Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Another 'Thawt' Or Two.

I 'thawt' you might like to know how the thawing of the 'old bird' went.   And yes, once again, I'm referring to the turkey and not my dear ex.
You will be thrilled to know that the turkey did indeed turn out succulent and juicy.   I can measure the success of how well it turned out by the noticeable lack of white meat left in the fridge.  A certain young man is most partial to the white meat on the turkey.
And jiggle my giblets.  The wrapper on the turkey stated that it "serves 8-10".  Really?   8-10 Munchkins, maybe.
I recall that one year when I cooked the turkey upside down.   No, not me!   What I mean is that I inadvertently stuck the turkey in the oven the wrong way round.   I also recall, much to my delight, that turkey cooked just fine.
We had a nice, peaceful Christmas.   I ate in the living room and attempted to watch some television.  Television was crap and by seven at night, I said to heck with it and went to bed.  I'm grateful I'm under no pressure to do the social scene.  
This will be a very short posting.  Now we can look forward, with realistic positive anticipation, to a better, more uplifting New Year.  

Before I go, there will be some of you who link into the following blog and may have not realised that this writer,'W.M.Morrell's Musings From Down Under.' has done a recent posting.   Unfortunately, she has encountered some internet problems and thus, I would like to draw your attention to her latest article, which can be found here: Support Fellow Writers By Buying A Book For Christmas. 

Thank you and I 'thawt' I should let you know how grateful I am for your positive interaction.


  1. jiggled your giblets? I must have been cooking turkey incorrectly all these years, I didn't know about that part of the thawht process...As for number of servings, I myself figured out the hard way that to feed my two sons, I need a turkey that serves at least 20. Seriously, where do they get that information from??
    Sounds like your holiday could have been much better. Here's to the best ever in the coming year, and every year after. You've earned it. You deserve it. And by golly, according to L'Oreal, you're worth it.

  2. p.s. - forgot to mention - it was thanks to your posting W.M. Morrell's Musings from Down Under that I was alerted to her new post! Thanks:)
    It's a fantastic one, I shared it on Facebook, too!

  3. Hi Kim,
    Jiggling one's giblets is all part of cooking the perfect turkey :)
    I thawt you might appreciate this 'vital' info.
    The information on the side of the turkey was provided by those fine folks who follow the yellow brick road.
    My holiday was okay. Boring, but at least I know I have a warm home, well, maybe not the kitchen.
    Ah, I know those commercials. In fact, I reckon we are all worth it.
    I hope that a few more readers, those that link into her site or have never been to her blog before, will check it out :) I'm glad you you shared it on 'Farcebook' :)
    Take care, eh

  4. Hey, Gary...I'm glad your turkey came out good. Mine did too, or at least my hubby said it did.

    Wendy is such a sweetie. I'm glad you found each other. :)

    Have a Happy New Year!

  5. I don't believe I have ever "jiggled a giblet" but we did eat turkey (and ham and pork pie) until I thought there would be some serious explosions around the table. So glad your turkey turned out well. I had no doubt. Now it's on to turkey soup and the new year. Hey....364 days to Christmas. Now there's a pawsitive thought for you.

  6. Hahahahah...jiggle my giblets! Love that!

  7. We didn't even get a jiggled giblet at our place so your one step ahead of us.

    Ours was quiet and peaceful as well. But I am still wanting to take a nap.

    Or maybe I'll just go to bed early agian.

    Bert's My Vickie

  8. Hey Sharon,
    Thanks and I even managed to have a couple of slices of turkey. And I've no doubt your turkey was terrific. Your husband will be telling the truth :)
    I was glad to have discovered that Wendy had done a posting that wasn't showing up. This way, her vast amount of worldwide fans can be aware :)
    And a Happy New Year to you and your loved ones.

  9. Hi Delores,
    You know, you aint lived until you've 'jiggled a giblet' :)
    I'm just hoping that any possible "serious explosions" didn't involve flatulence. No, we wont go into the finer qualities of a 'turkey fart'. And no, I'm not meaning a turkey farting :)
    And now to make some delicious turkey soup eh. And wow, just another 362 days until the next 'Boxing Day Eve'. Not sure I can handle the excitement....
    Pawsitive wishes to you and your family :)

  10. Hi Austan,
    Ah Laura, there is nothing like a good ol' jiggle of the giblets! There are serious contests to see who is the best giblets jiggler!

  11. Hey Vickie,
    I do have the consolation of claiming to have jiggled my giblets.
    I hope that the quiet, peaceful day was okay for you.
    May you have a nice nap and wake up refreshed.
    To you and Bert, my very best wishes for a magical New Year :)

  12. Dear Gary,
    Glad to hear that your Christmas and your turkey turned out OK.
    Mine was spent, as you know, at my Mum's and brother's houses, and all went fine.
    Unfortunately, I can't think of any withering sarcasm for this comment, so you shall just have to be content with the following festive greeting:
    Wishing you all the very best for the New Year, my good pal,

  13. Hi Gary .. oh I see the milling masses couldn't come round for excess turkey as the Manigement's instructions ain't very accurate .. not good ...

