as an alternative source of energy.
    Y'all have a nice day :)

  37. Wow. That would drive me absolutely quackers to count all of those animals in the zoo. I love zoos, though. Watching animals is more fascinating, and less depressing at times, than watching people in action. Sure there's the poop and 'fart' aromas in zoos, but hey, it beats watching people go crazy in riots and wars.


  38. Hey Kelly,
    "Quackers"? I knew you wouldn't be one to duck this important subject. Thanks for not getting in a flap over it :)
    Are we not all animals? Yes we are, but we could learn a great deal from our fellow animals trying to live with us in harmony on this fragile planet. And yes, I agree with you, watching other animals can be most fascinating and a lot less depressing than watching the stupidity of mankind wreak havoc amongst ourselves in the name of indifferent greed. Thank goodness, that there are a few decent humans like yourself, Kelly. Maybe there is still a chance to sort out this mess.
    And with that, I shall now go and breath in the pungent aroma of some camel dung :)
    Kind wishes and a truckload of iguana crap, your way, Gary :)


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