    Cooking turkeys upside down isn't a problem .. possibly better more crispy bottom?!

    Enjoy what's there now .. and I bet Penny had a treat or two .. have a last good week of 2011 .. many thoughts ..

    Oh and I second everyone's comments - re WE ARE WORTH IT ... (whatever IT is?!) Hilary

  14. It must have been the mulled wine but I really enjoyed Christmas telly! Then again I think it was "Kung Fu Panda" followed by the Queen talking then another animation film - "Madagascar 2" I think. It got all blurry by then ...! LOL!

    Awwwww yay for your very succulent turkey!!

    I got the lovely Wendy aka Quillfeather's posting just fine on my dashboard!! Yay!

    Roll on 2012! It's a Leap Year!! Take care

  15. I saw a recipe once that suggested cooking the turkey upside-wrong. Can't remember why? Maybe so he couldn't see the element cooking his goose? Hmm.

    I cooked a nasty ham. Fortunately, he didn't have a butt so I wasn't able to stuff him or turn him upside down. Hmm. But how do I know I didn't cook him upside down? He had no discernible giblet to gauge which was top or bottom. Poor fellow.

    Which brings to mind another question. What do they do with the ham's giblets? You don't suppose they're being jiggled somewhere?

    Delightful sharing these profound thawts with you, Gary. Happy dark meat nibbling.

  16. Speaking of those giblets Gary, I remember my mom stewing them with vegetables, dicing them up into small tasty morsels, thickening the cooking broth and then, are you ready for this, serving it to the dog for his Christmas treat. Like she didn't have enough to do. Penny....are you reading this? MacDuff really enjoyed his Christmas treat.

  17. Can only imagine how you looked jiggling your giblets.

    Hope your New Year brings all the best

  18. Many thanks for the mention, Gary. Much appreciated. For the life of me, I can't understand why my posting doesn't show up in Google Reader.

    Delighted to hear the turkey was finger-licking-good. Will be in touch :)

  19. PS. Thanks, Kim, for sharing my post on Facebook. Most kind :)

  20. Dear David,
    I knew you would be in a state of joyous euphoria knowing that my Christmas and the 'old bird' turned out OK. I am glad that all went well at your mum's and your brother's houses.
    David, it would be a first for you to even remotely indicate a mild hint of sarcasm.
    And to you, my dear friend, may you and your loved ones have a peaceful and inspirational 2012.
    With respect and a jiggling giblet or two, your way, Gary

  21. Hi Hilary,
    The instructions were laughable, yet they did put me in a fowl mood...
    Cooking turkeys upside down can be a problem when all the blood rushes to your head :) Actually, the time I cooked the turkey 'the wrong way round', it was very good and hey, nothing like a crispy bottom, I guess :)
    Thank you Hilary and I managed to find one more slice of white meat. Penny has had loads of treats yet she always goes back to her favourite toy, a stuffed hedgehog.
    May you have a peaceful, reflective final week of 2011.
    Yes we are all "worth IT" And 'IT' evidently refers to 'Informational Technology' or, oh no, 'Income Tax'!
    Cheers to you, Gary

  22. Hi Old Kitty,
    Um, I'm going to have to mull over your comment :) Okay, Christmas telly was great. What really upset me was that 'Bedknobs and Broomsticks' wasn't on until Wednesday. I was almost in tears!
    Oh no, I missed the 'Queen's speech', I wonder what 'one' talked about this year?
    And yay for the 'old bird' that turned out okay :)
    And yes, I noted your words of wisdom on Wendy's site. Sadly, a lot of folks, cats, dogs, gerbils and a stray ferret, were not aware of her posting because she wasn't showing up on their dashboards or their blog lists. Did you know you are on my blog list, Old Kitty?
    That's great, a 'leap' year. A hop to it type of year and a wonderful year for kangaroos, rabbits and frogs! :)
    You take care, Old Kitty.
    Good grief, am I typing back to cat? lol
    In kindness and a jiggled giblet, your way, Gary

  23. That you ended up with white meat that was not dried out is a miracle our house has not achieved! Next year, it appears we should consult with the master! And yes, now that the thawing and cooking of the annual turkey is over, we can put our feet up and look forward to the New Year!

  24. Hi Joylene,
    And did it also suggest you read the recipe upside down?
    Ha seems the turkey was in a flap and the thought of getting a getting a goose to stay upside-wrong in the oven? An element of surprise, perhaps? :)
    You want to be careful with a "nasty" ham. Maybe it was a smoked ham. And who knows what it smoked to become so nasty. I am led to believe you can slam in the ham any way you like. Place it on the middle shelf. Piggy in the middle...
    They, whoever 'they' are, take the ham's giblets, freeze them and use them as pucks in a bizarre form of hockey on frozen northern British Columbia lakes :) So, they are not so jiggly a giblet, but they are somewhere.
    Very thawtful of you Joylene. Your deeply profound thawts are most gratefully received and I do hope others get to read your thawts that were so intellectual that any adequate adjectives fail this shy, humble and so unassuming old dude.
    Take care, eh! I'm off to find some dark meat...

  25. Hi Delores,
    Wow, what a great idea. Your mother has given me an idea for year :)
    Penny has just read your comment and has now gone to the kitchen. 'Darn it Penny, the giblets are gone! Have a doggy biscuit...No? Okay then, I found one last slice of white meat. Here you go, don't tell Tristan!'

  26. Hi Mary@GigglesandGuns,
    Ah yes, photos appearing shortly. Oh, I am so kidding :)
    Thank you for your kind thoughts and here's wishing you a most peaceful New Year.
    In kindness, Gary

  27. Hi Wendy,
    You are very welcome. Your posting was brilliant and it brought further recognition to those excellent writers. Sadly and maybe due to your ridiculous internet problems, it wasn't showing up on a number of folks who follow your blog. I thought it would be good to let people such as the delightful Joylene, be aware of that posting.
    Thanks and the turkey was a very nice 'old bird'.
    Wendy, our thoughts are with you during this very sad and poignant time.
    In peace, kindness and friendship, your way, Gary

  28. Hi Susan,
    I may have a bit of an advantage in regards to having white meat that was not dried out. Firstly, I have a fan oven and it circulates hot air evenly around the oven. I wouldn't be without a fan oven. Lower temperatures and on some recipes, shorter cooking times. I also leave the foil back for thirty minutes at the start of cooking, to baste in the juices. I also then uncover the foil for the last thirty minutes. Has always worked very well for me.
    And yes indeed. Time to relax and look forward to the New Year. Thank you for your thawts, Susan.
    In kindness, Gary

  29. Sounds like you have the Turkey Thing down to a fine art. It's got to be mostly dark meat for me though.
    Mrs Bazza cooks turkey in exactly the same way as you and it can't be beaten! I doubt if the bird minds which way up it is.
    Happy New Year Gary!
    Click here for Bazza’s Blog ‘To Discover Ice’

  30. Hi Y'all,

    Sounds like the perfect Christmas Day to me...except maybe for the lack of interesting shows on the TV.

    Y'all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  31. Hi bazza,
    Thanks bazza and when it comes to fowl situations, I do rather well. I'm okay with dark meat. Then again, I usually don't have much chance for any of the white meat :)
    Mrs. Bazza knows the secret to a well cooked bird. And you're most likely correct. I doubt if the bird minds which way it is up. We are referring to the turkey. Right?
    And a great 2012 to you and your loved ones.

  32. Hi Hawk,
    Can you believe it. No Charlie Brown's Christmas and no Snoopy! Lousy TV. Yet, it was a mostly 'pawfect' day, Hawk :)
    Hey thanking y'all for dropping by. Y'all come back now, ya hear :)

  33. Ah Dear Gary, It's my turn to wish you a belated merry Christmas and an exciting Happy New Year to you and Penny and the wee folks and also your son! Reading your blog sharing a thawt or two over your specific methods of thawing the frozen turkey made my day, and actually left me chuckling over the fact that you devoured the whole turkey! Did you even share some of the juicy and succulent white turkey meat with sweet Penny? I hope you did! :P

  34. Ah Dear Shanaz,
    Thank you, my dear friend and I'm honoured you 'thawt' of us :)
    I'm delighted my thawing endeavours brought you a bit of a chuckle. And the young dude devoured most of the white meat. Penny and I managed to get some of the dark meat. Very kind of Penny and my son to allow me to have some of the turkey! :)
    Here's hoping you have the most awesome plus an extra day, New Years.
    Thawt I should add that :)
    Take good care,

  35. Like we talked about before, you have that advantage over a lot of folks to not be coerced into the sometimes awkward and often frustrating social scenes like family and/or friend holiday gatherings. I wouldn't mind a break like that. I don't expect that in my world for another decade or so. Another plus is that you had a peaceful holiday, regardless of the crap on TV. Over here, there's nothing but crap on TV on Christmas day and night, too.

    Take care and I hope your New Year is a good one, Gary.

  36. Hey Kelly,
    Indeed, I do have a certain advantage. Don't have to worry about some relative causing a scene or giving 'Uncle Fred' the 'evil eye' as he lets rip with another lethal turkey aroma fart!
    Look forward to that day when you can have a nice, relaxed holiday season. And yes sir, I had a peaceful time of it all. Crap TV, so crap I thought, for one moment, that I was watching American TV :)
    And here's to you and your loved ones having a most peaceful, positive New Year.
    Cheers dude.


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